Goalie Interference

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3.5 Stars 

So... I probably should’ve read Off The Ice again. Just skim it to get reacquainted again with all these characters. Because it’s been 2 years!! Since I read Off The Ice. And... well you forget who’s who.
Off The Ice was a 5 star read for me! So I was excited to jump into this book and just get swept away like I did the first book!

But, this book wasn’t what I was expecting. It took me a while to get into it. And I wasn’t really feeling Emmitt.

The whole who’s going to be the permanent goalie back and forth thing... I felt went on way too long.

But, towards the end of the book I felt the goalie position went to the right guy and I was happy how things went between Ryu and Emmitt.
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I really enjoyed this book. While I didn’t fond my self craving reading these characters story, when I picked it up I found that I really got caught up in them and I couldn’t put the book down!
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Goalie Interference is the second book in the Hat Trick series (the first being Off the Ice). To be honest, I liked Off the Ice a bit more than Goalie Interference, but it’s not a bad addition to the series by any means. I do love books about ice hockey – one of the sports that I’ll go and enjoy live. Ryu and Emmitt are a lot more alike than they first think, and sometimes I wanted to yell at them to get it together and realize this. They have a big career wrench thrown in their burgeoning relationship and I did feel really bad for the two. I can’t imagine it would be easy to date someone when they become your “rival” in a way. Overall, it’s a good read. I’d be curious to see if more Hat Trick books will be released.
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When I see a hockey story I have to read it. It's just the way it is!

In "Goalie Interference" both MCs are hockey players and what makes it even more interesting is that they're teammates who are competing for the same starting position in the net.

Ryu has been with his team for a years now and always acted as the back-up goalie, so now that the starting goalie is retired he thought natural that the position was his.

Emmitt has played in the minors for a few seasons but now it's his chance to make it in the big leagues. He feels that all his efforts were worth it, expecially since he's considered for the starting position. Of course he's going to have to earn it from Ryu.

The attraction between them is clear from the start but the fact that they're also supposed to be competing - in a way - against each other makes everything even more complicated. They're mixed feeling and confused emotions make some intense meetings but they eventually find a way to deal with everything.

It turns out that they're making a great team on the ice and sharing the starting spot works best for the team. The management though is constantly keeping them on their toes and the stress eventually affects their relationship.

The plot was very good and I like what we saw of the rest of Ryu and Emmitt's teammates. The relationship between the MCs was complicated and had a lot of ups and downs that were clearly connected to how the season was going. I liked this book and I'll read more from this series is there're more books coming in the future.

*An ARC of this book was kindly provided to me, through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. *
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If it’s enemies-to-lovers, color me all over it. This trope is my catnip, and when it’s a smokin’ hot MM and hockey romance to boot? Stick a fork in me, I’m done for.
The premise to the story is seriously finger licking good; two goalies after the coveted spot on the team. Emmitt is the rookie with everything to prove, and Ryu is the seasoned player fighting to keep his spot. Sound delicious? Because it was. What made it even more enticing was the fact that both characters were not white. In a white bread world of sports romance, this was such a refreshing change of pace of not just one but both of the characters adding diversity into the mix.
The rivalry between these two is almost as hot as the undercurrent of attraction that runs between them. But where Emmitt doesn’t hide the fact that he’s bi, no one knows that Ryu is gay, not even his parents. This was a sizzling slow burn that was a bit diluted by too much internal monologue at times, but I still loved it. I loved Emmitt’s vulnerable and playful side almost as much as I loved Ryu’s grumpy and temperamental one. Talk about your opposites attracting. And you know what they say about the quiet ones, right? Because when you finally get a peek into Ryu’s intensity in the bedroom, it makes you think twice about the man’s quiet and unassuming personality out of it.
I really enjoyed this and it was a solid 4 stars for me until the ending. It felt a bit abrupt and rushed and gave me none of the resolution I was hoping for. It was a satisfying HFN on the one hand, but I was desperately wishing for an epilogue too. I have a feeling we may be getting more of these two in the next book of this series, but I still couldn’t help but feel a little of my enjoyment fizzle. But that aside, this was still a fantastic and enjoyable read and I’m definitely hooked on the series.
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3/5 stars:

Goalie Interference was a fast-paced and interesting M/M sports romance. I really enjoyed it and it can definitely be read as a stand-alone even though it is the second book in the Hart Trick series. 

