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Really, how can anyone resist a story with a Goblin king named Larry, zombie miniature goats, Grey Lords, fae, politics, volcano dogs, werewolves, vampires, witches, necromancers, and more? There's so much going on it's hard to know what I can write about without giving away too much—but I'll try.

A few months ago, Mercy stood on a bridge after a big battle and claimed that the Tri-city area was under the protection of the local werewolf pack. She thought it felt like the thing to say at the time. Ever since it has been the cause of a lot of the troubles the pack has gotten into. For example, Mercy is called to deal with a problem creature in the barn of a farmer. The creature turns out to be a Goblin wanted by the police for murder--among other charges--and the Goblin King, Larry, helps to solve the problem. Leaving Mercy having to deal with the aftermath of the situation with the police department.

It hasn't been that long since Mercy returned after being kidnapped by the leader of Europe's vampires. The entire pack has been treating her with kid gloves which is driving her crazy. Meanwhile, her husband, the alpha, is dealing with the US government who wants to have a treaty with the Grey Lords who rule the fae. Who better to set it all up but--you guessed it--Mercy. Remember, saying "may you have an interesting life" is considered a curse by some.

If you've read any of the previous Mercy Thompson novels, you know that things get very complicated and almost always dangerous. Doing her best to get a meeting set up she keeps being pulled aside to solve other problems, and the biggest one of all is finding out who is the necromancer that has moved into their territory and why. Looking for answers uncovers some surprising and dangerous changes in allegiances.

Who can they trust to help? Who can they save? What will this mean for the pack and the people who live in this area?

A tightly plotted story with characters, even the minor ones, that feel so real that you care what happens to them. There's the usual humor mixed with dangerous and serious issues that impact the pack, their families, friends, and the people in their territory. There are even some connections to previous storylines in the related series Alpha and Omega.

You could read this novel even if you haven't read any of the previous books as there is enough back story threaded into the narrative to give you some context. However, fans of the series will enjoy the changes once again hearing how their favorite characters are doing as well as picking up on the interplay between the characters that are rooted in previous shared experiences.

This is a series that is really worth your time.
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Patricia Briggs returns with book eleven in the Mercy Thompson series. I was so excited to be back in this world. Normally, I do think that this series has a slower vibe compared to some other Urban Fantasy series that I usually read, but that has always been okay for me.

However, I did notice that this book has a slower pace than usual. Because this is the eleventh book in the series, the author spends some time in the beginning to recap past events. This is always helpful because it jogs the reader’s memory, but also fills in the gaps for any new readers. However, I did feel like it really bogged down the earlier chapters, especially because it seems that Mercy was going off on tangents as well. It seemed a bit out of character and frankly, for a moment there, I wondered if I was reading a Mercy Thompson book.

As a result, I didn’t feel like the book was written as tightly as the previous books in the series. There seemed to be a lot of dialogue, which I didn’t necessarily feel added to the book in any way. I also thought that the humor was a bit off in this book. Instead of being charming or funny, the jokes seemed to be a bit of the har-har kind. I don’t know. Something felt off for me.

I know this review makes it seem like I didn’t enjoy the book but I did. However, it just didn’t have the same feel as the others. So while there are some really great moments in the book, it just wasn’t my favorite.
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Everything about this series is perfection and I use this as my gold standard for contemporary Urban Fantasy. Another great book.
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Another great Mercy adventure! I loved getting to know more about the witches, and it was great to see this plotline launching off of some events from the first of the series. Briggs so often creates a heart-catching element with her characters that makes them real for me. I love that Briggs lets her characters be complex, and be themselves. In this book, faced with a whole bunch of hard choices, what do you do?
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I enjoyed this one..maybe not as much as I have past books it kind of felt like a middle book.( honestly its just a 4 star instead of 5)

Of course I will be clamoring for the next book!
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I absolutely love Mercy and the entire series. Each new installment is like coming home to old friends, and STORM CURSED was no exception. Mercy has such an entertaining knack for getting herself both in and out of trouble, which is a delight to read. This time around she's found herself tangled up with the blackest of witches. And if that weren't enough there's things afoot with the government trying to control the pack. Plus all the continued repercussions from Mercy's declaration that the tri-cities were her territory and you have a whole lot going on in Mercy-land. As always she handles things with her normal wit and perseverance, and it made for one heck of an enjoyable read.

