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This book was full of twists and turns and kept me up late reading! The end was suspenseful and satisfying. I did have trouble with the timeline when Sally came into the story; it just seemed implausible. Aside from that and some editing issues, it was great. I must note that I read an ARC copy from Netgalley, so those issues may be resolved.
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Three different crimes coming together as one big case of manipulation make for a good suspenseful thriller, but more interesting than the real crime and it's solution is the description of domestic abuse, of the despair making victims ready to do whatever to come free and at the same time an easy target for manipulation.
The love story was probably just a follow up to the first book in the series. In my opinion it didn't add to this story.
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Certainly not for the faint-hearted, a graphic description of domestic violence at it's worsed but still a very compelling read, It really got me all fired up but anxious for Grace at the same time.  Amazing how it all comes together but I can't really say any more without spoilers.
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This is a new author for me so wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised as I thought the book was really good. It gripped me.from the first page with its fast paced storyline, so much so I read the whole book in a day. It was quite graphic in places with the injuries that Grace sustained from domestic abuse but unfortunately it happens all too often in today's society. The only downside for me was.realising this is book two in the series so I will look to read the first book now. I love it when I find a great new author. I would recommend this book to people who like this genre.
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I can’t believe that I have never come across this author before and was so disappointed to learn that this was the second book in the series featuring Detective Maddie Ives and I had missed out on the first book.  I must admit though , that I nearly gave up on it as I really didn’t like the graphic description of the domestic abuse, but so pleased that I stayed with it as the storyline was brilliant.  There are three investigations going in at the same time.  Firstly the book opens with bombs under cars going off in a tunnel.  Secondly, Maddie has arrested a teenage boy for stealing war medals but he seems to be scared and hiding something.  Thirdly there is Grace who is the victim of horrific domestic abuse.  You wonder how these three cases can be linked but Charlie Gallagher does an excellent job of drawng them together to bring this book to a dramatic conclusion .  I will definitely be reading the first book in this series and can’t wait for book number three.  A highly recommended read.
Thanks to NetGalley and Joffe Books for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.
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I had a triple-whammy of reasons not to request this book - the red coat cover, the abusive partner plot line, and the fact it’s not the first in the series and I don’t have time to catch up, but somehow the reviews must’ve convinced me - the dangers of browsing NetGalley after a few wines, I guess. I can’t decide whether I’m glad I did: is it a well told police procedural with an accelerating pace? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Not really. There is a warning at the beginning that this contains brutal violence, but once one has committed to a review it seemed too late to pull out.

DS Maddie Ives has moved to Kent and is doing a mix of undercover work to take down a burglary ring, and trying to help victims of domestic violence. A woman she has encountered several times before, Grace Hughes, is an obvious victim, but refuses to admit it. When a series of car bombs explode in a tunnel, the force’s resources are stretched, and Maddie and her newly returned colleague Harry Blaker, don’t have time to be summoned to assist a wealthy businessman who’s being blackmailed or a teenage thief who is suddenly petrified of being released. How are these cases connected and how far will she go to protect the innocent?

I now regret not reading the first book in this series, as I would’ve probably had a much better sense of Maddie’s background, even though they are separate stories. I don’t think I’ll be buying it though, or anything else from this author, as the level of graphic violence described here was too much for me. There is a fine line between showing how evil a perpetrator is, and gratuitously prolonged scenes of abuse and suffering, and this one crossed it for me. 

I also didn’t get much of a sense of Maddie’s personality, and again this may have been better fleshed out in the previous book. She has a complicated love life, a disrespect for the rules and authority, and a willingness to take risks, but beyond that we get very little. I liked Harry’s character and wonder if he would’ve made the better protagonist for this series. There are some good side characters like Vince the strongman - someone’s review mentioned he dies, which had me worried, but he’s fine at the end.

The plot took a while to get going and then veered in an unexpected direction, and while I appreciate unpredictability, felt the links between the cases were all a bit convenient and that a fair bit was left unexplained. I’m really struggling with a rating here was I want to give it 3.5 and have to round up or down. I’m going for 4 stars despite my reservations, for good writing and a conventional third person past style.

