To Dream Is To Die

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I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. I came across this book and decided that I needed to read it. I wanted to see what Brenna had to go through each time that she went to sleep. There was a lot going on this book but it was all done with a purpose and that made it enjoyable and fun to read. The door things was a little strange but it was not something I had seen before. She is a strong character and that is what made it different then a lot of the YA/NA that I have been reading as of late.
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I really enjoyed this story. I had a hard time putting it down.

I think the original description does a great job describing the book without revealing anything so I am not going to do a description.

This was a cool different world. Yes there was a special snowflake but its not born to be a special snowflake just circumstance. I liked that there wasn't an instant romance for the main character. There were twist and turns that I did not expect which was great. I hope the second book is just as good. 

4 stars for NetGalley and Goodreads because it was enjoyable and I would recommend it. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Sarah Lampkin for a free copy. This is an honest review.
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Ms. Lampkin weaves a story of death and life together in To Dream Is To Die. She takes a girl with the ability to astral project into what is known as The Fade. To Dream is to Die follows Brenna through out her first year at Nephesburg College and learning how to navigate these abilities that she's had since high school but never really understood. The story feels reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's first season. I highly recommend if you love Buffy and just want to have something in book for this is for you.
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The concept of this book is really unique! I really enjoyed the idea of not dreaming but rather walking the spirit realm. 

The character development, especially in the relationship between Brenna and Damon , seems really rushed. Personally, I would not trust people with information that could potentially hurt me that quickly. Damon is a quirk in the story that I would love to see more of though.  Is the pull he has over Brenna foreshadowing? 
I am invested in the storyline though. I definitely am excited about the rest of the series.
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Talk about a conversation starter...I was dead once now I can walk amongst the dead. To Dream is to Die is a uniquely entertaining "ghost" story. A young college freshman has to deal with going to classes and fitting in. It might be easier if she didn't walk with the dead every night!

I am thoroughly intrigued by the concept and highly excited for the next book. I have a feeling Sophomore year is going to be twice the mess that was Freshman year. Good thing Brenna has backup!
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This is the first NA book I’ve read that isn’t obsessed with men’s bodies and sex. Not that there’s anything wrong with those aspects of NA, it’s just over saturated with it so I’m bored.

But Lampkin created something akin to a College AU with Buffy, so I’m beyond hooked.
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I absolutely loved this book! Not my normal type of book, but the description had me interested. I am SO glad I read it. 
The characters were easy to love, and the story line sucked me in and had me reading so much, that the next thing I knew I was finished with it and a few hours had passed by. I definitely recommend it!
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To Dream Is To Die: The Dead Dreamer Series

[Small Spoilers]

This book was an intriguing and fast past read! The plot was unique and one that I had not personally read before. I found the idea of Brenna (main character) being able to come out of her body at will to be a really great idea. I also felt like Lampkin provided the reader with a complex narrative, that remained cohesive, which I was thankful for. At times I did feel myself becoming annoyed or aggravated with characters and that is when I know that I have been deeply ensnared! The main character Brenna, was someone I truly enjoyed learning about, she was interesting and her journey kept me engaged throughout. There were a couple of characters in the book that I had a love/hate relationship with (Erica and Damon), although at times their personalities could be frustrating, especially in the beginning, I found that I truly enjoyed the development of the characters more towards the end of the book. Although I still have some questions about the Fade, I feel that Lampkin will answer them in future books. A highly enjoyable read, and I cannot wait for the next book in the series to come out!
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I'll start this by saying that I have a deep rooted love for college/campus based novels (and this one definitely delivered on that promise). I won't ne stating any spoilers, but just know that the character eluding to things having happened in the past without further diving into them was aggravating. I had thunk going into this that (it being New Adult) there would be illicit scenes that I don't really vibe with, but I was happily wrong (there weren't any).
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To Dream Is To Die is a unique story with creative characters. The main character might be unlikable to some ,but I liked her sarcasm. The creatures don't have the typical characteristics in this book and that was nice change.
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In a way, this wasn't an easy book to review.

