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I adored this book. I liked the spunky Addison (strong female lead) is just herself with her group of friends -- they just all happen to be guys.  And she's always been part the group.   One of the guys. 

Life separated the group,  but but wedding bells prompt a reunion as the lucky guy works out his groomsmen.  And Addie ... well, will she be just one of groomsman?  The Bride may have ideas about that,

And then Tucker abd Addy get sidelined by a new attraction.... 
Will pursuing that  attraction mess up the whole group dynamic?
Can Tucker resolve his feelings in the middle of all this?
Will Addy punch someone out before the wedding happens?  (Sorry, I just..... had to.) 

I absolutely adore these characters and the book was a delight to read.  Go ahead, it's good stuff!
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There were aspects of this book that felt a bit cliched, but it was a good, steady ready that didn't require too much thought to process the plot.  The story of Addie and Tucker going from best friends to "love of my life" is a great summer read.#JustOneOfTheGroomsmen #NetGalley
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My second read by Cindi Madsen and I enjoyed it even more than the first!! 

Just One of the Groomsmen is gonna be a reread for me in the future!

A friends to lovers story with great characters, humour, fun, heat and chemistry set in a small town.... just my kind of read! 

I’m looking forward to heading back to Uncertainty and the next book in the Getting Hitched in Dixie series!

A recommended, 5* read
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This was the first book of Madsen's that I have read. After reading this one, it will not be the last! She has such a way with words and I just love the dynamic of her characters. The best friends to lovers storyline was carried in a way that was realistic and not just in some cheesy novel. The quick whips and sarcasm were true to the characters. I just loved everything about this one!
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This romantic comedy is the first book I have read by author, Cindi Madsen, and I enjoyed it. The lighthearted, yet strong relationship between the five lifelong friends was so endearing, and realistic. Addie, Easton, Ford, Shep (Will) and Tucker had been friends in highschool, college and remained friends into adulthood. When Shep announced that he is getting married, the group are okay with it, even though it could break up the group. When Shep announces that they are all going to be groomsmen, they are thrilled. There is one catch though, Addie will be a groomsman, but his fiance, Alex, wants her to dress like the bridesmaids. Addie doesn't wear dresses, and she certainly doesn't wear heels, but she will do it for her friend. What happens when one of the gang, realizes that his feelings for his "best friend" have changed, especially when he realized what a special, smart, gorgeous, strong woman she really is.

I really enjoyed this story. I loved the closeness of this group of friends, their easy camaraderie, their banter and the way they would do anything for each other. Addie was wonderful. She had finally accepted that she would be a spinster, as she had not found anyone she cared enough about. She had no idea how remarkable she was. She had no female friends and when Alex became her friend, I was so happy for both of them. The relationship between her and Tucker started off so sweet, and when they realized what they could be together, WOW! Add in Addie's family, I loved her Nonna Lucia, a puppy named Flash, and the townsfolk with all their minor legal problems and meddling and you have a wonderful setting and cast of characters. I rooted for Addie and Tucker to get over all the hurdles that were in their way to become a couple in the fullest way possible. This was an entertaining story with fun dialogue, a great setting, wonderful characters, a well-written story and just enough angst to make the making up interesting. There is some sex in the story, which is not my favourite, but it is not too graphic and it can be skimmed if you choose, without causing any issue with the story. I recommend this one to anyone who enjoys romantic comedy, you will laugh, you will thoroughly enjoy this story.
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Addison Murphy was the only girl in the group; the group of her friends who were all men.  Tucker Crawford had been her best friend and was one of the members of the group, too.  They had done everything together and were as close as any best friends had ever been.  When Tucker came back to Uncertainty, Alabama, after a two year hiatus, he saw a pair of sexy legs in a dress under a vehicle.  He was so surprised to see that it was Addie.  Then he began to see her other assets and she saw his.  Pretty soon, they were wanting to kiss and snuggle.  Those feelings were definitely crossing the line.  

I liked Addison and Tucker's story.  I am not a fan of descriptive sex scenes or foul language and this book had some smattered through the book but I liked the dynamic between the friends.

I was given an arc copy of this book and I willingly offer my honest review.
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Sarò forse io, ma questa storia è di una lentezza veramente allucinante. I personaggi sono privi di spessore. Sono arrivata al 18% e ancora nulla. Niente azione, niente carisma, niente di niente. 

I due personaggi principali non hanno nulla in comune. Addie è una ragazza maschiaccio. Non gli frega nulla di nulla. Tucker è un avvocato, suo migliore amico, e finché non vede le sue gambe nude e depilate non la considerava neanche una donna e così ad un tratto voilà... 

Ma anche no?!?! Che è?!?! Carne da macello?!?! Ma scherziamo?!?! 

Bohhh... io lascio perdere per adesso. 
DNF al 18%
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I loved this book. 5 stars! 
I absolutely love a friends to lovers romance and this one was even better than most in the genre. Addison and Tucker have the best chemistry, the best friendship and the best group of supporting characters, including the small town their grew up in. I could not wait to finish it and make sure it had a happily ever after; but was so sad to not have more to read. I really hope there are a couple of other books covering the remaining single guy friends.
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I think what I loved most about this story was that there were so many layers. It wasn’t just about Addie and Tucker and finding their way to a happily ever after.
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Unfortunately this one is a DNF for me.  I really and truly struggle with the 3rd person POV and while I love Cindi's other work this one just didn't work for me at all.
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I really love all of the Cindi Madsen books that I have read, but this one is my favorite by far, and will probably remain so forever. I identified with Addie in a way that I honestly didn't expect (except for the part where she's gorgeous) and I loved her friendship with all of her guy friends.  The humor and friendship that this book displayed was everything I want in a book, and I will be re-reading this one in the future because it was that good.  Addie was so great as a main character, and I just kept rooting for her to find a way to have her happily ever after with Tucker, even when he was being a total (well-intentioned) bonehead. I also adored Nonna and all of the other side characters in the story. I cannot wait to read more from this group of friends.
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No real surprises here but a fun read with relatable, easy to like characters.

