The Healthy Electric Smoker Cookbook

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 10 Aug 2019

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Smoking Hot! 

As a person who knows absolutely nothing but I love eating smoked foods this is an eye opener. After reading this book I bought an electric smoker grill as I could not wait to try out the recipes.

Not only are you given the very beginning basics a newbie likes me needs I was ready to smoke without any issues because of this book.

I was so glad that the book told you what to do to prepare the smoker & how to get your food ready.

Simply simple directions & recipes I was off to smoke my salmon & shrimp!

The recipes are spot on with the correct times & recipes so easy a person new to smoking can do it!

Delicious & tempting & oh so delighting the food was so good that all was eaten & gone~.

Loved by all including me, thank you for a book on smoking foods that taste great & easy to make~!
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This is a great cookbook with recipes for many different styles and flavors.  I also appreciate all the helpful information about cuts of meat, the science behind the smoker, as well as tips for how to make the sauces and rubs.
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The presentation of this book is great.  Mouthwatering pictures that make you want to get started immediately.  Lots of recipes that even if you have been using a smoker before will give you some unique ideas.  I sure found quite a few that I want to try out..
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A good cookbook/ reference guide for the beginner home smoker with many lessons included for the more advanced grill master too.  I have used an electric smoker for many years but mostly for fish.  It is time to invest in a larger smoker, so I did my research and found this book full of helpful information.  It has not only guided me in my purchase but also given me many recipes to make my expanded menus successful.  If you are going to spend the time and money to prepare your smoked meats at home, you will definitely find this book useful.  I've now smoked brisket several times and each one gets better.
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If you have an electric smoker this book is a must have. It has so much information about tools and the smoker. The receipts are very detailed on the whole cooking process along with temperatures, type of smoking wood and timing. That’s a huge help. We did the BBQ Brisket and it was amazing. I love this book and how detailed and illustrated it is. This is a book I will use all the time with my smoker. I suggest this book to everyone with an electric smoker.
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For some reason the title of this cookbook led me to believe it would be somewhat boring.  That it is NOT!  The recipes look amazing!  There are smoked recipes for not only meats but vegetables, salads, appetizers and desserts.  And they all look SOOOOO GOOD.
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