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I remember first seeing these comics around the internet years ago, always enjoying them despite them being short, so when I saw this as an arc to request, I immediately had to do it. 

And I'm happy to say it doesn't disappoint. Although you can say it's repetitive, it's still enjoyable and relatable. I had fun going through the different comics and saying, "Oh wow, that's me." That little blob became someone I could relate to and laugh with, even if some of the laughs were more self-deprecating (in a good way.)
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This book was cute and funny. There were a few relatable comics and the artist was able to say a lot with very simple drawings. “Oh No” would make a great gift.
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A solid version of the comics I'm familiar with thanks to their online presence. It seems like a great addition to a coffee table for a conversation starter.
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A collection of short comics that all have the punchline of “Oh No” at the end. 

I read over half of this and then got tired of it and flipped through the rest quickly. There were a few poignant comics about social media and being overly critical of yourself and such, but I personally cannot stand incessant repetition (if I had known more about this book before I had selected it on NetGalley, I’d never have selected it). The constant “Oh No” punch line was starting to drive me insane. Also had a few too many sexually-related comics for my taste, especially in something that up until those popped up seemed aim at a middle schooler. (Granted, the characters are amorphous blobs so it isn’t very provocative but still wasn’t to my taste.) If you can stand lots of repetition and like dry, wry humor you might want to give this a shot.

I received an ARC of this title from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I've enjoyed the webcomic and the book does not disappoint! There's something so intensely relatable about that simple "oh no".
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I've loved these comics ever since I found them on Tumblr, so when I found this book on NetGalley I had to read it. Somehow this pink blob is so relatable and I frequently use 'oh no' as an expression whenever something doesn't go right.
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I’ve followed the Oh No series on Twitter for awhile, and love the simplicity and thoughtfulness of this comic.  Having a book of them gathered shows the creativity this simple idea carries.

For the uninitiated, the series follows (usually) a simple premise: the first panel sets the scene, the second shows a twist, and the third shows a character regretting the twist, with a quotable “oh no”.  This simple idea should be too repetitive to be funny, yet the comic consistently makes me giggle or stop and think for awhile.  

A quick read, surprisingly thoughtful, and hilarious… mostly.  Some strips I can’t relate to or just don’t find funny, but that’s bound to happen.  Overall, I enjoyed it.

**I got this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I laughed a few times but it's probably better in small dozes. In a book format the punchline gets old and tiring pretty soon.
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Oh No is a funny comics that talks about our encountered (and to be) disappointments in life. The drawings are simple but the context is superb. It might be short but they are really on point. 

Thank you for the free e-copy provided by Andrew McMeel Publishing and the author itself, Alex Norris via NetGalley.
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Although I can see the value in irreverence, most of this collection was a complete flop for me. I suggest trying to impose some structure.
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It should be noted straight out the gate that this comic is extremely repetitive. 

As the name might suggest, all of Alex's comics end with the phrase "oh no". This can get kind of old really fast. The joy of reading these comics on the internet is seeing what the newest way to make Blob say 'oh no' is going to be. 

In book form....weeeeeeeeeeell.

Props to Alex for including some very real running gag/meta comics along the way?

Not an unpleasant read if you don't take it all in on one go. Maybe if you just open it to a random page, laugh, then go on with your day?
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I am not sure who is the audience for this book. It’s visually very appealing, cute, but oh so negative. I think if the author had ended the “Oh No’s” at about page 70, I’d be more on board with the book. It is funny but left me with downer feeling. 
Everything good that ever happened in our main character, the blob’s life, ended negatively. 

This might be a good coffee table book, but in one setting there are too many OH No’s for my taste.
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This was such a fun, quirky collection. While the joke 'oh no' probably does get old halfway through the book, the comics are still without a doubt very relatable. It is very quick and easy to read, making it perfect for any age.
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oh no is cut,simple and very. relatable. I enjoy that is meta and sees the comic is a running gag and teases itself. Some perfectly capture what it is like to be a human while some are stale and fall flat.  Overall, i enjoyed the simplicity of the art and the truth that life is full of "oh no"s.
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This book contains a series of short comic strips, each of which ends with the phrase "Oh No."  Who knew that there were so many things that one could say "Oh No" to.  Some strips are about the personal while others poke at corporations.  A few examples (minus the illustrations)

They say to write from real experience.  (Picture  of diary with days saying "Did nothing.")  Oh no.


I have made an offspring.  I will do my best to raise them well.

Later: You messed me up (from child) Oh no.

If wry humor appeals to you, give this collection a try.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher.  The opinions are my own.
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I've seen these comics around a lot and I've always quite enjoyed them because a lot of them have the same kind of humour that I have: that is, depressing millennial humour. That being said, in book format this doesn't work quite as well as just seeing them posted in memes on the Internet because it's so repetitive. It's really relatable and cute, though. Oh no.
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If you enjoy Webcomic Name by Alex Norris or humorous comics that tackle life's many disappointments, I highly recommend this book! A good book for most folks, but Gen Z and Millennials will likely especially enjoy it.
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This book, oh no, is a compilation of the webcomics of that name.  I have a very difficult time writing a book title like that without capital letters, oh no!  Each comic has that punch line – oh no!  The main character in the comics is a blob figure, not quite human.  I rather like this in a comic, as it enables you to stand apart from your human-centric experience, and examine the subject matter impartially, seeing the humour in what we as a species do.  In this way, this comic reminds me of the Strange Planet comics by Nathan Pyle.  If you are a fan of either of these comics, you will enjoy the other!  Even though these are comics, some of the topics are a little more adult, so I wouldn’t buy this book for a child.  But I would get this book as a coffee table book, for a visitor to browse through and have a chuckle.  Or, if you are a fan of the webcomics, and would like a physical copy to reread, then this book is for you.  Another book for me to buy – oh no! 

Note: I received an advance copy of this book through Netgalley.
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This was very cute and relatable. It would make a funny gift for someone who spends a little too much time worrying. Very quick read.
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Some of these are funny. 

Some of these are sad. 

Some of these elicit no response. Oh no. 

But this collection is mostly funny. 

Some of it is funny because it is funny. 

But some of it is funny because it is relatable. Oh no.  

Some of these comics are pretty self-aware. 

Some of these comics hold deep truths. 

Some of these comics are unintelligible. Oh no. 

I think you should read it. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for a copy in return for an honest review.
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