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Overall, I liked the premise of this story. However I couldn’t connect with the characters - they just weren’t likeable - and I didn’t like the side stories and themes that the author added throughout this book. It was much too long of a story, I think if it was trimmed down, it would have told a better story and would have been more enjoyable.
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The Prized Girl by Amy K. Green is a murder mystery/thriller novel and was on my most anticipated reads list for 2020. From the start of the novel we learn that a teen pageant queen, Jenny is dead. We follow Jenny’s half-sister, Virginia, as she tried to uncover what really happened to Jenny. 

While this was on my most anticipated reads list I was not captivated by the story. Yes, I did completely binge this book in less than 24 hours but I did not love the story. 

Amy Green’s writing was very readable which allowed me to read the story very quickly. However, I couldn’t connect with the characters and I had trouble with the family dynamics. The family just had too many secrets that they were hiding which made me suspect all of them as the true killer of Jenny and I really didn’t like that. The focus should have been on Jenny and her murder, not uncovering the entire families closet skeletons. 

I also really did not like Virginia as a character which was hard for me to connect to her and how she was telling the story. 

When I read a thriller I look for plot twists, suspense, and a surprise ending. The Prize Girl has all of these elements and definitely kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading. I didn’t like the ending or the scenes leading up to the ending but that is just my opinion. 

I can see some scenes being triggering for those who have dealt with sexual abuse and I really disliked the pedophile vibe through out the entire novel. 

However, given the amazing readability and writing of the story I ended up enjoying it and gave The Prized Girl 3 stars,
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The Prized Girl by Amy Green
I read this for a buddy read with some of my #bookishladiesclub friends and enjoyed this thriller! It is told in dual perspectives and dual timelines. This one made me question some of the character's intentions and reasoning. But, I was hooked and had to know how this played out and how Jenny died. There were so many twists to unpack but they didn't seem too over the top.
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This was a fast paced thriller. I didn't know who the killer was until the very end. The sordid details were over the top, just enough to know what was going on.
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Thank you Netgally and the author for the gifted copy. All thoughts are completely my own.

I'm not sure what it was with this book, perhaps the way it "flowed", it just didn't sit well with me. I suppose I mean it wasn't for me. Something about the writing style didn't mesh well with me. 

3 stars
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I wish I could have had more empathy toward the characters. I felt they were such selfish people. The mystery was entertaining, the writing was fine. The ending could use some more work.
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This started off strong, but towards the end there was way too much going on, and the ending was just disappointing. There was a sentence at the end that I liked that pulled it together but still, not a good book for me.
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This story is told between two points of view: Virginia’s and Jenny’s. Virginia is the older sister of the recent murder victim and is seeking answers to what happened that night and who committed the crime. Jenny is the younger sister of Virginia and her chapters focus on the events leading up to her unexpected death.

This one started off a bit slow for me, but gained momentum about ten chapters in. There’s so much that is unraveled within the course of this novel and by the end not all questions will be answered...
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I enjoyed the switching back and forth of perspectives between the two sisters. It kept the plot moving and their stories connected. However, I never really felt like we got to know Virginia. We know what she did--affair with her teacher, odd one day drinking pattern but not really why. I also didn't understand how she didn't know she had been drunk calling her dad for years, all cellphones have a recent list that you see whenever you make a call. Not once in a decade did she notice her drunk dialing? There were a lot of other holes in the plot too. 

I think this was a debut novel and I thought the idea had promise. Maybe the author will get it right next time.
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I wanted to like this book, but I couldn't. 
I loved the description and the cover.... but something just fell flat for me and couldn't finish.
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A young pre-teen is found dead in the woods in a small town community. Everyone was shocked, they loved Jenny and had no idea how this could have happened.  She came from a picture perfect family in a town where these kinds of these things simply don’t happen.
Her sister, Virginia, is the only one who wants to keep the case open after they find their suspect and arrest him. She doesn’t believe he did it, and she’ll brave anything to find out who actually did it.

Let me tell you, Virginia is one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen in awhile. The author did a great job at making her morally grey and difficult. I really appreciated that.

Thank you so much to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me a copy in exchange for a review.
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The Prized Girl by author Amy K. Green is a suspense thriller which strives to answer the question of "Who murdered thirteen year old Jenny?" The story is told through the alternating narrative of sisters, Virginia and Jenny.  The mystery and suspense held my interest although the characters are selfish and seem to have little moral compass. 
Virginia seems to have had so much against her from the time of her mothers' death, the negligence of her father, and then the abuse by a teacher from age fourteen until eighteen. She has never allowed her life to move beyond. these personal hurts and she has become emotionally withdrawn from life and resentful of her family.
Jenny has been trained all of her life to compete in beauty pageants. She is tired of this life. She decides to rebel and her choices in life seem to bring her more trouble. Lies, deceit, and confrontation with her parents reach a crescendo for disaster. 
I was disappointed that the truth is never revealed to the parents, police, and public. The story is told and manipulated to please Virginia. She is allowed to control truth, justice, and other people's lives. 
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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I want to start off by saying thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book, it was a very good read easy to follow along with storyline and characters. This was a new author for me but I very much enjoyed it, thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to reading more by this author again. I highly recommend this book to everybody.
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I really enjoyed this story being told from both sisters perspectives. Jenny tells you her story leading up to her murder while Virginia tries to find out who her murderer was, while also coming to terms with her downward spiral in life, and finding out dark family secrets along the way.

