Wherever She Goes

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Wow! This was one good book! I think I was holding my breath the whole time reading it! I loved the characters and it was just full of suspense. I highly recommend this book. It is quite the page turner.
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Kelley Armstrong is a talented writer, so I knew going in on requesting this novel it would be decent. It is a wonderfully creepy and mysterious novel about a missing child. Yet, with Ms. Armstrong there is so much more to the novel than just that one plot point. She layers this story so that you can't stop reading it. Even if you just want to put it down or give up on it. Her knack for creating characters even evil ones that you are interested in is amazing. Wherever She Goes is not quite like anything of her's I read before. The narrator is not always likable, but you want to believe her. It is a wild ride.
Thank you so much to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for allowing me to read this book.
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Kelly Armstrong always writes about strong women. I guess that's why I was thrown off in the first of this book. Overall it was a really good book. A little boy is kidnapped and know one believes you. A mothers worst nightmare even if that child is not yours.There was a slow build up to me but Aubrey is not just a shy, awkward librarian and when the action starts it is non stop until the end. I don't know if this is a new series or not but if it is I will be reading the next one
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I’ve read Kelley Armstrong’s books for years. I love her writing and consider her one of my “go to” authors. That being said, this has to be the best book she’s written! Absolutely fabulous characters, great plot, and heart stopping action. Wow. Just. Wow!!!! I recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure with a great plot.
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I really wanted to love this book but I just could not connect with it or the main character.  It did have some interesting twists and turns but I struggled to find it realistic.  While it is a quick and easy read, I had issues with the over-usage of the word thug and that became a distraction for me.  The main character was not likable and definitely came off a little crazy.   And other characters in the book were "bad guys" or rather, "thugs" but then they weren't but then they were again....it was confusing. 

This is my first book to read by this author and I would definitely give other books by her a try.  Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this copy.
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Aubrey Finch is somewhat starting over, again. She has recently separated from her husband Paul, a defense attorney and determined to make it on her own. Previously a stay at home mom in a nice home, in a nice neighborhood, she now lives in an apartment (with less than adequate security) and works at a library. She only has their daughter Charlotte on weekends, Paul remains the custodial parent in their mutual agreement.  

When Aubrey is out for a run at the park, she witnesses a boy get into a car and shortly after, scream for his mom. A mom she had spoken to days earlier.  She does what she can to try and catch the SUV (on foot) or at least snap a photo, but to no avail.  She quickly calls the police and that is when things go south. 

The police don't believe there is a case.  No mother in their right mind wouldn't report their child missing immediately, and they haven't gotten any reports of a missing child.  Aubrey must have misunderstood the situation. She feels the police don't see her as the most competent individual.  What mother doesn't have primary custody of their child?  

Aubrey knows what it's like for a child to need help, and no one to rescue them. No one to stop and help. She can't just forget about that boy and starts investigating. Her investigation though, puts her on the radar of some dangerous individuals....

I really did enjoy this book. It was a good story and had a pretty fast pace.   The first half of the book though, Aubrey just seems really flighty and incompetent.  Insecure and unsure of any decision she makes.  Then all of a sudden, a switch is flipped and she's like a completely different character.  There were no real breaks and the book isn't broken into chapters.  I think this helped me read faster, for sure.  But it also means a lot of events just kind of ran into each other.   I wouldn't exactly call this a twisty thriller, as their are not many twists and what is there is not difficult to unravel.  All in all though, it's a good story.  I would not be surprised if this was turned into a series.  Aubrey just seems like a character with a bigger story.
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I am a huge fan of this author so I hate to say I didn't like this book as much as her other work. It had great characters and an interesting plot. The pacing is a bit slow through the middle of the story. It picks back up with several surprising twists. I really enjoyed the ending as it felt realistic instead of a cookie cutter HEA. The book is a good read
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I was very excited to be able to read this not only because it sounded very interesting but also because I am a long time fan of Kelley Armstrong's work, so to say I had high expectations of her latest book would be an understatement. The best part is as high as my expectations were this book did not disappoint. The book starts out with our main character (Aubrey) watching her daughter play at a local park. That is when she notices a young boy getting kidnapped, pulled into a dark car and taken away. She tries her best to follow the car but can't seem to find it, so she takes the next step she reports it to the police. Now this is when this book starts to really take off, no one has reported a kidnapping and all children are accounted for. However if that is the case then who was it that Aubrey saw get pulled into the car? Things go from bad to worse for poor Aubrey when her estranged husband thinks that she is projecting her fears about their daughter onto this fantasy kidnapping and the police and no one she knows believes her. But she knows what she saw, or does she? I loved the characters in the story all were very well written and I loved the determination and strength behind Aubrey's character. This book was fantastic and I highly suggest it for not just fans of Kelly Armstrong but all thriller
fans out there. Once you start this book you will want to unplug from life and any distractions that stand between you and the ending. This one will go up there with the greats like "Gone Girl" and  "The Girl on the Train".
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“Few crimes are reported as quickly as a snatched kid.”

