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Bible Infographics for Kids Volume 2

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This is a wonderful book for children. The infographics are bright and engaging. This book will hold the attention of the children and help them learn an immense amount about the Bible. This book would make a great gift and would be a welcomed addition to any child's library.

The publisher provided an ARC through Netgalley. I have voluntarily decided to read and review, giving my personal opinions and thoughts
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Beautiful volume of visual bible facts and truths for kids.  Especially good for kids who learn in a very visual way
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This is a good book for elementary and middle school kids with unique Bible facts and information. I found the graphics to be engaging and are one of my favorite parts of the book. I think it is a great resource for churches, Sunday School classes, homeschoolers, and all families. I would definitely buy it for myself or a friend.
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This is a book full of interesting information detailing opposites. You'll get details of Angels vs. Demons, Light vs. Darkness and more. Within there are many elements of Bible knowledge along with the infographics. I'm not sure I would have picked this book off the shelve if it was not provided as a book to review, but the facts were interesting. Nevertheless, to me it felt overwhelmed with information disorganized throughout. There are many other Bible reference books out there for kids I'd rather have that I feel do the job better.
The graphics and illustrations are well done while I feel the actual organization of the book might be confusing at times it is visually wonderful with great graphs, timelines and other details. Nevertheless, while children will enjoy the illustrations some might seem out of place. Furthermore, It is a book children with a Biblical background or Christianity and without will find interesting and informational much because of the easy-on-the-eyes set up of the facts and the detailed information included. I'm not sure I would use this as a strictly educational book, but it is a nice starting point or many of the graphs and facts would be helpful as part of a lesson or teaching point. It is best as one element in a lesson and for the teacher to explain.
This is a book geared toward teaching or introducing Bible basics to children. Therefore, the approach is a design and wording used in a way to reach them with a goal they will understand. It does rather well with a  balance of youthful language for their understanding while giving them Scripture information as well. I like that this book includes references to Bible verses allowing the reader or teacher to grab the Bible and read further directly from the Bible about the particular subject found in this book, such as about Moses or landmarks. This book is a different approach to learning elements of the Bible.
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This book provided a great visual look at different stories and themes from the Bible. It is for children, but I enjoyed looking at the infographics. Having things visually laid out helps to put things in perspective. Very good book.
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I think this is just an OK infographics book. While it summarizes the key ideas and points out interesting facts from the Bible, but information is all over the place that the book is more a distraction rather than being helpful. Depending how users utilize the information, it could be a hit or a miss. Some information is interesting to know but totally non-biblical relevant. "Bible Infographics of Kids" is just ok in my opinion; neither impressive nor disappointing. Most certainly we'll search for other Bible reference books for our child.
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Great funny read for even children who did not grow up in a Christian household. I enjoyed the book based on growing up in the church. I had my son read it, who does not have a background in Christianity, and he loved the book. He loved the comparisons that made the bible relatable. He is ten years old. The info graphics is very easy to read and gives basic background of the bible. Best part: What is the Trinity? It has always confused me and I enjoyed the trinity is not like part as well.
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This is a fun and informative book for kids concerning the Bible published by Harvest House Publishers.  I went through this book together with my kids at night and they enjoyed the pictures, graph and facts.  The details include truths that are more like “fun facts” but at times there were some very good instruction concerning more weighty matters that was extremely helpful.  The artwork is well done and really reinforce the content being taught.  After reading this volume I’m considering getting volume 1 which is my vote of approval for this book.
The subtitle of the book reveals some of the contents covered in this book: Light and Dark, Heroes and Villains, and Mind-Blowing Bible Facts.  In addition there’s also “Wonders of the Biblical world,” “Epic Battles of the Bible” and “Biblical Landmarks.”  My favorite sections of the book was the discussion and infographics on the Trinity and Jesus’ incarnation.  It was very biblical and also covered common pitfalls of analogies people try to use to describe the Trinity.  Yet it did it in a manner that was easy (as much as possible) for kids to understand while being biblically solid.  The proof of the humanity and divinity of Christ was also well laid out.  I must also give props to the writers for covering also the topic of heaven and hell.  Sometimes it seems kids book can be quite shallow in terms of being faithful to the Word of God so for a kids book to actually handle the topic of hell faithfully while also being conscious that kids are reading this book that is no small feat to pull off.  Kudos to the publishers, writers and illustrator!  Also I am glad that the book does share the Gospel as well.
Kids will enjoy the pictures and graphics.  As a pastor I approve of the biblical content in being faithful to Scripture, historically accurate and accessible for any parents as a general reading audience to read and explain to their kids.  Well done, and I hope there’s a future third volume in this series.
NOTE: This book was provided to me free by Harvest House Publishers and Net Galley without any obligation for a positive review. All opinions offered above are mine unless otherwise stated or implied.
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This is so amazing! I know it's meant for children (and I'm sure they will love it!) but even as an adult this taught me so much in a clear and informative way, Need to get volume 1 now!
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Informative and kids will enjoy it and probably manage to check out the bible for themselves and learn a few things  they didn't know before. So when you get a chance pick up a copy and enjoy.
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This was an interesting look at some key opposites found in the Bible. With short pieces of text and fun illustrations I can think of a number of children who would appreciate this book. As well as some key verses written out, there are references for further reading in the Bible.

