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I just finished Wherever She Goes by Kelley Armstrong and it was so intense that sitting down to write this review now, my heart is still pounding a mile a minute in my chest. I’m a huge fan of the author’s thrillers, in particular her Rockton series, and it was a delight to find that this was in the same league in terms of excitement and drive, though of course it was also different enough to offer a new and refreshing change of pace.

In this standalone novel, we follow protagonist Aubrey Finch who has just recently separated from her husband Paul. But while she has long since accepted the fate of her doomed marriage, what she refuses to give up on is joint custody of her daughter Charlotte, who is Aubrey’s whole world. Despite being an independent, resourceful and smart woman, Aubrey knows her questionable past and lack of financial resources would not stand a chance in court against Paul, a successful defense lawyer who can provide stability for their child. And so she throws herself into being the best mother she can be, bringing Charlotte to the park on their weekends together, trying to mingle with the other moms to prove to others and herself that she is perfectly capable of taking care of her daughter.

This is how Aubrey first meets the young blonde woman, who shows up at the park sometimes with her little boy. They’ve talked on occasion, though never shared names. Just the usual kind of chitchat you have with your typical friendly mom who brings their kid to the playground. But then one day, during a jog through the park on her lunchbreak, Aubrey witnesses the blonde woman’s son being pulled forcefully into a car, with the woman herself nowhere to be seen. In a panic, Aubrey calls the police to report a kidnapping, expecting them put out an Amber alert, mobilize a search, the whole nine yards. Instead, nothing happens. The police say that no one has reported their child missing, so there’s nothing that can be done other than to follow up on the limited leads that Aubrey has provided, which have been checked and have gone nowhere. Frustrated, Aubrey decides to do her own digging into the situation, knowing what she saw was real, that somewhere out there, a child is in danger. And yet, the more she pushes, the more trouble she seems to find herself in. People are starting to question her sanity, wondering whether her fears of losing her own child might be making her delusional. Worse, her investigation activities might be drawing some unwanted attention, threatening to expose details from her past that she would prefer to leave unexplored.

Leave it to Kelley Armstrong to write such an addictive and immersive thriller! I was captivated from the moment it started, and I don’t think the pace slows down at all. Story-wise, Wherever She Goes might come across as the same old, same old—a missing child, an amateur detective protagonist whose obsession with the case leads others to doubt them, and so on and so forth—but what Armstrong does that few other authors can pull off is a perfect sense of timing and a writing style that can convey a sense of desperate immediacy. We’re with Aubrey every step of the way as she carries out her own investigation, feeling the full brunt of her anxiety, fears, and tension. Any moment this fragile situation could come tumbling down on her, jeopardizing her own life as well as those she loves.

And speaking of Aubrey, what a fascinating character Armstrong has created. Aubrey Finch a bright young woman with a real knack for technology, but life hasn’t exactly gone her way due to some unfortunate circumstances as well as mistakes on her part. Throw in a bit of social awkwardness, and others aren’t always willing to trust her because they find her aloof and slightly strange. The fact that this story takes place in a big city doesn’t help, where people are either apathetic to point of nihilism or so prying and judgmental that they always seem to be sticking their nose in your business. Aubrey finds herself dismissed as a crazy person trying to make trouble, and it was so frustrating seeing her brushed off by everyone. Still, this is a lady you don’t want to mess with. Whether she’s hacking into network systems of fighting off thugs that are more than twice her size, she can take care of herself. She’s also fiercely independent, refusing to accept help even if she could really use it. Despite her occasional bullheadedness and her tendency to run headlong into the unknown though, I still found her extremely likeable and relatable and easy to root for.

There were also some surprises in this otherwise straightforward thriller, including discovering that Paul was actually quite a decent guy despite Aubrey’s initial fears that he might fight her over custody arrangements for Charlotte. And there were so many twists and turns in the second half of the novel, it was hard to know who to trust anymore.

