Wherever She Goes

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Estranged wife and mother Aubrey Finch witnesses the kidnapping of a young boy but when she tells the police, they inform her that no child has been reported missing and do not take her seriously. Aubrey takes matters into her own hands and becomes an amateur detective, investigating the crime and the people who she learns are involved. She runs into more than she bargained for when her sleuthing puts her own life and that of her loved ones in peril.

I found this plot to be reminiscent of Heidi Perk’s Her One Mistake, but there was definitely a difference in how the protagonist was presented. What I loved most about Aubrey was her strength and perseverance. Though clearly not living up to her potential, she is resourceful, highly intelligent, and not afraid to confront the most dangerous of enemies. I love a good strong female character who rescues rather than needs to be rescued. 

One minor pet peeve I had was that Aubrey refers  to herself as a “librarian,” even though she does not have an MLS or hold a true librarian position. Just because someone works in a library does not mean she’s a librarian. As a librarian myself, I found this detail a slightly irritating.

Regardless of this oversight, I enjoyed this and recommend it to those looking for a fast-paced suspense with a strong female character.

Many thanks to Netgalley, Minotaur Books and Kelley Armstrong for my complimentary e-copy ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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This was a good story with some very suspenseful parts.  The author made sure to write a character that really had me wanting to read more about her and see exactly how she would handle these situations.  A bit chilling, a bit heartbreaking, and more than plenty chills,  I also enjoyed the twists and turns!  Will use in a challenge, as well as recommend to the members of Chapter Chatter Pub.
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Kelley Armstrong is a favorite of mine. Her Watcher Series and her urban fantasy books are really well done!

I wasn't fully on board right away with this one. At first, we didn't have enough information about her and her husband and daughter for me to decide if she was a wimp or nuts. Turns out she is neither. 

When Aubrey is having playtime at the park with Charlotte, she meets a young woman and her son. Aubrey is very observant. The woman is young, with what looks like old track marks on her arms. While Aubrey is chatting with her son, the young lady moves away and begins speaking angrily in Russian to someone on a cell.  How odd, she thinks. 

The next time she goes to the park, she looks for the young lady and doesn't find her. But she is sure that the little boy running towards the parking lot is her son. And from his screams for help, she is positive he is being kidnapped. 

The police don't believe her. No one believes her. Which had me thinking. Why? Why are all the moms at the park treating her like a pariah? What don't we know? And there is. 

Some of it was heartbreaking, some of it was secrets and lies, but in the end, she has to answer the question. How far do you go to protect someone else's child?

There were numerous subplots going on her as well. Which muddied the waters a bit.

All in all, it was a good read.

Well Done!

NetGalley/ June 25th, 2019 by Minotaur Books
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3.5 stars

Wherever She Goes is an engaging thriller from one of my favorite urban fantasy writers. Bree is a soon-to-be divorced young mother who witnesses a kidnapping in a local park. Only no one believes her as there has been no report of a missing child. When circumstances prove to Bree that not only was she right but that the child likely is in danger, she falls back on her skills from her former life which she has kept secret from her husband to find the boy herself.

As with her other stories, Armstrong has created a likeable heroine in Bree, and the narrative flows quickly and smoothly to a satisfying conclusion. I sympathized with Bree from the start and wanted very much to see her succeed. If some of her skills, especially her physical ones, seemed unbelievably strong considering her 5+ year hiatus, I could let that slide because I connected with Bree and was eager to read on to see what happened.

All in all, this was a very readable thriller with relatable characters. Though this reads as a standalone, I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel.
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For over a decade now, I have even a big fan of Armstrong's books - across multiple genres. She creates not only realistic, dynamic characters (all the more so impressive since in some genres these people have some rather extraordinary abilities!), but also exciting plots and stories that always move at a fast pace. This standalone thriller, set in a fictional Chicago suburb, is no exception - and is utterly absorbing from its very first pages. 

