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This is a really nice baby knits book. The patterns are simple but fun. I love the bib and sweater patterns. The duck lovey is adorable. The author does discuss the possibility beginners may benefit from some help from an experienced knitter. Local yarn shops are a good source of experts. There are some basic knitting instructions/photos. Thank you for allowing me to review an advanced copy.
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I love the quirky patterns that Val Pierce  designs, and I have been making them since my first grandson arrived, nearly four years ago! The Jurassic Park duo was an absolute Godsend, as I could use up some of my stash, and in doing so, keep my long suffering husband happy, when he thought some balls of wool would vanish!! The unicorn pattern was easy to follow, and the result was much appreciated by my Goddaughter. At the moment, I am finishing off a bright orange crab( as you do!) and will then start the Teddy Bear romper suit in this book of One Stitch Knits, that I have been lucky enough to review. I knit for many charities, and find that Val's patterns are cheerful and of the moment. There is no point in spending hours making items, if they are outdated by the time they are completed! 
The one stitch refers to garter stitch, the first stitch that we usually learn, then rarely use singly, it is normally combined with purl rows to make stocking stitch patterns. It can be considered a hard stitch, but only as it needs a good tension to create even stitches and level rows. There is a good range of patterns in this book, ranging from simple scarves and animal hats, to the gorgeous teddy bear romper suit, Christmas shoes, and a Kimono wrap set, for new babies without fiddly fastenings. The wool used is also practical, being washable, this makes it ideal for doting grandparents, like myself to indulge myself and knit items that hopefully will be worn! 
This book is a marvellous excuse to pick up needles and become antisocial for a few hours! The patterns are practical and charming. Easy to wear, wash and dry, and 22 patterns, make this book an absolute steal. Thank you for letting me review this new book. I have recommended this to the ladies of my knitting group.
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One-Stitch Baby Knits are great for new knitters who want to try their hands at some new projects. There are 22 patterns included to give a try. The patterns are easy enough for beginner knitters and can be finished in no time, or in time for the new baby in your life. This is the first book I've read from Val Pierce. I would recommend this title to anyone who knits or wants to knit.
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This book contains 22 easy (and cute) baby patterns using only garter stitch.  There are several patterns for a more experienced knitter as the book continues on, but the use of garter stitch definitely makes this a great book for someone to learn how to read patterns on...this way, a beginner can focus on the pattern while keeping a simple stitch.  I also really like the fact that the author broke down the book in sections based on skill level, so that a beginner can easily see which patterns she/he should work through first before heading on to the most experienced level patterns.
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A knitting book for beginners. Most people learn garter stitch as their first stitch.  The projects in this book are entirely made up of garter stitch.  There are three categories of patterns to work through so a newbie knitter can gain confidence. The only thing I find annoying is the Americanism language like burb cloths etc  The teddy romper is really cute and my favourite.  A nice book with clear instructions and illustrations.
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These are simple but beautiful patterns, designed to be fast knits in garter stitch when there's that new baby and you are wondering what you could possibly gift them. A wonderful little book well worth reading for the patterns alone.
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So you’ve learned how to knit a basic knit stitch. You’ve mastered casting on and hopefully checking your gauge. Perhaps you’ve made a few washcloths and maybe a scarf, but you want to branch out.

One Stitch Baby Knits is just the book for you. Ms. Pierce has compiled a collection of 22 baby patterns that range from beginner to experienced level. Each of them has simple, easy to follow instructions as well as beautiful color pictures of the finished project.

The first pages are important if you are a new knitter. There is a section on choosing your materials, which sometimes is difficult for newbies. Personally, I only use washable acrylic yarn for baby gifts. No new mom wants to hand wash and block her baby’s wool sweater every time the baby spits up on it. The instructional pages regarding knitting are detailed and have color pictures to help you along. The most important thing is your gauge – every knitter I know hates to do a gauge swatch, but it is very important to make one to ensure the proper fit of hats and other garments. You don’t want to spend weeks making a sweater that ends up too big or too small.

I know several beginning knitters that will argue that they are not ready to make a blanket or sweater. But the easy instructions and construction of One Stitch Baby Knits will quickly change your mind. If you can knit a washcloth, you can make the Geometric Blanket. It is the very first beginner pattern and the beauty of the pattern is the simplicity. I have been knitting for over 50 years and can’t wait to make this blanket for the next baby in our family.

My favorite pattern is for the Sleepy Cow Hat. It is adorable and will be perfect to use up some yarn in my stash. My least favorite patterns are the booties. But it isn’t just this pattern book, I am not a fan of the boxy shape of most booties, but don’t let my preferences influence your knitting.

No matter what level you are as a knitter, sometimes you want quick easy patterns to choose from. One Stitch Baby Knits is the perfect solution.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy for free from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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When I saw this book, I knew I had to read it because it has some cute patterns that I want to knit as gifts for future baby showers. It’s such a cute book that is great for knitters of all levels. One of the things that I like is that there is a difficulty scale so that readers can see if they have the skills for the item or are up for the challenge. I was always up for the challenge when I was a new knitter, so this is a scale that’s great regardless of what level readers are at.

The book has a section devoted to hints, tips, and other techniques for new knitters as well as knitters of any level who may need a refresher. I love that Val Pierce includes a small section on the materials that different knitting needles are made from and why one might select it. Personally, I always find the abbreviations chart useful just in case the pattern uses a different abbreviation than I normally see. I also enjoy the conversion chart because it makes the book easier to use for a wider audience without pulling from other resources.