One of the bigger reasons why, is because I was expecting something different. I requested this book because it was under the New Adult category. And honestly? Besides the fact the story takes place on a college campus, there were no real elements of NA to be found
To me, Brenna was an unlikable character who wasn't really justified in how she treated other people most of the time. She came across as really negative, pessimistic and angry. Just plain pissed off at the world, which, I get to a certain extent. You died, came back to life, it messed up stuff. But, she needed to chill a little.
I couldn't really connect to Aeria or Damon, the other two main characters, either.

As a whole, I liked the Dead Dreamer premise. It was interesting and original. There are some ghosts stories out there, but they tend to revolve around grim reapers, typically.

Sadly the world building and the setting of the premise was done in a way that was rather boring and slowed the pace of the story considerably. The last 5-10% of the book was, in fact, the part I found most compelling. Was that enough to make the rest of the book great? Not really.

In the end, this wasn't a bad book. It was just too slow and bland for me. But I think it could appeal to the Young Adult audiences.
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I received a review copy of this from the publisher via NetGalley. 

This book was such an awesome surprise!! 

The cover is what drew me into the book and then I read the synopsis. I requested this book from NetGalley and I am so glad I did. I had a hard time putting it down! It a very unique concept. 

Our main character is Brenna. She died in a very bad car accident, and she was dead for 6 minutes! The EMTs worked hard to bring her back to life, but now every time she fell asleep, she would leave her body. She was amongst the dead, or the Faze as they called it. She sees doors, fairy doors and demon doors. The idea was so cool. The author did a great job. 

I love Brenna as a protagonist!! She’s insecure and tad bit on the sarcastic side. She and her friend, Aeria, both tend to have that sarcastic attitude.

Now, Damon, “the Watcher” is one of the best characters! This book had some very fun side characters. It kept me very interested. 

Overall this is just such an awesome book!! I highly recommend this book.
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1.5 stars 

I'm not gonna lie, I didn't finish this one. I was confused by the MC constantly alluding to the fact that she had "died" without really giving any information about it - apparently there's a prequel, but I don't want to have to read that going into the first book in a series? I also found the main character to be totally unlikeable. I usually like "bitchy" characters but a lot of her behaviour was completely unwarranted. Given that I wasn't a fan of the love interest either, I didn't really want to read an entire book about them. Maybe it was just the college atmosphere and the dialogue, but it all felt kind of eyeroll-worthy. I'm sure a certain kind of NA paranormal reader might like this, but that reader is not me.
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What a great start to this series and I can’t wait for the next book!  Sarah Lampkin’s writing sucks you in and the idea of the story is very unique. 

Brenna was a great main character and the world building was beautifully done! I think everyone can agree with me when I say I can’t wait to have more Damon 😀

Loved this story!!
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To Dream is to die is a paranormal novel set in college. The main character, Brenna, is a girl who died few years ago and 'resuscitated' after six minutes. She has a weird ability since her death: when she falls asleep her spirit goes out of her body and wonders around. 
I wasn't really sure about this book at the beginning, only because of the kind of story behind. I wasn't sure the author would have been able to develop a story with an idea like this, but I have to say I'm not disappointed. There were times I got bored, I admit, but overall the story was well built and it was interesting. Brenna, the main character, wasn't really likable at the beginning and I couldn't connect with her, but the more I read the more I started to understand her, her weird ability and her way to see things. 
I liked the way the story was developed. Especially after half of the book it got more interesting, with all the gatekeepers and Maura and everything. 
The end kept me on edge, honestly though, only because I have to wait for the second book. 

*Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
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Three years ago Brenna Whit was in a horrific car accident and was dead for six minutes before she was resuscitated. since then, every time she goes to sleep her spirit wanders the Fade/ spirit world. Now she is starting college as a freshman and hopes her secret will remain hidden but one night after discovering strange seals on a tree she is horrified when she finds someone staring right at her. 

As Brenna discovers more about the world she now inhabits there are dangers lurking around every corner. She finds herself having friends for the first time and on the trail of a dangerous secret society all while trying to attend classes and keep herself safe. 