Bottom line, Kelley Armstrong is an author who knows how to keep you on your toes. Granted, I have not read many of her paranormal/fantasy work, but with books like Wherever She Goes, I definitely find myself gravitating more towards her thrillers. This was another winner for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys exciting and suspenseful mysteries.
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Wherever She Goes by Kelley Armstrong is one of those crazy thrillers that keeps you guessing whether there’s even anything to solve. What you have is an unreliable narrator hiding her own secrets while insisting a crime has happened.

Aubrey Finch has just left her marriage behind her after years of hiding her past from her husband. Aubrey and her husband still share custody of their daughter though while they work out the divorce with Aubrey getting to spend weekends with her daughter.

One day while out at the park Aubrey and her daughter meet another young mother and her son. Audrey feels drawn to the other woman because it seems the two share a lot in common and don’t fit with the  other mothers. A few days later when Aubrey sees the boy alone she tries to keep an eye on him but he ends up pulled into a vehicle.

So what would you do if you saw a young child struggling with someone in a car? Call the police? Well, that’s what we have here except when no one other than the MC seems to have reported a child abduction the police  find it hard to believe since parents should be frantic. So many questions the pages where definitely turning with this one and things only increase in intensity the more you learn. Great story to check out!

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.
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Very good book, can’t wait to read more by this author. Easy to follow along story  and great characters.
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I've been reading Kelley Armstrong's books for almost ten years now (!!) and at her best she is such a good comfort-read author. Cosy thrillers, fun paranormal romance, strong heroines... but unfortunately this one was just average for me. I think it's because I feel like I've read a few hundred versions of this same plot.

Wherever She Goes was most compelling in the beginning when we are first introduced to Aubrey and discover that she is trying to rebuild her life after a recent divorce. Her struggles to be a good mother to her three-year-old daughter, especially constantly being compared to her wealthy, got-his-shit-all-together ex-husband, made it emotionally engaging. I related to her anxiety, the pressure she felt, and the doubts she has about whether she will ever be good enough.

Then, one day, she gets pulled into someone else's mother/child drama. Well, maybe. Because even though Aubrey sees the son of a woman she met in the park getting dragged into a man's car, the police won't believe her. They think she might have imagined it, or even exaggerated events for attention. When no one reports a missing child, the case is pretty much closed.

Except Aubrey can't forget about it. She never got the woman's name, but she's determined to find out who and where she is, and hopefully save the boy from his kidnappers.

Aubrey's personal life was by far the most interesting part of the book because the crime/mystery aspect felt very recycled. Another case of a woman witnessing a crime and having to go digging herself because the police believe she is hysterical. It's yet another The Girl on the Train or The Woman in the Window, except in this case I couldn't really understand why the police assumed she made it up. Even with the absence of evidence, their immediate assumption that she was making it up seemed... not very believable.

Of course, Aubrey also has a dark past. Though I think it is played up more than necessary given what it actually is. It's not even that exciting.

The ending, too, was a little disappointing. I was underwhelmed by the reveals and how things turned out (view spoiler). The singular "twist" of the book, if it can even be called that, was immediately obvious.

I liked it most as a portrait of motherhood, anxiety and divorce. As a mystery/thriller, it was forgettable.
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Great suspenseful read!!! I’ve read a lot of Kelley Armstrong’s books and this one did not disappoint.
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Aubrey's life is, let's face it, a mess.  She's recently divorced, her ex Paul has custody of her daughter, and she's working a low level job. She's the epitome of an unreliable narrator- or is she?  She swears she saw a little boy kidnapped in the park and she reported it immediately but...no one believes her and no one knows anything about it.  So of course, given that she can't control anything in her own situation, she decides to investigate and find the child.  This is a nice thriller- it's well plotted with a good character in Aubrey (and some others you will dislike).  The writing will pull you in.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  A page turner perfect for travel or the beach.
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Wherever She Goes by Kelley Armstrong is a psychological thriller that tore me up. My heart bled all over the place for Aubrey. This is a fast paced read that will keep you flipping pages to find out what happens next. Kelley Armstrong is a fantastic story teller and has hit another out of the park.
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My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Aubrey Finch is apparently on an island of her own. She has seen a child snatched and reported it within minutes. However, no one else reported it and the police will not take her seriously. Some go so far as to doubt Aubrey's sanity. She is currently working as a librarian. Aubrey was recently a stay-at-home mother, but now separated from husband Jack, she does not have primary custody of her young daughter Charlotte. So, the police - and others - worry about her motives. What is more, Aubrey keeping her past from Jack doesn't make things any easier. 