The patterns are cute and easy to read and understand. There are about eight patterns that I want to make as gifts for future baby showers, but not all for one baby shower of course! It all depends on who the gift is for. The patterns are so cute and I’m really excited to eventually make the Sleeping Babies Blanket, Sailboat Bib, and Cow Hat. I enjoyed the book and I highly recommend it for beginners because of the difficulty scale and comprehensive techniques section as well as good information on choosing yarn.
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As an avid knitter I was overjoyed to discover this book.
I loved the layout of the book, starting with "Hints, Tips and Techniques" that takes the knitter-to-be through the myriad of information regarding yarns, needles and other things. Things were effortlessly explained.
The addition of colour photographs demonstrating the various casting-on techniques and knitting methods is very handy and practical - a beginner knitter can go through these instructions step by step and compare their work to that of in the pictures and see if they are on the right track.
The patterns themselves are well-laid out with clear indications as to level of experience required and easy, clear instructions.
Once again the inclusion of the colour photographs is brilliant. Not only for illustrative purposes but showing the finer details of specific steps of the patterns - many people will benefit from the visual examples of the various steps of the patterns.
Quite a few patterns caught my eye and left me itching to dive into my knitting bag to bring them to life.
The best part of this book is its simplicity - the fact that the knitter ONLY needs to be able to do one stitch and the ease of the patterns make it brilliant for the person who is interested in starting to knit and needs a springboard into the world. Getting these patterns under the belt will inspire them into more adventurous paths.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me the chance to dip into this book.
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I found this ebook full of great information & a great read about easy knits for baby clothes. Thanks Val :)
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**free ebook copy in exchange for review**

This newest book by Val Pierce is aimed at the new knitter, and hits its mark. Using only one stitch (garter stitch, which involves only knitting, no purling), the patterns begin with the very simple and progress to slightly more complex, but all are within the reach of an adventurous beginner. 

Designs include hats and sweaters, booties and blankets - a good mix even for more advanced knitters in need of quick baby gifts (the Sleepy Cow Hat and the Teddy Bear Romper make me wish I had a little one to knit for); photos are plenty and appealing; general knitting knowledge is clear and complete enough to get a new knitter started (and to inspire a knitting addiction); patterns are well written and easy to follow, including assembly instructions for garments and accessories that are made in pieces. 

The Kindle version is pretty well put together (which isn't always the case with craft and hobby books), but the print version will likely be even better. This is a book I'm happy to have in my library even though I've been knitting for years - and you just never know when there will be a new baby to knit for!
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This is a great book for beginner to advanced knitter.  25 patterns with easy to follow instructions and pictures that are colorful and useful.  Choose from booties, blankets and hats.  All patterns use the garter stitch which is the most basic easy stitch in knitting.  Designed for newborns, you can adapt and make in various sizes.  A winner craft book. I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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A sweet book full of simple patterns in bright colors suitable for beginning knitters. The first section contains general knitting instruction. The second section contains patterns with written instructions and full-color photographs of finished products.
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This is a great idea book for new knitters with limited stitch knowledge or a person who has been knitting for a while but likes the simplicity and texture the garter stitch has to offer. With the resurging interest in knitting, this book provides great ideas for creating knitted outfits for babies. That also makes it a wonderful gift idea for a knitter who may be looking for some additional patterns for their repertoire.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book that was provided by the publisher through Net Galley. However, the thoughts and opinions presented here are my own.
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I was interested in the patterns but have not used any yet .The patterns look easy to follow so when I get some wool will definitely use book.
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I was given the opportunity to preview this book with a digital ARC from the publisher and Netgalley. I was not compensated for my feedback and all opinions are my own.

As an intermediate level knitter, I have read quite a few knitting books to find patterns that would be fairly quick and just the right level of challenging. I think that One Stitch Baby Knits may actually be my favorite one so far. The patterns are well written and create very cute garments and baby accessories that are anything but boring with cute appliques and charming little details. I am eager for one my friends to have a little girl so I can make the pinafore and kimono sets. It is obvious that a lot of love went into creating the patterns for this book.

Pierce's love of knitting is also apparent in the section before the patterns, were she outlines knitting basics, tips for techniques utilized throughout the book, and most importantly for US knitters, a conversion and glossary to translate Australian knitting terms and abbreviations to the American knitting equivalent. This is key for success with the patterns throughout the book, and I greatly appreciated that Pierce had the foresight to include.
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I loved the patterns in this book! It was a hard choice to pick just a few of the patterns for the baby showers & new babies in our family.  The new moms loved the outfits and will cherish them. Thanks!
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I received an ARC of this book to read through NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. One-Stitch Baby Knits is a collection of 22 easy to intermediate level garter stitch baby patterns by Val Pierce. The patterns are well written and the instruction clear and concise. Some of the photos seem quite small but then I read the ebook version on an iPad mini so I assume they will be larger in the print version. The technique instructions are good for right handed knitters but if you are a lefty like me I would look for another source for technique instructions.  I would recommend this book for beginning knitters.  Publishing Date June 10. 2019 #NetGalley #OneStitchBabyKnits #ValPierce #FoxChapel Publishing #IMMLifestyleBooks
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This book contains some cute and quick patterns to make baby items. A few of the items seem “grannyish” but there are some that are really cute like the mittens The patterns are well written. I plan to make a couple of items for the new grandbaby that is coming in a few months.
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I have downloaded this because come the end of May, my extended family is going to welcome a new member and I thought there is no better way to do that than by equipping them with warm and cozy things to wear.

This lovely book features so many cute designs, with a great variety of clothes and accessories. 

It starts with a beginners must-have description of tools, materials and techniques one needs to know to make these super easy but gorgeous pieces. It features lovely photos and detailed descriptions. 

I can't wait to make the bunny ear hat! I hope the little one will love it 😳
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