Seduced by the Enemy

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This book was fun! Luca and Olivia had great chemistry, and the enemies to lovers trope delivered well in this title! I would have liked a little more development on their overall romance, and I wish that it had been just a little bit longer for some fleshing out of characters and plot, but overall this was a quick read and fun romance.
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I don't know what it is about a enemies to lover romance.  I love the turmoil, the way you are waiting on the edge of your seat to see when the script flips.  This story was so good with the steam and angst.  Love it.
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This story starts off with a bang when the hero Luca arrives from Italy to the heroine Olivia’s door here in Sydney demanding a lot, Oliva stands up to him and there is a lot of misunderstanding and mistaken identity to be sorted out, so hang onto your seat for a bumpy ride to a HEA that left me smiling.

Luca has flown to Australia with one thing on his mind and that is his niece Christiana and there will be no stopping him from getting what he wants, but when he comes to see Jane and gets her sister Olivia, there is much confusion and after working though the problems he now has to prove to Olivia that he is not his father and convince Olivia to come to Italy and try and understand the feelings he seems to have for her.

Olivia has struggled with a lot since the death of her sister, niece and father and the cancellation of her wedding, now teaching, she is a great artist, the last thing she expects is the man who helped cause a lot of her problems showing up on her doorstep and turning her world upside down, she shouldn’t really feel the pull that she does to this very handsome man he is the enemy.

There is a lot going on in this story, lots of emotions and fiery ones as well, Luca was very hard on Olivia in the beginning but he did have his reasons and Olivia could be quite stubborn at times as well, but there was always a very sensual pull between them, one that kept me turning the pages, MS Montgomery has bought them to life on the pages with other characters that have added so much to the story, and the setting is beautiful. This is one that I highly recommend and I am looking forward to more in the series.
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The story was written in third person omniscient and descriptive. The characters are described indirect. The conflict is the mix of internal and external as characters battle themselves, others and society. A couple of popular themes are love, death, power and corruption, prejudice, survival and individual versus society.

Olivia Temple is our antagonist is all about against rich society types; especially when it comes to the Borghetti, though she is tough, dedicated and interesting in protecting her family. She is going through changes of balancing her needs and the needs of her family. Luca Borghetti is our protagonist who is willing to do whatever he needs to protect his niece. He is protecting her from illness to emotional trauma. He also goes through changes as he needs to learn that things are not always as they seem. Luca and Olivia are connected through their siblings and now share the reasonability of protecting their niece from any danger, even each other if it comes down to it. Luca comes to Australia after his niece Christiana develops leukemia and needs a transplant, which has caused him to reach out to her maternal family, but doesn’t know about the damage his brother and father has done to them. Olivia hoped to never come face to face with the family that destroyed her sister’s life. She is shocked when Luca shows up at her door demanding to speak with her. Now both Olivia and Luca need to discover the truth about their siblings while learning to discover who each of them is.

The ideas are interesting and important while the flow is logical and is organized. The voice is individualized and unique, while the word choice is specific and the sentences are expressive. Yes, I would recommend this book. This book would be good for those who are against damsels in distress, family drama, dual love stories and family bonding. This would not be good for those who are against surrogacy contracts or arrangements, family drama or lies.
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This is my first read by Alyssa J Montgomery to which this book was a lovely surprise as I totally enjoyed the language this author used during this great book.  The story flowed and read so poetically that I was all most mesmerised by the works in front of me.  “Seduced by the Enemy” is the first book in the “Billionaires and Babies Series” and I can’t wait until the next one comes out.

The book had me at Billionaire but throw in Enemies to lovers, Opposite attraction, Family Drama, Sibling grief and you have me hook line and sinker.  I loved Olivia’s character she is a very strong and determined young lady how anything wants the best for her family and others.  Luca is a character you will learn to love as the story goes on as he does not give a very good first impression to Oliva or us the reader.

A few of my favourite quotes:
She’d never met the man, but she recognised him immediately as her sworn enemy.”

“Fragile beauty?  Was her madness contagious?”

“Your money might buy you a lot of things, Mr Borghetti, but money can’t buy love and love is the most important thing in the world.”

You’re an insufferable, insulting individual.”

“Luca could only stare at his father in astonishment at his bigotry and ignorance.”

I received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalley and the Publisher for my honest and voluntary review.
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Olivia's family was torn apart because of Luca's father and brother. But Luca is determined to prove to Olivia that he is in no way like his father or his brother if she will give him a chance.  Will little motherless Christiana be the healing that they all need?
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At first I couldn’t get into this book but I of course continued to read and found myself not wanting to put it down. 
The characters especially the hero got on my nerves the first couple of chapters but then I found him to be strong and protective. 
Once I got into to the book I did enjoy it and would give this author another read.
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2.5 Stars
I love me some forbidden romance, enemies to lovers and opposites attract tropes and this blurb promised me all that with some steam and some drama. Not gonna lie, it totally delivered.

Luca and Olivia have explosive chemistry and I loved how Luca set out to prove to Olivia that he wasn't his father and he wasn't his brother (thank god!). He was a strong alpha male who always put the people he loved first. Whether is was little Christiana or Olivia. He definitely goes above and beyond to try to win Olivia over. 

Olivia was a strong heroine, she has been knocked down again and again, with devastating losses but she had an inner strength that never let her give up. She was a bit stubborn but then she was an even match for Luca who however well meaning his intentions, missteps quiet a bit and had to learn the hard way from his mistakes. 

