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After leaving university at the age of twenty-five with no idea what to do with her life, Hannah is stunned when she is left a mystery bequest by her rich, estranged great-uncle Donald.

But there's a catch: before she can find out what she's inherited, she must undertake a series of unknown tasks alongside Alec, Donald's reluctant (but rather gorgeous) PA.

As the tasks progress and she and Alec grow closer, Hannah begins to think that Donald's real gift might have more to do with love than money . . .

Feel good read. Loved the story and the title is true. Where there is a will there is a way.
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A wonderful book with fantastic characters!! Well written with some charming, sweet and emotional moments.
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This was such a cute funny read.  I loved it so much.  The main characters were lovely and the plot was good.  I loved that Donald seemed very present throughout the book.  The humour is spot on.  My mom and her friend have both bought a copy after I told them about it. I look forward to seeing what the author writes next.
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Thank you netgalley and publisher for the early copy.

I could not connect with the writing style and decided to put it down.
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“Don’t be afraid to be magnificent – it’s the best advice I can give you.”
If only Hannah had heard these words before her interview! We’ve all been there – providing answers to a prospective employer that nosedive into self-perpetuating awkwardness! Relive your own painful experience as author Beth Corby cleverly sketches our first impressions of 25-year-old Hannah as she navigates this ordeal and its post-interview analysis.

With her perpetual student status drawing to a close and a career decision imminent, Hannah is mortified when her interviewer declares her lacking in the “zeal and determination” required to follow the path of an English teacher. Deciding to withhold the rejection from the family who despair with her, it is no surprise that Hannah’s gut wrenches when a collective party invitation arrives from a Great-Uncle Donald she has never met.

Donald and his nearest and not-so-dearest take centre stage in a Bridget Jones style scene on his estate, The Laurels. A fun and imaginative way for the reader to become acquainted with displaced, unappreciated Hannah, suffering at the hand of her undermining grandmother and her successful elder sister, recruitment agent Lauren, who refrains from smiling to avoid wrinkles. Intrigue is added concerning the reason for wealthy Donald’s estrangement from the entire family and what role his sister, Bossy Betty, (Hannah’s grandmother) had to play in this. But the heart of this story beats with Hannah, floundering in Lauren’s shadow, unexpectedly making quite the impression on Donald, especially when she confides her dream to become a writer.

“For Hannah – The Beginning.”
Fast forward more than three months and Hannah is honoured in Donald’s will. The proviso? She must undertake five mysterious tasks distributed in turn through a legacy of letters handwritten by Donald. Only then will an undisclosed sum be hers. Donald has enlisted his surly but somewhat easy-on-Hannah’s-eye assistant, Alec, to aid Hannah in her quest. But as she accepts the challenge what secrets buried in her lineage might come to the fore? Will the family rift ever be healed? Will the cat-and-mouse game she plays with Alec help or hinder her task? And can she find the will to finally pursue her life’s ambition as a writer?

“Be delicious, be delightful, be disastrous, but never be dull.”
Despite the many references to money it doesn’t take long for the penny to drop that the tasks are insignificant in this highly inventive debut. Beth Corby does a marvellous job driving its characters, and in particular Donald, who prevails delightfully after his death, masterfully guiding mischievous pranks, brutal character assassination and wise prose. This is an uplifting tale of life, love and self-discovery. A joyful and sometimes poignant journey alongside a young woman meandering life’s murky waters. Walk with Hannah and learn to observe the rain, evoke a sense of purpose and take life stock of what really matters.

Fans of Jenny Colgan, Jane Green and Sophie Kinsella will enjoy this lighthearted yomp with a reflective dose of quintessential English tradition. A charming novel which secures Beth Corby’s place on the romantic-comedy/uplit chart for some time to come.
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I love a good "finding one's path in life," story, but unfortunately I just didn't care about Hannah and her journey. This one did not work for me, but I'm thankful for the chance to review it, and I would definitely try more by this author!
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I love the cover of Where There's a Will.  I didn't care quite as much for the characters and while it was a decent book overall, it wasn't really for me.
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I really enjoyed this book for the most part. Thank you Netgalley for a copy of this eARC in exchange for an honest review. 

