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This book on how to create a financial first aid kit is a great idea! 

This is a US version and I would love someone to create a UK equivalent. It’s comprehensive and so useful. I’ll adopting the ideas here for myself; creating a binder of all my important information in one place, both to help myself now and in preparation in the event of anything unexpected happening to me, to make life easier for my loved ones. 

I was fortunate to receive a complimentary digital copy of this book (through NetGalley) in return for an honest review.
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I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.   Thank you Netgalley. 

Informative.   Much more in-depth/detail than ie xpected.
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This was not what I was expecting..... it is FAR more in depth and detailed than I had thought possible. Definitely geared towards planning for a crisis / death but organising for the future.
If you are wanting to have a detailed life financial bible this is it, I would imagine this is not a one off and you’re done scenario either. It is a little Americanised which can take a bit of adjustment and getting used too, I’d have preferred it to be edited for my country platform as it is so detailed for financial planning so would have been perfect then.
This really did make me think carefully and strategically about my finances but I’m not sure I have the understanding, patience or enthusiasm to get this done and then kept up to date, I live a basic life with not much money so don’t think it needs any high level detail like this.... may be good for those with more wealth and those within finance and planning, advisory to use, almost like a textbook, example template.
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Excellent and easy to follow guidance that is explained in an approach that is relatable to anyone that reads this.  I will definitely be utilizing tips from this book!
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