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The Radiant Midnight

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What an amazing book. Melissa Maimone is an eloquent and beautiful author who walks through the journey of darkness and depression in an honest way. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is going through or has went through a difficult season with mental health or grief, or has a loved one who does.
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The Radiant Midnight is about the author’s continuing struggles with anxiety and depression and how her Christian faith has helped her to not only survive the dark times, but to recognize them as an opportunity to grow in her faith.

The author’s willingness to be totally open about her struggles with the deep despair of midnight where darkness abounds, gives her authenticity and connects her to readers who are currently or have in the past been caught in the tight grip of depression, anxiety and/or fear. There is an immediate sense that here is someone who understands, has been where you are several times, and not only made it through but grew from the experience. 

Each chapter ends with meaningful, to the point questions and exercises designed to help the reader understand the darkness and find their way out.

This book is a perfect example of the power of vulnerability. If we are willing to be truly open, honest and vulnerable with others, amazing things can and will happen. Many people who are suffering will be helped by the words contained within these pages.

I am so grateful that Melissa Maimone shared her journey and am already making a list of those I know who would find this book as meaningful and helpful as I have.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Harvest House Publishers for allowing me to read an ARC of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. Opinions stated here are my own.
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This was a great book that discusses depression and related issues from a Christian perspective. Rather than being just a CBT handbook, this book has a lot of information about the author's own journey, which worked well for me because I found it easy to relate to her story. Her writing style was very engaging.
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The Radiant Midnight spoke to the depths of my soul in ways I was not aware possible. Writing about her own struggles with depression and anxiety from a young age, Melissa Maimone encourages others to see the darkness as an opportunity to grow. I chose this book based off of the title - perhaps my own struggles with anxiety led me to see something of value in it, and I have not been disappointed.

Maimone's writing is raw and vulnerable. Reading her story I feel seen and heard and confirmed, knowing that someone else knows how it feels to be in midnight - the darkest night of the soul. But God. She describes how are Paul's thorn in his side led him to call out to God even more. How David's life was full of caves and dark places and how in those places, God was there. The psalms are full of laments and cries of help, indicating that David himself was facing midnight. However, all of these midnights are not just places to escape as we often feel when stuck in them. They can be radiant because the light of Jesus Christ penetrates even the darkest moments. Because of Jesus we have hope. I loved this book so much and will be recommending it to friends who need to be seen.
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