Aubrey Finch clearly has a lot of problems in her past - and in her present with a recent separation with her husband. And when she witnesses a kidnapping, and no one seems to take her seriously, this provides a catalyst for Aubrey to take matters into her own hands and start to stop ignoring her own past. It is an addictive read - I genuinely couldn't put it down when I began it. It's just an exciting story - with a plot that holds plenty of twists and a satisfying conclusion. Armstrong is definitely one of my very favorite writers, and this is just a great standalone book! Although, I would certainly be eager to pick up a sequel if it ends up being the starting point for a new series!!
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Wherever She Goes is the latest book by Kelley Armstrong. Typical Armstrong story, a strong female main character and edge of your seat moments. I enjoyed Aubrey (the main character) so much I'm going to miss seeing the rest of her life unfold. Would love for Ms Armstrong to consider making this a series. I was given an early copy to review.
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Wherever She Goes is a psychological thriller with a plethora of twists and turns that change the good guys into bad guys and the bad guys into good guys. It kept me guessing throughout which characters Aubrey can trust and which she can’t. Just when it seems like she has it figured out, everything changes. This is an exciting thriller with a surprising but satisfying ending.

The narrator, Aubrey, is a strong and well-developed narrator. However, she seems to have skills (and courage) that are somewhat unbelievable at times. We learn early on what motivates Aubrey in her determination to find the missing child, a child that no one, especially the police, believes exists. The other characters are not as well-defined. Paul’s character is rather flat. I would have liked to learn more about Laila.

I’m a big fan of Kelley Armstrong. I always look forward to her newest releases.

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC and for the opportunity to read and review this novel.
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Wow, Wherever She Goes is a great book! What would you do if you witnessed what you thought to be a kidnapping? Would you pursue it and look into it further, even if it seems the police department is not convinced that it was a kidnapping and may not be on your side or even believing everything you say? For Aubrey, she was determined to find the little boy, no matter the perceptions and criticisms she received from everyone around her. Struggling with her own personal and family issues, Aubrey throws herself into finding out just what happened that day, unraveling truths and facts in all facets of her life. Engaging and intriguing, great read!
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Wherever She Goes is a fast paced and tense novel with complex characters and an intriguing, if not that fleshed out, plot. There is quite a bit of mystery and suspense surrounding the main character, Aubrey, which leads to a bit of confusion regarding the narrative as the story progresses. The writing is still really engaging and Aubrey’s POV is well done, so this is a quick and entertaining read.

Kelley Armstrong knows how to set up a thrilling mystery. The beginning of the novel is quick to capture your attention. There’s a desperate atmosphere that surrounds Aubrey, which turns into determination as the plot is developed. There aren’t many surprises or twists, but there’s still a lingering tension in each chapter that builds up as Aubrey gets closer and closer to finding out the truth of what happened to the little boy she saw being kidnapped.

This was a good read! Nothing too mind-blowing, but it’s fast paced and engaging enough. The writing is great, as usual with Armstrong, but there’s a bit of a spark missing for me to fully connect to the story. The characters are really well developed and Aubrey’s POV keeps you interested and flipping pages, but the plot is a bit underdeveloped to me, especially as part of it focuses heavily on Aubrey’s past and that’s never really explained in a coherent manner.

The mystery is a bit underwhelming. There aren’t any surprises or plot twists, just the narrative going from point A to B without too much at stake. There is a bit of action, though, but the overall feeling throughout the novel is one of tension. Even the starting conflict of a little boy being kidnapped doesn’t hold much weight as the narrative develops.

I guess the novel has an interesting premise and, while the story is engrossing, the execution feels a bit… off? I feel like this book had a lot of potential, but things sort of fall flat in the end. There isn’t a sense of danger at all, so I personally didn’t feel like there was too much at stake. Just not the book for me, I guess.

