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This is one of my favourite author and when she writes about single parents I enjoy the story even more.

Nora is a nurse and a single mom,she is fairly new to town when she meets Zach, a good looking firefighter, who will help her to fix every problem her new house has and in the meantime he will 
take down all her reservations.
I liked their journey and I've appreciate Nora's strength,she is so independent and she really believe she doesn't need any help but at the end it is beautiful to learn that is so much pleasurable to share the weight of this life with someone who loves and understands us.

I can't wait to read more book in this series...please Mrs. Connor give us more of these characters soon.
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Lieutenant and firefighter Zach Walker rescues a drunk driver and takes him to the ER. But when his new recruit gets distracted and lets the impaired patient injure the attractive attending nurse, Zach feels responsible and checks up on Nora Sellers. She’s a single mother of a ten-month old boy and in a new home, a real fixer upper that could use Zach’s handyman skills. 

I loved this heartwarming story of two people who had every reason to be wary of commitment and trusting in the long term aspects of a relationship. Zach’s parents were killed by a drunk driver when he was barely fifteen years old and Nora’s mother died when she was just seven. His older brother took on the care of him and his three other siblings and her father checked out and left her in the care of a long and unending string of resentful girlfriends. Nora and Zach just didn’t have the ability to trust their own feelings about each other, even though it was clear to everyone around them that their relationship was something different and special. 

Connell is the one author I can count on to include children in a romance and always make it work. Because both Nora and Zach were so cautious, we were treated to a long, slowly developing relationship between the three of them that was just wonderful. In this age of insta love, it was a welcome change. I liked both of them, the family they created and the personal growth they achieved as they explored each other and themselves. And, all the McKinneys and Walkers are part of this story in all the right ways. It was a lovely reading experience.
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This is the first time that I have read Claudia Connor.  I was pleasantly surprised and happy that I found this story and decided to give it a shot.  She wrote a story that pulled on my heart, had me smiling and looking forward to coming back for more.  Nora and Zachs story was sweet and tender in places, a little rough in others but turned out to be a truly romantic read.
Zach has a habit of feeling guilty about everything. When Nora gets hurt because of an order he gave, he can't help but feel responsible.  But, she's one to stand on her own and it takes a lot of persuading for her to finally let him help her.  When he see's the way she is living with her precious son, he can't help but want to help her out any way that he can.  When he see's the kind of person she is … how strong and independent she is, he can't help but feel more than friendship for her.  Now, he has to find it in him to forgive himself for the past, to realize that he is a bigger man than he thinks he is and to allow himself to love.
Nora doesn't “need” anyone to help her.  But, when sexy firefighter Zach offers, she can't help but say yes.  Well, after a little convincing.  She is starting to rely on him and that scares her.  He says he is not fit for a relationship, not deserving.  But, she sees the other side of him … the sweet side, the caring side, the loving side.  There is so much more to him than the sexy firefighter.  Now, he has to see it in himself.  But, until he does, she can't help but to ask him for a break.  She can't fall in love and risk her heart and her son on a man who doesn't see a future with her.
I was enthralled with Zach and how he treated Nora and Will.  He may have had doubts but he definitely stole my heart as well as Nora's.  And Nora truly was a strong woman.  With her background, she could have been ornery and nasty but took life and it's bumps in stride and moved forward.
Claudia Connor really won me over with this story.  You don't know what you're going to read when it's a new-to-you author and you actually smile when you realize that you are not going to be disappointed.  She wrote interesting characters and a story that flowed.  I loved the supporting characters and the parts they played in the story and with getting them together.  Zach had a wonderful family both at and out of the firehouse.  She wrote sweet times, she wrote sexy times and definitely fun times.  Zach stole my breath, Nora had my respect but Will stole my heart.
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Review by Flavia

This author's books are few and far between but when she publishes a book you can bet that it is going to give you all the feels and make you fall in love with romance books.

I loved this series. The previous book, Nick and Mia, oh my word. And now this one. Loved it
Zach met Nora at the ER when he brought a guy in from a car crash, things got a bit out of hand and Nora got hurt. Zach feeling bad insisted on driving her and her baby home. 
Nora is a single mom, new in town and she is working to make a better life for her and her son. So when Zach comes along and pushes his way into her life, she is not on board. She is independent and devoted to her son and her job. And she does not have the time for a romance. But the more she is around Zach the more she can't help her attraction to him. 

