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Dixie is a waitress. I kinda like the name Dixie. Dixie has a crush on Presley. The story was ok but I wasn't feeling a chemistry between the characters.
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The book is about:
Cowboy Charming tells the story of Dixie King, a naive preacher's daughter that loves helping people in her community. When her friend, Charlie, asks her to help manage a festival in their small town, she is partnered with Presley, the town's famous playboy.

Dixie is appalled by the charms of the cowboy. Little did she know that he is looking to settle down - and she is someone that he might consider.

But, wait! This is not just a small town romance. Presley and Dixie will also partner up to unfold the mystery of who is bringing an invester to take over and modernize the town.

What drew me in:
I was attracted to this because of one thing: I am a sucker for romance. And sometimes, I feel the need for some cowboy loving.

Characters & connections:
Dylann Crush was able to give a set of likeable characters, especially with the two leads. Reading their banter put a smile on face.. I loved the bad boy/good girl dynamic that they had.

Everything I liked:
The best thing about Cowboy Crush is the overall mood of something light, fun, and sweet. There's a lot of flirty banter, but there were heartwarming moments, too. Though there was quite a few push-and-pull moments, their love story is still a great one to watch unfold.

Overall thoughts:
In its entirety, Cowboy Crush brought me to a great experience and it did not felt like I was lost even though it was the 3rd installment of the series. I loved the writing style of the author, so I'm eager to find out if her other works would appeal to my tastes, too.
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This book immediately drew me in and I got lost in Holiday Texas. The characters are what make this book shine. I enjoyed the story and the pace of the book was perfect. At the end of the book I was smiling and glad that I had read it. I wonderful book for anyone who wants a feel good book. I highly recommend it
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I'll probably never get tired of the "I vehemently dislike you but I also want you like crazy" trope. It makes for great tension and great verbal sparring, which can be sexy as all get out. Cowboy Charming is a great example of this set up when the town heartbreaker and the preacher's daughter find themselves working together on a local event. He thinks she's uptight; she thinks he's immature, etc.

Crush's writing style is absorbing. I could clearly picture each scene, and each main character was well drawn with layers and quirks and flaws. The chemistry between the leads developed at a believable pace, both their contempt for one another and their attraction. I wouldn't hesitate to read more of her Holiday, Texas series or any of her other cowboy/small town romances.

Small town, enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, opposites attract, dual POV, livestock antics, drinking and rowdiness, corporate espionage, sexy times on the page.
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An incredible story about Dixie King and the town heart breaker Presley Walker - trying to hold to the bar down for Presley's sister for week during an important invent when Presley realizes he wants more from life and he wants it with Dixie now it's to convince her.  You will laugh out loud.  This is a great read.
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It's time to go back where the women are sassy and the men are ruggedly charming. I delighted in seeing a good girl trying to be a flirt while the town bad boy is ready to settle down. These two kept me laughing and cheering them on!


Presley Walker is the playboy of the family, but after watching his brothers and sister start to fall for great women/man, he wants what they have. No one takes him seriously, so when he decides he wants to hand craft an instrument like his granddaddy, he keeps it a secret. Now his sister has been called away to help her husband during a chili contest she was arranging with her bar. He knows he can do the work even if Dixie thinks he is a screw up.

Dixie King has led a quiet life for the most part as the preacher's daughter. When she strikes out on her own and gets a job waiting tables at a bar, her family of course gets concerned. Then her grandma starts getting into trouble and they ask Dixie to move in and curb her wild ways. Dixie has plans for life, but working at the bar helps her save up for what she wants to do. Unfortunately, her boss has to leave and puts her in charge of the chili cook off event....along with Cowboy Casanova Presley, who everyone knows is undependable.

Presley and Dixie walk a fine line of attraction and dislike, but when rumors start flying about a big company coming in to take over the town, Presley convinces Dixie to flirt with an out of towner to find out what he knows. Never having flirted a day in her life, Presley start showing her and gets more than he bargained for.