Overall, Wherever She Goes is a nice read with good writing and great characters. The premise is intriguing and the fast pace keeps you reading, but the plot could have been a little more fleshed out. The ending is also a bit underwhelming, but it does lend a hopeful tone to Aubrey’s story that makes it a nice conclusion to the book.
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I enjoy Kelly Armstrong's books, and this stand alone novel was an interesting read. I enjoyed the heroine and her determination to find justice and the kidnapped child, despite no one believing her. It was a good mystery, and a satisfying ending.
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How can you go wrong with a thriller like this one! Mama power! I love how this book made me feel and thinking about how I would react in this situation. This was a great thriller and I absolutely recommend. 
Thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Edge-of-your-seat thriller kept me interested from page 1!  Fast paced and lots of twists made this book super interesting and kept me reading until the very last page!  Aubrey, a young mom, is on a crazy journey after she sees a mom and her young son playing at the park one day.  Two days later she sees the same boy at the park again but alone, follows and him and then sees him being abducted.  She attempts to report this to the police, but no missing child report has been filed yet so they do not believe her.  So much happens from this point on--many twists and turns and a great story.  Quick read and well worth it!  Thanks so much to to NG for the ARC!!!!
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I adore Kelley Armstrong, and while I didn't love Wherever She Goes as much as her urban fantasy novels, it was still a worthy read, and one I did enjoy. The author has taken a story that's been done before and put her own spin on it, which will work for many folks, especially those looking for a surface level, fast paced psychological thriller. Although I can't quite put my finger on why, I didn't find the characters in this story as compelling as others she has created. Perhaps they were too generic and unlikable? An easy read, and one that will be perfect entertainment while chilling by the pool or beach on summer vacation.
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Thanks to NetGalley for a Kindle ARC of Wherever She Goes.

I enjoy the author's Rockton series so I was eager to read an early ARC of Wherever She Goes, a standalone novel featuring Aubrey/Bree Finch, a mother of a three-year-old with a felonious, secret past.

** Minor spoilers ahead **

Out with her daughter, Charlotte, at the park one day, Bree meets a young woman and her son, Brandon. 

They have a brief conversation and the meeting is forgotten until the following day, when Bree witnesses Brandon being kidnapped.

Events took a more disastrous turn when his mother ends up on the news, the victim of a gunshot wound.

Now, Bree is convinced Brandon's life is in danger and uses her computer skills from her past life to dig into the dead woman's past and locate her son.

At the same time, she worries over fighting for custody of her daughter, the love she still has for her husband, Paul and the guilt over not being able to save her mother from a tragic car accident, and her father, a veteran and victim of PTSD, which caused him to take his own life.

I liked Bree; she was savvy and determined and willing to risk her own life to save a stranger and a child she didn't know. 

She made mistakes, in her past and present, and owned up to them. 

She didn't make excuses for her felonious behavior and she didn't whine or glom onto her husband for financial support or love.

She lived within her own means, and though she struggled, she tried to do her best and the best for her daughter.

I liked Bree, I could see myself being friends with her.

I also liked Paul; for once, a man who isn't portrayed as a scum bag or a tool, or an adultering, charismatic, seductive man.

He's an educated defense lawyer who loves his daughter, and misses his wife, despite their separation. 

When Bree needs someone to confide in, Paul listens to her, without calling her crazy or delusional or a fantasist.

He helps her, he BELIEVES her, and he assists her in her investigation. Even when the truth of her past is revealed to have broken their marriage, Paul is Bree's biggest supporter as she tries to find out who the dead woman was and what happened to her son.

The thing is, I did not like the story. 

Yeah, it started predictably enough; a kidnapped little boy, his mother now dead. This could have led into many foreseeable paths, which I could have dealt with since I like the author and was curious to see where it was going.

Then, it got super Lifetime-y; it was all here, a shady boyfriend, his super shadier family, a shady girlfriend, thugs, guns waving around. It got just a bit too much.