My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the arc which allowed me to give an honest review. He Will Kill You is available now.
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Master storyteller, Charlie Gallagher  brings readers a ground-breaking thriller of ordinary people who find themselves with regrettable choices that lead to unimaginable and dangerous circumstances
Equally fascinating and horrifying . . . The pages seem to turn themselves in this white-knuckle suspense..
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He Will Kill You, the second book in this series, was much like the first one…captivating, intense, and fast paced. The author, a London detective himself, engaged the reader with various crimes such as burglary, domestic violence (extremely descriptive), internet fraud, and terrorism. Detective Sergeant Maddie Ives and DI Harry Blaker once again united to fight crime and seek justice. Grace’s storyline, violently abused by her partner, was difficult to read yet you didn’t want this storyline to be interrupted (sort of like a commercial break) because you wanted to see what came next and hoped for the best. Always wanting to see what happened next made this story a quick but captivating read. It was an extremely well written story with twists and turns along the way. 
Highly recommended for those who enjoy crime drama.
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I am so pleased that I discovered this author and his books just keep getting better with each publication. The subject of domestic violence is very hard to read and I really wanted to kill the abuser. The combination of Maddie and Harry works really well and the writing is excellent. The reader will quickly become engrossed in the story and I highly recommend this book and the author. It's an easy 5* from me. Thanks to Net Galley for my ARC. Reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and Facebook.
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Grace is in a violent relationship Her partner locks her to a vice when he is out Grace plans to escape as she knows she will die if she stays and die if her husband finds her trying to escape. 
Detective Maddie Ives works with a specialist team aiming to support women moving to a safer place. As part of this Maddie has been to Grace’s house and advised her to keep a diary plus to take pictures of her bruises as evidence. 
Meanwhile Maddie is busy with work relationships, cases plus issues around her personal relationship. Unknown to Maddie Grace has not told her the full extent of her abusive life. 
I felt this was a well written crime drama. Its easy to see how the author could write this as he is a serving Police detective himself The characters appear well rounded and interesting. Its edge of the seat type book that had me gripped throughout. 
Would recommend with a note that it will not be suitable for everyone as there is extreme physical and mental abuse very graphically laid out.
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WoW......Very Clever!!!!!

He Will Kill You by Charlie Gallagher was a very Clever and gritty book I have read in a while. Talk about Having me hooked from the first few pages and just wanted more. Before I knew it I heard the Birds singing at dawn!!!!

What a Brilliant book! 

This is the second book of DS Maddie Ives and her team series. I found it better than the first book..........But be warned Its VERY Graphic with Extreme mental and physical abuse throughout that will leave you cold and can be very hard to read.
It has so many twists and turns it will have you saying OMG out aloud. 
Plus................What a Brilliant Ending to this Book! **WoW**

I would Highly recommend This book.....One of His best so far. Plus, looking forward for the third book in DS Maddie Ives Series 

My thanks to Joffe Publishers and Charlie Gallagher for the ARC

Review on Amazon UK and Good reads. etc
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This book just wasn't for me and I didn't finish it. Nevertheless, I'm giving it 3 stars because I could see that it would appeal strongly to some people as a realistic slice of police life. Personally, I felt as if I didn't have all the information I needed to understand the characters (a book before this that I haven't read?) and the different threads just seemed too unconnected. I'm sure they came together in the end but there just wasn't enough of a handle on the plot to hold my attention until that happened.
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OMG edge of your seat read. This is the first book I've read by Charlie Gallagher and it won't be the last. Excellent writing. Detective Maddie Ives is handling some burglary cases while other forces are handling bombs going off in cars. She has her prime perp. But he suddenly wants to confess to everything and is in fear of his life why? Normally he is arrogant and walks away with his attorney quickly. Maddie is also working with helping domestic violence victims get out and get help. She meets Grace who she fears is in dire straights. Hoping to help her she gives her advice and offers help to deaf ears. Grace is too afraid to leave. However, she is planning. Will she live long enough to make her plan work? Will her plan backfire? Mr. Gallagher pulls you in with a realistic view of a horrible fact some women are facing everyday. Detective Maddie has her hands full with all that's happening at the precinct, a man she could be in love with popping in and out of her life and  and trying to help Grace get away from Craig. Grace can't own a phone, is not allowed to grocery shop can't see her own father or have visitors. and must indure unspeakable treatment and pain. She is writing it down and taking pictures as Maddie requested but she can hardly walk, how can she make her plan work?  Heart pounding at times. You can't pull away you must know what happens next. Thank you NetGalley and Mr Ggallagher for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. I will be going to get book 1 straight away!
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Grace's story is very hard to sit through.
Firstly, because of the horror that both you and she know is coming at the hands of Craig.
Secondly, and more importantly in my opinion.  The help is so close.  In the form of Maddie.
But Grace is so afraid to act.
This was the part of the book that kept pages turning.