These two were fun, but at times I thought they had rocks in their brains. Presley wants to settle down, but really doesn't think of Dixie like that even though he is attracted to her. Dixie's a virgin and pretty sure no one in town is to her liking, not even Presley who she finds herself thinking of often.

These two skirt around each other like rattlesnakes at times, but they get there in the end. An unlikely couple, a watered down romantic scene, but a group of people I am growing to adore and I loved this sassy story.
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This was a good read! The writing flowed well, and I liked Presley and Dixie together. I thought they had great chemistry, and their banter was cute. Presley was a good guy, even if he was constantly living up to everyone's opinion of him. He was a better man than they gave him credit for, but didn't let many people see that side of him.  I liked Dixie for the most part, but I felt like the first time the going got tough for them, she couldn't bail fast enough. It didn't take long for her to come to her senses, but it was still a little annoying. I loved Gram, she was a hoot! She definitely kept Dixie on her toes! The ending was really sweet, and I was happy to see these characters get their HEA. I can't wait to see what's in store for the other members of this family! 
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.
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She is the preacher’s daughter and he is the town’s Casanova. Though the last part is not really explained all that much it made for a good story. Dixie though works at Presley’s sister bar. When the owner of the bar and her husband need to leave for a beer competition, she leaves Dixie in charge and asks her brother Presley to help with the first annual chill cook-off. Dixie agrees even though she already has her hands full with her grandmother. Now add everything else, plus Presley and the out of town stranger who at one time lived there as a child and is looking at buying land for his company from southern California and now you have a mess. It gets better though because she is attracted to Presley and he to her but neither one wants to admit it. Then there is Presley having problems with the pig from the first book plus a new one. There are hijinks galore in this story and as her grandmother finds a new love will Dixie take the chance at love. A very good story to go along with the other books and I liked all of the characters once again.
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this was another fun cowboy story to read - I do not like spoilers or those who seem to rewrite to book in their review - I received a copy from netgalley!   my reviews were listed on Amazon. Goodreads and Bookbub like I always do!
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I struggled to get into this book. Halfway through, the characters came alive for me. I connected with them and then couldn’t put it down. I loved how feisty Genie is and the lengths that she would go to have her man. Good story in the end.
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I received a complimentary copy of this book from SOURCEBOOK Casablanca via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

This was a charmingly funny story. I loved reading Presley Walker and Dixie King's HEA journey. The Walker family has been a wonderful series so far. I look forward to reading more of this family. The prior characters from the previous books made slight appearances in this one. It was nice to catch up with prior characters. I will say that I will never look at mini-golf the same way again!!!!

Presley and Dixie have a mystery to solve and they have to TRY and work together to do it. There were some really great scenes that were hilariously funny. This author is such a joy to read. I hope that Dixie's gram make appearances in future books. She was a hoot to read and full of sage advice. I would love to be around someone like her!!!

I adore the dual format and this story has it. Getting a glimpse into the characters' thought process really helps me to connect with them.

