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We Are the Gardeners

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I love gardening and I love children's picture books, so this book was a lovely, little read.

Gardening is hard work, and this book let's you know how our lead family became gardeners! They started small and worked their way up to a more difficult garden. Failure was welcome because you learn from each step! They learned that some plants only like to sip water, not devour it. The ferns did well, but some other plants were much more difficult and required specialized attention! 

The colour palette is soft and delightful, plus the pictures are also super cute. They fit the story well and make it feel very homey. 

Overall, this book is great! I'd highly recommend young readers to pick this book up!

Four out of five stars. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for allowing me a copy of this book to read in exchange of an honest review.
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As beautifully illustrated as you’d imagine a children’s book by Joanna Gaines to be, and a thoughtful look on caring for the earth. I definitely recommend for children and adults alike!
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We are the gardeners by Joana Gaines. I really liked this book. Teaches children how to take care of a plant and than how to garden. I really loved the pictures. I would purchase this book and someday give the book to my granddaughter to be.
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What a delightful little book!  It has everything I look for in a children's book I'm going to purchase... a story with a good lesson, an engaging storyline and beautiful illustrations.  My boys will love this book and I can't wait to add it to our home library!
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We Are the Gardeners is a beautiful kids book with lovely pictures and a sweet message. It's instructional and encouraging.
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We Are The Gardeners is a beautiful story about hope and determination. I loved hearing from the kids perspective, they sounded so mature and down to earth. The illustrations were gorgeous, I was so impressed! I think this book would appeal to any age, even adults. I read it to my son (age 21 months) and he really enjoyed it, he loved all the colorful pictures. I look forward to reading it to him as he gets older so he can absorb the message as well. This was a very well written book, I enjoyed it immensely.  5/5 stars
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This book made me smile on every single page, much like the mother mentioned right at the beginning of the story. Through their creation of a garden, this family teaches important lessons about the rewards of hard work and resilience: “A garden is hard work, but so is most of the good, important stuff in life.” Isn’t that just wonderful?

The simple, bright illustrations add to the experience and Joanna Gaines manages to teach the reader an awful lot about plant maintenance and life cycles without turning it into an instruction manual. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside reading this story; it made me yearn for a return to the simpler pleasures of life. 

The children start by planning out their garden and talk about the importance of soil and organisms, water, light and pollinators. Gaines describes the role that aphids play and there is even a picture of an earth worm dressed as a secret agent; honestly what more could you want? 

“Dad says that every hard thing we choose to do make us braver for the next time.”

A truly wonderful read and a poignant publication date. I do hope that it inspires families to have a go themselves. Out today!

I would like to thank both Net Galley and Thomas Nelson for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
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I am a huge Joanna Gaines fan. This book is beautifully illustrated and written. My children and I really enjoyed it!

Thank you NetGalley for this ARC.
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Joanna Gaines’ We Are the Gardeners is an adorable story of, perseverance, and never giving up because failure is only a lesson we can grow from told through planting and maintaining a family garden.

The story line was simple and sweet, offering many life lessons as well as fun facts about nature and gardens. We have been talking about what we will be planting in our garden this year with our three year old, this story was a great accompaniment to these discussions. He was easily able to take home the basic message of the story, afterwards he called his Grandpa to tell him it is okay if his plants die because we can try again. 

The illustrations by Julianna Swaney are beautiful. Soft colors and an attention to detail and imagination draw you into the story. Overall, we loved reading it and will definitely be reading it again and again.

Thank you NetGalley, Thomas Nelson Children’s, and Joanna Gains for giving us the opportunity to read and share our toughs. All opinions are my own.
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What a beautiful and inspirational children's book! There are so many heartfelt lessons on the pages of this book, which can speak to people of all ages. Not only is the message encouraging and beautiful, but the illustrations are as well!

Gardens are places of magic and hope. The importance of not only children learning to garden, but the importance of families learning alongside of each other and creating together is essential! This book illustrates the learning process of both triumphs and failures and reminds readers & gardeners who they are through core values. 