I particularly liked how some of the characters featured in the book were compared to themselves at different points in their lives. I had never really considered how different Moses was at key points in his life until I saw them Side by side.

I loved the easy to digest facts about the heroes, villains and landmarks of the Bible. The limited number of words did not take away from the content, though at times I did have to internet search some of the American comparisons, and did not require children to be ‘big readers’ to access the text.

The comparisons of the Gospels were interesting and showed who each book was written by and for, but also how much of each book was represented in other books.

This book gives readers the opportunity to discover parts of the Bible in a new and pictorial way. There are timelines, Top Trumps style cards, maps and charts that give a whole wealth of information in a simple and engaging way, The bright colours quickly grab attention and engage the reader,

I am very grateful to the publishers for an advance electronic copy of this book for the purpose of reviewing. All opinions are my own.
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Bible Infographics for Kids Volume 2 Review
Although I did not have the opportunity to read Volume 1 of this book, I love the idea of this series. The information in Volume 2 is presented in a way that will assist not only children with understanding facts in the Bible but also adults who are just starting to study the Bible.   Whether it is used in the home or at Sunday School, the information provided will benefit the person using it.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book that was provided by the publisher through Net Galley. However, the thoughts and opinions presented here are my own.
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Bible Infographics for Kids Volume 2 by Harvest House Publishers is wonderful with a wealth of information for children and their parents. Written in style that has lots of illustrations, drawings and small bites of information it was a crowd pleaser at my house. I ask my grandchildren to look at the digital copy that I had received, they wanted to start right in with the heroes and villains. 

	The reading level was such that the second grader could read most of the text on his own while the first grader needed much of it read to her. Even the ones who are not reading yet found the bright illustrations interesting, asking me to read the text. This volume deals with opposites in the Bible such as light and darkness or heaven and hell. It also covers the judges of Israel and the kings before moving to the Trinity. All of these “mind-blowing facts” are based on scripture. It is perfect for the family that wants to learn more about the truths of the Bible.

	I was not familiar with Bible Infographics for Kids until this digital review copy was available. These are the kinds of books that will be looked at and read many, many times. I highly recommend the hardback copy. 

The publisher through Net Galley provided a digital ARC. I have voluntarily decided to read and review, giving my personal opinions and thoughts.
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The Bible Infographics For Kids Volume 2 is written in the quick-moving, attention-holding, sound-bite style that so mesmerizes today’s kids. Facts are juxtaposed as opposites, creating a lyrical seesaw effect. This book cries out to be performed!
If you have a little factoid collector, The Bible Infographics For Kids will be a treasure trove of Bible knowledge to keep them busy for hours!
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I love the simple facts of the book and it’s explanations. The illustration could have been better, a little more attractive. Same pages have big pictures and little information, this could be hard to read and children could pass the page without noticing it.
The overall idea of the book is great.
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There is a lot of great information here. The timelines, diagrams, and statistical data charts help to put everything together for better clarity. This helps to "show" connections. Some of the character graphics could be improved upon (especially in the beginning), but overall informative and a good resource.
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While I did learn a few things from this book, I can't really say that I enjoyed it. Aside from grating against my non-Christian sensitivities, the book is kind of sloppy in its editing... which is going to bother me no matter what the subject matter.