There were a whole lot of moving parts in STORM CURSED with so many different factions and issues Mercy and co were facing. It really made for and interesting read, and it felt great to return back to the tri-cities after the overseas hijinks from the previous book. As they say there's no place like home, and there's nothing like a Mercy book. Fans of the series will really enjoy this installment for all the action, comedy, familiar faces, and typically Mercy fun. Definitely a great read!
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Storm Cursed is the 11 book in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.  This series is gold for me as the author consistently delivers excellent novels and an ever-expanding world of interesting and diverse characters as well as a growing canon of evolving mythology.  I LOVE that readers experience the personal growth of a wide range of long-term characters and that the character flaws that exist in this world aren't down-played but gradually explored?  Who knew that with Silence Fallen and Storm Cursed you could learn to empathize with Wulf?  

There are plenty of things to love about Storm Cursed.  For one, Mercy is back home with the pack and all those lovable and not-so-lovable werewolves.  The baddies in this book are interesting and a tie-in to villains readers were exposed to in the Alpha and Omega series (also part of the Mercy-verse).  Also, there are zombie goats.  Yes, you heard me zombie goats.  If you haven't discovered this series already you're missing out.  Come for the werewolves, stay for the zombie goats is what I say.
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It starts off slow and kind of dense, but once the action begins, it's hard to resist the story as it drives forward. It reads as a true epic, one that makes you feel the world really has been reshaped as you read it. Would recommend.
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I am so torn! I loved the book! Some major character shifts in the world of Mercy. Possibly new friends, possibly just more crazy. I can't wait to see what's next.
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I mean, if you've read the 10 other books in this series then why wouldn't you just go ahead and read the 11th? But if for some reason that was your plan, I encourage you to abandon it and pick up this book. It's got Mercy Thompson, it's got zombie goats and it's got witches, what more do you need?
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Wonderful new addition to the Mercy Thomspon series.  This reminds me of the early Mercy books, fast paced, engaging characters, strong story that tied up some loose ends.  I now feel the urge to go back and re-read Frost burned, but is just me.  The book stands on it own.
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I never get tired of learning what's new in the life of Mercy Thompson. 11 books in and I still find her stories incredibly refreshing and different from anything else out in the world of urban fantasy. In her latest adventure, big things are bubbling and brewing under the surface of Mercy's world, and the worlds of the fae and other supernatural beings. The witches take center stage in this book and unfortunately even her allies might be up to no good. There were a few moments where I was a little ick-ed out, but I kind of appreciated how dark things got.

I always like how the different books focus on various members of the supernatural community. And I'm getting the sense that things are building to an explosive event in the future of the series and I cannot WAIT to read about it. I'm also super curious to see what's going to happen in the future of Mercy and Adam's relationship. They are such an interesting pair, and I'm enjoying how Mercy is slowly taking a more dominant role in the pack, and owning it.

I HIGHLY recommend this series, and for me, this book was a great addition to it.
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The eleventh book in the Mercy Thompson series, Storm Cursed, continues to be strong and suspenseful. I would highly recommend new readers who are interested in picking up this excellent urban fantasy series to start at the very beginning as there are a large cast of characters and this book refers to many past story lines. In this book Mercy faces a dark coven of witches intent on displacing the current witch family, which may have a profound impact on the delicate alliance between the paranormal races in the Tri-City. While Elizaveta, head of the Tri-City witches, is still in Europe after having helped to free Mercy from Milan's master vampire, her family is attacked. Elizaveta isn't quite the victim they think she is at first. Mercy and Adam face some hard choices with what they find in the witch's home.  

 Like Mercy I had a strange feeling about Elizaveta. I was glad to have her as an ally yet I did not trust her one bit. I am still a bit unclear with the Elizaveta and Adam relationship, but my understanding is that Adam saw Elizaveta as a motherly type figure. This book in particular takes a closer look into loyalties, especially when it impacts pack members. I enjoyed the growing relationship with Mercy and Honey, which was distant and cold in the last few books. I was also glad to see the return of Stefan as I missed him and his Scooby van. The enemies in this book are terrifying yet complex figures which Briggs does so well in her books.
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I have been following Patricia Brigg's series for years now and am continuing to enjoy Mercedes Thompson and all of the characters involved in her books. Brigg's is consistent while still creating exciting and new story lines and her character development has always been strong. This was a great continuation and I highly recommend her to customers.
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My binge read of this series is officially complete and I'm super glad that I made the time to read all of these books. This book was just as great as the other books and I'm still on a Mercy high after finishing this one.