It ended just as Lifetime-y, but since I liked Bree and Paul, I let it go.

Also, I do have to point out, as one reviewer noted earlier, a librarian does need higher education and the author mentions often that Bree does not have a college degree. 

That means Bree is not a librarian, which is fine, but an aide of some sort. Being a librarian and an aide are not interchangeable positions. 

This was not one of the author's best, but I appreciate the opportunity to read this book before it was released.
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WHEREVER SHE GOES was a fast-paced, tension-filled, twisty thriller. Aubrey Finch didn't think much about talking to a young mother and son when she is playing in the park with her daughter. But when she sees the boy again a few days later and sees him being dragged into a car, she knows she has to do something. The only problem is that no one has reported a child abduction and the police don't believe that Aubrey saw what she saw.

It is time for Aubrey to dust off her computer hacking skills and look into the case herself. Aubrey has a past that she is keeping from her husband Paul. She lost her mother in a car accident when she was two, her military father committed suicide when she was eighteen which caused her to drop out of MIT where she was in a computer technology program. She went astray and joined a gang of thieves who broke into empty houses and robbed them. After being shot by a homeowner, she chose to leave and reinvent herself. When she met Defense Attorney Paul, she didn't share any of her past secrets.

Paul and Aubrey's marriage is faltering and she feels guilty both for keeping her secrets and for what she sees as her lack of skills as a mother. Paul and Aubrey are separated and main custody of their three-year-old daughter Charlotte is with Paul. She empathizes with the young mother whose son has been taken and is even more concerned when she learns that the mother has been murdered.

As Aubrey tries to find the young boy, she discovers more and more about the young mother's past and her connection to the Russian mafia and finds herself in more and more danger. And the danger seems to be following her home to her husband and daughter.

This was nicely twisty with a bunch of possible villains. While I thought that Aubrey seemed a little lacking in self-confidence and a little too accommodating of her husband's perceived needs, I still found her an interesting character that I was pulling for and wanting to know more about.
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I do enjoy reading books by Kelley Armstrong and this was no exception.  Bree is divorced from her husband and does not have custody of her daughter.  When she witnesses a kidnapping and reports it to the police that is when the mystery begins.  She is not believed!  Why?

There is a lot to this story and I was not disappointed by any of it.

Thanks to Netgalley and St Martins Press for this advanced readers copy.  This is due to release in June 2019.
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This book really didn't go where I thought it would after the start of it.  I was on the fence with Aubrey and her choices to leave her family, but as things went on and we learned about her past her choice made sense and she was doing what she thought was right.  Aubrey was great with Charlie, right there playing with her, being in the moment.

When Aubrey witnessed the kidnapping things really changed for her.  She knew what she saw, but the sad thing is no one believed her.  Aubrey ended up going down the rabbit hole as she worked to find out what was really happening.  Along the way it seemed like she was going to loose everything, instead by the end of the book she gained so much and could finally live her life in the open.  I have a feeling it will be nothing but sunshine for her.
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Aubrey Finch is recently divorced from Richard and sharing custody of her daughter Charlotte. Days after Aubrey and Charlotte meet a young mother and her son at the playground, Aubrey witnesses the boy get kidnapped from the same playground. Where is the boys mother? Why is he at the playground alone? Who took him? Why won’t the police listen to Aubrey when she reports the crime? Wanting to protect the child, Aubrey starts an investigation on her own, risking custody of her own daughter. She soon realizes the crime is far more dangerous than she realized. A good crime thriller.
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You can count on Kelley Armstrong's novels to be page-turners and this one is no exception. I like the premise and the way that my impression of many of the characters evolves as the story develops. One thing that irritates is that the dialogue, no matter who is speaking, all sounds alike. That's a small point overall though in this entertaining beach read.
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I loved it - I pretty much love everything Kelley Armstrong writes and this just hit everything I've loved. The characters are great, the plot was intriguing. Loved it
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