I want to rate this a 3.5. While it was enjoyable, I think the beginning was dragged out and the ending was rushed. But the middle was great! I loved Hannah and could relate to her, especially with dealing with familial tension. Uncle Donald was a delight as well!
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A cute book. Opening with a disastrous interview, Hannah at 25 has no idea what to do with her life. Her great-uncle Donald led her a mysterious bequest in his will, but in order to find out what it is she must take n a series of tasks. With the help of Alec (her uncle’s assistant) she undertakes the tasks and learns about her great-uncle sinful herself along the way. I loved Donald and hw we got to know him. The book was slow at times but overall a fun and cute read.
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I really enjoyed this, it was light-hearted, funny and really relatable. I never liked the character Alec much, even though we were kind of supposed to dislike him, it wasn’t even a “love to hate” kinda thing for me. Donald and his letters were probably my favourite part. This is one i will definitely recommend to friends!
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Delightful read full of charm and wit with a great cast of characters that really jump out of the page. I loved getting to know Great Uncle Donald through his many tasks and letters to Hannah and it was a great medium from which to shift from the past to present. Where There’s A Will was a great reminder to enjoy the simple things in life and whilst not heavy on the romance it was enjoyable to come along on Hannah’s journey and watch her flourish throughout the course of this book.

It was such an entertaining read that I flew through it in the one sitting and had me smiling long after. Thanks to Netgalley and Hodder & Stoughton for providing a copy for review.
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I found this to be an entertaining read. There were some very sweet, emotional, and funny moments. It is about finding yourself, growing as a person and falling in love.

I would recommend this book to rom-com fans,, especially if you enjoy characters who are a little bit quirky and cute.

It was not a predictable read at all, which I like, it really kept me on my toes which I think it a great quality from this debut. I shall look forward to more.
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I thought this was a cute book. Hannah, the main character is likable and I think many women can relate to her. This was a fun read!
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Where There's a Will by Beth Corby, is an OK book about a very dysfunctional family.  I really wanted to like this book, I loved the cover, but this book just wasn't for me.  I did not find anyone in the family likable, which left me not really caring what happens.  Please don't take my word for it, give this book a try.

I reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and the publisher.  Thank you.
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Opening with a disastrous interview for a teaching position, Hannah is tired of the ‘what next’ attitude from her family, the increasing debt of her seemingly endless forays into university and the studying.  Always having felt like the ‘afterthought’, particularly where her not very nice and always in the spotlight sister is concerned, she just wanted to have a bit of time to herself, with the interview behind her, to regroup. But, in an unwise moment she shared with her sister, and thus her failure (or unsuitability – as she really had no interest in actually teaching, but more seeking a job to start paying off debt) to make a start on ‘adulting’.  All of this is coming on the heels of a family gathering at the house of one Uncle Donald – their grandmother Betty’s brother, black sheep of the family, and a total mystery.  The entire family has been requested to attend, and the conversations, expectations and moods are high.  

Donald lives in a grand-ish house named the Laurels, and for the most part, Hannah’s relatives are behaving exactly as she expected: assessing the space, man and their prospects with manners both cloying and false.  But after the singular meeting, a few short asides from Hannah to Donald, and they are off back to their lives, until news of Donald’s death reaches them.  From the reading of the will to threats of contest, angry words and plenty of self-serving planning, only Hannah was asked to hang back, for she was bequeathed something very different.  A series of tasks to be completed one after the other to receive her inheritance. Hannah agrees and we are off…… 

This was the second or third title with a similar “beyond the grave’ aspect that sought to direct actions or provide enlightenment through a combination of physical acts and letters of explanation, all with the purpose of obtaining the bequest.  What sets Hannah’s story apart is her reactions to, and interactions with the three people who are keys to the whole thing. Alex, Donald’s PA is there to monitor her progress and assist her, Donald, the deceased who feels so present and palpable through his letters and the one who threatens to bring everything down – Mrs. Jennings.  Throughout the tasks, some that push Hannah to her limits and test her already shaky self-confidence, she’s gaining insight, learning to rely on her own instincts and enjoying the ride – even when she’s wondering just how worth it this might be. But never in a mercenary way: she’s only curious about furthering the feelings and intrigue that Donald engendered on their one meeting, and getting to know the man better. This is a fun escape story with plenty of moments to make you think and smile. 

