To Dream Is To Die

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To Dream is to Die by Sarah Lampkin, an interesting read. Brenna is just starting college and still learning about what she can do after dying 3 years ago. She knows she forced herself back into her body and since then can interact with the fade around, see ghosts and spirits and who knows what else...
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I struggled a little with this book, I have mixed feelings about it.  The things I liked the most are the main characters, Brenna and her sarcasm, her streght and her relationship with Damon. I like that the demons are little mischievous creatures and not bad. The fairies instead are evil but we  don't  know much about what they do. The villains in this story are humans that interfer with the natural order and use their devious believes to hurt other creatures and other peoples. What I didn't particulary enjoy are the pauses, because the story follows the timings of a college year. Also I couldn't relate much to all the college stuff because I am not American but I enjoyed the plot so far.
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