Loved this author's writing style and overall Seduced by the Enemy was a good read. Jane and Antonio's story made it bittersweet but I loved the epilogue a few years down the road.
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This book grew on me as I read more and more of it. At first I really wasn’t taken by Luca, the hero of the story, who comes across as an opinionated, self righteous bully in his first scene. Turns out there are reasons for his behaviour but it took me a while to forgive him. By that point I was into the story and curious to see how it would go.
Seduced By The Enemy is, obviously, an enemies to lovers story, but it’s also about trust, patience and the extremes people will go to for those they love. I liked Olivia, the heroine of the story, who really had to put up with a lot, including upending her peaceful life in Sydney to fly to Rome with her mother Marjorie, another lovely character, to meet and try to save the life of her niece Christiana, whose existence comes as a huge surprise to both the women.
With a web of lies surrounding Christiana’s existence, there is plenty in this plot to keep readers on their toes. While I thought it somewhat implausible at times, I did enjoy this story.
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Both Luca and Olivia have lost their sibling’s and are trying to piece together the truth behind their relationship.  They may hate each other in the beginning but as they spend time together, sparks begin to fly.  Will they find out the truth?  Fast-paced read with an intriguing story and plenty of drama and emotion.  An entertaining read.
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Even though the story of this book is obviously quite foreseeable and not always too deep, I enjoyed the author's writing style and the way she describes details. Still, in my opinion it is important to make sure passages in foreign languages are grammatically right, which was not always the case here. Generally it's a good book for a nice couple of hours, but not really much more.
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Seduced by the Enemy by Alyssa J. Montgomery is the first book in the Billionaires and Babies Series.  This is the story of Olivia and Luca.  
Olivia and Luca have hate at first site but that really is due to some misunderstandings and other who interfere with what they know.  But they are trying to work together after each loss their sibling and working out what relationship they did have..there is also a young innocent they want to protect. 
This was a slow start for me but overall I enjoyed their story.
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This story definitely takes you on a bit of a gut wrenching ride. There is plenty of push and pull in this story to satisfy all the romance readers that love a little angst. I'm on board that train myself. I'd only mention that giving us a bit more with the secondary characters, or even Chrstiana at that, would have given that little oomph to solidify the story. I'll admit I was expecting a little more drama out of this story. Regardless, it was a good read and I have no problem recommending that others give this story a go. It was definitely a page turner.
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I’ve read two books by Alyssa J. Montgomery before, which I enjoyed. So when I saw ‘Seduced by the Enemy’ on Netgalley I just couldn’t resist and requested to read it.  Especially when I saw the ‘Billionaires and Babies’ part. It definitely sounded interesting and I was excited to start reading. 

In ‘Seduced by the Enemy’ we meet Olivia and Luca. Olivia’s life has been pretty damn hard the last view years. The sister she loved deeply dies soon after her baby died in childbirth. And after Olivia’s father heard the news he died of a heart attack. This can all be blamed to Luca’s father. Luca is a Italian billionaire and represents everything Olivia hates.  But they both have misunderstandings about each other that need to be sorted and slowly on they start to realize not everything is the way it seemed. 

Well, what can I say.. this book wasn’t for me. The characters where nice enough, and I loved the whole concept of this story but there was just to much that didn’t work for me. For starters I thought the whole backstory was way too complicated and a little to unbelievable for me. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong for Olivia and it was just too much. 

The romance between Olivia and Luca was nice enough. But I just didn’t like Olivia’s character all that much, and there where several things about her character that irritated me endlessly. Especially the fact she hated Luca so much one minute, and then she suddenly loved him. And there where just so many misunderstanding between Luca and Olivia that I just didn’t get their connection at all.

The writing overall was good. And although I didn’t really get the romance and I thought some parts of this book where just too much, I found myself wanting to keep on reading so I would know how the story ended. But still, in the end this book was just not for me.
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I chose this book primarily for the cover and title since I was unfamiliar with the author. After reading some early unflattering reviews, I almost decided not to read it, but since I prefer to make my own opinions, I started it anyway. I'll admit that Olivia was not really likable at first and took a while to grow on me. Even at the end, I wouldn't say I was very connected to her. Luca, on the other hand, was very sexy and caring and made up for Olivia's deficits. I would have liked more of Christiana. She needed more development and a more defined personality.  Luca's friends, Max and Nick, and his father also lacked development or real involvement in the story. Don't get me wrong, I found the story to be a nice escape read, but I would have liked a bit more depth to the characters and some actual drama/danger rather than the vague unsubstantiated threat of it. It was a solid 3.75 stars.

I received an ARC from Net Galley.
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DNF @25%

To be honest, I really was so looking forward to getting approved for this book because the blurb was interesting to me. Sadly, that's just about it. No offense but it seems that this is one of the worst book starters. The never ending arguments, recall of what actually happened between Jane and Antonio that took more than 20% is just wayyyy TOO MUCH. I can't take it anymore. Imagine, I still haven't met Christiana? Because the plot just keeps going around in circles. 

I'm sorry, I really tried but I am done.
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a bit slow in the beginning to help me get into the story but enjoyable after that. great characters and intrigue.
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Nice read, but not enough chemistry. It's good, but nothing exceptional. It lacked of something. It's a 3stars anyway. Thank you for this copy Netgalley!
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3.5 Stars. I just couldn’t get into this particular brand of drama. Characters didn’t have the amount of chemistry I look for in a book and it made it harder to read than usual. Great premise but not my favorite read.
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Thank you Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
This was an over the top, dramatic romance novel. About 20% of the book was spent arguing over what really happened to Olivia's sister and her Italian lover. Constant arguing with Luca, the lovers brother, who needs Olivia to donate a bone marrow to a niece she thought was dead. Barely any chemistry between the two protagonist and an uninspiring plot.
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