Those People

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This was my first book by Louise Candlish, and while I have read excellent reviews for this author and her previous work, this was just not my cup of tea. I felt like it was a slow burn...? If not a slow burn, just slow. I felt it was hard to get into and not what I was expecting. I will be more than happy to give this author another read as I feel it is unfair to just read one and be done. It did have interesting points such as the way she told the story, but it did not make up for the slow plot. Thank you to the author, publisher, and Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Hang on! Those People is a twisty rollercoaster ride through suburbia! A great whodunit with shades of Desperate Housewives!
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Thank you publisher and netgalley for the early copy!

I did not connect with the writing style/plot so I decided to put it down.
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Those People is the first book I've read by Louise Candlish and I plan to read more of her books, especially Our House. This book starts out in beautiful, peaceful, well organized Lowland Way, where there are Sunday car-free play times in the street, the houses are gorgeous and well cared for, the community communicates and works together and it's as if this street is insulated from the dirt, noise, and commotion of "lesser" communities.
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One day I will understand these books that tank at the end, but today isn't that day. Right now I'm just miffed that the ending totaled this book. It might make a better show than a book, but not without the ending getting major reworking. I just about have had it with stories that have such horrible endings that I regret reading the book. I would beg of the author, and the publisher to fix this. 

My copy came from Net Galley. My thoughts and opinions are my own. This review is left of my own free volition.
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I have very mixed feelings about this book. First, we have all had THOSE neighbors. Ms. Candlish made it easy to understand and sympathize with the predicament felt by the residents of Lowland Way. However, I am not sure they went about dealing with it the correct way. Though, I am also not sure it would have mattered. The result for the reader was a super long build up to the meat of the story. It seemed forever until we got to the event foreshadowed from the beginning of the book. And once it, and the follow up event, happened, the book felt too rushed and vague. While I constantly tout that I don't like books that spell everything out like the reader is a little kid, to go from extreme detail to generalizations and left open assumptions, it was a bit jarring. Needless to say, not all books hit it out of the park. This one didn't, though I did enjoy getting to know the characters.
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At one point in our lives we have had a neighbor that was absolutely terrible. Whether it be noise or cleanliness, all it takes is one person to ruin the atmosphere in a building or in this case an entire neighborhood. 

Lowland Way is where you want to be. Picturesque houses and caring neighbors, what more could you ask for. All of that is threatened the minute Darren and Jodie move into the only vacant house. A house soon becomes everyone's worst nightmare. 

Constant loud music and used cars everywhere. This is the new normal for Lowland Way. The new residents have slowly chipped away at each residents sanity. Causing businesses to flounder and everyone's relationship to stretch to its very last thread. With no end in sight how far will these neighbors go to get back their way of life?

An intriguing and interesting story.
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Lowland Way is a quiet, peaceful street and a lovely place to live where all the neighbors get along. That is until the Booths move in and disturb the peace. When a death shocks the neighborhood, everyone is a suspect. 

This is an interesting premise, and the idea of terrible neighbors is a completely relatable problem. Who hasn't felt frustrated at times by annoying neighbors? Candlish has a unique style to her writing and uses multiple points of view to keep you guessing. 

While this was a fun read, it wasn't particularly memorable or gripping. At times I found it rather dull and wanted to skip ahead. I thought I would enjoy it more, but in the end it was a solid three stars for me.
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Those people reminded me of a longer, more frustrating version of Big Little Lies. 

The story follows a neighborhood of friends who’s seemingly perfect world is turned upside down when the neighbors from hell suddenly move in. 

There were soooo many moving parts to this novel. I noticed how muddied up the story became after multiple bad decisions transpired. I was particularly annoyed by the brothers Ralph and Finn and their wives. They were major snobs and literally picked at EVERYTHING Booth(the new neighbor) did. Now, granted, I understand that Booth was a little hard to get along with especially since he blasted music on a regular basis but come on! These people were throwing temper tantrums at every turn. 

I finished the book despite how wordy and predictable the story was. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book via netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This is one of those books I'd pick up,  read a few pages,  put down,  read something else,  pick up again,  and so on. When I FINALLY buckled down and started reading it in earnest, I got quickly sucked in. The characters are extremely well developed,  and I liked the author's flow.  I'd definitely recommend this,  and look forward to reading books by Louise  Candlish in the future.
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I really enjoyed this book. It's about a neighbour from hell moving to this quiet middle class street in London and disrupting everyone's lives.  Details are given about the lives of his closest neighbours and how the various neighbours are connected to each other.  As the nuisance continues and the neighbours collectively and individually try to deal with this new neighbour, a person dies and the reader is left wondering if it was an accident or murder.  There are so many twists and turns, some predictable, some not, but all very entertaining. The reader is left wondering how they would deal with this type of situation. This author has delivered another good read.
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I really enjoyed this book, the characters were well developed.  It had an interesting plot. I would be interested in reading more
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Louise Candish has found a fan for life! I loved "Those People!" Her story about a high-brow neighborhood upset by a new family is so relateable. How among hasn't had a less-than-perfect neighbor at one time or another? How far would you go to ensure peace and quiet on your street?

The extremes that Candish describes would drive a person, especially someone craving calm, control and consistency, to take matters into his - or her - hands.  "Those People" is sad, yet often comical, in what the neighbors feel they must do to protect their little piece of Eden. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable read.

