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The Assassin of Verona

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 Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this novel via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  

2.5 stars....maybe?

 The Assassin of Verona had some intriguing elements. Renaissance Europe, subterfuge, intrigue, William Shakespeare...all great things. 16th century Western Europe was a time of political unrest and drama. I respect the author's imaginative attempt at describing the biography of the Bard that has been lost to time. That being said, reading this novel felt like an arduous hike, at times pleasant but other times taxing. My interest waxed and waned with every chapter. I wanted to learn more about Isabella and Will, Amelia and John (and Valentine...and Orlando...) but I felt the most interesting bits were cut out. Just as the plot was beginning to get spicy the narrative would shift. The language was in line with Shakespeare's works and there were many references to his sonnets and plays, but I am not convinced that it was enough for me to really like the way the novel was crafted.
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I will definitely recommend this title. It is very well thought out and imaginative. I can't wait for more titles by this author.
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The Assassin of Verona is a unique storyline and we'll written. I enjoyed this book and the characters. I would read more by this author.
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