The romance between Emmitt and Ryu isn't really slow-burn but it still felt well-developed. The two characters share some pretty good chemistry from pretty much the beginning of the book and then we see it build into something deeper and more romantic. I enjoyed the first three quarters of the book better than the last one because the end was a little rushed and raw, in my opinion. Still, I really rooted for the couple from beginning to end.

I liked this book enough that I am now intrigued to read the first book of the series and I'm going to be keeping an eye out for the last book of the series.
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When I picked up Goalie Interference I was afraid that it would be to similar to my previous read (Heated Rivalry by Rachel Reid), so I thought about reading something else first but my curiousity got the better of me and the two things those books had in common were the enemies-to-lovers and ice hockey theme, otherwise they were totally different, so there's that.

I really liked Goalie Interference, I read it at the airport and on my flight. It was an awesome travel companion. Ryu and Emmitt were a lot of fun together, I really liked their dynamics.

Also I can't wait for the next - and sadly last - book in this series.

Rating: 4 stars
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. And would give it a solid 4 star.

A great enemies to lovers story with a healthy dose of steamy sexy times. Liked reading about both of there struggle for the same position on there team and the added struggle of wanting to be together without compromise. 

Cant wait for the next installment in this series.
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Fun, spicy, and a super quick read! 
I love the way the relationship between Ryu and Emmitt progressed, but overall I wish the authors would've focused a tiny bit more on the supposed competition going on between the two, or that they'd showed us way more hockey. It felt like the sport was more of an excuse to set off the romance than an actual plot point.
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Ryu Mori has played for the NHL team Venom for years, and now that the spot of starting goalie is open, it’s time that he’s promoted. Emmitt Armstrong has been traded to the team as a new reserve goalie, or so he believes, since it’s soon clear that both Emmitt and Ryu are competing for the position. Ryu disdains the rookie’s cocky attitude on the ice but secretly wishes to keep Emmitt’s mouth and the rest of his body occupied off the ice. Initially, the competitive spirit between the two makes their hook-ups catch fire, but once the season heats up, the stress of maintaining a winning streak while also contending for starting goalie threatens their tentative relationship to break. In this second in the “Hat Trick” series (Off the Ice), Gale and Vaughn suffuse plenty of sexual tension throughout by pairing Ryu’s chilly confidence and reserve with Emmitt’s outgoing arrogance in a rivalry that raises that tension sky-high.

VERDICT Fans of sports romances will adore these two alpha males trying to figure out how to work and play together nicely.

Reviewed by Eve Stano, Ball State Univ. Muncie, IN , Oct 25, 2019 for Library Journal Web Exclusives.
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Goalie Interference is the 2nd book in the Hat Trick series by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn.

Ryu Mori is the starting goalie of the Venom. At least that's what he thought before they bring in a minor league goalie. Emmitt Armstrong finally gets moved up to the Venom. He is cocky and believes he is the best. He thinks he can best Ryu and take his spot as starting goalie. What neither of them realize is that they will have to work together in tandem until the final decision is made. What starts out as a hate relationship turns into much more.

I liked Ryu in the first book, so I was very excited he was finally getting his own book. I really thought he would have been more dominant based on how he came off in the first story. I did like him just as much in this book. He is calm and collected which is what makes him a good goalie. Emmitt is the complete opposite but he is almost as good a goalie himself. 

I really liked this book. It came off as a slow start but once the action started, it got hot and heavy. I did find a couple errors in the book which I hope got fixed (i received an ARC). I am very anxious for the next book and I wonder who can be next

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Carina Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***
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This was an okay entry into Gale and Vaughn's series; if you're a fan of enemies-to-lovers and well-written sports action, it's a fantastic read. I enjoyed the amount of depth in this story--discussions of parental approval and racism in sports, particularly hockey, and anxiety/touch-aversion are covered nicely, and there are some smooth in-text scenes of support for LGBTQ teammates, including those on the bisexual spectrum. I think enemies-to-lovers isn't quite my jam, but I really appreciated the emotional depth and maturity present in the second half of the book.
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I gotta admit that writing a review feels so odd, after all this time. Yet, words seem to come easy for this book. I feel like I’ve changed a lot in 2019, and I’m hoping that will make the experience of book blogging even more interesting to both myself and my readers. I’m getting to know myself as a blogger again, and I hope you’re willing to come along for the ride!

