The Wedding Party

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The Wedding Party was enjoyable but I wasn't as invested in it as Guillory's other titles in the series. It was a bit plodding, the twists were predictable, and while I love the enemies to lovers trope, the dynamic between Maddie and Theo didn't do a lot for me. However, I love Guillory's writing in general and look forward to her next title.
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The ending is a little rushed and the chemistry wasn't as strong as in Guillory's previous books, but this enemies to lovers tale was still enjoyable. It made me want to reread the first book, because it'd been a while and I felt I needed help recalling some of the details from the first book! Guillory paints a fun world with weddings you'd actually want to be part of.
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This book was absolutely wonderful. A new and unique tale of a secret relationship, with just as much tasty food as one expects in a Guillory novel.
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When Maddie Forest first meets Theo Stephens, she thinks he is an uptight, over-organized, spreadsheet-creating jerk.
When Theo Stephens first meets Maddie Forest, he thinks she is a shallow, image-obsessed prima donna with her head in the clouds and no real ambitions.
After their mutual best friend, Alexa, becomes engaged, she asks them both to be in her wedding party. Initially chagrined that they will have to spend so much time together during the course of the wedding planning and event, they both agree with good grace and vow to get through it.
But as often happens, through their mutual distaste of one another comes a spark that soon grows into a full-blown FLAME!
They know they have to keep their relationship a secret. They cannot give Alexa the satisfaction of knowing they actually like each other and so begins their secret affair.
As you are probably aware, this is the third installment in Jasmine Guillory's The Wedding Date companion novels. I have read all of the books in this series and this one is actually my favorite.
Although it has a similar structure to the previous novels, I enjoyed Maddie and Theo and their hidden romance the most out of all the plots. I felt I could personally relate more to this story than the others and that kept me invested. 
One thing I did notice was this one seemed less steamy than the others so if that is what you are looking for, you may be disappointed. We really focused here a lot on both Maddie and Theo's careers and self-growth. I enjoyed following along with them as they navigated difficult situations in their lives and grew to depend on one another for support and insight.
I do enjoy this series a lot. I'll admit that it isn't perfect but it's addicting and it keeps me coming back. I will definitely continue to pick them up for as long as Ms. Guillory chooses to write them!
Thank you so much to the publisher, Berkley Publishing Group, for providing me with a copy of this to read and review.
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Another great book in this series! The two main characters had a ton of heat and we got to check in on past characters we love.
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Maddie and Theo are both Alexa Monroe's best friends and they hate each other.  When Alexa invites both Maddie and Theo to be a part of her wedding party, they both begin to spend more time with each other and realize that there may be more beneath the surface than meets the eye.  I thoroughly enjoyed Maddie and Theo's story, and it was great to back track to Guillory's first two novels, The Wedding Date and The Proposal, to see what is going on with the characters from different perspectives.  I hope we'll get another novel soon with Theo's little brother!  If you like charming, well-written, and funny romances with diverse characters, give Guillory's novels a try.  You won't be sorry.  I'll be diving into her next novel, Royal Holiday, soon!
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Absolutely THE BEST! I love this author and this series. So thankful to have had the chance to read an early copy and talk this title up with my coworkers and patrons.
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The Wedding Party is another great book from Jasmine Guillory. This book is about some of the secondary characters in her first book and it is fun to see familiar characters. The plot moves quickly and the characters are really likable.
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i really liked the wedding date and enjoyed the proposal, not as much as book 1, but i still liked it. i was excited for this one - enemies to lovers, yas, here for it. but, um, we seem to be missing the enemies part?

