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All It Takes is the second book in the Romancing Manhattan series. Usually, with books in series, I am able to follow along if I start later in the series or read the books out of order. This book did not disappoint. I was able to jump in and understand the reasoning for the tension/attraction. After reading All It Takes I went back to read the first books just to get some more of Quinn and Sienna. 

All It Takes was a fun light read that gave me a happy feeling after I read it.
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Kristen Proby always delivers a solid story with compelling characters! This was no exception! I am interested in catching up in the series as this one was quite good! I love how consistently I've been able to depend on Proby for solid reads!
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LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this book. Quinn and Sienna make a wonderful couple, and I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between them. A great book in a fun series. I look forward to future books.
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Tall on lust/love, short on plot.  Sienna and Quinn, both lawyers on opposing sides, are instantly attracted to each other, but it's seem to be just a physical attraction with little depth to it. I'm not opposed to POV writing, but this just didn't do it for me as the characters/plot seemed shallow and without substance.
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When Sienna’s Grandfather Lou’s will is read, handsome lawyer Quinn is there to contest it, claiming that some very valuable land in NYC is not his to bequeath to the city for continued use as a community park. According to Quinn’s client, Lou’s father used it as collateral for a loan that wasn’t paid back. Sienna, a city attorney, is determined to prove him wrong and takes a sabbatical from work to dedicate to the case. When it goes to court, the judge tells the two of them to work together for one month to find the evidence that shows the loan was repaid. While working in close quarters to sift through mountains of paperwork, the chemistry between them explodes. Even if it’s against the rules, they’re having trouble keeping their relationship professional. The clock is ticking, the passion is growing, and someone is working against them to undermine the case. Will they find the receipts they need and be able to trust each other enough to have a future once the case is closed? You’ll have to read to find out.

This is the 2nd book in Proby’s Romancing Manhattan series and it’s much better than the first. The relationship between Sienna and Quinn is steamy, the characters are fully-developed, and the mystery surrounding the case keeps it interesting. For romance fans who like strong female protagonists and balanced relationships, this one’s a winner.

I received a complimentary ARC of this book from HarperCollins through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
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This is the first book I have read by Kristen Proby & I LOVED it!!  I read every night before going to bed, until I was getting near the end, as I didn't want the story to end!  It hooked me from the beginning and didn’t let go.
Sienna finds out at the reading of her late grandfathers will that someone is contesting it. The good news is she is an attorney so she will fight with everything she has to make sure the good guys win.
Quinn is the attorney who is being paid to contest the will but the second he lays eyes on Sienna this case goes from professional to personal. Now he has to fight for love while he also fights for the truth. But sometimes attorney/client privilege can mess with a budding relationship.
I cannot wait to read more by this author!!
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This book was too sweet and at the same time too spicy for my tastes. From the description the book sounds like it will take time for a relationship to build since it is two opposing attorneys working on the same case. However they get together almost immediately. I could have used some more buildup to really get in the relationship.  I was interested in the case they were working on and that was primarily what kept me reading.
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All it Takes by Kristen Proby

Sienna Hendricks is smart, capable, driven and practical. She works as a city attorney and is passionate about her profession. At the reading of her grandfather’s will, she meets hot shot attorney Quinn Cavanaugh whose client is protesting ownership of land her grandfather has bequeathed to the city as a park. Quinn is a hard-working playboy who works hard and lives carefree – a lifestyle he isn’t interested in changing.
As Sienna and Quinn are forced to work together to find the deed for the disputed land, they develop feelings for each other that aren’t what either one is expecting. But can two such different people on different sides of a case find happiness together?

This was the first novel I read by Kristen Proby and I enjoyed it very much. The characters where likeable and believable and the story was well paced. There was just enough intrigue and drama to engage me in the story. Although All it Takes is part of a series, the novel stood well on its own and can be read out of order without any confusion. A light, easy enjoyable read. I plan to seek out other titles by Ms. Proby. I’d recommend it for those seeking a smart, contemporary romance. 4 stars.

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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One of these days, there's going to be a book by Kristen Proby that I don't love. 

This wasn't it. 

The thing I love most about her titles is that it's a falling in love story without the angst (although this one had a little) that makes you worry that the couple won't get their happily ever after. 

I also liked that the story had tension that was internal and external, but blended well and it felt realistic and like the challenges that would be faced by real people. It helps draw you in when you can relate to the characters and I could relate to both if them, even when they seemed to be on opposite sides. 

I liked Quinn and Sienna, both together and separately. I liked their interaction and the respect they had for one another. They were at cross-purposes and for one of them to "win" so to speak, the other needed to lose...but, the respect for one another was strong enough that, even though this was a part of their story, it wasn't all of their story.

I enjoyed and recommend this title.
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All It Takes is the second book in Kristen Proby's Romancing Manhattan series and, although I don't usually like stories written in the first person with alternating POV chapters, Proby pulled me in with solid writing and great characters. 

Quinn Cavanaugh, an attorney in an incredibly successful law partnership with his brothers, likes to have everything under control.  Sienna Hendricks is a city attorney who is organized, loves lists and rules, stability and playing it safe but is also competitive.  They meet when they are on opposing sides of an inheritance issue involving Sienna's grandfather and wind up working together when a judge orders it. 

A steamy, hot chemistry is at work between the two as they plow through family secrets and deal with conflicts of interest.  Sienna is great character, but I absolutely love Quinn!!  He is really swoon-worthy. I also loved the police officer who stops Quinn for speeding and winds up giving him advice about women and relationships.