Aubrey has very good reason in allowing her ex to be the custodial parent. She is hiding a past that she feels she cannot trust anyone with, and is more than worried about her future. Putting her own life and feelings aside, Aubrey takes it upon herself to discover the whereabouts of the little boy. She has very little to go on, but she hopes to start with the fact that she met the boy's mother just a day before the incident. Hopefully this will be enough for her to get started.

More than that, Aubrey has above par computer skills. It is those very skills that take Aubrey very far into a layer of deceit, secrets and danger. While searching, Aubrey has interactions with her ex-husband. Sharing custody is not easy, especially now that Jack is dating again.

What a finely-balanced book! It had great - and not-so-great - characters. The story had lots of twists and turns and culminated with an intense conclusion. Having previously read a series of Kelley Armstrong's, when this book came up, it was a great opportunity for me. I was thrilled to have been able to read and review it. I definitely will keep her future titles on my radar.

Many thanks Minotaur Books and to NetGalley for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
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As a big fan of Kelley Armstrong's Rockton series, I was interested in what she was going to do with this standalone thriller. I found Wherever She Goes to be a decently paced story with an intriguing main character who is still holding herself accountable for the initially unclear transgressions of her past. The last 20% or so of the story greatly increased the tension and pace, and I thought the ending of this story was exactly right. Aubrey was an interesting main character, and I think Kelley Armstrong could definitely use her again as I think she could have more story to tell with her.
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I only recently found Kelley Armstrong's books... surprising see how prolific an author she is! I began with her most recent Rockton novel and then went back to the beginning of that series after enjoying it so much. (I see another entry in that series is coming next year!) So when I saw this book, I had to request it! Happy that I did. A librarian out for a jog witnesses a kidnapping and no one believes what she saw so she decides to find proof. Secrets come out; things get complicated; the story gets fun. As with her Rockton novels, there is a complicated romantic relationship plotline, but it's not the main focus. I think this is a good fit for those who enjoy mystery/detective type novels with a strong female character. 

I haven't read any of her fantasy (think vampires, witchcraft, monsters) novels, but if that's your thing, I'd give those a try. 

Thank you to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for my honest review.
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'Wherever She Goes' is an AWESOME book!  The main character is Aubrey "Bree' - she is unique, strong, flawed and conflicted.  Her life story is revealed over the course of the book and its a delightful.  The book is surprising and has a unique storyline - it doesn't have the 'rhythm' of a typical book and that adds to the overall interest.  Other characters are well done - unique but not completely unrealistic.  I can''t say enough about how much I love this book!
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Kelley Armstrong is definitely one of my favourite authors and I have been looking forward to this psychological thriller since it was announced! 

“Few crimes are reported as quickly as a snatched kid”
When the police refuse to believe Aubrey that she saw a boy getting snatched, she comes to realize that rescuing him is up to her 

Aubrey was an interesting character, I definitely related to her maternal anxieties and the moments between her and Paul felt real and hard for me to read. 
I loved watching this other side of Aubrey come out, a side that she had repressed and using all her skills and having to trust her ex husband. 