I highly recommend this book to families and fellow adult gardeners who need an inspirational read. Everyone needs to hear that they who they are, not because of success or failure, but because they simply are. And what better way to illustrate a message that beautiful then to write about a garden.
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Awesome book! Well written kept us engaged throughout. My kids loved it. Also loved the illustrations.  Thank you gfor this book!
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We Are The Gardeners has such a beautiful cover, it definitely grabbed my attention.
The illustrations are so cute and charming, I really enjoyed turning the pages. It is clearly a book for young children and I can't wait to read it with my kids and inspire them to want to take care of plants and watch them grow.
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It all started with a fern brought to the house by the father of the family. Everyone immediately turned to him, including the children who kept watering him, thinking that they were taking better care of him when in fact it was the opposite.

As expected the fern did not survive so much attention, but soon another appeared in its place to which the children learned to care so that the bad experience of the previous one would not be repeated.
With their failure, they not only learned to do better, but they also realized how much they liked the care of plants. And from that day on more and more ferns began to come home.

They soon realized their need for a larger and more suitable space to have them. In addition, they could use it to grow not only ornamental plants, but also their own vegetables.

And so begins this beautiful book that explains to children in a very simple way the importance and care that plants require and everything around them that can influence them to grow strong and healthy or die quickly.
But We Are the Gardeners also talks about teamwork and its importance, about how gardening requires effort, perseverance and dedication but the results obtained are very rewarding.

I was especially struck by the design of the book that reminds me of a notebook, but instead of text very beautiful and colorful drawings have been created that represent the Gardeners and their evolution as a family around the garden and orchard.

A beautiful and endearing book
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Whether or not you know who the Gaines family is, if you have seen their television show or not, you will enjoy this beautifully illustrated children's book. It is a joy to read and has such a positive message.
The books tells not only how the garden began and grows, but also how the family has to deal with set backs and learn about how to move forward. This is the kind of book a parent will love to read over and over with their children, and have the children learn to read on their own.
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I love watching the Gaines family on television and was so excited to see that they were writing their own children's book!  As a teacher and a self-proclaimed picture book "snob," I knew I wanted to give this book a chance!  It is such a sweet story that not only teaches children about starting a garden, but has a much deeper lesson on not giving up and being determined!  This book is perfect for kids!  The illustrations and super cute and are very eye catching!  I think kids, and adults alike, will love this book for sure!
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We Are the Gardeners is a fun gardening philosophy book aimed at youger readers by Joanna Gaines (and family). Released 26th March 2019 by Thomas Nelson Children's, it's 40 pages and available in hardcover, audio, and ebook formats.

This is a fun and accessible little book about perseverance and the magic of making and maintaining a garden both indoors and outdoors. The prose is whimsical and sweet and shows the ups and downs of building a garden. There are some nice bits of information included for younger readers introducing some of the good and bad bugs and critters which help the garden grow and thrive. The art by Julianna Swaney is fun and colorful and suits the text very well.

I also liked the fact that the author showed that building and enjoying a garden is a perfect family activity, from dreaming and planning, to weeding, and finally enjoying the harvest together.

Adorable book, very nicely done. Five stars.
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I loved this! I could see this being a nice book to read to my students when we discuss what plants need. I adored the illustrations in this book.
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Another fantastic book by Joanna Gaines!  I just adore all the lovely books she's released so far.  I listened to the audio and I also really enjoyed the narration- well done! My children are going to enjoy this little book that takes the mysterious science behind plants and teaches children while meandering through a lovely garden, grown by a child! I definitely recommend this when it releases! This will make a great book for car rides, listening to it while driving around town- kids can read along and it will open great discussions!
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"Every hard thing we choose to do makes us braver for the next time." 
A charming story told from the children's perspective about learning to grow a garden, and other lessons they picked up along the way. Love how the parents included the kids in planning and pointed them in the right direction, but let them do the work and gain confidence in themselves. Not giving up when things didn't go right, but starting over and learning from the experience, is such a good way to approach so many things. Great example of parenting there! The illustrations are lovely too. 
This would be a nice gift for any child young enough to listen or old enough to do a project of their own.
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This book summarizes the life lessons of gardening: be patient, never give up, learn about people/plants' needs to give them the appropriate care, keep learning and don't hesitate to ask for help, and finally remember to celebrate your successes with all the people who helped you along the way.... while keeping on eye on some new difficulties coming ahead of you, maybe in the name of a goat ;)
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