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“Ghostly Embrace” starts off with the abrupt death of Louis, a craftsman, at the hands of his enraged wife and finds himself attached to the bed frame craving he made for his dear Sophia. Owner after owner he scared away before landing in the hands of Marina. Unlike anyone he has come across before, the single mother and 18th century ghost held more in common than they anticipated and an unlikely romance form. Once after her death, many many years later the heartbroken craftsman meets the new owner Katie of the antique frame, the possible reincarnation of his former beloved. From chapter one it became more than apparent how immersed I was by the story and the in depth detail Brenda Hurley was able to created. Needless to say, I am glad that I decided to give this ghostly romance a chance because from beginning to the end I was left astonished by the phenomenal writing style, the history and in depth lead characters and secondary characters, and the well executed the ending that almost rendered me speechless. Brenda Hurley’s “Ghostly Embrace” is a highly recommended for readers that are looking for a ghostly romance novel that will flood them with a whirlwind of emotions and a few twists along the way.
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Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the advanced review of this book. 

I was so excited to get the advanced review of this.

This book was so amazing!!!!! The world building and development was very well done. If I am not mistaken this was a debut book set in a new fantasy world and she did a great job on her first Fantasy book. I do believe she has a few other but not in YA. I can not wait to see where she goes from here. I loved the characters of the story. Louis is an  18th century carpenter who is murdered in the beautiful bed he created. As his soul refuses to go to the afterlife he is bound to the bed with his lifeblood on in and has to follow the bed through the centuries.
This was a very ghostly love story that I really enjoyed. It may not be for everyone but It was a very light read and I needed light read from all the heavy stuff I have been reading.
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This is the first book I have read from this author. I absoultly loved it.  From the first page to the last I could not put it down.  The story pulled me in and I fell in love with Louis! I felt his emotions. The author has a way of making you a part of the story.  This was a great read. I would definitely recommend this book.
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Ghostly Embrace is a unique ghost story about a man who was murdered in the bed he crafted, and is trapped for centuries unable to go to the afterlife. I would read another book from this author.
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I really enjoyed this book, it was a lovely story and well written, I didn’t like the Katie’s story, I feel it should have ended with Marina, i
All in all a really touching story of love, loss and betrayal.
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I did not know this book will be so wonderful, until I started to read it! The fact that the story is narrated makes this book a pleasant and addictive read. 
I have to say, I have not only felt sympathetic to Louis and his life but also at the same time I fell in love with him! The author makes you do that! She manages to write the storyline in such a way that you really feel what Louis is feeling and going through! That is how powerful this book was for me!
I loved the whole plot. I simply can't wait for more work of this author. 
I usually dont read books twice, but this one I certainly will read it at least one more time! 

10/10 for me on all levels here! Read it! You will love it!
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Louis is a  18th century carpenter who is murdered in the beautiful bed he created. As his soul refuses to go to the afterlife he is bound to the bed with his lifeblood on in and has to follow the bed through the centuries.

This novel had the feel to it of the 19th century English and German books I had to read in school: lengthy introductions of every new character and as a reader you can see in everyone's heart. This made it sometimes a very slow read.

Another characteristic is the recurring theme of a untrustworthy love interest. Men seem nice but under the influence of rage or drink turn into monsters. Even the very nice ones.

Some elements of the book are certainly interesting like the moment the town is infected with the Spanish flu and also the twist at the end. However for a slow novel the end was quite sudden.

A 3 stars out of 5.
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I've not come across a novel with an omniscient narrator in years! Or maybe that hyperbole on my part... the POV jumped out at me because it switched from character to character every few paragraphs rather than alternate chapters. I remember this style from older books, something nobody does anymore because where's the tension and mystery if we know what everyone is up to?

But this describes 'Ghostly Embrace', a story with three distinctive timelines linked by Louis the 18th century carpenter who was murdered in a bed that he handcrafted, and whose spirit was subsequently stuck there. Are there bad erotica horror stories out there with this very premise? Sure are, don't ask me how I know. As the bed change hands and were quickly returned, Louis found home twice: First with Marina in the early 20th century, and again with Katie in the 1970's. Even as a ghost, Louis managed to reach out to the women and integrate into their lives. Both timelines were enjoyable, although Marina's was my favourite. 

Despite the lack of mystery, 'Ghostly Embrace' was still a decent read as you end up caring what happens to Louis and the lives he quietly watches over. Took me about two days to read because I had to find out how it ends.
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Ghostly embrace is a lovely ghost story/romance written as if you were having coffee with a wise neighbor who was sharing a legend with you. I found the story interesting, the prose somewhat simplistic but effective. A pleasant read from the standpoint of the ghost watching time pass! I wont spoil the ending. Hint-there is an hea!

Appreciate NetGalley for providing arc copy in exchange for honest review.
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