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While this memoir was difficult to read, the overwhelming joy and trust in God through Amy’s diagnosis and many months of treatment. The faith Amy and Mike shared carried them on a long hard journey home to God. 
Thank you for the opportunity to share in these intimate exchanges. Surely many lessons learned in the holy journey of life itself.
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I was very touched by Mike Nappa's willingness to share his intimate experiences with the rest of the world. I think it would have been an honor to know Amy, and her journey through cancer is in no way a reflection on her life--Mike takes great care to illuminate the person she was in spite of the terrible disease that took her earthly life.
His raw transparency during this experience helped my faith at a time when I too am watching a spouse battle cancer. I saw how Mike and Amy chose to believe in God's goodness and the power of prayer no matter what, and it truly inspires me to do the same. 
This is a difficult book to read, especially if this is something you are going through or have recently done so. I didn't know that person would be me when I selected this book for review or I might have steered far away, but I steeled myself and am very glad I chose to read it. I don't know how my husband's story is going to end, but God does and I needed that reminder.
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A profoundly sad story telling if Amy’s journey with cancer.  
Told mainly by her husband Mike it explores the treatment and path she took right to the very end.
They were very religious so there’s lots of reference to Jesus and requests for prayer.
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I didn’t meet or know Amy, but I can tell from this book that she was an amazing person. It goes without saying that reading a book in which someone is dying from cancer is going to be sad but there was so much more than simply sadness and an end within these pages. There was love, joy, so much integrity and honesty about life, wisdom and, if it can be said about a book, a sort of beauty in here too in its rawness on occasion. This is a book that will stay with me, make me stop and think about how I face difficulties and make me appreciate Mickey Mouse that little bit more.

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Hard Way Home is the story of Amy Nappa and her husband Mike as together they journey through life as Amy gets diagnosed with cancer, that becomes terminal and proves fatal. Mike started a Facebook group to keep friends and family updated and this is the book of the posts from that group.

I’m not sure when I was last affected so much by a book. It goes without saying that a book about someone dying from cancer is incredibly sad and tears were often shed while reading this, however there was so much more than sadness. The story is raw and emotional yet there is also beauty in their too. While I never met or knew Amy she stands out as someone who had an amazing personality and character. This book is filled with love, courage, determination, joy for life, thankfulness and wisdom and so much integrity and honesty. It’s made me reflect on my own reactions to difficult situations and if I could meet them better. While I dislike the word as it is overused the best sum up of this book is it is inspirational. Definitely one to read!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Looking to read something inspiring about an amazing person. Probably best to be armed with tissues.

Publication date: 2nd April 2019

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Pages: 256
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