*ARC via netgalley*
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Just One of the Groomsmen is such a fun book.  This group of friends book is well written and the characters are so well developed.  The friends to lovers storyline is one of my favorites.  I loved it and am so excited to see that it is book one in  series.   Thank you  netgalley for the complimentary arc.  The review is my own opinion.
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Being one of the guy is what Addison knows, however when asked to be groomsman instead of a bridesmaid, really puts her behind in life. This experience will turn her life around in more ways than one.
This was a fun book that shows you find love where you least expect it.
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Just One of the Groomsmen by Cindi Madsen is the first in the Getting Hitched in Dixie series. I did not know this was a series until a few minutes ago and am so excited to find out this news, it has the perfect characters to keep the stories going. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, reading about Addie and Tucker's love story was sweet and kept me interested from beginning to end. I am so excited that since it is a series, their story will continue as a thread in the next couple of books. I love reading stories that take place in the south. I grew up with a mom born there and the sayings feel like home. This book is not deep fiction, but it is entertaining and a super fun read that I would definitely recommend.
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Absolutely adorable!!! This was my first book by this author and I can't wait to read more. 

I loved Tucker and Addie.
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This was the first book I've read by Cindi Madsen, and it won't be my last.

Addison comes from a great group of guy friends and is so close with them that she agrees to be a groomsmen in one of their weddings. When Tucker comes home, there's an attraction that could make or break their friendship. 

I loved this group of friends and how Addison and Tucker grew throughout this story.
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This was a cute book, a best friends to lovers book. We meet Tyler who is coming back home after trying it as a big city lawyer and hating it, he wants to come back to all that he misses including and especially his bestie Addison. Addison is so excited that  Tyler is coming back but her other really good friend is getting married and she is going to be one of the groomsmen in name only, she will actually be a bridesmaid and going to have to wear a dress something she detest but atleast she is being included since if any of the guys ever have a girlfriend those girl tend to never really want to accept Addie's relationship with them. Tyler can't believe that he seems to be checking out his bestfriend, a tomboy someone who knows all about him and he does not want to rock the boat in that relationship because not only could that mess them up but it could mess up the relationship with all the other guys and they would never forgive him. So even though they tried to avoid their chemistry they eventually give in, but she is offered a job 2 hours away and he doesn't want to hold her back so he breaks her heart, breaking his at the same time and now he has to fix it before the town crucifies him along with their friends..Enjoy!
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Thank you to Entangled: Amara and Netgalley for allowing me to review this novel. This in no way influenced my review. 

Addie is just one of the guys- okay so she is a female but honestly, she has always been more the trucks and dirt than bows and dresses. Her squad growing up was the guys and it was never weird or awkward. They were just friends and that is a good thing. Or is it? I mean when your whole squad is a bunch of guys it is intimidating as hell for someone to ask you on a date. When you know more about football than they do, that may just be a point against you. Plus, when your friends start dating the girlfriend may see you as competition instead of “just one of the guys”. That is a bit weird, you know, I know it and Addie sure does know it. 

City life is just not all it is cracked up to be. Tucker misses home, his friends, the town- pretty much all that he grew up with. He starts to wonder what is the point. When one of his besties becomes engaged he knows it is time to come home. Sure he is giving up a high paying job at a prestigious law firm in the big city but he is gaining so much more. Granted all of his plans and dreams are out the window as well. Tucker is completely thrown by his reaction/feelings for Addie. 

Addie is pretty amazing. I wish she was one of my friends. Granted all of her friends are boys so it would be impossible. I love that she is questioning how/when she got the “non-girl” status. She has all the necessary parts, so she doesn’t like to shop and she loves sports. How did that automatically de-genderize her? I like her relationship with her sister and the town. She cares enough about her friends to try this crazy thing called being a “groomsmen”. She goes with the flow and tries her darnest to make both the groom and bride happy. She initially is confused by her reaction to Tucker when he moves back. So the rest of the book is of course an epic romantic comedy. 

The chemistry between these two are off the charts. How the rest of the gang didn’t realize it (although one does) is beyond me. The struggle of deciding to move past just friends was real, the anxiety high and the wait so very much worth it. The town gossips adding their two cents into everything made it so much better. (I grew up in a town where I still run into folks I went to elementary school with.) 

Adorable read! This book was just fun to read! Moving from the friend zone to lovers usually is but add in the group dynamic of the other guys and you will seriously be laughing. There were times when Tucker was just so darn sweet I couldn’t help but sigh. There were other times when I wanted to shake him and tell him to stop being stupid.  So yeah this one brought with it all the feels.

My Rating 5 out of 5 stars 
Favorite Quote “You holding back is what’s tearing you two apart.” 

Other People 
Shep- bestie who is getting married 
Lexi- Shep’s fiancé 
Nonna- Addie’s granny 
Easton- bestie who is a cop 
Ford- bestie who does search and rescue
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I received a copy of JUST ONE OF THE GROOMSMEN on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the publisher and author.

Five stars and here’s why:

This is my second book by Cindi Madsen and I love her writing. Addie lives in a small town and is just “one of the guys” who beats her friends at football, poker, and all-around girl next door. Everything is cool until one day it’s not when one of the guys, Tucker, realizes that there’s a lot more to Addie than at first blush. What happens next is epic – I love a good friends to lovers romance and the author delivers! If you like sexy guys and hella-smart, sassy girls, then this book is for you. Highly recommend.
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