I enjoyed this one and i couldn’t put it down until I knew what was going to happen.
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I think of Kelley Armstrong as a writer of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. However, most of what I have read from her is mystery suspense.  I love her Rockton series, so I decided to give Wherever She Goes, also a mystery suspense story a try. 

Aubrey is an interesting character. She is in the middle of a divorce but very accommodating to her spouse even when it hurts her. She shoulders the blame for things, which not all of them are her fault.  She is hanging on to issues from her past and it makes her rather odd at times. I do think there were a few people whose behavior towards her were more negative than her behavior warranted. 

Aubrey gets caught up in the fates of a child and his mother. She does a great job of tracking down information, better than the police, and in a mostly legal way.  It's hard to know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, both in her pending divorce,  for this child and his mother.  I was frightened for them, for Aubrey, her spouse and child, and it was tense.

I really enjoyed this, even though Aubrey was a bit strange at the start, which made it harder to root for her.  As she became more herself and doing what she knew was right, it was easy.  I love Aubrey's personal growth and how she finds a new foundation for her life.
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This is the first novel I have read by Kelley Armstrong. As soon as I finished it, I went looking to see if she had other books in a similar genre. It appears that she generally writes paranormal books, which is why I had never heard of her before. My hope is that she will write more urban-style thrillers as this one was so compelling and well-written, I can hardly wait to read more of books that are similar in style. As I don’t read paranormal books, I will have to wait.

In this book, which is a thriller mystery, Aubrey Finch (aka Bree) is working part-time at a library. She is newly separated from her husband, Paul, who is a well-to-do lawyer. She has left her daughter with her husband until she is able to provide a better living space for her.

She misses her daughter and often takes her run through a park which includes a children’s play area. One day, she happens across a young mother and her son and chats with them a bit.

Days later, she is running and she sees the young son by himself. As she is looking for his mother, he wanders into the parking lot and is taken against his will.

Thus begins a book with twists and turns. There are individuals with secret pasts that catch up with them.

Bree is trying to find the missing child and no one seems to believe that she saw what she saw. Her sanity is questioned, she becomes a suspect, her past is slowly revealed and we discover there is a lot more to Bree than a stay-at-home mom.

I would love to see Bree in future books. Her skills are amazing as is her tenacity and caring for a child she has just met.

I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Netgalley.
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If u want something easy and quick then this book is definitely for you this summer. What a great book this was. This is the first book I read by this author and it did not disappoint.

This book was about a women with a secret past who saw something she shouldn’t have. The police don’t believe her so she makes it her mission to find out the truth no matter what the costs. 

Wow, what a book!!!!! I really enjoyed the book from start to finish. Where to begin? I just loved the way the characters meshed so well with each other. I especially loved the dynamic between the Aubrey and the women detective. At first they didn’t trust each other but by the end they had a mutual respect and fondness for each other. I also loved the way Aubrey and her husband connected especially at the end. Now the plot. Who doesn’t like a story about a murdered mom and her child going missing. That alone had me hooked along with all the twists and turns this book had to offer. I never knew what was coming next. 

Between the plot, characters and all the twists in this book it made it an easy and fast read. I would definitely recommend it and happily give it 5 Hearts❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Not as good as I thought it was going to be, which was a huge let down since I truly enjoy Kelley Armstrong as an author. I don't know if maybe it was the fact that I was engrossed in a couple other books that kept me from getting fully immersed but I couldn't connect for some reason.
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Armstrong always delivers with an action packed, suspense filled mystery that kept me turning the pages and eager for more. 

Wherever She Goes was all these things and best of all, kept me guessing numerous times and had me swaying back and forth with exactly what was going on and what in Aubrey's past was catching up to her. 

