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The Lost Book of Adventure

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A great guide to the outdoors, flourished with breathtaking pictures on the way! Not really a book, more a side kick to the wild! Great for all ages!
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Beautiful illustrations with lots of information on camping and taking adventures.

Not quite a storybook, but a beautiful book you can flip open and read portions from.

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An interesting way of getting the reader into the adventurous spirit and to teach them how to have a fun expedition. I think this would be a good addition to the non-fiction section to add to books that inspire children to get outside and explore.
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This book is a beautiful guide to adventuring and would be a wonderful gift for anyone interested in exploring the world around them.
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This is a genuinely lovely book to look at. The illustrations and layout are just beautiful. This is definitely a book that will be popular at school.
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This book covers a big range of outdoor experiences, like building a tent, a fire, a raft; watching the sky and looking for animals. It starts at the basics with how and what to pack for an adventure and describes in beautiful, intricate pictures nature experiences and beauty. A brilliant book for adults to study with kids just before a big adventure.
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It took a while, but I found a copy at my local library and loved it! I will have to take the editors word for it that this was an actual found book in a hut in the jungle. It was an awesome read! Everyone  who loves the outdoors should own this or buy it for a kid. With it you could survive walking around the world! Where was this book when I was growing up?? Awesome book!
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I have no objection to the content of this book. It's a combination of practical advice - fire making, tent placement, responsible camping - and artistic advice - the value and beauty of experiencing true nature rather than sanitized camping. I'm pretty well on board with the naturalist perspective.e I don't care for the structure of the "found object." It's an unnecessary construct.
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Where... where do I begin with this... I am speechless. I closed the book and felt like I was still lost inside it. And that is an instant *favorite* for me.

If I had been given this book when I was younger, this would have been one of my most treasured books. I would have read it over and over and over. I would have studied the skills it teaches, practiced them with whatever I could find in my backyard, and imagined myself going on adventures all over the world.

This is such an amazing, gorgeous book. It's exactly like opening up an adventurer's notebook: seeing all their beautiful watercolor sketches and handwritten details of their adventures, with little notes and reminders written just for you. It's filled with facts about nature and wildlife, about camping in all kinds of environments, about necessary skills and safety when out on an adventure. It's filled with illustrations to study, words to devour, information to absorb. It's absolutely incredible.

It looks like the age range for this book is middle grade through young adult; I think middle grade readers would probably enjoy this the most, and I think this book would appeal to so many different interests and purposes. Art lovers have a watercolor masterpiece to enjoy on every page. Fans of adventure stories have a journal full of snippets of adventures from all over the world. If you're looking for a book to spark imagination, to use as a story starter or a writing prompt (for any age writer, adults included), this one provides so many opportunities to take the information and images on the page and envision what happened in each location, to tell your own story about the Unknown Adventurer or use the settings and situations for your own characters' adventures.

I don't have the words to heap enough praise on this beautiful, wonderful, amazing book. I'll be buying myself a copy so I - and one day, my toddler, when he's old enough to not rip the pages out of this treasure - can devour every word over and over again, and then imagine new adventures of our own.

Final verdict: I'm obsessed with it! I thought this book was amazing! It's now officially one of my favorite books! I shall be shouting about it from the rooftops for days and I am currently recommending it to everyone I come in contact with!

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An informative book about preparing and for and undertaking your own adventures (under adult supervision). Beautifully illustrated and with great ideas this would be a great book for anyone into scouting and adventurous activities aged around 10+

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An ambitious and beautifully organized and collected narrative and images to accompany them. A must for young children and young children's classrooms.
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Every now and again, one is fortunate enough to travel into an unknown land with an experienced and talented guide - this book is a treasure, a marvelous adventure into the Amazon using the lost sketchbooks of an unknown person.

Beautifully illustrations make this a visually stunning guided tour, equipping the reader with all the knowledge of skills and equipment required for making the most of an adventure through the Amazon.

This is a very special book, highly recommended for adventurers of all ages!
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A perfect book for any adventurer - it makes great use of imagination while being a true guide at the same time. A fun to read from page one! Beautiful illustrated how-to guide and a great story at the same time.
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 This book was not really what I thought it was going to be. I really thought that my granddaughter and I would enjoy reading it together; it seem like it be more of an adventure guide. I really don’t know what the age range for this book wise but I felt like it was for children to early teens before I read it after reading it a lot of it felt geared towards adults but not really geared towards adults I found it an interesting book with lots of information, but I’m not sure who it was geared for as an audience.
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A dream come true in book form for any adventurous child, the Lost Book of Adventure is an absolute treasure-trove of inspiration and advice on exploration, camping and survival.

Peppered with awe-inducing snippets of a mysterious adventurer’s exploits and incredibly detailed explanations and diagrams, I found the level of detail in this book is quite astounding. The pastel illustrations are just gorgeous, building excitement and a sense of wonder in readers, while the text encourages a bit of daydreaming while staying sensible and bringing safety to the fore every time. This book is poetically written and is quite the sight to behold - I would have been absolutely ecstatic to get my hands on this book as a book-loving tween or early teenager.

One to pour over for hours, drinking in all of its glorious details, in anticipation of your own adventures both imagined and real.
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This book makes me yearn for days full of hiking and exploring, warm nights under the stars, and above all, campfires.