That’s what the officer tells single mother Aubrey Finch after she reports a kidnapping. So why hasn’t anyone reported the little boy missing? Aubrey knows what she saw: a boy being taken against his will from the park. It doesn’t matter that the mother can’t be found. It doesn’t matter if no one reported it. Aubrey knows he’s missing.

Instead, people question her sanity. Aubrey hears the whispers. She’s a former stay-at-home mom who doesn’t have primary custody of her daughter, so there must be something wrong with her, right? Others may not understand her decision to walk away from her safe life at home, but years of hiding her past – even from the people she loves – were taking their toll, and Aubrey knows she can’t be the mother or wife she envisions until she learns to leave her secrets behind.

When the police refuse to believe her, she realizes that rescuing the boy is up to her alone. But after all the secrets, how far is she willing to go? Even to protect a child.

I believe the book was just slow. It did not hold my attention as a solid read. The book seemed to be unbelievable. Never mind she left fingerprints everywhere and was a gunslinger.
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This was quite the thrilling ride! Nearly impossible to put down once I started, this novel had many twists and turns I was not expecting. It was very intriguing and an action-packed thriller. I throughly enjoyed the adventure that poor Aubrey went on, trying to find the missing boy while also dealing with her own family. Highly recommend this book!
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When Aubrey Finch sees a young boy get kidnapped at the park, she assumes that the police will do everything they can to reunite him with his mother but instead the police don't believe her. Aubrey's strange habits and questionable choices paint the picture of an unstable woman seeking attention. Aubrey was once a suburbanite stay at home mom with a lawyer husband...but she gave it all away including her parental rights. What they don't know is that Aubrey isn't really who they think she is, in fact she may be the only person who can find this missing boy...but her involvement might just cost her everything she has left. 

Wherever She Goes, is the exciting new suspense mystery novel by author Kelly Armstrong. This novel offers an interesting twist on the unreliable witness trope. In this story, we discover that the main protagonist has a secret past, one which she kept hidden from her family, which resulted in her current circumstances. She finds herself torn between doing what's right, using her illegal talents to save a missing boy, and potentially losing her daughter in the process. I found this book really interesting because, as the reader, we get to see both sides of Aubrey's life both from the outside looking in and the inside looking out. This intriguing mystery was the perfect afternoon read to curl up with.
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I enjoyed this book from the beginning.  About 3/4 of the way through, I thought it got a little confusing and lost me a little but I did enjoy the ending and kept me guessing throughout the entire book!  Thank you!
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Absolutely loved this domestic thriller! Excellent character development, exciting dialogue and fascinating plot. What more can you ask for?
Highly recommended.
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I couldn't get into this book a d didnt enjoy it as I thought I would.

It just felt weak to me where I wanted something hard hitting with lots of characters
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4.5/5 stars

I love everything that Kelley Armstrong writes. This is a psychological thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book!

Kelley Armstrong is one of my favorite authors and is my most read author. I absolutely adore everything that she writes. I was beyond thrilled to be able to read her newest book.

The narrator is 30 year old Aubrey/Bree. This story takes place in Chicago and the suburbs of Chicago.

This book had a chilling beginning. And I was hooked right from the start. Bree is separated from her husband Paul, who is a defense attorney. They have a 3 year old daughter. Bree has a lot of secrets to do with her past.

Right from the start I was dying to know what Aubrey's secrets were. And I was not disappointed. I loved finding out things about her past.

This book had a bit of a creepy vibe. Aubrey witnesses something at the park. And she has to decide what to do about it.

I was so invested in this story. Aubrey is a very unique narrator. She is strong and determined. But she also often acts without thinking things through. She was really unusual. But I really enjoyed reading about her.

The story has a mystery about a woman and her son. It is dangerous and the mystery was so interesting that I was completely engrossed in the story.

This book was unsettling. I loved seeing Aubrey play detective. This book was riveting.

