A Season in Hell

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Excellent EXCELLENT followup to book one. I'd like to have seen more of her fiancee, but overall, a solid installment in this great new series!
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I found A Season in Hell to be a pretty read. I am giving it four and a half stars. Looking forward to more by this author.
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A Season in Hell by Easy Jackson
Tennessee Smith Western #2

Marshall Tennessee ‘Tennie’ Smith is more of a housekeeper, cook and jail keeper for the rowdy and drunk brought in from the plentiful bars of Ring Bit. In the first book she evidently arrived in town as a mail order bride that lost her husband within hours of the wedding ceremony and took on three stepsons. In book two she is engaged to a ranger named Wash but we don’t see much of him. There are plenty of happenings in town, many characters that pass through the story and quite a number of adventures experienced. There is travel by stagecoach and train, kidnapping, murder, robberies, a trip to the south from Texas, boyhood shenanigans and a lot more. This book was packed with adventure and read a bit more like a dime novel than any Western I have read in the past. That said, the story was well written and held my interest. I am not sure what Tennie will end up doing in book three but since this book ends with a rather negative surprise that will require Tennie to make some big decisions there really needs to be at least one more book, I think. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington-Pinnacle for the ARC – This is my honest review. 

3-4 Stars
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I have to admit when the book started out I wasn't sure I was going to like it. Then I looked down at my  kindle at 37% and went, "wow, really? ".  Part of the reason was because there had been so much happening that I figured I must have been half way through or more.  Wow, what a ride it turned out to be.  It was a ride that I enjoyed.  
The people in the story were very interesting, starting with Tennessee's (Tennie) stepsons.  They were quite the little hellions but as the story goes on they turned out to be quite the help.  All the mischief that they had gotten into ended up being something that saves everyone more than once.  Tennie was such a likeable main character.  Tough when she needed to be and she often had to grit her teeth and be just that.  But she also had a tender, loving, loyal side as well.  Tennie has a fiancee who is a Texas Ranger (Wash).  He appears in and out of the story but he sure doesn't really seem to be there when Tennie needs someone.  Tennie just can't seem to catch a real break.
Hawkshaw was quite the unusual person and most of the time you had no way of knowing what he was thinking. Another quirky, unusual character was Gid Coltrane.  He wasn't the sharpest tool in the box but he was loyal and he was especially skilled with horses and blowing things up.  
There were other people that they ran into in the story that kept my interest and the level of intensity high.
I felt like the book kind of ended abruptly and I didn't like that.  It did leave things open enough for another adventure (book).  So even after saying I didn't like the ending of this book, I still feel open to reading another one.  I liked the characters in this book that much. Besides, there were still a few unanswered questions in this book.
“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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