I debated whether to tag this as non-fiction or not, but finally decided in favour of it simply because the book heavily references the Bible. Whether any of the stories in it are true is beyond the scope of this review. This is a book that will likely only appeal to Christians, anyway, but I want to address a few things that I noticed while I was reading.

The first thing is the editing. The way the text is written isn't very consistent. The spelling of names could change within the same page, comma conventions for large numbers aren't consistently followed, and BC dates aren't always noted as such. I wasn't about to go and check each and every Bible reference, either, so there may be even more mistakes that I'm not aware of. I really hate to see such sloppy work, especially in a book for kids.

Tied into this first point are the outright errors. Some of these may be confusing. The book tries to throw in a little bit of science while talking about stars. Unfortunately, it gets things spectacularly wrong by stating:

    The closest star to our galaxy is 4.2 light-years away, so the light we see is 4.2 years old.

This was probably supposed to be "solar system" rather than "galaxy", and any sharp-eyed reader is going to spot errors like this pretty quickly. So why didn't the editors? There are other things that are just plain wrong or confusing, like the reference to "jolly old St. Nicholas", referring to the historical figure... but who's pictured as Santa Claus, complete with red coat and hat. The book also claims that the Red Sea is a mistranslation of the Reed Sea... but when I looked it up, all I could find were old names in various languages all making reference to the colour red, possibly because of a particular reddish cyanobacteria that blooms in the waters there.

I was fairly engaged until about the halfway point, and that's where some pretty big leaps in logic start to make their appearance. We read about poor Uzziah who got a skin disease that deformed his face. Today, we know that that sort of thing just happens sometimes. But this book ignores anything scientific and attributes his affliction to God being miffed because he lit some incense. The section on hell is pretty horrifying (at least to a non-Christian; I can't understand why anyone who claims to be loving would want to bombard their children with such terrible thoughts and make them afraid they haven't done enough to escape a dismal fate). The section that tries to describe the Trinity just confused me. I'm not even sure the book knows what it's trying to say!

Circular logic and downright contradictions mar what could've been an interesting exploration of the Bible. Rather than simply explaining what the Bible says, this book interprets quite a bit of it, and sometimes it's a bit of a stretch. At one point, it talks about how a belief in witchcraft is a bad thing... and then, shortly after, it talks about how the Israelites saved themselves from the 10th plague by smearing lambs' blood on their doorposts in what appears to be some sort of magic ritual. So... which is it? At another point in the book, Samson is depicted as a not-so-bad guy... but he's later referred to as "the really bad" because he was tricked by Delilah. Way to blame the victim.

I wouldn't recommend this book in general, and because of the sloppiness, I wouldn't recommend it to Christians, either. It was an okay idea to do this in an infographic form to make the information easily digestible... but I still don't see why there are Bible characters running around with cellphones and pepperoni pizza.
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I shared this book with my children and they loved learning facts from the Bible and seeing them related to scientific facts.  Too often, we are told science and religion don’t mix but this book proves that wrong.  There is space for religion in science and space for science in religion.
I will be looking to buy this book when published as I feel we missed out on the fab graphics that will be in the paper edition.
If anything, the e-book just whet our appetite for more. 
We will also look for Volume 1 in bookstores.

We read the bible nightly and my children have a good understanding but this took their learning to a different level.  

I really enjoyed it and felt as though I was being taught two subjects.
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I unfortunately couldn't view the graphics of this book, making an accurate review difficult. However - I think the information of this book is accurate, age appropriate and engaging for kids! I would buy and recommend.
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Such a great collection of facts/info from the Bible! It's written with kids in mind and is sure to help answer any questions you amy have!
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