The Time Traveler Professor

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I found the storytelling very disjointed; I wasn't sure there was any real structure apart from positing the narrator into various historical scenarios strung together on some invisible thread that at various times flirted with past-life regression and astral travel.  Too many themes crammed together. that the narrative felt like it was tripping over itself.

I downloaded the second in the series and won't be reading or reviewing it.
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I was intrigued by the premise, but unfortunately I found the storyline convoluted and disjointed. Ultimately this was one book that I could not finish.
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This is book 1 in the Time Traveler Professor and you may find this title listed under the series. It lays a great background for future books.   With a cast of characters that includes, H.G. Well, Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle it offers an alternative history.   Narrated by John Scott it delves into mind reading, magic and of course Time travel.   The story revolves around a little red book that young John is given.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Enjoyed the book.  There were areas at the beginning of the book, chaps 1 & 2, that could use another round with the editor.  Otherwise, the book held me interest and kept me reading as a good book should.
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OK.  The premise is interesting and the action kept my attention.   A new way to look at time travel.
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Couldn't get into it so I didn't finish. From what I read it seemed like it was written well but just wasn't my cup of tea.
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Having glanced through some reviews for The Time Traveler Professor: Book One: Silent Meridian by Elizabeth Crowens, I was both intrigued and curious. While quite a few people were fulsome in their praise there were also those who mentioned grammatical and punctuational errors. I did note some instances of both but they did not detract from the story for me. Perhaps that is because the majority of books today contain both of them in addition to spelling errors. It is more of a distraction when there are awkwardly phrased sentences, which are common today and of which I found several. It interrupts the reading flow when one must re-read a sentence in order to try to discern the author's intent. Another circumstance I found off-putting was finding sections that appeared to be a repeat of previously written/read content. I found it confusing when I encountered it and still do. Perhaps I misunderstood but I don't know why it was repeated. 

I originally thought I would read this book to our son but I am very glad that he turned me down! There are numerous references to sex in this book and we both would have been embarrassed to say the least. There was no indication in the description nor in any of the reviews I saw. I don't know that it contributed to the story at all, I suppose it is used to "flesh" out the character and is intended to make him more realistic. It was not necessary in my opinion but I realize that there are many who would disagree. 

You might think by the issues I have raised regarding this book that I did not like it. On the contrary, I did enjoy it. I enjoy reading historical fiction (the traditional historical fiction, not the romance ones common now) and this book has many of the same elements. I like it when actual people and events are mixed with fictional elements because it really sparks my imagination and, let's face it, it's fun!  There is a lot to like in this book and it is easy to get caught up in any of the stories/timelines.  Sometimes I was unsure when I was even though the chapters list the time and location. I think that may happen only when a character themself may have traveled in time or when they are recalling a trip in time. It is resolved with further reading of the chapter in question.

The author, Elizabeth Crowens, has created many worlds to visit in this book and they are intriguing.  I look forward to visiting them in her future endeavors.
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I received The Time Traveler Professor as an ARC via Netgalley. While I’m always loath to say anything negative about an ARC, and do try my best to like them, I’m afraid I couldn’t find much to enjoy about The Time Traveler Professor.
I think my irritation with the book began with the title: The Time Traveler Professor. It’s just wrong – grammatically speaking. And I think the cover is rather uninspiring. It was the blurb which hooked me – though the realisation did not, unfortunately, live up to the promise.
The grammatical errors continued throughout the book, and the sentence structure and language choices were jarringly out of place for a book set in this period. I cannot even count the number of times I’ve said that about a book at this point, and it always spoils the piece for me completely. I simply cannot invest in the book, suspend disbelief, when I am constantly thinking about how off-key the word choices are and re-writing the sentences in my head.
The book is quite fast-paced, which did keep the pages turning. However, it all got a little confusing and confused at points. It was quite disorienting in the way it meandered seemingly at random from mystery to fantasy to fan-fiction to historical fiction. It felt like the sort of dream someone might recount in therapy in a lunatic asylum, to be honest. And despite the breakneck pace and surrealist story, the plot still somehow managed to drag.
I was excited to meet a fictionalised Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as he’s always been one of my favourite authors. However, while the author had clearly done her homework, I’m sorry to say I felt the character was somewhat lacking in the flavour of the man himself. There were a lot of facts which felt shoehorned in, and it was a case of too much “show” and not enough “tell”. The protagonist, on the other hand, while not exactly anything new, was fun and engaging. I found myself willing him on.
I didn’t enjoy all the detailed babble about spiritualism. While I appreciate that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle took quite aninterest in the subject, I thought the amount of information provided to the reader was overwhelming and, unless you were also very interested in it, a little dull. I had to skim through those parts.
For some reason, there were also random pictures inserted here and there. Why, I was never able to fathom. Do we need to see the image, or could we not just have read the description? This is not in any way an historical fiction – we don’t need the illustrations. They felt completely out of place.
I think the only thing I really enjoyed about this book was the setting. It was clearly well researched and was written with great attention to detail and in compelling style.
Unfortunately, The Time Traveler Professor was not a great success for me. While it showed enormous potential, and I very much enjoyed the setting, I felt overall that the characters and plot lacked a reason for the reader to invest and suspend disbelief – and it asked you to do so rather too much.
As much as I did not enjoy this book, I do feel compelled to point out that it won a few awards – so perhaps this was simply just not for me.
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Wow, this one was ALL OVER THE PLACE...  I really really wanted to like it - the premise is clever and the characters and plot sounded intriguing and right up my alley, but from the opening pages I felt like I stumbled blindfolded into the middle of something that was already unfolding, and I never figured out which way was up. It's a great idea, but the execution lost me from the get-go.
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Let’s travel to Edinburgh, Scotland, 1898. The main character of this book, John Patrick Scott is meeting Arthur Conan Doyle at a pub. “Can I assume you believe in the transmigration of souls?” asks Arthur.