It’s no surprise to anyone that I adore Piper and Avon’s writing. In this very busy and stressful year I’ve been having, opening the pages of this amazing book felt like coming back home.

You see, my friend Annie and I usually love the same books, but end up with different favorites. Which is great because then we don’t compete, y’know? (idk what to tell you all. I’m different in many ways, but I’m still a weirdo, so bear with me here)

Well, this time, it might be different. While Bellzie continues to be my very favorite character in the series, Emmitt absolutely stole my heart from his very first line (sorry, Annie!) and I can’t forget him. It’s odd, but he feels so familiar. His relationship with his dad was really interesting to read, and I liked how we got to see both characters truly interact with their families and how got to experience two family lives that had its similarities but also huge differences. Family bonds are always stuff I enjoy reading, so this was a great pro point for Goalie Interference.

My love for Emmitt and his easy going personality and charming… everything does’t mean I didn’t like following Ryu around. Where Emmitt felt familiar, Ryu felt like new and different, but not in a bad way at all. His relationship with his aunt was probably my favorite relationship in this book outside of the main pair. I adored their dynamics, the way he looked for her warmth, the way she knew him and respected him. It was just such a great bond to read about, I felt content everytime they were interacting.

I enjoyed this book even more than I did the first in the series, Off the Ice, which I didn’t think was gonna happen! That will teach me to stop underestimating goalies! I should have known better, goalie lover that I am! The relationships between the two main characters, and I say relationships because their person and professional relationship feed off of one another, but can also be quite different at times, are of course the gem in Goalie Interference. Emmitt and Ryu have the same goal: starting goalie position for their team. However, most of everything else – including their defense styles – isn’t really similar at all. Ryu is calm and focused earth to Emmitt’s emotional fire. The tensions between them develop into something neither expected, but both clearly enjoy and want.

It’s hard to speak much about the book without venturing into the spoiler category, but suffice to say it was a great and very fast read after a long period of not being able to finish a book. The characters are, as always, amazing and deeply fun to follow around. I cannot wait for the next in the series!
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This is one of those books that I don’t think would have worked if there was only one POV. Especially since Ryu and Emmitt had very strong feelings about each other in the beginning – and not the romantic kind. It would have been hard to sympathize with either character if you only saw things from one of them.

In order to chose a starter for the Venom, their coaches pitted them against each other. Ryu felt cheated out of a position he thought he had worked hard to earn. Emmitt wanted to prove himself to his new team and earning a starting position would do that for him. A friendship between these two rivals seemed impossible, but a romance… regardless of their initial feelings toward each other, the physical attraction couldn’t be ignored.

Ryu came from a family of over achievers. They weren’t opposed to anything that Ryu decided to do with his life as long as he did his best – and was the best at what he did. They were kind of passive in their disapproval when they directed it toward him, but even if others didn’t notice, it was always clear to him. Emmitt had a mom who was super supportive and a dad who wasn’t. His dad never forgave him for choosing hockey over following his footsteps in football. They both felt like at times that they didn’t quite measure up.

One quick hook-up wasn’t enough, but they also had to be careful. They were still part of a world that wasn’t easy to “come-out” in. Regardless, once they got a taste of how things could be, they both realized that they wanted more. They still had to get past their status on the team, but some things are worth working around.

I loved the tension between these two guys, but the supporting characters were great too. Spending time with Sebastian and Tristan from Off the Ice was fun too. I’m not a huge sports fan, but I’ve gotta admit, the Hat Trick series has made me just a bit curious about ice hockey ;)
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*3.5 stars*

I heart hockey books, and so I'll basically read any book with hockey players in them (I mean, have you seen hockey players' butts??). Even though I didn't love the first in this series from Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn, I was excited to try this one.