So Mercy took it upon herself to stand up on a bridge where they just killed a big ass troll who was making trouble for the innocent citizens of their little town and put the world on notice that if anyone made trouble for any of the citizens in their territory, it won't end well for them. She took on the protection of every single person in the Tri-City area so her and the pack have been super busy. Their latest call came in about some zombie goats that is just outside of their city but Mercy isn't one to shy away from helping someone who needs help so she drags Mary Jo, fresh off a fight with a goblin, to go to Mesa and round up some zombie goats. Mercy's spidey senses start tingling when they get there because someone is turning animals into zombies and only witches can do that. Witches that practice black magic, the bad kind of magic so, with everything on their plate already, Adam and Mercy have to find this witch...especially since this witch has to be responsible for killing off the entire coven of the resident witch, Elizaveta, who is still in Europe from the last book.

In this book, the humans and the fae are trying to come to terms with a peace treaty and they need help from the local werewolf pack. Adam and his pack have been tasked with making sure the humans are safe from the fae and Mercy is tasked with being the liaison between the groups.  

Patricia Briggs has done a great job with this series. I find myself looking forward to each new book that comes out in the Mercy Thompson world because I know that I'm going to get a smartly written adventure story peppered with all kinds of colorful characters that you'll be rooting for one minute and wanting to choke the next. I've become emotionally invested in each and every single character in this series and that didn't slow down one bit in this book. My heart went out to those we lost in this book and I cheered for those that achieved their end goals in this book. Mercy and Adam are a formidable team and I absolutely adore seeing them in action...together. Now that their pack ain't trippin' where Mercy is concerned, things have been so much better for Mercy and the pack she should have had all along, she has them now so I guess I'll forgive them for being little bitches in the other books. LOL.

This book is another thrilling urban fantasy and Mercy continues to kick ass so you know that I was a happy camper. So while this wasn't my favorite book in the series, it's still a solid story and I'm glad that I read it. You guys should read this series if you love strong women doing the damn thing on the daily. Mercy stays kicking ass and taking numbers. Everyone should know her and love her as I do.

4 out of 5
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I've loved this series from Book 1 and this one didn't fail me! I thoroughly enjoyed that we got to learn more about Elizaveta & Wulfe. Wulfe is completely terrifying, and has been since we first met him, however that doesn't stop me from being intrigued. I've also enjoying witnessing Mercy's changes over the books while staying true to her original self. She's my all time favorite female book character. I can't wait for the next book.
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While I did enjoy the book, I do not feel it lived up to the previous books in the series. It was very dulled down, feeling compared to Ms. Briggs normally exiting reads.
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Mercy and her friends are back in another fantastic installment of the Mercy Thompson series. Make sure to read this series in order because each book builds on the previous, be it the world building or the character dynamics. 

I really loved this story and I could not, would not put it down. Where as with the last book it was super intense with Mercy as a captive of some scary European vampires or on the run alone, this was more of a slow burn installment. There was still a lot of action, it was just not in your face, more subtle innuendos and blink and you missed it. I really liked having this break from everyone out to get Mercy- for once a character who is usually seen as strong and capable was the target for the new kind of crazy. Mercy gets to be the hero this time and I appreciate that.

I also loved getting a slower look into the relationship dynamics now that the whole world is upside down. Humans know what is really going bump in the night and not everyone is happy with the discover, be it human, wolf or fey. And there is the pack dynamic, where Mercy and the wolves are still trying to decide where everyone ranks and can be comfortable with. It also didn't hurt that Zee and Tad (one of my absolute favorite side characters that is never around enough in my opinion) had a big role here, and the way that Mercy is family to them both made my heart happy. 

I loved having Stefan back in Mercy's corner, having the tension between them made me sad since he was one of her very first friends. OOH, and WULF! yep, he gets capitalized because dang! I really hope there will be more crazy from him in the future. And Coyote always makes things more interesting, but usually not for Mercy, just for me. See, this book was like a family reunion- you know, if everyone in your family was a potential monster that may or may not want to kill you...
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Another wonderful visit to the world of Mercy Thompson!  The Ms.. Briggs storytelling makes the book hard to put down once you've started.  It is both a pro and a con that she has "peopled" her world with so many characters, making it rich and interesting, but also making you desire a side-story exploring each of the characters.  May she continue to write until she covers them all!  :)
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It had been a....while, since I'd read Mercy (as I'd read the latest Alpha/Omega one more recently), so it took me a few chapters to remind my foggy brain of prior events.  But, the pacing and storyline was very congruent and Storm Cursed picks right up where we were at the end of the last Mercy book.  While this had a feel of a "bridge" book (meaning, the main plot line doesn't do much towards overall story arch), I do think the events in Storm Cursed could be important as the story arch moves forward.  Another wonderful and well-written novel from Patty.
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