The Boy from Tomorrow

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Not my favorite — the story’s plot line felt too familiar with two kids from different time periods. Because of that, I’d hoped it would hook me with the writing but I never found it interesting.
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This is exactly the kind of book that can hold the attention of a kid, but also has them learning about history without cramming it down their throats. I also love the kind of time travel-ey element, although it isn't exactly time travel, the concept of how they come to communicate with each other is a fresh spin on the time travel element. The characters were relatable and interesting and I found myself wanting to know what happened to Josie and Cass as much as Alex did. I absolutely loved this from start to finish and I know all three of my kids, ages 9-11, will as well. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good book with a little bit of suspense and enjoy the element of having a book set in two different time periods.
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Great and easy to read story. I was very surprised of how different this book is from other books. I wasn't expecting so much from it having a time travel. story. It has me thinking about the future and even the past. What was it like for Alec and Josie. However the beginning part did weird me out a bit. And going in and out from characters got me a bit confusing as well. Story is very entertaining.
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This is an enchanting story of time travel and unexpected friendships. Josie and Alec are the same age, and they live in the same house, but they live 100 years apart. For Josie, the year is 1915, and for Alec, it's 2015. Somehow, they find each other through a talking board and forge the sweetest of friendships. Josie's sister, Cass, is an adorable little girl who adds a whole other level of charm to the story.

The story is told in alternating viewpoints between the past (Josie's character) and the present (Alec's character), which gives us a great picture of what their lives were like at their time and the "current" struggles they were facing. 

The book is well written and even though it's definitely written for the middle grade, the language wasn't dumbed down and some of the situations, although rather unnerving, were handled appropriately.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a free electronic ARC of this novel, received in exchange for an honest review.
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I'm a fan of books about the spiritualist movement. It's a fascinating point in history. I like reading books about time travel and the paradoxes inherent in the idea. DeAngelis explores these paradoxes to a significant degree. She also focuses a lot more on the historical characters than the modern ones. Alec is largely only there to serve as a device for change in the lives of Josie and Cass. It would be stronger if there had been more development in both time periods.
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Author Camille DeAngelis creates likable characters that kids will root for. When I was a kid, I visited my grandparents' home often. The house was built in the 1800's, so I used to wonder about other occupants of the house. In The Boy from Tomorrow, young Alec wonders too. When he and a friend find a Ouiji board, they are able to contact sisters who'd lived in his house 100 years earlier. Both the past kids and Alec have major family issues. The author tackles these tough topics without flinching. There will be parents who will object to the darkness and supernatural elements of the book, so hopefully they will read the description. Overall, nice writing and captivating story.
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This was a beautiful story of suspense and mystery that I enjoyed very much. I liked that it was about a very unusual friendship.

“The Boy from Tomorrow” was a first-rate middle-grade story which was very gratifying and well crafted. Camille DeAngelis did a superb job with the character definition and I appreciated the dual perspective of the present and past and the two main characters. 

This was an extraordinary novel that was delightful for its uniqueness. Highly recommended. Rating: 5 Stars

Thank you to NetGalley and Amberjack Publishing for the complimentary ARC. This is my honest and totally voluntary opinion.
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As an adult who reads a lot of children’s literature, I feel like an expert in the genre. I try to base books on whether I could teach them to my students. This is a winner for sure! I found myself picking this book up any time I had down time, choosing it over an adult novel. To me, that sells the book right there.

The Boy From Tomorrow jumps between 1930s and current day, with two kids about the same age communicating through a Ouija board. So cool! I like that this book took something that usually terrifies kids and turned it into a tool to communicate with the past. A great spin on a scary topic.

If you have a middle grader—they need this book! I received an advance copy, all thoughts are my own.
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Enjoyable time-switchy book for young readers. Well written. I think it would be a nice choice for kids who have enjoyed Bellairs and L’Engle.  There were several loose threads left without explanation, so I am hopeful there will be a sequel.
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This book was read and reviewed by my 11-year-old son "Freddy."

In The Boy from Tomorrow, Alec and Josie are 100 years apart but are the same age. They quickly become friends but when Alec finds a headstone with their last name on it the two must find out how to get Josie's little sister Cassie away from the house so she can live.

I thought it was a great book because the characters were really entertaining and the author ended the book really well. I also enjoyed the idea and thought the characters were very realistic. The author made me worry about the characters when the suspense started. I recommend this book to kids who like science fiction. 

I give this book 5 stars and would really enjoy reading this book again because of the intense plot.