It's been two years since I read Off the Ice, and I felt similarly about that one as I did after I finished Goalie Interference. While I enjoyed both, nothing really stood out to me. I didn't get that clenching gut, that swoony feeling, that joy and pain that comes from reading an awesome romance. And the pace... a bit slow, if I'm being honest.

I loved that we got two POC MCs in Goalie Interference, which is highly unusual in a hockey romance. Hockey is a pretty white sport, so it's exciting when we get diversity. I liked both characters individually, though I found Ryu to be a bit too guarded, even when we were in his head.

I like enemies-to-lovers, and I dug it here, but I wanted a bit more umph, more passion. It was a solid enemies-to-lovers, but I still wanted a tiny bit more (I'm greedy!!).

Overall, I enjoyed my hockey men and I enjoyed them together, but I know these authors can do even better.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
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"Ryu was in love—head over skates in love—with his teammate. His competition."

Adorable as always, Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn managed to capture my heart once again with Goalie Interference. This time it was thanks to Ryu and Emmitt, who play for the same hockey team and who are rivals for the same spot. Emmitt comes to a new team in a very important league and tells everyone that he's bisexual as soon as he arrives. Ryu, on the other hand, has some problems with his decision of coming out to his playmates. They hate each other instantly, and that makes their first interactions incredibly intense and full of fire. Their first time being together when there's a confrontation that *had* to end in a kiss at least, was beautiful and super sexy. 

Although the beginning of this book was incredible, I found it was a little bit dull during the middle but overall I liked it very much. I have a weakness for enemies-to-lovers stories so their relationship appealed to me very much. Also, there was a lot of diversity and it was talked about on page. Emmitt is black and Ryu is Japanese-American. It was all written very thoughtfully and realistically. Both of them as individuals and as a couple were very genuine and kind in their own way. But also they were very different from each other. With their own thoughts and personalities and way of loving, expressing that love and communicating that was super interesting to read. 

The story was written gorgeously and I wouldn't expect less from this authors. But the ending kind of left me wanting for more. It was definitely a HFN ending than a HEA. They didn't solve a lot of the conflicts that were presented throughout the book and I think I expected more from those solutions that they were going to find towards the end. Maybe, if there are more books in the series we'll see them in the background like we do with Tristan and Seb. We'll see!
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Goalie Interference is the second in the Hat Trick series, following the story line of Ryu and Emmitt, both goalies in the same ice hockey team, going for the main goalie spot. Of course, with competition comes tension, and with tension comes a need to release that tension (in some way or another).

In shocking news, I requested another book on Netgalley that is apart of a series without reading the first in the series! I got excited when I saw everyone talking about this on Twitter and had to request it and then I got approved and it was then I realised it was number 2 in the Hat Trick series. Yet everything made sense, and I followed it all pretty well. I do still want to read the first in the series purely because I did love Tristan and Sebastian and I want to read about how they became how they were in this book.

I am an absolute sucker for the enemies-to-lovers trope as much as the next person, and this book delivers this trope wonderfully in my opinion. I will admit I’m not normally a major fan of character driven books, personally preferring plot driven books. However, this book was the perfect character driven book and I loved every minute of it. It honestly didn’t bother me the less important plot as I was just so invested in the characters. I also found that the plot was consistently paced and I’m glad it didn’t slow near the end.

ALSO! I loved the representation in this book! However, how accurate it is, I cannot comment on it, as I did feel that the representation of Ryu’s Japanese-American family to be somewhat stereotypical of an Asian family. I would recommend reading an own voices review to see if this is an accurate representation or not. I also liked the fact that racism in sport was brought up, and I think it was a good start to begin to address this fact, as this is such a big issue in all sports.

I cannot wait to finally read the first book in the series, and also read the next book in the trilogy! I’m intrigued to see which character the next book follows!

Thank you very much to Carina Press for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
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Goalie Interference is the second book in the Hat Trick series by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn. I did not read the first book in the series, and think that newcomers to the series will be able to fully enjoy the read on its own. 

