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Ohhh my!!! Cambria Brockman really captivated me with her debut novel Tell Me Everything!!  After just reading the first chapter, I was on the hook and this book took up lots of space in my mind until I finished!  

This fast paced read centers around a group of friends who meet on their first days as freshmen at Hawthorne College. As how their relationships/friendships develop, complications arise and lines get blurred!  The book time jumps throughout and we get to see how some characters childhoods greatly effect their current personalities (which ultimately alters the entire group).  Wow, wow, wow!

I found this novel unputdownable!  There were several major twists that had my jaw completely dropping!  I still can’t get the cast of characters out of my head!  I thought Cambria Brockman did a great job with keeping the storyline intriguing, shocking, and menacing —all necessary components for a fantastic thriller! Everyone should check out this 4.5 star read!  I am so excited to read what Cambria comes out with next!
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Tell Me Everything left me feeling extremely cheated. This book is advertised as some kind of mystery thriller that involves a murder, but it makes it sound like the murder is going to be early on and the story will revolve around it. Instead, this is a book about Malin and her group of friends as they bounce through college, and all the dark secrets Malin claims she knows about everyone. Spoiler: there are hardly any real secrets to be divulged throughout. So mostly, this is a book about a group of friends in college and all the drama they harbor. There is a murder in this book, but it happens way too late in the story and offers almost no resolution for any of the characters. It seems completely out of left field because it is. The author uses the cheap tactic of creating a twist that isn't practical or logical whatsoever, but it makes the character edgy and dark, and apparently we're supposed to root for that.

And then there's Malin. I knew I wasn't going to like her after the first 30 pages when I was hit with this lovely little snippet:

In high school, I got away with being a loner. I knew I was pretty enough, definitely smarter than everyone else, and even though the boys gave up trying to date me in the middle of sophomore year, I could have been in the popular crowd. But I didn't want to try.

Of course you didn't, Malin. Being mainstream and popular didn't pique your interest because you were too busy being dark and mysterious. Instead, she comes off as incredibly vapid: she offers nothing to any of the people in her life because she never opens up, and other than being the narrator, for most of the book, she could have been missing and not even the reader would have remembered her. This character trope has been done to death already, and it really offered nothing new or unique. What I'm saying is this story has been done before, and it's been done better. 

I will say the flashbacks into Malin's life when she was younger were well done and intriguing, and they were the one part of the story I really wanted more of. They finally tied some of the rest of the book together toward the end, which I appreciated.
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OK so this was a tough one for me. I loved the characters and the Dynamics between each friendship but that ending! I was so let down... This book kept building and building in the secrets department but fell pretty flat in the end unfortunately.
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Although I am generally not into the "gone away for college" type novels, this one had me hooked. Unfortunately, the middle of the read went kind of went slowly for me. Yet, the story was definitely worth reading. Things really pick up during the senior year when the personalities of Malin, Hale, Max, John, and Ruby come into more focus. The writer coerces the reader to really want to know how all of the relationships will pan out! What everyone will do following graduation? Also, the mystery of Malin's brother (Levi's) death we wait to be spun out. And the senior "jump"? That was left in the air at the very beginning...

So as not to leave any spoilers...

A good storyline and very good character development!

Many Thanks to Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine and NetGalley for an altogether interesting and worthwhile read!
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I really really wanted to like this book, but it just didn’t do it for me. The first 3/4ths of the book was just sooo slow and while I loved the characters and their relationships- nothing was happening. I felt like I needed more info on what I was supposed to be thinking (If that makes any sense.) I didn’t get thrilled vibes until towards the end when everything came together. I loved the writing, especially the chapters from Malin’s childhood, and I wish there had been more chapters from her childhood. Overall, not a horrible book, but just not one of my favorites :/
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An excellent thriller! Kudos to the writer for bringing the characters to life, and for making the plot so fascinating. I enjoyed the book very much and woul love to read more by this talented author.
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A great debut by Cambria Brockman.  Well developed characters and plot line make this an excellent mystery read.
Malin lost her brother while she was young, making for a difficult childhood.  When she arrives at college, she becomes involved in a tight group friendship.  But Malin has been changed by her tragedy, and while she is playing the part in active friendships, she spends more time observing.  When secrets are exposed, the end result is a murder.  What will Malin resort to to keep her secrets?
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I received an advance reader's copy in exchange for an honest review. 

This book is very well-written and has a very well-crafted narrative, the focus is more on the friends’' relationship than anything overtly thrilling but there is a creepy vibe that builds up on you starting about a third in when the psychological suspense unfolds. Definitely a slow burn but I was glad I stuck around. 4.5 rounded up
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Usually, I’m not into mysteries that area slow burn, but I loved the narrator, enjoyed the tautly written chapters, and found the unanswered questions all wrapped up perfectly at the end.
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A young woman pretending to be something she's not in order to fit in with her friend's at college has dire consequences. This isn't a new plotline, but Brockman keeps it fresh with detailed characters that may remind you of your own friends from back in the day
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