Teddy note to parents: This book contained scenes involving a ouija board, which I had not caught in our reading of the original summary before choosing it to review.
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I am going to go against the flow here, I gather it was just me but I struggled to get into this one.  I will try again at another time.
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The story of two very different children who share a bedroom - 100 years apart. Josie is the daughter of a famous spiritualist, and when she and her little sister decide to try out her spirit board they make contact with the "spirit" of Alec. As they continue to make contact, they realise that they are talking to each other across time, over a century apart. Gradually  they become  friends and Alec begins to investigate what happened  to them, leading to a disturbing discovery. Knowing that Josie and her sister may be in grave danger, he helps them to plan a daring escape from their cruel and capricious  mother. 
This is a really well crafted story aimed at middle grade readers. It does not condescend in terms of the darkness of the story, the authenticity of the historical  detail, or the vocabulary used. The characters are well crafted and believable, and the villainous  mother is believable and never over the top. The book gives an interesting glimpse into what life was like for a child in the last century,  and how much it differs from today. 
I read and reviewed an ARC courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher, all opinions are my own.
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I had a hard time getting into this book, I’m not sure if it was the writing or the pacing, although it was somewhat enjoyable I couldn’t really finish it. I hope hat I can give this book a second try someday but for now it’s a nono for me.
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Alec is a lonely boy who has lost his dad, seen his mom adrift so he finds solace and friendship in an unlikely place - through letters and an old Ouija board.   At the turn of the century sisters, Josie and Cass live in the same house with their psychic mother whose personality is very domineering and doesn't seem to need them until she parades them before her many male sponsors.  While messing around with their mother's talking board they discover that they can reach into the future and talk with Alec who now lives in their old house.  Soon the children figure out a way to get around the adults who don't understand their odd friendship or want to abuse it.  The story is just spooky enough, just historical enough and the plight of the kids is just similar enough to make for a wonderful tale.  This fun romp may have kids pulling out their own Ouija board or Magic-8 ball to see if they can communicate with friendly spirits.  My thanks to the publisher for the advance copy.
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Review	This was such a beautiful story of mystery and suspense, and an unusual friendship and love. I am crying my eyes out after finishing it.
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This was a very well-crafted and gratifying story. I loved the connection between the kids from the past and the present and the ways they found to communicate with each other.
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A middle grade book with a beautiful lesson of friendship weaven into it with well defined characters and a unique premise.
The book is written in the dual pov of Alec from the present and Josie from the past. Even among this extraordinary communication, they form an unlikely friendship and try to help each other.
The only problem was the pacing which seemed to drag a bit. It was difficult to connect with the characters when not i was not as invested as i like to be.
My Rating : 3/5
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An incredible story of friendship- this is no ordinary middle-grade book here. This book blew me away with its characters, well-crafted plot and unique premise.

The Boy from Tomorrow was refreshing in that it took something typically found in the horror genre and made it into a way to connect across the parallels of time and space in a sort of heartwarming way. Granted, you need to suspend your disbelief for several instances, yet Camille DeAngelis seamlessly pulls it off. 

The Boy from Tomorrow follows dual narratives- Alec Frost in the modern day and Josie Clifford in the early 1900s as they communicate via Ouiji board sparking an unlikely friendship. The characters are relatable and the interactions between them seem very realistic. Also, loved Josie's younger sister, Cassie. 

The premise was really well-done, lived up to its synopsis and extremely unique. While this isn't full-fledged "time travel", it was neat to see how the past and present timelines connected and I liked that it wasn't bogged down by science mumbo-jumbo. 

However, one of the problems I had with this book was how it glossed over some of the heavier topics. Alec's parents are divorced and although there is a scene in which Alec visits a therapist, I wish that they'd explored this aspect more. Additionally, Josie and Cassie are victims of child abuse by their mother, Lavinia. While this is more developed, I wish there was more characterization on Lavinia for her motivation/reasoning for the poor treatment of her children. 

I liked the ending well enough, it was satisfying and yet held that note of hopefulness and open-mindedness. At times, I actually forgot this was a middle-grade novel because it lacked the juvenile atmosphere and dumbed down language that is typically geared toward younger readers despite the young protagonists and occasionally the plot went kind of dark...  All in all though, I really enjoyed this book- 8/10 would recommend.

*Thank you to NetGalley and its publishers for providing a free ARC*
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I loved this book. It totally wasn’t what I expected but it was a delight to read.  I really engaged with the characters and wanted to protect the sisters.  Alec was lovely and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in wishing he could have met up with Josie.  My heart was in my mouth when the boys found the grave... yes I definitely felt the emotions while reading this book. I felt Harold was a character who didnt really add to the story but this  would be a great book to use with my Middle Schoolers and I know will generate some great discussions. I will look for more books by the same author.
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It was very different from what I thought it was going to be. The premise was so intriguing. I liked the characters and the friendship between Alec and Josie. The interactions between them was very sweet. Cass and Josie's mother was horrible and I think the author did such a good job making her a villian.
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I started and finished this book this evening. I enjoyed it very much. It dealt with the trials of having a not perfect home life across generations while remaining fresh and at times funny. Josie and Alec are both wonderful protagonist and narrators. Josie and Cass’ mother is villainous and hateful and a perfect contrast to our two time-crossed friends. This would be an excellent read aloud.
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