I highly recommend this story (really the prior books as well) to anyone who loves a book with a good laugh involved.
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I laughed! I cried! This book took me on an adventure and I LOVED every minute.   New favorite aurtho!
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Dylan Crush is a new author to me but after reading Cowboy Charming I’m struggling to work out why she hasn’t crossed my path before now. If you are looking for a sweet entertaining witty read then look no further I’m sure you will love this small town romance. It may be book 3 in the series but it can certainly be read as a stand-alone and I know this because this is my first read in Holiday Texas and I loved it this witty read.
Dixie King is the local preachers daughter and she always follows the rules and being a one night stand is not on her bucket list. Dixie works at the local bar Rambling Rose and she is used to keeping the local guys at arms length but Presley Walker is getting under her skin and she is finding it hard to fight the attraction especially when he steps up to help run the bar with her as a favour to his brother Charlie who is the bar owner. It’s not just about the day to day running of the bar for Dixie and Presley  it’s time for the Chili Cook Off and that’s when the fun and games begin !!!!!!
Playboy and preachers daughter makes for an interesting plot, this book has the perfect mix of romance and humour and I’m sure like me you will giggle and be left smiling like a Cheshire Cat.
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One of those sweetly sexy hometown experience you can really get lost in... was sexy, fun, engaging and an emotionally thrilling romantic journey for two opposites looking to save their small hometown. Really loved all the exciting twists and turns this heartwarming journey takes.
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Sweet  Western Contemporary Romance
 Pastor King's daughter Dixie spent her whole life trying to be the perfect daughter. She faced heightened expectations after her sister came back home pregnant. Her only act of rebellion, really only standing up for herself was working at the Rose for her girlfriend Charlie.
 Charlie needs to leave Dixie in charge to go help her husband after he had an accident...but leaves Dixie in partnership with her brother Presley, a man Dixie has always had fantasies about. She didn't know the bachelor/player also had them about her.
  The pair manage to keep the bar running during the two weeks of chili cook offs and regular business despite calamities and the news someone is up to no good.
   Written with plenty of humor and sensual scenes, this installment is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. It would be a wonderful gift for a friend into romantic comedy
    I requested and received a NetGalley ARC to peruse and offer my opinion freely.
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It was so good to be back in Holiday Texas to see what was happening with everyone as well as to see Dixie & Presley have their story! Dixie has sass and knows how to hold her own but has one weakness which is Presley her friend Charlies brother and the guy she has crushed on for a long time but won't let near her due to his horn dog ways. This is a story of two people who may look like one thing on the outside but are actually quiet different on the inside with many a surprise to be revealed if they let you get close enough and when the town is put at risk will work together and learn much more about each other than they thought they would!
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Another great read from Dylann Crush! Minus a few small moments that fell flat for me, the overall story was fantastic. This is definitely a story that I'm going to want to read again.
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Even though I loved the cover and the synopsis intrigued me, I had a difficult time getting into the story.  I found both main characters, Presley and Dixie, too juvenile for my liking.
“Summoning every iota of self-control, she returned his gaze and stuck out her tongue.”
“No reaction? 
Reaction to what?
Sixty-nine? … You know … sixty-nine?”
I persevered as I was interested in the mystery part of the book, but after Dixie had a blow up at Presley for something that he had no control over, I admit to giving up.
My favorite character was Granie, the throwback hippie with snow on the rooftop but with a fire in the furnace.
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Delightful story of a good girl/bad boy romance.  She with hangups of a preacher's daughter, he the wild child of a prominent family.  Lots of issues and drama dealt with humor and sincerity to keep you turning the pages to the HEA.
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Dixie King is an absolute sweetheart. Preacher's daughter she may be, but she has a streak of self-sufficiency that runs strong, an aptitude for handling herself, and a know-how-go-getter-attitude that keeps her on the path towards whatever goal she shoots for. Though inexperienced in matters of the heart, she's got a wealth of love to give to the right guy...but what if the right guy doesn't seem to be so much long term as he does "for the moment"? Ah, yes...that would be our cue to introduce lead number two...

Presley Walker is what ice cream is to a girl in need...delicious, crave worthy, but not necessarily good for your health, or in this case your least historically speaking. His dating history leaves much to be desired because the words long and haul don't seem to appear anywhere near each other in his vocabulary...but sometimes it just takes the right one to set a man straight...much to his own surprise. Honestly, I adored Presley! True, he didn't take most things seriously, but when the chips were down (literally and figuratively), you could count on him, no questions asked. Together, they may seem like oil and water, but sometimes the most unlikely of matches make the most beautiful happy endings.

All in all, I enjoyed my time between the epages through and through! I laughed, I cringed, I swooned, I rooted for the little guy, and I walked away into that proverbial sunset with a happy heart. If you like Contemporary Romance, or even Cowboy Romances, be sure to make room on your MUST READ list for this upcoming release!

**ebook received for review; opinions are my own
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