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He will kill you by Charlie Gallagher. 
This is book 2 of the Maddie Ives detective series. 
A brilliant read.  I love Maddie and Harry. I'm loving this series.  I'm looking forward to the next book.  5*.
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Thank you to Net Galley, the publishers and the author Charlie Gallagher, a real police detective.

My apologies for the delay, with nearly a 100 books to read from publishers.

Charlie Gallagher has been a serving UK police officer for eleven years. During that time I have had many roles, starting as a frontline response officer, then a member of a specialist tactical team and I am currently a detective investigating the more serious offences. My books are a series of thrillers and, rather unsurprisingly, policing is central to the stories. 



Grace Hughes: kicked to the bathroom floor by her partner, her back and side aching from where he slammed the door on her frail body, fighting to regain her breath, she can no longer ignore a simple truth:


Grace is a prisoner in her own home but she has a plan to get free. Detective Sergeant Maddie Ives is going to help her. Maddie now works with a team specialising in getting abused women to safety. She tells Grace to keep a diary, to write everything down so it forms part of the compelling evidence needed to send her abuser to prison.

The detective doesn’t know how bad it’s got. Grace hasn’t been completely honest. But Grace wants to tell her what's really happening so Maddie can get her safe.

Maddie has a lot on her mind. A dead boy in a bath, a car bomber who wants to make a statement, and the return of a scarred DI Harry Blaker.

Can he and Maddie stop the bomber, find a killer and get Grace safe — whether she helps herself or not?


This is a gripping, stunning, fast paced, cleverly written, tight, exciting thriller.

So great when so many characters blend together into one gripping story, that I just could not stop, reading the last 30% of the book in one sitting.

Great characters, and as expected very realistic. Oh Gosh I just wanted to tell you more, but I can't you will just have to read it...

Highly recommended... Five stars
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While it was a little hard to get into initially it soon found its legs. The story is as old as time but the author  made it real and told it well. Domestic violence exists and is a hard cycle to break. Thank you for telling the story. I believe someone will find themselves in reading it and hopefully gain the strength to break the cycle.
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Another fantastic read from Charlie Gallagher. Not read a poor one yet and this was certainly kept me enthralled. It's dark at times, especially Grace's storyline but riveting and tense. Always look forward to the author's books!
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Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read "He will Kill you" At times it was hard to read due to the abusive of Grace. I know domestic violence is everywhere. Some have friends or family that we know is being abused but will not say anything in fear of more abuse. I loved this book.
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It is a nice thriller, we have 3 stories: Grace Hughes - victim of domestic violence, Maddie Ives - the detective and a bomber.  Can Detective Maddie Ives help Grace and solve the bomb attack mistery? Thank you Netgalley for this copy.
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"He Will Kill You" by Charlie Gallagher is the second novel to feature DS Maddie Ives of the Canterbury police.

Maddie is busy with CID work when DI Harry Blaker returns to work part-time after the injuries he sustained in their previous case so, at a loose end, he takes an interest in her cases. 

I thoroughly enjoyed "He Will Kill You" which was a fast-paced and very tense thriller. It grabbed my attention from the get-go and never let up. The narrative was immensely gripping and really piqued my curiosity. The book was shocking to read in parts because of what was happening to Grace. Full credit to Charlie Gallagher’s writing that I found myself involved with Grace’s character whilst reading and felt some of her pain and anxiety.  

I loved the author's portrayal of Maddie Ives who was a professional and caring detective with plenty of attitude and I thought, a great protagonist. 

"He Will Kill You" was such an exciting read and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel, at my own request, from Joffe Books via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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There is something about Maddie Ives and I just love her! 

After finally finding her place in her new headquarters, she’s really made a name for herself on the force. She’s headstrong and a real go-getter. 

This time, she has a real doozie of a domestic violence case, a teenage burglar, and random car bombs exploding. 

This book jumps from person to person, but it’s easy to keep up and delve further into the suspense. This is quite a thrilling story and will have you trying to piece it together at every turn.
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This was an entertaining read. I found the plot interesting and the characters had good substance to them. I had guessed the ending before the end but if I'm honest it wasnt much before the end. I would read other titles by this author and would reccomend this book for others to read.
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Intense. Riveting. Emotional. Suspenseful. Addictive. Dark. Complex. This story has one shocking surprise after another. This book brings it ALL! Truly a MUST for your TBR list!

#HeWillKillYou #NetGalley
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A very interesting read . Twists and turns to keep you engrossed. Wondering which way the author is going to take it. Nice and easy to read. Flows well. Enjoyable to read
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Poor Grace she seems to have jumped from the frying pan right into the fire,  from one abuse to another not what she had envisioned after leaving her abusive husband, now death is looking her in the face once again. I have a lotta respect for the law officers but these guys get me angry with their rush to pin the tail on the donkey act. But thanks to DS Maddie Ives many lives were saved, but what a tangled web she has weaved for herself. An electrifying and deeply engrossing book that captivates as it entertains.
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An excellent police procedural written with authentic details and realistic characters. Maddie Ives is a flawed, but easy to empathise, detective sergeant, she is dedicated, and a little maverick. She understands the importance of rules and regulations, but sometimes the end justifies the means in her opinion.

