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This is a fun book for kids to learn survival skills, with all kinds of information.  The layout is very clean and easy to read, with photos and illustrations.  Covers everything from starting fires to finding helpful plants and much more.
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I bought the paper version of this book for my child in Scouting -- the kids liked it!  I think that it has valuable information, although of course it isn't as detailed as a survival book for adults.
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A very thorough guide to survival for young readers. From 'what to pack' through to finding water and dealing with first aid emergencies, this book has it all. A must-have for young adventurers.
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This is really an essential book for camping and having for outdoor trips. This book will help you enjoy this time and survive if you find yourself in a situation if you need it. It is better to be prepared and not need this information than not have a clue and actually need the information. The tips in this book are very helpful. You will learn what supplies are important to have with you to help survival a bit easier if you find yourself in such a situation. Also, a great quality of this book are the extra items it includes such as reflexive stickers and foldable cup. You'll get a great guide with the illustrations you need too. The information is useful to help you survive and be safe including learning to make a shelter, forage for food, locate clean water and so many more important survival skills when you find yourself in an emergency in the great outdoors.
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What an excellent resource for nature-loving kids & families.  Not only is it full of practical information in a way kids and adults can understand- it’s a survival tool!  The book itself contains several components which can be used in a survival situation.   My son loves books like this and he said this is one of best he’s seen. I was given the chance to review a digital Advanced Reader Copy through NetGalley to share my honest opinions with you.
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Clear and easy to read, with excellent photos and illustrations, this book is packed full of valuable information on how to handle just about anything negative one could experience in the outdoors. We are always surrounded by nature, which is both stunning and sometimes dangerous, and it is very important to know how to respond to any given situation in nature. This is a wonderful book to read and gain knowledge of surviving the not so nice to downright horrible situations we may encounter in the great outdoors. This book can be helpful even in our own backyards.
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Great resource for a variety of patron needs. This covers a wide range of topics and includes essential instructions and handy tips.
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What grabbed me right away was the design of this book. I think at any age the symbols, charts, easy to follow instructions, fun facts and trail tips all make for an easy but fun and informative read. Although some of the photographic choices didn't mesh well with the overall design, it didn't subtract from the content. Having useful parts of the book, such as reflective material, is very clever. 

This is a wonderful starter book for any young person and, I'm sure, a handy guide for people with some experience. How to tie knots, how to identify certain plants and animals, how to find water or the north star are all simply laid out with helpful pictograms and clear directions. 

I would recommend this book to any nature lover and adventurer, young, old, and in-between.
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This is a great approachable book for children and beginners looking to learn about surviving in the great outdoors. I am a Cub Scout leader and I really enjoyed this book and thought of a few children who I knew would love it! The format is clean and broken up into small bites that are simple to absorb. It tells you how to create an outdoor shelter, create a safe fire, how to survive during natural disasters, as well as a guide to poisonous animals and more. It even had fun features such as a built-in drinking cup, reflective page for starting fires, and more! I loved this book and would recommend for scouts and children interested in hiking, camping, and natural disasters. 

Special thanks to NetGalley for my complimentary copy in return for my honest review.
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An excellent way to introduce or reinforce survival knowledge to a middle schooler or younger.  The book is written to their understanding level and is pretty comprehensive on how to handle an emergency situation.  The author obviously put some thought and research into what a young person would need to know if they found themselves alone in the wilder areas of nature.  My grandson enjoyed the book and shared it with his cousins and friends.  The feedback from them was "cool".  That's a pretty good recommendation for any book.
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So, getting started with this book you can obviously see it is aimed at children/teenagers. I've had a look at and and they both say different age ranges. says 8-11 years but says 7-9. I know different countries will have different mentalities but I doubt that it's that much of a difference. 

Anyway, this is a difficult one to put in an age bracket as it's going to depend on the child's interests and how mature they are. In my opinion, I would say a teenager would absorb the information a lot better than anyone younger than 10, but as I said, it will depend on the child.

The book looks at how to pack your bag correctly (different weights in different places in your bag), how to tie certain knots, shelter, tools, deal with animal/animal bites, what fruits you can eat and even CPR and broken limb tips. Just everything you'd expect in a survival book. 

Apparently, parts of the book can be used in real life - pages for tinder, a reflective sheet for SOS/starting a fire, foldable cup, reflective stickers for marking your way back and string can be pulled out of the spine to be used. I have the eBook version of this book so sadly I can't test those things out, but it's definitely a cool addition and definitely a good reason to pick this book over any others.

This is a very good book overall and if you think you know someone who would like this then it is definitely gift-worthy! 

My reason for dropping a star is because I feel like some of the real images should be turned into cartoons to keep with the child theme of the book. The real images don't really add anything to the book anyway. Maybe keep the scenery pictures for between pages but the random images of medicine bottles and children with their head in their hands just don't fit with the book in my opinion.
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If you're someone like me, someone who is kind of a little obsessed with the apocalypse, than you're going to snatch this book up as soon as you see it. And then you're going to buy a paper copy, because you want to see if the tools that it says are in the book, are actually in the book, and because it seems like a really handy thing to have. And believe me, it is.

Inside this book are tips and lists, as well as little kind of learning sessions about everything you would need to know to survive in the wilderness, including; what to pack, how to pack it, how to make shelter in every kind of climate, how to tie various knots and their uses, different kinds of tents, fire safety, how to gather the right firewood as well as how to build a fire, how to find and purify water, and even what plants are edible and which ones to avoid, as well as many, and when I say many believe that there's tons more things to learn in this book.

It's everything I wanted and more, and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of my own. It's a must have for anyone of any age, and a need for your bookshelf, and even maybe another one for your bug out bag. I'm really glad that this exists, and that it's simple and easy to follow. I definitely recommend checking it out if you get the chance. 

Thanks for reading!
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