"First of all, trust is a big thing....Listening is important too.....We all need to feel safe.  That the love, the trust, and heart we put into each other is safe in our partner."

While it is the second book in the series, it reads well on its own. I'm definitely looking forward to more of this series.

 I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I've read Kristen Proby before, and have enjoyed her previous work.

For the most part, I enjoyed All it Takes. Sienna and Quinn are two people that I have gotten to know. I enjoyed the fast-paced romance between the two, as well as getting to know them individually.

The plot was fun and unique. Given that I'm familiar with the law field, it definitely piqued my interest.

For me, I couldn't connect to the fluidity of the story. I felt disconnecting to certain moments due to subtle shifts in writing. But I will also attribute this to probably not reading this story at the right time.

Overall, I enjoyed All it Takes and cannot wait to read the next in series.

*Thank you to the publisher for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.*
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This was such a sweet, and intriguing, enemies to lovers romance. Sienna Hendricks and Quinn Cavanaugh are opposites in many ways. Altho they are both attorneys, Quinn is a thrill seeker while Sienna overthinks and plans everything. They first meet when Quinn has a surprise client who threatens to take something very personal from Sienna's family. Sienna is beside herself and determined to prove them wrong. When Sienna and Quinn are forced to work together on the case, they soon learn more than they expected. They help each other get out of their comfort zones, take chances, and choose love. I thought Sienna and Quinn were so perfect together, and their chemistry was off the charts. This is a sweet, and heartwarming story with a plot twist that keeps you totally engaged. I haven't read the first book in this series but will definitely check it out.
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Kristen Proby is the champ of putting together scenarios where the characters have to deal with challenges and then rise above them,  She understands just how much push and pull there needs to be in a story and how to set up the complete experience from beginning to end. Please keep on this path.
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I love Pretty much all of Kristen Proby's books and this one is no exception.Quinn and Sienna they had great chemistry together. It was a great quick romantic read.
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All It Takes was very good. Sienna & Quinn are co-workers. Quinn doesn't want to settle down with anyone & likes his freedom. Sienna doesn't give Quinn much thought because what he wants & what she wants are two different things. She isn't looking for fling. Once Quinn pays more attention to Sienna he realizes that she is what he is looking for. Now he just needs to figure out a way to convince her of that. Once I started this book I couldn't put it down. Kristen Proby writes great stories & I can't wait for more.
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Instant attraction turns to insta-love in this entertaining enemies to lovers book, second in the Romancing Manhattan series.   

When opposing counsels, thrill-seeking playboy Quinn and sassy by the book Sierra, are thrown together on a case, the fine line between professional conduct & all consuming lust is impossible to ignore. It was fun to see them outside of work as the buttoned up Sierra & workaholic Quinn let loose & enjoy life more with someone to love. The case they were working was also intriguing as they raced the clock to fine century old clues.   

Kristin Proby always writes swoony romance with smart, sexy couples and wonderful supporting characters and this is no exception. It was nice to catch up with previous characters & I look forward to more books in this series.
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An enemies to lovers tale by Kristen Proby, enough said! Sienna and Quinn are on opposing sides of a legal battle. to find the truth they are forced to work together. They find they are opposites in every way, but chemistry knows no boundaries. It is heartfelt and sweet tale of finding love when you are least looking for it. Prepare to read it in one sitting.
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I love Kristen Proby’s books and this one rates right up there.  This is from her Manhattan series, whereas I am used to her Seattle series books.  However, the backdrop of NYC was pretty good.  Both Quinn, and Sienna were strong characters and held their own. They are both lawyers, but Quinn works for his family firm,and she works for Brooklyn City as a public lawyer.  Both characters felt fully formed, had grown up issues; the setup for them to have to work together involved family, hers, and made for a great storyline.  Thoroughly enjoyable.
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Quinn and Sienna are two driven, determined lawyers.  She works for the city and he is corporate.  When they are required to work on a case together, they both want the truth, they both start changing.  He is secretly hoping that they will find the proof to keep the park a park, because there is something about his client that doesn't sit right.  She is a little naive when it comes to her family, but that is because she loves them deeply.
  As they work together to find the proof withing thirty days, they grow closer.  He gets her to let her hair down and let loose and she gets him to leave the office earlier than usual.  As their relationship grows, they both start opening up and realizing that maybe their job isn't all that is out there for them.
  When Quinn learns something about the case, but is forced to keep it from Sienna due to attorney client privelege, he doesn't like it and tries to find a way to let her know without anyone finding out it came from him.  Just when they believe everything is great, Sienna overhears a conversation and things come crashing down.  Can they find a way to overcome this roadblock?
  I really liked how strong, yet flawed, each character was.  They both knew what they wanted, yet found something in the other they craved.  I loved everything about this book, the characters, and the story.  I can't wait to read more in this series.  I received an ARC in exchange for an honest, voluntary review.
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Second book in Romancing Manhattan series.
Quinn and Sienna meet in court, where they represent opposite sides. They have to work together to resolve issue.
From the moment Quinn saw Sienna, he can't stop thinking about her. She doesn't want to do anything with player like Quinn. Finally she gives him a chance.....Then, she finds out that three people she trusted most, lied to her.
Will she be able to forgive them?
Loved the book, characters, storyline.
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