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A collection of comics from the webcomic, Webcomic Name. The whole setup is a pink blob whose catchphrase (and typically the last frame of the comic) is “oh no!” Still, it manages to be funny, taking on popular topics of contemporary life and even mocking its own format at times.
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This works with individual panels and you read maybe one a day but a whole book?!? I liked the idea but it was just the same time being repeated over and over again and by the 15th version, it was a case of me going "oh no, not again!". I like the style and the ideas the comic present just not in book form.
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Oh No is a collection of comics about being a disappointment or being disappointed.  Every panel ends in the character saying "Oh no" after something happens - or doesn't happen, as it were.  It made me laugh many times, and the illustrations are just perfect for the subject matter I think. And I could relate to a lot of the comics as well.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated. This book will be released April 2 from Andrew McMeel Publishing.
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I cannot properly review this ebook. Ebook was corrupted when I received it and had no pictures. Too bad. :/
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Although I'm a long-time fan and follower, I wasn't sure how these three-panel comics would look in a book, but Alex Norris' humour transcends any medium - I laughed out loud.
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Oh no, this didn't work for me. 

I don't follow the webcomic, but have come across a couple of them on the internet. However, I think, for me, this comic is best appreciated in small doses. There being so much repetition and them all having the same end, made that it got old very quickly for me. The style was also not really for me. But I guess it will be a nice collection if you're a big fan of the comic.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!
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"oh no" is charming and gorgeous, endlessly hilarious and horribly relatable. Made me say "oh no" out loud so many times in sympathy!
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This book is funny enough in little spurts and bursts but all together the joke gets old and boring over time. I do enjoy reading it, but not enough to purchase myself.
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Even if the name Alex Norris doesn't ring a bell, if you have any sort of access to the internet, you've probably read some of his comics in the last few years. Since 2016, he has been the creator and illustrator of the now famous "oh no" comics, all of which have the same sad, disillusioned and disappointed catchphrase - and yes, people love to read them.

Now, the London-based comic artist is publishing a book made of 110 independent comics from his Webcomic Name series, featuring an easy-to-identify-with pink blob moving through life, one disappointment after another. The design of the comics is pretty simple, and the repetitive catchphrase could get old very quickly, but thanks to a good amount of self-awareness, it doesn't, and manages to stay hilarious from start to finish.

Some of those panels are just plain fun (like someone's complete failure at following a fancy recipe), and some are serious, tackling topics like the absence of motivation to do a task you really want to do, but... just can't, or when you just want to be polite by asking "how are you" and the person you're talking to actually answers seriously to that question - and if you've been in this situation, you know how much you wished you could simply say "oh no" out loud !

This is definitely a book I would recommend as a gift for the millennial you love the most in your life (or any millennial you know, really), and your friends, and yourself. It's a short and funny read, that will leave you to contemplate the meaning of life, work, art, and where you should put a cat's eyes and mouth when you draw them.

If you want to have some more fun, there is also a random oh no comic generator online !
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This book looked like it could be really good, but I was disappointed. None of the cartoons seemed funny to me. Guess it’s not the book, just me...
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Alex Norris's "webomic name" is unrepentant about being based upon a single running gag -  as it should be. Its weird yet straightforward humor, simple but charming blob art, and blunt relatability continue to be a perfect combination worthy of a hefty following. And this first collection delivers on everything its fans (this reviewer included) could want - a collection of the greatest hits and hilarious new strips all bound up in a book that one can easily reach for and open up whenever a laugh is needed.
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This comic is one that I like stumbling across while on the internet because it’s so simple yet so relatable. Blob faces disappointments and meets awkward situations that many face every day but Blob’s reactions are funny. This is a nice collection with a wide range of situations and funny moments.
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oh no, indeed.

I wasn't familiar with this webcomic aside from seeing one or two bits here and there, but I had liked the ones I'd seen, so I thought this would be cute. It turns out, in fact, that the sense of humor the creator utilizes gets old for me... very fast. :(

Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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Thanks to Andrews McMeel Publishing for the ARC! 
Love, love, love this book! These comics are simple, but so relatable. If you read this in just one sitting, like I did, it may get a bit repetitive and predictable. But still, it's all just so funny and true that it's impossible not to enjoy it. I had a great time reading it and I'm looking forward to see more from Alex's work.
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I’ve seen a few of these “oh no” comics floating around Facebook and Instagram, but I never really knew anything about them. When I saw this book on Netgalley, I had to read it right away. (In fact, I read it, in its entirety, approximately an hour after downloading it.)

I had so much fun! This pink blobby person is me, okay.


I’m not sure I’ve ever read a comic that was more me.

Do I think this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever read in my life? No. But was it a really fun way to spend a few minutes? Yes. Did it make me irrationally happy? You bet.

I don’t think you can really go wrong with oh no.
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I had the pleasure of attending a talk that Alex did at my university, which I was immensely thrilled about because I had been a fan of his works for years, always finding the quippy repetitive jokes hilarious and constantly saying “oh no” in everyday life. I find his work to be hysterical, yet inspiring at the same time. He briefly talked about creating a book and I was absolutely stunned to get an ARC of it. Getting to see someone’s work is thoroughly brilliant. He discussed how even though his comics are “simple”, a lot of heart and soul goes into them and you can see just by the way he talks that he is incredibly passionate about what he creates and that is thoroughly reflected in this book. You can tell he cares and the things he creates comes from not only his inner monologue but mainstream media too; he is incredibly relatable, but in such a natural way. It doesn’t feel forced or overdone, it feels pure and natural. 

This book contains a series of comics by Alex, some are new and some are less so. The content chosen for this book is extremely witty, funny, and often wise. I laughed hysterically at numerous points throughout the book and bookmarked a plethora of pages. I will be going back to this book just because of how joyous it made me feel and just how much raw amusement I got from it. I actually had to take a few minutes away because I was laughing so hard. Perhaps it’s the satirical voice added to the hysterical illustrations that really ticked all my boxes.

This book is absolutely charming with straight to the point punchlines and pure hilarious jokes. Yet jokes that feel inherently true at the same time. This was just a blast to read. On more than one occasion the art actually made the joke even funnier — in particular his drawings of animals! It was just all round fabulous. 

I would definitely recommend this to anyone to be honest whether you like the sound of the book or style of the art. This really is a hilarious masterpiece and something that you can refer back to at times when you need a good giggle.
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oh yes

Being human – self-aware, cognizant of your own mortality, sentient, capable of feeling pain, sorrow, and embarrassment (etc.) – can really suck sometimes. (Most times.) Luckily there are little moments of joy, like Alex Norris’s webcomic Webcomic Name, featuring the delightfully non-gendered little pink blob of oh nos. Pinky wields the catchphrase “oh no” (and self-referential panels about the running gag) like a … sword? Baseball bat? Pillow over the face? Blanket fort with which to deflect the outside world? I’m not exactly sure, but the result is at once comically entertaining and morbidly depressing. 

Norris tackles disappointments both small (stepping on a friend’s shoe; making accidental eye contact on the bus; cooking fails) and large (poor self-esteem; environmental degradation; the powerlessness on the individual in the face of megacorporations; death), all met with the same refrain: oh no. It’s absurd, it’s portentous, it’s relevant and relatable AF – for better or worse. Mostly worse. 

Bonus points for the anti-zoo strip. Truer panels have never been scribbled.
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