The suspense driven plot has subtle sub-plots that are integral to the main theme of the story. The beginning is shocking, and it takes you off on a tangent, looking for a certain type of criminal.

As it progresses the theme of domestic violence is explored in painstaking but sensitive detail. You empathise with Grace and want her to find the strength to escape. Again this theme is believable and gives you a good sense of what it’s like to be a police detective in these circumstances.

A powerful twist in the story, turns it in an entirely different way, as the links between events and people are apparent and the sense of urgency increases. Action scenes are important to this story, but there is a good balance of detection and emotion too.

The team dynamic is compelling. Particularly between Detective Inspector Harry Blaker and Detective Sergeant Maddie Ives and this makes you want to see what happens next. This reads well as a standalone, I haven’t read the first book in the series, but if you can do.

Just when you think the surprises are over, another is revealed, something that hopefully will be explored in the next book in the series.

I received a copy of this book from Joffe Books via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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More and more stories of domestic abuse are coming to light and make very uncomfortable reading but women or indeed sometimes men must speak up.  Whether true life or fictional the subject will not go away and people can be educated to the options and help available if they can only take the first step to stop it.  This is a thought provoking read.
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4-5 creepy, thrilling stars!  This book was very, very disturbing and brought lots of chills, thrills, and lots of loud gasps.  A must read for those who love those dark, brutal psychological thrillers!  Will certainly grab you in a choke hold, and leave you breathless when you finish!  
Will use in a challenge and recommend to the members of Chapter Chatter Pub!
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Sorry first one I’ve read by this author but I wasn’t impressed, fair enough it wasn’t they typical wife beater story , but it was too confusing with too many stories going on . Not for me I’m afraid
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A joy of reviewing  on netgalley is reading popular authors that normally you wouldn’t read. This is a really fast-paced thriller, rather brutal though, that keeps you involved through the stunning ending.  I would certainly read another of his novels.
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Another great book from Charlie Gallagher.
This one had my heart racing in places, hoping the main character Grace would not get caught doing what she wasn't supposed to.  I didn't want to stop reading, just so I knew what happened next.

Grace is in a very controlled relationship with Craig, who is a woman's worst nightmare for a partner. He tortures her, bashes her and rapes her.  But she is fighting to keep her life, with some background help, in secret.
Maddie Ives, the detective who has given her an option to help her get out, she becomes involved in a car bombing case, which links to Grace, but in a roundabout way.  This story is is intertwined with 3 or 4 directions, coming back to Grace in the end.  Fascinating how this story seems all so be separate issues, but all linking in the end.  Terrific reading.

Another highly recommended book.  Charlie's writing style and knowledge of his storyline is fantastic.  I will look forward to reading many more books from this author.
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A very riveting read even if the subject matter is very dark, would recommend to all fans of Charlie Gallaghers novels
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I have been a massive fan of Charlie’s since reading End Game back in July 2017 and this book is another step into the dark and twisted world of Charlie’s head.

The book starts of with a warning by the author, stating it delves into the world of domestic abuse and the statistics surrounding this, so you know it isn’t going to be a happy book. This is a very dark book, but brings domestic abuse into the main stream and shows what affect it has on people, not only the victim but those around them as well.

As always with Charlie’s books this one starts with a bang and explosion, this time in the Roundhill Tunnels and from there the book carries on at an exhilarating rate, never slowing down for two minutes.

I love the way the Charlie mixes real life places with fictional ones and gives things a slight twist. It also helps that his books are set in and around the Folkestone/Canterbury area where I live so can visualise the places easily and it makes the books much more familiar and engaging.

The story follows Maddie Ives as she has to investigate domestic crime cases along with a petty burglar, with a couple of side plots along the way, mainly the bombing of the cars in the Roundhill Tunnel and people blackmailing a businessman.

Throughout the book I spent the time trying to find the link between the storylines as well as being horrified by the domestic abuse case, although this story line is done in such a way that the reader can learn how to read the signs from real life victims and also to help victims know they are not alone and how to go about getting help themselves.

I really liked the way the story all fitted together at the end and allowed the reader to realise all the little clues that were left along the way.

In the previous book I didn’t really like the character of Maddie, but throughout this one I started to get to know her better and my feelings for her softened quite a bit, so much so that I am really looking forward to more books about her in the future.

Overall this is a brilliant, if harrowing, read which I thoroughly enjoyed.
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