it was a cute book and a very easy read, but it was definitely missing something for me. maybe it was because i was expecting more of an enemies to lovers.
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Another great romance from this great group of California friends.  I love seeing diverse friends and relationships with characters who are strong personally and professionally.  These men and women live real lives with real concerns.
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I was looking forward to reading The Wedding Party since I enjoy Jasmine Guillory's writing style. However, I was let down by the book. I managed to finish it, but it was mostly out of frustration, if that makes any sense. If you've read The Wedding Date or The Proposal, you've read The Wedding Party. Guillory offers nothing new in terms of tropes and content. Here again, we have a relationship that begins as a casual no-strings attached relationship between Theo and Maddie, just as the first two books. Personally, it's not one of my favorite tropes, so perhaps that's why I was so over it in this one. Speaking of tropes, I thought The Wedding Party was supposed to be an enemies-to-lovers story, but I would not call it that. Sure the two of them disliked each other initially, but there weren't any strong enemies-to-lovers vibes. It was sorely lacking in that intensity and chemistry. I generally had a hard time feeling anything for Maddie and Theo's relationship. I did not think they shared any chemistry and I found their relationship rather bland. All they do is have sex and eat pizza (seriously, so much freaking pizza it's actually repulsive). There was no build up to an emotional connection which made it very hard to care for this relationship. I don't think I liked the characters all that much either, if I'm being honest. I found Maddie to be quick to judge at times, and Theo was rather flat. It's a shame because I think these characters had potential, but they weren't for me. What I did enjoy The Wedding Party was the friendship between Maddie and Alexa. It was actually so good that I almost wish the book focused on their friendship instead of the lackluster romance. Ultimately, The Wedding Party was a bit of a disappointment. I unfortunately think Guillory's romances are too surface-level for me so I'm unlikely to pick up more books from her in the future.
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I just love Jasmine Guillory's books. They're so personable and relatable. They're also written in such nice, easy language where it doesn't try too hard to be flowery but isn't matter of fact.
I didn't realize that this book would include other characters we have met already. I thought maybe we would meet characters from the Wedding Party, but I wasn't expecting Carlos and Nik from The Proposal. It added more to the story that wasn't needed but not unwanted.
I don't think there is a Jasmine Guillory book I will not love.
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A soft enemies-to-lovers romance, and Jasmine Gullory's best novel yet.

In "The Wedding Party," we follow two characters who are best friends with the same person, but they can't stand each other. This is a very interesting dynamic. Their friend, Alexa, the lead from "The Wedding Date," is getting married and they are both a part of her wedding. One day, while at a party, they get drunk and hook up, finding that even though they can barely tolerate each other, they have this chemistry and a pretty sweet connection once they get past their biases and get to know each other. "The Wedding Party," takes place over the course of a few months, in which they agree to only hook up sans true feelings, sans a true relationship, and they set an end date for their relationship, which will be Alexa's wedding day.

Of course they develop feelings and we get to see how that happens. The narrative is told from both Theo's and Addie's perspective, and each point of view is enjoyable, but I especially loved Theo's POV. Theo is a beta hero, and I always have a sweet spot for betas. I connected with him more, because he's just more like me. He's a workaholic who at the end of the week just wants to go home and binge, sitting in front of a TV to just relax and unwind. He doesn't like to go to parties, even though he has a sibling who loves parties. He loves music, and dances when no one is watching. He doesn't open himself up to other people other than the select few that he considers his friends. Theo was my boo, and I loved seeing him let loose and let his guard down, getting rid of some of his hangups and prejudices to fall in love.

I also enjoyed Addison's perspective and thought she was witty, clever, and a sweet supportive friend. She also had to let her guard down and open up to fall in love and I found that very satisfying. 

If you like a softer romance that's about more than just the romance, even though that is definitely the central characteristic of this novel, the you'll enjoy "The Wedding Party." More than the love story, we experience Theo's and Addison's work life, as well as see their relationships with key family members, which was fun. Also, I feel Jasmine Guillory consistently brings it with dynamic side characters. They're all memorable and I loved catching up with previous characters from "The Wedding Date" and "The Proposal."

I'm so happy that this ended up being a solid and satisfying romance, and that I was engaged from the very beginning to the very end, which was not the case for this author's last book. I am definitely looking forward to her next release. I recommend this.
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4 Hiding What Everyone Sees Stars
* * * * Spoiler Free
This was a very special entry of the books by Jasmine Guillory. You have the enemies to lovers theme and there is so much more than that. What happens between these two characters is the discovery of their actually realizing they like each other and fall in love. 

