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This is the last book in the Camp Club Girls series!! I have really enjoyed reading this series, and reading about all of these places all over the US, and all of the mysteries that happened: 10 year-old Hanne would have DEVOURED these books. Again, this is an anthology of 4 Camp Club Girls books that are being republished in 2019 (the others of which are linked above). This was a really fun set of stories; all the settings were really different from each other and I enjoyed them a lot! This book covers the adventures of Alexis, and the books in this anthology are Books 4, 9, 17, and 24 from the original publishing.

Book 4: Alexis and the Sacramento Surprise This was a really fun book! It reminded me of my childhood summers, where my siblings and I spent our days creating a little "house" in the woods behind our house. It was summery and romp-y! I was 70% sure who the perpetrator of the mystery was a quarter of the way through the book though so, there's that. But also . . . kinda wack that they just . . . believed that dinosaurs came back to life for a while? 4/5

Book 9: Alexis and the Arizona Escapade This one was a really fun story! There was a mystery that happened, but mostly it was just adventures (I really liked reading about the race) and then there was a Big Chase Scene at the end that I really loved! It /was/ a little bit crushy for being a middle grade book though? So 4/5 for me, but 3/5 as an actual middle grade book.

Book 17: Alexis and the Lake Tahoe Tumult This was a fun read, although the story was REALLY STEREOTYPICAL!!! It wasn't even the leasT bit surprising and honestly kinda killed the story. Also the law (police) was portrayed really weirdly? So I wasn't really a fan. The climax was pretty good though, all that being said. 3/5

Book 20: Alexis and the Saint Helen's Screamer This one may have been the most unrealistic one of the lot? Like sure, suspension of disbelief for middle-grade books, but ANY preteen with a mother, or any authority figure at all, would know that they would not be allowed to climb a volcano right before it erupted. So that was kinda WACK. Also there was a part where Alexis was a taxi alone going up the mountain?? She's 12??? and that's DEFINITELY NOT SAFE??? so that was WACK. Also Bigfoot is the central piece of this story. Overall, I did enjoy it, it was just WACK. 3/5

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This one was a really fun read! Each of the adventures are really wild and exciting, and I would have LOVED them when I was younger.

While I tended to rate each of the individual stories lower than average, it was simply because it was a series that was not for me: I’m not really in the middle-grade demographic. Overall, I would definitely recommend it to girls that are in the proper age range who would enjoy it, and I would have enjoyed when I was that age.
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My daughter and I just love this series. Alexis is probably one of our favorite girls, although honestly it's pretty tough to choose. They are all fun to read about. Each girl has their own backstory and lives in a different part of the U.S. They all met at camp and since then have been great friends and often they solve mysteries together. Many of the stories have at least two girls present while the others connect via a private chat room on their website. 

This book contains four different stories each with Alexis and a friend in a different location solving a mystery. Not only are the mysteries exciting for young girls but the morals and values in the story are built on Scripture and sure to teach a great lesson in each book.  I also enjoyed the history lessons I learned either about a time period or a specific location or person. 

My daughter and I would recommend this series to any girl ages 10-14 who loves to read and enjoys a great mystery. Of course, if she doesn’t enjoy reading but enjoys life, friends, and adventure, this may be just the series to encourage her love of reading. Honestly, my daughter has never been much of a reader, but she got into these books and often I would read to her and then she would pick up where I left off just to see what happened next.

I was blessed with an e-copy of this book by the publisher through Netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.
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Camp Club Girls: Alexis
by Erica Rodgers

Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Barbour Books

Children's Fiction , Christian

Pub Date 01 Jun 2019

I am reviewing a copy of Camp Club Girls: Alexis through Barbour Publishing and Netgalley:

There are strange events happening at a nature park in Sacramento, which threatens its closure.  Can the Camp Club Girls get to the bottom of the strange happenings that threatens its closure?  Find out in Alexis the Sacramento Surprise.