I really enjoyed everything to do with her husband Paul. And I thought that the book definitely took a somewhat unexpected turn where their relationship was concerned.

I am such a big Kelley Armstrong fan. This was one of my most anticipated reads of the year.

This book had everything that I want. It had an intriguing mystery. It had romance. It was a chilling psychological thriller. This book was different in many ways from the author's other books. Although she writes so many different types of books and genres. This was a great read!
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What a great thriller! This is the first novel by Kelley Armstrong that I’ve read and I loved it! My only complaint is that I read way too late into the night because I HAD to know what was next. I look forward to future novels by this author A+++
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Aubrey witnesses an abduction of a child while visiting a local park.  She reports it to the police who don’t believe her since no child has been reported missing.  Aubrey has a bit of a checkered past that she’s hiding from her husband.  They are separated at the beginning of the story and share custody of their daughter. After the police fail to investigate the abduction, because no child has been reported missing, Aubrey starts to investigate on her own.  This step was a bit hard to believe would a person who believes she has witnessed an abduction, really take on the investigation on her own, even after she is threatened by the ‘bad’ guy?  In her previous life Aubrey was very skilled with a computer (hacker) and uses those skills to advance the investigation to the point where she and her family are in real danger.  There are a few twists that I did not see coming which made the story enjoyable and the conclusion was satisfying.  I will read more by this author as the writing was easy to read and the chapters were quick.
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Wherever She Goes by Kelley Armstrong is a fast-paced thriller that is sure to sweep readers up in its very first pages.  The premise is seemingly straightforward - a woman witnesses a child being abducted from a park.  But when she reports the incident to the police, she is virtually ignored by officers who claim that without a formal report of a missing child, the incident will be all but dismissed.

Aubrey Finch, the woman at the center of things, is living a lie, and is in possession of a past that is shrouded in secrecy.  Separated from her husband Paul, Aubrey has very limited custody of her young daughter, and is living by drastically reduced means.  We soon learn, however, that Bree has a very particular skill set, so what has led her to these diminished circumstances?  Told solely from Bree's own perspective, the reliability of the narrative is called into question as she conducts her own singular search for the boy that she has seen snatched.

This is a compelling story that will have the reader dissecting Bree's personal history, and sanity, as she risks her own safety, and even that of her family, to find the answers to a case that is being virtually denied by law enforcement.  Although I raced through the majority of the story, I did find the ending to be a bit of a letdown to an otherwise sharp and strong plot.  This is the first of Ms Armstrong's novels that I have read, but I will seek her out in future.  

Many thanks to NetGalley and St Martin's Press for this ARC.
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I received this ARC for an honest review. This story is about Aubrey. She is a complex character. I don’t want to give too much away. She feels like an outsider. She left her marriage because she knew Paul was unhappy. She still loved him, but left so he could be happy. One weekend, when she had her daughter, Charlotte, they went to the park.  Another mother and son was playing hide & seek, the little boy came over to play. Aubrey & the mom began talking. Aubrey becomes hopeful maybe they can become friends. They next day she went jogging in the park and noticed the little boy by himself. Aubrey kept looking for the mom, but couldn’t locate her. Then she watched as a SUV pull up and call the boy over and take the boy. The boy was fighting. Aubrey tried to run after the SUV and get license plate and picture of the SUV, but it was driving away too fast. Aubrey contacted the police, and her life started to spiral out of control after. I am not going to give any more away. YOU MUST READ THE BOOK!!! 
This story takes so many twists and turns. The story could be a stand a lone or a start to new series. I hope it is start to a new series, because I would love to see how the story of Aubrey and Paul develops.
Give it a chance. You won’t be sorry.
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I first read Omens by Kelley Armstrong and loved the series, I recently finished Watcher in the Woods from the Casey Duncan series and loved that as well!

Aubrey witnesses a child abductions in a park, the only problem is that no-one believes her, particularly as no child has been reported missing. Is she overwrought because she misses her daughter so much? Aubrey goes from being a stay-at-home mom to a working librarian who gives up custody to her husband. She knows what people think of her, what kind of mother does that, she must be unstable. 

Aubrey, however has a past that she cannot let her husband discover, she may lose her daughter for good. That same past though uniquely positions her to investigate the abduction. 

This was a fun, entertaining  read, I enjoyed the characters, the author has the ability to write strong woman well. They are not cliched or 'Overdone" and the dialogue is not annoying. I will be looking out for her next book.
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