The best part for me was the real way these characters talked about all of the challenges they had in the workplace of always having to be the best...I did feel the hiding of the relationship for as long as they did was a bit frustrating. However, this book was so worth the time I spent with it. The world Jasmine Guillory has created is one I will visit every time.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.
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After reading others' comments, I realized I've read this book out of order -- I didn't know it was part of a series when I requested it -- but that didn't stop me from liking it. I really enjoyed the main characters; their personalities really shine through, and I was rooting hard for them as the book came to an end. I'm not a big "romance" genre reader, so I'm not sure if all romances are as steamy as I felt this one was, but *phew* there are some scenes! I loved the ending, and I found myself laughing throughout the book, so it's a win for me. I don't feel like I missed out on anything because I didn't read the books in the right order, but I do want to go back and read the ones I've missed!

Thank you to NetGalley, Berkley Publishing Group, and Jasmine Guillory for the advanced reader copy.
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I generally do not read this genre of book, but it was the selection of the week for my email book club (First Look) and I was curious enough to keep reading. Jasmine Guillory is a great author and I'm glad I tried her book. It was an excellent contemporary romance and I loved following the story of the two main characters.
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This was another fun addition to jasmine guillory's rom-com series. Love the wedding theme and the enemies to lovers trope. there were times when the book slowed down but in the end, I enjoyed this book a lot.
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4 Stars / 3 Steam Fans 

I was hesitant to read this book in the series because I didn't like The Proposal; however, this book was as if The Proposal never happened!! Theo and Maddie don't like each other but had to deal with each other because they were both friends with Alexa (MC from The Wedding Date). The start was a bit slow and flashback-ish but then the story started to progress. Theo and Maddie had sexual chemistry but were just as frustrating with trying to keep that chemistry a secret from the outside. Although, the frustration was throughout most of the story in the end I was completely satisfied. 

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After being sorely disappointed by The Proposal, I went into The Wedding Party with the lowest expectations as possible. Honestly, my only expectation was that this book didn't suck as much as Guillory's sophomore book because having to go through round two of that again would have been painful.

For some, first expressions don't always go over well. That was the case for Maddie Forest and Theo Stephens when they first met and have been butting heads ever since. When one drunken night leads to an unexpected hook-up, feelings of hate start to turn into something more—something neither one of them expected. They agree to a friends-with-benefits arrangement, one that will last just until their best friend's wedding is over. But when the time comes to call it quits, will Maddie and Theo be able to walk away or will they find themselves already in too deep?

From the synopsis alone, one would expect The Wedding Party to be a enemies-to-lovers romance and while the vibes are definitely there, I would say that they're a bit weak at most. The thing is, we are mainly told at the beginning that Maddie and Theo don't like each other but we don't really get to see it. Then they end up hooking up and their weird, awkward relationship starts. Basically I'm just trying to say that I wish we got more hate-vibes because it would've made for a much better build up. Moving on, I am happy to say that I ended up enjoying this novel a lot more than I thought I would. I adored Maddie to bits and she's my favorite part of this book. I love her kind heart and her sassy spirit and how she basically just spends her day making women feel the best they can be. Theo on the other hand took some time to warm up to. He's not a bad guy, he's just a tad bit dense when it comes to romance and I just wanted to yell at him for being a idiot at times. But he won me over in the end and low key surprised me because Theo has some smooth moves which I was totally not expecting at all. The romance had me living! It's funny that these two spend so much time hating each other because they have more in common than they think—if Theo just wasn't being a judgmental ass in the beginning he would've seen that. While the sexy times are mostly fade to black, I definitely felt the chemistry between Theo and Maddie. ALSO THIS BOOK HAS ONE OF MY FAVE TROPES! THEO GETS INJURED AND MADDIE HAS TO TAKE CARE OF HIM AND OMFGGGG MY HEART! This just brought the romance home for me and made me ship these two harder. In the end, Jasmine Guillory totally redeemed herself with The Wedding Party and now I'm back to being excited for whatever book she releases next!
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