But Zach has his job set out to convince this independent women that she needs someone like him in her life. Someone that will take care of her and her baby but also someone that will be her 
partner, someone that she can count on and someone that will make her and her son his priority.

I love stories that is filled with a couple starting out, getting to know each other, and the rest of the family jumping on board to help them get their happily ever after. This is for me the best thing about this authors books. Love, Romance, family, low angst, definitely chemistry and a guy that will have your heart melting from the start to the finish of this book.

5 Stars
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I've really enjoyed this series. They are good, sweet, but serious reads. They twist the stories, but the twists are believable. The characters are real and relatable.
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As a series goes, as soon as I finish one story, this one really has me anxiously awaiting the next installment. The characters stir so much emotion that it’s difficult to not form a vested interest in not only their HEA’s, but what comes afterwards too. With a story that touches the heart and leaves its imprint, there are no storages of tug at the heartstrings moments, both through laughter and tears. I am definitely looking forward to the continuation of Zach and Nora’s story with their wedding and Luke finding his own way to a HEA. 

This ARC book was complimentary, provided by the Publisher and NetGalley. I am voluntarily providing my honest review.
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This is the second book in the McKinney/Walker Brothers series and although it could be read as a standalone, I would suggest reading the other books as this is one big family you need to know.
Zach is a firefighter and a past reputation with the ladies. He meets Nora at the hospital where she works as a nurse and steps in when she gets hurt by a patient under his watch (well his co-worker) Feeling guilty he goes back a few days later to see how she is getting on and that is where things start for this pair. Zach needing to support her and her baby Will, and Nora because she can’t help but like the sexy firefighter. 

This was an initial slow burner that went on a little too long but once things stepped up it was a steamy read. I loved the interaction between Zach and baby Will, so cute. 

Zach was only young when his parents were killed, and with a baby sister to look after along with his brothers, I could understand his need for light and easy with the ladies. When he met Nora though he knew this was different and she was the one for him. I loved the banter between them and how their initial ‘hands off’ relationship became so much more. 

Another delightful read in this family saga and it was great catching up with the other brothers, in laws etc and how they were all doing. Some touching moments were intermingled with laughs, fun and lots of sexy time. Another winner and a four-star read for me.
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Zach and Nora meet while they are both on the job. She gets injured and he blames himself, so he takes it upon himself to make sure she's okay. Nora is a single mom and is new town, so she doesn't really know anyone. When Zach realizes that she lives in a fixer upper he finds himself going around to her house and fixing things for her. He wants to help, but he also enjoys her company and loves her little boy. Before they know it, the two find themselves spending a lot of time together. 

I loved Zach and Nora. Their relationship is a slow burn that had me sitting there thinking "OMG JUST DO IT ALREADY!" Nora is hesitant to put a label on things, but she finds herself attending family events and being accepted into the Walker/McKinney clan with open arms. But the two of them were so good together. Zach had no problem stepping in to help work on the house or take care of her son. Zach actually formed almost an instant bond with the little guy and it was so cute!

One of my favorite things about this book was when Nora was hanging out with the Walker/McKinney clan, especially Matt  & Abby. Those two will always be me favorite and it was great to see them again. We also got to meet Zach's brother Luke for the first time! He's finally home and we get his story next. I can't wait! 

If you are a McKinney/Walker family fan, then this is definitely a must read!
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The story of Nora and Zach. She is a nurse and a single mother, he is the playboy firefighter. But when she is injured by a patient bought to the ER by Zach he tries to help her out.  Will he change his ways and offer her more? 

A great read and looking forward to more from this author.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a voluntary and honest review.
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I absolutely loved Zach and Nora!  Zach is a firefighter who loves to take care of Nora, who is a nurse, with a 10 month old son named Will.  She had moved to town.  Will's father is not in the picture and she wants to start fresh.  She has bought a house that is a fixer upper.  Zach volunteers to help her with some of the fixing.  With each project, he is moving into Nora's life and heart.  Definitely a must read! A heartwarming book! 5 stars
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Waiting for You is an endearing story. Nora and Zack sizzle on the pages. Zack is a guy you want by your side and in your bed. Together they make the everyday routine seem like a dream. Nora is strong and independent. I appreciated that she didn’t need someone to save her but rather accepted wanting someone to share her life with. I adored Zack’s heartfelt interactions with Will. Will’s presence really brought to the forefront just how amazing a dad Zack would be.