I really liked Jenny and understood why she rebelled so much. I did feel that she seemed like she was wise beyond her years for thirteen, but otherwise she was extremely likable.

There were so many secrets- a broken family, creepy stalkers, broken friendships, and new friendships that kept you guessing til the very end who the murderer was. 

Thank you @netgalley @duttonsbooks @randomhouse for an ARC for my honest review. This one was 4 🌟 for me.
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Jenny the pageant queen is found dead, the main suspect is an older pageant attendee, and the black sheep of the family is now in the spotlight.
Well, if that's not enough we also have some crazy shenanigans with Virginia the half sis of Jenny who is taking matters into her own hands to figure it out.
Dual narratives between sisters as well as non stop suspects leaves readers gasping for clues.
Of course, we must throw in affairs, blackmails, hidden pasts, and missing persons.
What would a thriller be without danger?
Add a few harrowing experiences that may result in death and you have readers hanging on edge, and that's the point!
It's a stalker, a victim, a perp, and prey experience in which everyone isn't coming up smelling like roses.
You will be on the edge of your seat for this one.
What appears cut and dry turns out never happened and perhaps the truth shall finally be revealed in epic fashion.
Read on and enjoy.
Thank you to Amy, the pub, & NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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This book was captivating and engrossing so i was able to read it quickly. I also wanted answers for the story line so I couldn’t put this book down. I thought it was very strong debut novel and enjoyed it from beginning to end.
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Sisters, even half sisters, share a bond that can be stretched thin but not broken.  Her sister the beauty queen has been murdered and she doesn't trust anyone else to figure out who and why.  The story line doesn't sound original but Amy K Green has definitely given an original twist to the basic story that surprises readers when the clues lead down paths that seem to pop up out of nowhere.  The Prized Girl is certainly a much better book than I expected.  My friends are going to love this one!
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Very twisty page turner! This book was an attention grabber right from the start, the only thing that left me wanting more was some of the dialog of the main characters. I wanted to know more into their minds and what they were thinking vs the somewhat predictable actions they were taking. That is the only reason I gave this book 4 stars. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good read!
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First BIG HUGE thank you to Dutton for this copy!!

So I this is "INSTRGRAM" Made me read it book. It was all over my feed so I read it and WOW! This book is going to be one I recommend to all. The twist left me speechless. If you love whodunit books this is the one to add to your list. I would love to say more but don't want to give anything away. Im totally going to have huge book hangover.
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Scheduled to post 2/15/20.

So, okay. I liked the development and progression of Jenny's story. That was the most compelling part of THE PRIZED GIRL. I thought that was really well done and I like how it was interspersed with Virginia's unfolding of the plot on the current timeline. This is the part that kept me reading.

The thing is there are fundamental issues with the rest of the book that are keeping me from calling this a good thriller: the investigation by the police and FBI and Virginia.

First the law enforcement. Thing is their gross incompetence is used as a plot device for Virginia to solve the crime. Like basic crime scene investigation stuff is ignored right off the bat. Who's Gil? Well a basic sweep of Benjy's apartment would have turned up a shoebox full of Gil and would have pointed everyone right to him. Did no one search his apartment? There's so much build-up for Gil that once that's actually revealed somewhere in the middle of the book I look at it going . . . guys . . . you should have known about him immediately. Benjy was trading letters and photos of little girls with him. This should have been evidence marker #1.

And what rubbed salt in the wound was the book started to get self-aware toward the end, with Virginia asking herself whether the FBI guy there whose name escapes me at the moment got one lucky break in his career and got bumped up too soon and is he actually incompetent. No. You don't get that cheap out. Even if he was, the entire local police force would fall into that incompetence bucket, not just the FBI guy. It was such a huge plot device that I couldn't get over it.

And then Virginia. She's . . . kind of a shitty person . . .? I'm not sure how I'm actually supposed to feel about that ending, but I don't like her as a person because of it. I don't want to get too deep into the spoiler weeds here, but sexual assault victimhood is used as a solidarity moment to excuse the death of a child because Virginia didn't much like her sister anyway. And again, the book's self-aware because Virginia is very plain that she's not a good sister. But what kind of response is that supposed to illicit in me? Am I supposed to agree with her? Excuse her actions? Like, I really wasn't leaning one way or another on Virginia until the very end and then I was like ew. You're a bad person. And it made me not like the book because of how it was wrapped up.

Ultimately Jenny's portion of the story is the best. It's the most compelling, she's a sympathetic, relatable character who draws you in. Everything else, it's either a grossly self-serving plot or filled with heinously unlikeable characters. I was not impressed with THE PRIZED GIRL.

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