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility. 

Review first appeared at   I am, Indeed 
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The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Hannah's 25 years old and doesn't know what to do with her life. But then everything changes when she met Donald, her great uncle. They will meet only one time, but that will be crucial.
When he dies he leaves her some tasks to accomplished with the help of his PA Alec and the promise of a grand reward if she completes them all. 
This is a light hearted and entertaining read, I really enjoy it. Donals was really a great character and I've grown to adore him. The love story was cute, but what I really loved were the tasks, all the suggestions and great life lessons.
I'll definitely read more from this author in the future!

"Be brave now, do what you want to do now, and never allow anyone to make you feel insignificant".
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I absolutely adored this book, It was very funny in the right places, but also extremely poignant in others. In Hannah, Beth Corby has created a really relatable and likeable character. The plot was well-paced and it was a perfect choice when I wanted a light-hearted and entertaining read. Overall, "Where There's a Will" was a well-written romantic comedy. Highly recommended.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel, at my own request, from Hodder & Stoughton via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Would you take the chance that could change everything?

After leaving university at the age of twenty-five with no idea what to do with her life, Hannah is stunned when she is left a mystery bequest by her rich, estranged great-uncle Donald.

But there's a catch: before she can find out what she's inherited, she must undertake a series of unknown tasks alongside Alec, Donald's reluctant (but rather gorgeous) PA.

As the tasks progress and she and Alec grow closer, Hannah begins to think that Donald's real gift might have more to do with love than money . . .

3.75 STARS! 
This was such an enjoyable read for me! The kind of book I love when I'm desperate for a rom-com.
The plot was fresh and fun, and honestly, I'd love to see this brought to life on the big screen, to see Hannah's journey play out before me (and not just imagine it).

- Hannah! She was sweet and genuine and I felt for her as soon as I met her, desperately trying to find her place but not really knowing what it is. I honestly would have loved this book for her journey alone, let alone it being a romance.
- Donald! I love eccentric older characters in books and Donald did not disappoint - like Hannah, I was so drawn in to his backstory.
- The journey - but I'll let you discover that for yourself.

- Hannah's family. I honestly hated Hannah's sister and I felt like her presence really disrupted the developing romance for me in an almost irredeemable way. By the end, I don't actually think I was really rooting for the romance pairing because of this, otherwise it might have been a 5 star read for me.

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This was a good debut novel but, while it was enjoyable, I found that the pacing was rather slow at times. There's slow burn and then there's a lack of spark; this book seemed to have the latter for me.

I could relate to Hannah quite a bit. The one who seems to be the family misfit? The one who isn't sure what she wants to be when she grows up? All things that a lot of people have dealt with over the years. Having her great-uncle Donald take a shine to her in one afternoon, and then send her on a quest to find herself (and him) was a beautiful thing to see.

Normally I'm not a fan of flashback story telling, but this wasn't quite like that. Getting to know Donald from his youth through his betrayal by his sister to his later years was a bit heart-breaking. He seemed happy enough, but had he truly ever loved or been loved? That seemed sad to me, but he was able to do some real good for a few special people.

I was not happy with Alec and him sidling up to Lauren. Logically I can see what he was trying to do, but he did really hurt Hannah in doing so. And the whole subplot with Mrs. Jennings seemed to be added simply for additional (and unnecessary) drama; it didn't add anything to my enjoyment of the story, and rather annoyed me instead.

But the writing itself is quite good. Characters are well-formed, dialogue is well-done, and the whole concept was a delight. I look forward to reading more by this author in future.
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I'm clearly in the minority here, but this book just didn't work for me. The characters are all pretty unlikeable and annoying, and the bickering between all the family members got old very quickly. I got bogged down by that at the beginning and then had a hard time investing in the story that followed. Many other readers seemed to enjoy it, though, so to each his own!
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