This extended family feeds my soul. Seriously, I need an invite to the next family dinner or birthday party. The plot is filled with love, laughter, a few tears and of course a happily ever after
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If you like realistic characters with deep family values, you really should pick up a book by this author. She never fails to gives you great heroes and happy ever afters.  Zach is the type of hero we love. Reformed ladies man, a man in uniform(firefighter) and a good person. He has a little bit of a commitment issue.  When he meets Nora, the nurse and single mother makes him want to change. Her 10 month old is also a draw. Nora has her own commitment issues.  It's not easy for her to trust. Can these two get past their insecurities and get their HEA? of course, this author would never let us down. another good, sweet romance with winning characters.
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I have read several of Claudia’s book and loved them all! This one is no exception. 

Nora is a single mom working hard to have a good life for her and her son. She meets Zach through a work incident in the ER and Zach finds himself drawn to her. 

Zach calls himself a fixer. This is his excuse for coming around to help her. He doesn’t want to admit immediately that it could be more. 

Their journey through friendship and love is heart warming. 

We get to visit with other characters we have read about in the past. 

Claudia has created a world that will stand the test of time!
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“Waiting for You” is specially infused with just the right amount of heat, humour and heart. It is fun, and enjoyable story but there is a side of serious too. These two characters are so real and lovable and their stories are so relatable and which has us readers turning the pages right to the their HEA! Absolutely recommend
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Of course, I loved it! Just like every other story about this family. It's so nice to see beloved characters and what's going on in their lives and to read about another happily ever after. I hope this series goes on forever! Claudia is so good at writing emotional, sweet stories.
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I love Claudia Connor’s heartwarming stories. So charming, written with heart and thoughtful.

I fell in love with the McKinneys and then I met the Walkers, it was definitely the same.

Zach Walker, firefighter, not relationship material found the woman who would make him burn and crave for more. The fierce, strong and independent single mother Nora, who knew too well how to stay away from the too charming and tempting ones.

I felt so natural and effortless. As two people who might have issues with commitment and trust, they fit so amazingly. Protective of their family and grounded, invested in their job, they might have more in common that it seemed to be.

I appreciated how smoothly they could fit into each other’s life. I felt the powerful connection they shared, past the undeniable chemistry, so smoking hot.

As much as it could be complicated to be involved with someone who came with a full package, Zach already knew how special they were deep inside even if he wasn’t fully aware firsthand. Being helpful to a woman who used to rely only on herself, protecting fiercely her son, with a demanding job.

With a sexy firefighter on a mission to help her in any way he could, Nora tried to fight so hard not to let her feelings shown, how he could make her heart flutter with his charming ways and kindness.

I always have enjoyed this feeling while reading Claudia Connor’s stories. This great balance of something sweet and swoony with this strong hint of hotness, including strong families values and friendship. That gets me every time!
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Oh Claudia does it again! Claudia is easily in my top dozen favorite authors and probably in my top three for contemporary romance. When she set her heart to a story you can read every drop of love she puts into it. Zach and Nora’s story is no different. 

I love the way Claudia writes single parent stories mainly because of the love that the children bring to her books. And Will just is adorable. You can imagine this sweet 10 month old right in your living room. 

Claudia never disappoints. When I fell in love with Matt in Worth The Fall I knew I would love every one of the men Claudia introduces us to and I haven’t been wrong yet. 

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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4.5 stars

I really enjoyed Waiting For You by Claudia Connor.

The storyline is well written, the pacing well done and I enjoyed all the characters and getting to know them.

I loved watching Zach and Nora fall in love, they made me smile and swoon and I was very happy they were able to find their happily ever after.

Waiting for You is a lovely addition to the McKinney/Walker Brothers Series, each book can be read as a standalone and I highly recommend them.

*Thank you to the publisher via Netgalley for the advance copy.*
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