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The Perfect Fraud

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Loved it!  Really hated Rena, although I know we are supposed to.  Creepy and sad. Definitely recommend!
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The Perfect Fraud is a thriller I immediately figured out, and yet I was compelled to finish it in 24 hrs. I needed to know what would happen to these characters and enjoyed seeing the artifice slowly fall away as the chapters continued. LaCorte does a good job of exploring how childhood trauma can differently impact the psychology of adults and how the identities we present to the world are often not aligned with who we really are internally. Thoughtful and fast read!
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This book was an excellent thriller, suspense novel.  One that has your mind wondering over and over whose the fraud, and how is she able to pull it off so easily?!  It was absolutely creepy, chilling, and heartbreaking in many parts.  One I think many thriller and even drama lovers will enjoy.  A book that gives you chills, thrills, and a crushed heart that’s sewn back together again, with lots of emotional tears!  Highly recommend.  
Will make sure the members of chapter chatter pub hear about it!
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What a stunning debut thriller! Truly unputdownable. 

Claire, a woman who lives her life with her boyfriend, Cal, faking psychic abilities and getting paid for it. She’s at least honest with Cal about being a fraud. That is until she isn’t. 

Rena, is the mother of a very sick 4 year old little girl named Stephanie. Stephanie suffers from terrible stomach problems, is in and out of the hospital, and even comes close to death. Rena tries everything to help her daughter, even moving states away to Arizona to take Stephanie to a better doctor. But nothing ever seems to help, no one can figure out what’s wrong with little blue eyed girl. 

The two women cross paths on an airplane to Arizona. Claire, on a flight back home from pennsylvania, and Rena and Stephanie, on their way to what they hope are answers and healing for Stephanie, end up sitting next to each other. After some unwaranted chit chat, a sudden feeling and....taste come over Claire. She’s confused, she doesn’t understand. What just happened? What does it mean? And why does the little girl look not only sick, but very, very...scared, haunted....

I tried to add to this description, but it’s so hard without giving things away. I like the suspenseful surprises I discover throughout books. So I try to do my best to save those things for the next reader. This book is filled with twists and turns and is a truly gripping read. 

Thank you Netgalley and HarperCollins for the advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to the publisher for sending me an eARC.
I enjoyed reading this book.  It was indeed a gripping thriller.
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8 stars needed.. This was a book full of surprises, darkness, truths,, lies, and love. Claire is a fake psychic who works at a shop doing reading but a chance encounter with a strange women and child changes every thing. She starts seeing real truths in her mind and she realizes she actually is not what she thought she was, she starts to remember so many things. She knows her boyfriend is there to stand beside her but will she let him? This book was fantastic. Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read and write about this book.
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