ARC provided by NetGalley in return for my opinion.
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First time reader for this author.  Kept me engaged and wanting to know more.  I needed to know the ending asap!  Definitely picking up another book by this author!
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Lowland Way is the perfect place to live, according to those who live there. With the beautifully cared for homes, neighbors who get along, kids who play together and an active community network, it’s a relaxing refuge from a hectic, stressful world. 

Then one of the neighbors passes away and her nephew inherits her property. And life on Lowland Way becomes a very different story. 

What would you do to protect your property, your family and the safety of your children? That’s the question Lowland Way inhabitants must now ask themselves. Who can help them—the council, the police, the families themselves? And when tragedy strikes, what is the recourse?

The style of the story takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s worth the effort. Each section begins with an individual resident’s police report and flashes back in time leading to tragedy, moving forward to the present. 

Those People reveals how each resident reacts to those they consider interlopers in their community and each one has something to hide. But who was plotting murder?
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I love Louise Candlish!  I request her books even when the description doesn't sound like it will be exciting.  The premises always sound somewhat mundane, but her writing has you hanging on every word.  Another totally enthralling novel by Louise Candlish
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A craftily written tale that illustrates how important it is to have a good relationship with your neighbors. It can be confusing at times trying to get the characters straight.
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Louise Candlish's Our House was one of my favorite books that I read and reviewed last year. In my review, I said that "Candlish wrote every word for a reason, and by the time you get to the heart-stopping conclusion, you understand exactly how the dominoes started to fall from the very first page." Unfortunately, there is not as much excitement in her latest, Those People.

Just as in Our House, Those People takes place in everyday suburbia and begins when a couple moves in to an established neighborhood. This couple is a nightmare -- playing music at unbearable levels, running a car business from their house, and just causing general mayhem for their neighbors. When two deaths occur, one very unexpected, the neighbors are questioned and some become suspects.

On the surface, this premise sounds interesting, and believe me, it starts out strong. But the middle gets bogged down with too many details, and this makes the book seem very long. While I raced to the end of Our House to find out what happened, Those People was one that I was glad to finish.

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3.5 stars

Bad neighbours! You can’t control who moves in next door and when “those people” end up being the neighbours from hell, what can you do???  The people living at Lowland Way know all about it. When Darren Booth and his partner Jodie move in to #1, the tempers rise and sparks fly. The new neighbours play their loud music at all hours of the night, they host big parties, they have an illegal car selling business which takes up all of the street parking, their property is a construction zone with several do-it-yourself renovations happening at once...and the list goes on. To add insult to injury, when the good respectable citizens of Lowland Way try to approach Darren with their concerns, he rudely brushes them off and ignores them. This domestic thriller delves into the psychology and downward spiral of having neighbours like this. Relationships are tested and boundaries pushed to their limits as a group of self-policing neighbours take it upon themselves to “do something” about Darren Booth. 

I found this story quite tense, as in “watching a train wreck happen” kind of tense. I felt like I was reading between my fingers as I tried to cover my eyes from the carnage! And although this tension was at times thrilling, it was also at times grating. Bearing witness to the back and forth nastiness lost its appeal after awhile. The mystery aspect was what kept me invested. I was keen to know the truth. I will admit that in certain moments I was drawn into the drama, but as a whole, the plot missed it’s mark for me.

I much preferred Candish’s previous book Our House with its unforeseen twists and turns. Those People is much more subtle and simmers rather than burns. It is a fast read that most people will be able to relate to at some level. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy a psychological slow burn with a mystery element.

A gracious thank you to Simon & Schuster and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Lowland Way is the place to live. Just ask the slightly smug and well-off group of residents who live there. But all that changes when Darren and Jodie move in. They don't adhere to the unwritten set of rules and suddenly their neighbors find themselves subjected to loud music at all hours, Darren's endless construction projects, and what appears to be a car business run out of their private home. Then, one weekend, a horrific death occurs on the street. The already high tensions reach a boiling point as the police start looking for witnesses, and the neighbors share their many grievances.

"He's the proverbial neighbor from hell."

So I was really excited to read my first Louise Candlish novel and while I found this one interesting enough, it wasn't as intriguing as I'd hoped after all the hype over OUR HOUSE. I'm all for neighborhood tensions and drama, but my goodness, it feels like this book took forever. And while I get that this was probably the overall point, these people were mostly all so insufferable that I really didn't care if they all just killed each other!

The book makes some good points about social class, but it does it all so slowly. There are a few twists, yes, but they don't come often enough, and I had a decent idea about a few of them. Maybe the drawn out element was meant to mimic the neighbor's "agony," but good grief. The book is told via police reports and narratives. We learn early on there was an incident in the neighborhood, but don't know what happened or who was involved. I was definitely interested in knowing what went on, which is why I kept plugging away. It's pretty clear early on that nearly everyone has a reason to harm everyone else; kind of makes me glad for my eight acres.

So, overall, while curiosity kept me reading on this one, and I enjoyed a few of the twists, it was definitely a slow read filled with a lot of annoying characters. Maybe if I'm brave enough to pick up OUR HOUSE, it will be more my jam. 2.5+ stars.

I received a copy of this novel from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest review.
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