Ryu Mori has had a stellar season as goalie for the Atlanta Venom. So when he’s called into management’s office, he’s expecting to hear he’s the new starting goalie for the team, not that some new guy—an incredibly hot, annoyingly bratty rookie—is here to compete for his spot. Not everyone gets to play in the best league in the world. Emmitt Armstrong knows that, and he’s not about to waste the opportunity after grinding his way from the bottom to the top. If the Venom are looking for a meek, mild-mannered pushover, they’ve got the wrong guy. Ryu doesn’t want to admit the other goalie’s smart mouth turns him on. Beating Armstrong at practice feels good, sure, but there are other, more fun ways to shut his rival up. In this league, it’s winner takes all. But there’s more to life than winning, and if Emmitt and Ryu can get past their egos and competitive natures, they might just discover they work better as partners than they ever imagined possible.

Goalie Interference is so much more than a m/m or sports romance. Ryu and Emmitt both have family that love and support them, but that might not all offer the kind of pride and overt recognition that they sometimes crave. They both have friends or family they can rely on, and develop support systems, and still have issues that they need to face. Their problems are unique- because of who they are- but they read like real people with real problems. Sometimes it is nice to connect with a character going through problems that are realistic and relatable rather than horrific things that make me sad or angry. Yes, I have no clue what it is like competing for the goalie spot on an NHL team- but I do know what it is like to struggle with feeling accepted or wanting my parents to be proud. 

I enjoyed seeing Emmitt and Ryu dance around each other as they came to terms with their feelings- and finding their way to each other. More importantly- they needed to figure out how to face the inevitable professional struggles they will face. I loved some of their bickering- and some of the frank discussions about love, lust, and attraction in the book. Sometimes when this many sensitive topics arise in a single book it feels manufactured or like it is being done to be trendy or tick off boxes. Here it felt completely organic- the conversations about racism, sexuality, and family all felt natural and organic to the story. I greatly enjoyed the read- and would honestly love to hang out with the characters in real life- they just were that real to me as I read.

Goalie Interference is a solid romance that touches on a wide range of emotional issues. I loved getting to know these characters and will be keeping an eye of for more from the authors.
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To be perfectly honest, I didn't read the description when I requested this book through NetGalley, I saw the title and cover and have read other good hockey romances lately so I went for it.  That being said I wasn't expecting a M/M romance and that isn't my typical type of book to read.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It was was great to see the interactions between Ryu and Emmitt from the beginning when they didn't like each other at all since they were competing for the same job, to when they started to be a little more than just teammates and as their journey continued.  

I will definitely be checking out the other books in this series.  

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Ryu Mori’s within reach of his goal - being the new starting goalie for the Atlanta Venom. He’s trained hard and has the stats to prove it. Until promising upstart Emmitt Armstrong transfers to the team, setting off a race for the starting goalie position.

I really liked Ryu in book 1. He was the calm, dependable, and quiet friend that Tristan needed. He may come across as cold at times, but that’s just introversion.

Emmitt is the opposite of that - a complete extrovert. He’s loud and a bit brash. But he’s equally loyal, and committed to the game and the team.

The two men definitely start off on the wrong foot. Neither man is a dislikeable character, but the competition for starting goalie and opposite personalities inevitably set the stage.

But it’s also undeniable that both men feel attracted to each other. As the weeks pass, the mutual dislike and attraction build.

Until finally they give in. And it’s hot.

Nothing like a lot of angry sex to really break the ice!

Or, as Ryu and Emmitt look at it, just a bit of stress relief. I was all for their arrangement - rivals on the ice, and rivals with rough sex in the sheets.

Feelings inevitably enter the picture. It was very sweet to see the two men gradually open to each other, and share bits and pieces of themselves that they hadn’t expected to.

I swooned just a bit when Emmitt and Ryu finally had the talk and agreed that they wanted to be more than just fuckbuddies.

Of course, the major obstacle remains throughout the book - the competition for starting goalie. It continues to affect their relationship after they decide to get serious.

The situation became repetitive at times, but ultimately it was an entertaining plot. And despite the angst, Ryu and Emmitt manage to come out at the other end with a stronger relationship.

But I wasn’t entirely sold on the ending. It’s a HFN, with some major points still unresolved.

Overall, this was a likeable enemies-to-lovers hockey romance, with some angst and a lot of hot and sweet. I’m hoping we get to see Ryu and Emmitt’s story wrapped up in a short follow-up or in a book 3!
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