This was a gripping read. Brenna is a funny, sarcastic character who is a kickass main character. I look forward to further exploring her adventures in future instalments.
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First off, thank you for giving me the opportunity to read To Dream Is To Die. Unfortunately it wasn’t working out for me so I stopped reading around page 80. I loved the concept of dreamers and watchers and how demons/fae came into play, and wished the story had focused more on that, than college parties and roommate drama. It wasn’t balanced well. The writing also seemed a bit off. Sometimes the characters would say things that didn't make sense. Their conclusions came out of left field, and I was left thinking “Why would they think that? What backs that up?”

Since I didn’t get far in this book, I’ve decided not to post my thoughts anywhere but here.
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This book was received as an ARC from Sarah Lampkin through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

Everyone fears of going to college and getting through your freshman year especially if you are Brenna who is hiding a dark secret due to an almost fatal accident causing her spirit to wander when she is sleeping. This book made my interest peak right from the very start. The complications and tribulations Brenna went through having this curse and getting through college is tough enough. When she found out that someone saw her spirit leave her body, I could imagine the thoughts running through her head and how she thought she was going to approach this to her new friends and colleagues. I was invested throughout the entire book and I know our young adult readers will really love this book too.

We will consider adding this book to our YFantasy collection.  That is why we give this book 5 stars.
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This is the first book I've read by this authour I really liked the description but I struggled to get through it I disliked the main character and her friend they were bitches for no reason despite them being in collage they reminded me of middle schoolers with their behavior. I stay away from YA books because I stuggle with them and always have. This is set in collage and labeled New Adult which I can read without problems for the most part but this reads more like a YA book trying to be grown up I really really hate giving bad reviews on books I know some books aren't a good fit and even those I rate based on who it's written for and how well it does thst but this one I just can't really recommend to anyone I will give it 2 stars because I honestly like the idea this authour was going for
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To Dream is to Die is the first part in the Dead Dreamer series. Having just got back into paranormal books I was looking forward to reading this one. There aren't many books on the market based around dreams etc so it made for a unique subject. Add to that we have the Fade with ghosts and demons, my hopes were quite high!

Although listed as a new adult/romance paranormal book, I felt this could have easily say in the YA category. Yes there is mentions of drinking, drugs (Although its more Pot and its in passing) and some adult situations there was no sex or anything I would put as not suitable for the more mature teen. 

Although the book is told from Brenna's point of view, a 19 year old student. Her language came across as younger at times. My daughters are 18, 16 and 14 and she didn't feel very mature compared to them in how she thought, acted or spoke. Again making me feel this was more of a YA.

Brenna is a good character though. She is has a unique gift which she got after a car accident she was involved in 3 years before that killed her. I found her rather melancholy at times and although I liked her sarcasm and whit when she was with her best friend Aria, it wasn't enough to make me like her more. In fact, I preferred Damon, Mike and Erica at times more than Brenna and was more on their side than hers earlier in the book.

The story has a quick pace which keeps you interested and made this a fast page turner for me. I especially liked the 'club' Brenna joins later in the book and found those scenes were fun and interesting with a great supporting cast. In fact I had only a few issues with this book and that's why it didn't get more than 3.5 stars from me. 

Firstly I do not give spoilers at all, I will happily elaborate if you wish to message me for more details but will not put them here so apologise for my vagueness. One instance sticks out heavily in my mind concerning the President and concert. This was completely washed over and Brenna who meticulously stresses and investigates everything, this instance seemed to ignore the event entirely. There were other mysteries in the book surrounding another character that even towards the end I was left thinking, 'Duh is Brenna really that stupid to not see something?' I guess with age is naivety yet Brenna seemed to focus on things that weren't necessary and then dismiss those clues that were really glowing brightly on a 50ft sign! 

I love a mystery and To Dream is to Die is definitely a paranormal mystery where romance takes a back seat. Again I still feel this could be read by mature YA readers. I will continue to read the series as there is so many twists and turns even I am wondering who Brenna should trust and what's going to happen. I just feel this book could have been put together better - 3.5 stars (This book was gifted to me via NetGalley for an impartial review).
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