The Lost Book of Adventure takes young children to coasts, forests, even their own backyard. It is filled with beautiful, rustic illustrations and handy tips on camping, exploring and all sorts of how-to guides for outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and sailing. There are instructions on how to make a raft, shelter, and even pan for gold! It even includes a section on surviving in the wilderness.

This is a complete resource for any little adventurer on what to expect in the wild, how to survive, and what tools and equipment they might need to make the most of your time outdoors. Parental supervision recommended.
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So, a little bit about me:  I am an urban dweller and perhaps not the most adventurous.  However, I would love to have been the (unknown) author of this absolutely gorgeous book.  She appears to have been fearless, resourceful, interested in all the world has to offer and yes, a good writer and a marvelous illustrator. 

I loved (!) the artwork in this book.  Sometimes it was intricate and detailed, for example, showing in drawings the items that should be in a first aid kit.  Other times, it was an illustration of a beautiful place.  Much of the artwork was in muted tones of blues, purples, greens, yellows, etc.  that drew me in.

A brief  summary of the table of contents gives a sense of what is in store. There are headings (and a sample of subheadings) below including

Camp Wild (Becoming a Navigator, Planning Your Own Adventure and Tents)

Rafts (Raft Ingredients, Secret Island Expeditions and Wild Swimming)

Shelters, Dens, and Tree Houses (Night Among the Nomads, Shelters in the Sahara and Planning a Nighttime Forest Shelter)

Exploration (How to Climb a Mountain, Canoe Knowledge and Get Your Bike Adventure Ready) and

Useful Knowledge  (Lashing, First Aid Kits and Lifesaving Scenarios)

The editor of this book states that its contents were found in an old hut, in a tin case in the Amazon.  The editor states: "Hopefully, it will inspire us all to step into the wild and live a life of adventure, too."  I agree. 

I give this book five stars and think that it will appeal to those of many ages, backgrounds and braveness levels.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a wonderful book.
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This book whips up a sense of imminent possible adventure. Five stars.

The Lost Book of Adventure is a children’s guide to exploring the wilderness. It covers how to make a forest shelter, read a topographical map, and which foliage makes the best bedding. But it's not a dry guide. There’s an alchemy in its components which makes it persuasive and galvanising. The ruse is that old diaries were found in a hut in the Amazon. The diaries contained accounts of thrilling adventures and wilderness survival instructions addressed to two children - A and L. These diaries were found by trekker Teddy Keen, restored, and compiled into this very book...

The book’s core assumption is that children will go on these adventures: that they will build woodland dens, tie clove hitches, identify wild boar tracks, make bedouin tents from bedsheets, and scout river shallows for glimmers of gold. And that’s the magic of the book: it has fundamental confidence in the capabilities of the child and it whips up a sense of imminent possible adventure.

The instructions are clear and minutely, beautifully illustrated. I now feel completely capable of lashing together salvaged pallets to make a raft - with a mainsail, daggerboard, and hand-hewn paddles. I know where to put the boom, how many bottles will carry my weight, which side of the river to travel up, and which watercraft has right of way. I know how to use sticks to make an igloo, and - my favourite - an origami dinner bowl from a piece of birch bark.

Interspersed throughout the guide are excerpts from the journals of The Unknown Adventurer. He cycles 6,000 miles through Africa, sketches birds in Papua, and confronts a bushmaster in Guyana. From these glimpses, a personality appears: he is observant and resourceful; has a gentle, sly humour and reverence for the big picture: “It’s often only in the wild that the full meaning and enormity of the universe dawns on us.”

Does this all sound too daredevil? This morning my toddlers followed the instructions on how to make sleeping bags from duvets and bedsheets. They are now lost in an imaginary world of campsites and wild teddy bears.

In short, I loved this book. I’d recommend it for all children and parents, but also for illustrators, scout leaders, teachers, anyone with wilderness in their soul, and anyone who wants to reconnect with the outdoors - even if only from their armchair.
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This certainly deserves five stars or more from the visual aspect, for it really is a wonderful book, with superlative illustrations of landscapes and other scenes.  But as for the text, well – it's a bit muddled, really.  It's supposed to be a guide to outdoor living and exploration, so the reader can learn a heck of a lot, from knife safety and what kind of tin to pack, to how to cater for yourself up a creak without a paddle, and even how to make like a bear in the woods.  The details and little illustrations for those pages are fine, yes – but why dress the whole thing up as a fictionalised diary?  I thought we'd at least get a bit of mystery and drama from the notes, some hidden kind of story adding to the purpose of the script that backed up their allegedly being found in a remote shack.  Instead it's a missed opportunity, and the mystique won't make a bookworm into a country-phile, any more than it will sit with the "don't do this without adults" disclaimer heavily pressed on us at the start.  So the text, as worthy as it is, comes at us with a peculiar flavour, and one that said to me a straighter approach would have taught us more.  Still, it perhaps would not have had the excuse to look this good...
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Very detailed survival guide for young children. I do love the illustrations too. However, the illustrations feel as though they should be read with 3-D glasses on as the images give that feeling of a little blurriness and the text is way too small. Beautifully laid out though. With some tweaks this could be made into a five-star read but as it is I am afraid I can only rate what I see.
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