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The First Mistake, the latest thriller by Sandie Jones, is a twisting, turning tale of friendship, love and betrayal. I thought I had the ending all figured out only to have my theories turned upside down and tilted sideways. I thoroughly reading this. If you enjoyed The Other Woman, I think you’ll like The First Mistake even more.

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I really enjoyed this book. I loved Alice’s character. Hated Nathan (but made me love Alice more). I read this book in less than a day. It was fast-paced and engaging. I was surprised by the twist which, as an avid reader, admittedly doesn’t happen often for me. Thank you for the opportunity to read!

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Sandie Jones has out done herself on The First Mistake

If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would .

As you start the book, there is a false sense of security for the reader who will be convinced okay I know where this is going. At least I thought that.

I could not have been more wrong !!

This book had twists and turns and you soon start flipping those pages to see if Alice will come out unscathed. What is Beth up to or Nathan ?

Thanks to Net Galley and the publishers for the opportunity of reading The First Mistake

This book will stay with you after you put down.

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Well I started this on a plane and then stayed up until 2 AM so I could finish it that day, so that will tell you something lol. Great, compulsive read. The blurb is well done here--I knew going in Beth was Up To Something and that's one of the reasons I was compelled to read straight through. I almost became impatient in Alice's section in the present, and then again in Beth's section in the past, but then at just the right time the book would bump along to the next twist.

Some parts of it were guessable, other parts were not, and there were enough reversals on twists to keep it from feeling too predictable or too stupid-twisty. That said, once I finished and was thinking about it the next morning, I picked up some logic holes and am left really wishing the book had a meatier denouement/epilogue. I know why it was done the way it is--the end is certainly very punchy!--but so many compelling emotional threads and questions are left dangling. (I'll put some spoiler notes in my GR review)

But, lingering questions don't change how much I enjoyed the book! This one is a winner for fans of domestic suspense/characters who are lying/mistaken identities. I can see this playing VERY well in the thriller market this summer. It's a juicy summer read.

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More like 3.5. I'd like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review. I was able to read Sandie Jones's first book from here as well and couldn't put it down so as soon as I saw this, I immediately requested this. This one I will say didn't quite catch my attention as much as her first novel until about halfway through when I felt it finally picked up and then I couldn't put it down. Overall a good novel and I will be interested to see what she comes up with next.

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Holy WOW! Sandie Jones has done it again. A book that hooks your mind in a death hold, from beginning until end. Another must read for my fellow thriller fans. She has such a style, which absolutely makes sure to twist your mind into a giant pretzel. Lots of thrills, chills, and twists & turns.
Will be highly recommending, using in a challenge, and buzzing it up in Chapter Chatter Pub!

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Wow, is all I can say. Have never read anything from author Sandie Jones before, but will be looking to read a lot more in the future. Great story about friendship, romance, marriage, lies, deceit, trust all wrapped up with suspenseful twists. Could not put this book done until was done reading!

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I read this one in 24 hours and this book is the real meaning of a page-turner! I thought her first book was amazing, and this one is equally as amazing! The suspense keeps building and I was never sure who was lying, who was just nuts, or who was genuine! Alice’s first husband, Tom, died (although his body was never found) and she had idolised him. Then she meets and marries Nathan and her world is happy again, or is it? Nathan behaves suspiciously and Alice is not sure what it means. I just loved, loved that ending! I will make sure I do not miss her next book!
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Having loved The Other Woman, I had high expectations for this one and dare I say I liked it even better! Alice lost her first husband, Tom in a skiing accident years ago and is now happily married to Nathan. But when she begins to discover clues of his infidelity and he swears it's all in her head, she turns to her best friend, Beth. But of course things are never as they seem, and Alice finds her life turned upside down as she begins to uncover the secrets lurking beneath the surface of this idyllic marriage. Do you trust your husband or best friend? Can the past ever stay in the past or is there always something suspicious about unanswered questions? Jones is a master story teller with twists at every turn that had me gasping for breath as I tried to put together all the pieces to this puzzle. And oh, what an ending! If psychological thrillers are your jam, then pre-order this one today! Out June 11.

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