And so begins this unusual book, filled with the flavor of Victorian literature and the fascinating studies of the time. Arthur Conan Doyle is mentoring John Patrick, a student studying music. They share a passion to explore the realms of Spiritualism and related paranormal phenomena. Their first project is to develop their telepathic communication skills.

John Patrick is also building his own time travel device, consisting of bands with moving magnetized parts that he wears on his head. He has succeeded in traveling to the past and the future. He frequently visits times and places that have to do with magic.

Flavored with Victorian literature, Arthur Conan Doyle likes to quote his own works, this book will appeal to those who are fascinated and familiar with elements of “the beyond” and with time travel. I am not drawn to these topics and I found this book to be confusing and arcane. However, other reviewers seem to enjoy it. Thanks to NetGalley and Atomic Alchemist Productions for a digital review copy. This is my honest review.
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The first book in a new alternative history series focusing on air Arthur Conan Doyle, while a little hard to follow i really enjoyed the story and can't wait for the next one
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If you like a time travel book mixed with suspense and touch of adventure, this book is for you. 
I found the series interesting and easy to read. Indeed, this book took me for an adventure in time through its pages. 
Recommended read.
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The premise of "The Time Traveler Professor" was extremely promising: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and a young pianist named John Patrick Scott travel through time to find a mysterious red book. This book features a number of appealing topics: time machines, telepathy, reincarnation, and telekinesis. However, I found that the book attempted to tackle too many science fiction/fantasy devices all at once, requiring too much suspension of disbelief due to not substantiating any one plot device enough. For example, the protagonist, John Patrick Scott, one day decides to build a time machine. *Boom* - he succeeds. Just like that. A functioning time machine. No explanation of how he does it, no establishment of the magic system in place that allows him to simply create a time machine. As an avid fan of fantasy, I can easily suspend my disbelief, but only if the book establishes a consistent and well-supported magic system. 

I found it difficult to suspend my disbelief for so many fantastical devices that were so poorly established. Not only the time machine that Scott created with ease, but his guardian angel Finn (who pops in and out randomly to tell him the right thing to do), or his inexplicable ability to telepathically communicate with Doyle. Stories in the genres of science fiction and fantasy still need to adhere to their own established rules of magic and science. Writing a SFF book does not give free license to throw all logic and consistency out the window, particularly for a book that is set in an alternative history of the real world. 

I chose to give this book two stars rather than one because, even though it was extremely difficult to push through, the writing style itself was eloquent. The story was poorly structured and inconsistent, but the writing style was beautiful.
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I have always been a huge fan of classic thriller, and detective novels, especially the stories of Sherlock Holmes' exploits. I greatly admire Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and his work, so after reading 'The Time Traveler Professor', Book One: Silent Meridian, I felt as though I had read another of his famous novels. Elizabeth Crowens' written descriptions, and her way of playing out the story, was so believable, that I found myself immersed in the scene, along with the characters. It was such a huge treat to read, and I highly recommend this book, to anyone who enjoys a bit of classic crime.
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Very good plot, a lot of intrigue, and characters you happen to know ... This is very well written, gripping,
and fantastic. Time to enjoy all the atmosphere and clever plot.
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The Time Traveling Processor is a unique and interesting book. This a bit unbelievable in parts but still a good read.
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A good book I enjoyed. It's fun to read and entertaining.
I appreciated the world building and the plot was developed. The characters were fleshed out and well written.
It's a bit obscure at time but a fun read anyway.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book, all opinions are mine.
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This was pretty good overall. Kind of a crazy premise, and difficult to pull-off, but the author mostly achieved success. I didn't love this since it was too far fetched at times for me. But the author has talent, and a very good imagination. His historical celebs were a fun addition.

Thanks very much for the free copy for review!
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