A story where everyone is suspect and you never know who to believe or what is going to happen next this was fun filled with a very believable story line, both with the mystery and with Aubrey's personal life, this had me interested right up until the end.
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Aubrey Finch meets a young boy and his mother in the park while she is there with her own daughter.  Several days later while she is doing her daily run she sees the boy again but this time his mother is no where around.  Aubrey follows the boy and he leads her to the parking lot where a car stops and snatches the boy inside.  She can't believe what she has just seen, she immediately tries to take a picture of the plates but they are covered with mud.  Aubrey calls the police and when they arrive they take her statement and tell that they have everything under control, they will contact her if they need anything else.  She soon learns that not only has no child has been reported missing and the police think that she was seeing things.  She knows she is not crazy but know that the people around her are looking at her as if she is.  When she learns that the police aren't going to do anything else about the missing boy she knows that she must figure things out on her own.  Her life is already complicated enough, she just got divorced, her ex has custody of their daughter, and now he is dating someone new.  She wants to be in her daughters life as much as possible but things just seem to keep getting in the way.  With all this going on can she really find a missing boy that no one else thinks is really gone?  Follow along as Aubrey takes all the things she has learned throughout her life and hidden from others and searches for the boy that she knows is missing.  This was an exciting read that had you hurting for Aubrey and hoping that her life would turn around.  That she would be able to find the missing child and show all those who doubted her the truth that none of them could see.
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It’s a heartbreaking set-up for Aubrey Finch. She is separated from her husband, Jack, and their daughter Charlotte who is living with him. Aubrey is the one who left her beautiful child and home behind for a dumpy apartment but generous visitation rights with Charlotte. With only a high school diploma, Aubrey considers herself fortunate to have landed a job in a library. Aubrey blames herself for the disintegration of her marriage and refuses all monetary offers from Jack.
Psychological mysteries such as Wherever She Goes are about my least favorite mystery/thriller, just above cooking and old lady sleuths. However Wherever She Goes is written by Kelley Armstrong. C’mon, it’s Kelly Armstrong! I’m as likely to pass on reading one of her books as I am to give up chocolate for Lent. After all, she is the author of two series that are in my permanent top seven.
Aubrey’s story gets even worse when she witnesses a small child being kidnapped. A child she and Charlotte had met only the day before playing in the park where they like to play. So Aubrey knows nothing about the boy or his mother. No one believes Aubrey; not the yummy mummies, not the police, nor her husband who just seems to be humoring her.
For a stay-at-home mom, Aubrey seems to have some mad investigative and physical skills. These seem to be related to her past she has hidden from her husband; much to the detriment and likely end to her marriage. Jack is already dating the perfect woman. 
Aubrey puts her skills to use, she’s not about to abandon the small boy, but even Aubrey isn’t prepared for the tangled and dangerous web she discovers.
Aubrey is a tenacious, fierce woman, but she is the only well-developed character. The others serve only to move the story along and to reflect the lioness that is Aubrey. Eventually Jack shows some quiet strength in his dealings with Aubrey and the villains.
Wherever She Goes is fast-paced with some surprising character twists and certainly kept my attention. The story was told from Aubrey’s POV, and she told a straight-up story. When she finally needed to face her past, she owned it, used it, and tried to forgive herself. Armstrong has always excelled in flawed female characters, Aubrey Finch is no exception.
Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange of a fair and honest review.
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It’s Kelley Armstrong so, of course, I loved  this story. Bree Has a secret past that has come between she and her husband, She was a criminal hacker and only changed her career after a job went wrong and she was shot. She got out and went legit and got married. She has gone from being a stay at home mom married to a successful lawyer to working as a librarian and living in a dumpy apartment. One day, she’s playing in a park with her daughter when she briefly meets another mom with a little boy. Later that week she thinks she sees the boy being abducted. When she goes to the police, they don’t believe her and with no child reported missing they do not investigate. Bree  decides it’s up to her to find out what has happened to the boy. When her own daughter is threatened, Bree’s estranged husband agrees to help her. This is a well thought out, well written story but I would expect no less from Ms. Armstrong. I hope this is the first book of a series because I enjoyed the characters and think there is a lot of potential here. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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