I’m Alexis and the Arizona Escapade Alexis and Elizabeth find themselves soaking up more than just British history during the London Bridge festival located in Lake Havasu, Arizona, they find that the London Bridge at the festival is on the verge of collapse, can they solve the mystery before the London Bridges Collapses. 

Is there someone with a selfish scheme in works in Lake Tahoe.  When Bailey joins Alexis and her family at a ski resort in Lake Tahoe, there are odd and sometimes dangerous incidents taking place at a nearby animal refuge.  Are these things being done by a wildlife animal hating group or something even more menacing?  Find out in Alexis and the Lake Tahoe Tumult.

In Alexis and the St. Helens Screamer, Alexis and McKenzie meet up in Washington to shoot a documentary for a kids cable show, but a renewed local interest in Big Foot become a distraction.  Can the Camp
Club Girls find out what is feeding the Big Foot Phenomena?

I give Camp Club Girls: Alexis five out of five stars!
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Thank you to #netgalley for allowing me to preview this #campclubgirlsalexis book before my Tween daughter reads it!

Overall another great 4-in-1 Christian fiction collection for tween girls.

Book 1 is about dinosaurs in Sacramento.  Because this "museum" location presents from the Christian perspective, this causes some issues.  Someone is trying to shut that down.  A great look at how our beliefs affect our livelihood.
Book 2 has a wonderful setting - the old London Bridge that is now found in Arizona.  I thought this book was really fun since it connected the bridge to a historic mystery.
Book 3 is set at Lake Tahoe.  The girls learn to protect animals at a refuge.
Book 4 is set at Mount St. Helens.  Is Bigfoot really making an appearance?  Read on to find out!

Great stories about girls working together to find the truth!
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Camp Club Girls: Alexis by Erica Rodgers is another great collection of mysteries for young teens. 
Alexis and the Sacramento Surprise- Alexis and her friend, Kate, are trying to help Ms. Maria build up business at her park which features native plants. Recently animated dinosaurs have been added to the park. Are they coming to life at night or is someone behind their mysterious movements?
Alexis and the Arizona Escapade- Alexis meets her friend Elizabeth at Lake Havasu where the London Bridge is located. The bridge develops a mysterious crack and the festival may have to cancel the parade. Also, the girls overhear someone talking about stealing a replica of a famous carriage that is in the hotel lobby. Will they be able to solve the mysteries is their short time at the bridge?
Alexis and the Lake Tahoe Tumult- This time Alexis teams up with Bailey to film a documentary at the animal reserve. The girls soon learn that someone is trying to sabotage the work in order to buy the land for a new resort. Will they be able to figure out who is behind the sabotage and save the reserve?
Alexis and the St. Helens Screamer- Alexis has been invited to visit with a friend of Mackenzie’s family as the two girls film a documentary about the Mt. St. Helens volcano which is about to erupt again. Bigfoot has also been making regular appearances in the area adding to the number of tourists coming to try get a peek at both the mountain and Bigfoot. Will the girls survive the danger and solve they Bigfoot mystery?
These stories are all well written and will have great appeal to young teen readers. The characters are very easy to relate to and introduce readers to a wide variety of settings across the country. I give this book 5 of 5 stars.
I received an advance copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Alexia is Erica Rodgers's contribution to the Camp Club Girls series. I enjoyed this collection of stories. Which include: 
Alexis and the Sacramento Surprise
Alexis and the Arizona Escapade
Alexis and the Lake Tahoe Tumult
Alexis and the St. Helens Screamer - which was my favorite of the four.
I give this fabulous and inspiring book five stars.
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I loved reading this book! It has four well written mysteries that will keep you turning the pages. I highly recommend this book and the entire Camp Club Girls series for the young and the young at heart.  Thank you Barbour Publishing via NetGalley for the ARC copy of this book. This is my honest opinion and I really enjoyed this book!
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