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This is a book I wish had existed while my mother was still alive. I am grateful to have read it as a mother with daughters and I will refer to it often. This is a book for every woman. Every single woman can find something for them in this book. 

I believe this book will be the catalyst for healing for many women. Blythe and Helen share personal experiences which are engaging and focus on not only her daughter's childhood but also parenting an adult daughter.

This book is unique and will be so well received. 

The “Mending Thread” and  “Making it Personal” steps are practical and a highlight of the book.

The publisher provided an ARC through Netgalley. I have voluntarily decided to read and review, giving my personal opinions and thoughts
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If you are a mother or a daughter you would benefit from reading this book. The mother/daughter relationship is complicated and can easily be strained. Mended looks at that relationship from both perspectives and gives wonderful words of wisdom to both the mother and the daughter. My copy is highlighted all over the place. This is a keeper to be referred to again and again. I won't be loaning my copy out, instead I'll be purchasing more copies to give away.
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I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley, this review is my personal opinion. 

Mended, just a word. But with a powerful meaning. The moment I found about this book I was having a hard time with my mom. So, I can say this book was the answer to my prayer. The fact that is written for a mother and her daughter makes this book unique, Blythe Danie and  Helen McIntosh both were honest and open about their relationship, so you have two sides it makes it real and accessible. 

One of the things I love about this book is the fact it has good bible principle, is not about you should or you have to that. But how you can take the steps to reach the goal. This book has practical, easy advice on how to walk your journey as a mom and a daughter.  I confessed I had a lot of Wow moments,  I was ignorant to so many situations and thanks to this book I  could understand many things about my mom and how my mistakes were affecting our relationship. I also learn that I shouldn't accept guilt and that God wants each one of us to live a free and complete life. If you are dreaming with a change in your relationship is my prayer is that this book can help you mom or daughter were you are. Were is God there is always hope and a second chance.
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I found myself crying in several pages… very sensitive topic...and this was not my plan (to cry). To be honest I was doing research for an article… and I didn´t find another book with a biblical approach to this relationship… so… I am thankful this author was brave enough to talk about such a hard topic. I didn´t know exactly what the content was going to be, I just can say: the book exceeded my expectations. 

This is the first book I read about dealing with relationships mother/daughter. I was amazed about how the authors dealt with very sensitive issues with depth, clarity, and empathy. I was confronted with so many things, not just about the relationship with my mom but I was also challenged about how I am going to live my own motherhood and my relationship with my daughter. 

I imagine when she grows up and I think I´m going to implement a lot of things that I learned in the book. One of my favorite chapters was number 7, when they talk about “With no permission comes no advice”, I won´t give a spoiler. I wish this material could be in the hands of every friend I have who suffers complicated stuff and soon find it in Spanish for my Latin friends who don´t read English. What joy was to get to know this author through their words.

I think this book would be a great Mother´s day gift.

I'm so thankful, beyond words for this book.
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"Mended" provides readers with insights, language, ideas, and principles they can use to improve, repair, grow, and heal their mother-daughter relationships, the most important relationships women experience. This book focuses on restoring frayed relationships or strengthening good relationships. It addresses issues like identifying areas of control, avoiding unsolicited advice, promoting strong communication skills, and breaking generational patterns. 

I did learn tons of practical information as I read "Mended." With some of the tips, I will become a better mother and a better daughter. For instance, the book prompted me to recognize my tendency to exhibit control and how I can address this pattern and become more emotionally healthy as I interact with my daughter. I also learned several tips that will help me set boundaries and show respect when my mom moves into control mode. Obviously, I also have some generational patterns that need to be addressed. 

Each chapter includes insights from Helen and Blythe. The practical exercises at the end of each chapter also help readers put the lessons into practice, and I appreciated the opportunity to make each lesson personal to me and apply it to my mother-daughter relationships.

While I did like most of the information in this book, I would have preferred a different title and smoother writing. The authors mention "mending fences" once toward the end of the book, but they talk repeatedly about restoration, so that should have been the book’s title, in my opinion. Also, the authors repeat information in several places and insert quotes from other books or family members and friends which often distracted and confused me.

I also caution readers who have suffered serious abuse at the hand of your mother. Helen shares a bit about her experiences with her mom, but most of the examples in this book are benign. For instance, Blythe talks about disagreements with her daughter over clothing choices. Stronger or edgier subjects like substance abuse, rebellion, and sexual identity differences are not addressed. However, the authors do share tips readers can use to become more whole individually and thus more emotionally present in their mother-daughter relationship even if these tough scenarios are present.

Overall, "Mended" can help women improve their mother-daughter relationships. It's a powerful resource for emotional health and relational restoration.
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We all know relationships can be messy, especially relationships between moms and daughters.  Sometimes we just get to a place where we don't really see the point of trying anymore because things have just become so stuck, there seems to be no way to loosen the grip of the hurt thats built up into walls over time.
But still, that small voice calls us to better, because He is....

In this book Blythe Daniel and her mother, Helen, road map a way forward, small relationship-building steps forward... Practical help through difficult terrain and underlined by the Word of God.  Beautifully vulnerable and so real.  A special book with a special purpose.

I highly recommend this book not only for the mother/daughter relationship but for any relationship that longs to be restored.
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When I saw the topic of this book, I got so excited. This was the book I'd been looking for! Desperate to strengthen my own relationship with my mom, but not knowing how or where to begin healing, I dove into this book.

And . . . I'm still processing it. I think it's because of where I am in grieving some other things in life, but my emotions were all over the board with this book. From wondering if they suggested actions would even help or how at all they could be applied to everyday life to highlighting stuff on every page that I wanted to remember.

There were a few points where I was unsure about the theology, and I know the writing has a lot of potential to be even stronger, but I'm looking forward (though slightly nervous) to put into action some of the suggestions presented in this book. Feedback specifically tailored to the mother-daughter relationship was so helpful for this teenage daughter.
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Great for any mothers and daughter sitation. Very informative.

Thanks to author,publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book. While I got the book for free,it had no bearing on the rating I gave it.
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This book has given me much needed hope as my youngest daughter has chosen not to have a relationship with me. It's my painful reality, and Blythe and Helen have truly sorry to my heart in this incredible, timely book. I highly recommend it for mothers and daughters who are struggling in their relationship to each other.
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thank you NetGalley for the ARC. 

I couldn't get into this.   My mother and I have a difficult relationship (we always have had one) and was hoping this book would shed some light on how to come to terms with it.  
It truly didn't.  For me it was preachy and reminded me of Sunday school.  Sadly, I did not finish it.
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