There are three very distinct divisions within the storyline of this book.
1.  Grace
2.  Maddie ad the bomber.
3.  The return of DI Blaker.

Having all of this going on in tandem makes for pretty confusing reading at times.  Due to the fact that transitions between scenes are often not as smooth as they need to be when multiple storylines are involved.
The story as a whole is very well written.
The characters all well done and very relatable.
But reading He Will Kill You as a first foray into the series.  It must be noted that this is a series that should not be read out of order.
As important background information about Maddie and her team that one would need to fully enjoy this book.  Would be found in book one
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Maddie Ives is back in book 2 of this series.  

A traffic jam in a tunnel and cars exploding and the story begins.

It took me a while to work out what the bombs had to do with domestic abuse and what the woman and child had to do with anything but come together it did.

Parts made for difficult reading but this stuff does go on every day somewhere so I read on.

Got to love Maddie Ives she is a feisty character but one I definitely want in my corner in times of trouble.  This book humanised  her as we had an insight into her romantic side.  She and Harry are opposites working to the same standards and objectives they make a brilliant team and I can see how that is going to make this series going forwards.

The story is fast paced with plenty of grit and is unusual as the lines between victim and murderer become blurred.

A brilliant read and looking forward to book 3.
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# He Will Kill you # Netgalley
OMG, WOW. The first book of a new series, I was glued to the pages and could not turn them quick enough. I love Maggie, and the team of specialist who deal with victims of domestic violence. This book shows such a good insight to someone suffering from domestic violence and literally shows the many forms of violence. People tend to think it’s just physical yet it’s not. Praise to Charles Gallagher for bringing this subject to the forefront is this new series. I have read all his other books and been blown away, yet this one is explosive. With such a massive bang. It’s not often I am lost for words, yet I find I can not find the words needed to explain how awesome, amazing. Unputable down book this is. It’s the best book I have ever ever read on this subject and I am in awe of this book. Charles Gallagher has most definitely got right into the research of this subject better than some actual true stories I have read. I genuinely genuinely can not praise this book enough. My apologies for late reviews I lost my kindle, and had to set up by my phone. New kindle on way.
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The author wrote a thriller that started with a bang and just kept going!  The twists kept coming, so I couldn't put it down.  I cannot wait to read more from this author!
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I loved this book! Had me on the edge of my seat. I love the fact that the author has real-life experience in solving cases of domestic violence, but the plot, characters of the detective duo and the twists and turns this book takes one on is well worth the stress level! I look forward to reading more books in this series.
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(rounded up from 3.5)

This is the second in the Maddie Ives series, while it can be read as a standalone, I would highly recommend reading the first book, He’s watching you (you can read my review here) just to get a better understanding of the characters.

I honestly spent the majority of the time reading he will kill you feeling like my heart was going to burst out of my chest!

Whew, this was a tough read! Charlie Gallagher warns you before starting reading this book that it contains scenes of domestic violence taken from his experiences as a police officer but I wasn’t quite prepared for the emotional effect it would have on me!

Grace who is being abused by her boyfriend is such a good character. She shows how abusers exert their control, bully and attack a victims self esteem to make it feel like it’s impossible to the leave but she’s trying her hardest to break free, and keeping a diary to make sure that no-one else will suffer from the abuse she did. 

I have to be honest, I didn’t enjoy this as much as the first one, it felt a little more chaotic with the bombs going off and everything. I also had the same issue as I had with the first book, in the fact the beginning contains multiple different storylines which don’t at first seem to relate to each other and at times I got a little confused keeping track of but of course that’s just my opinion. 

Overall He will kill you is a gripping and realistic novel that will have an emotional impact on you.
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Charlie Gallagher writes a crime thriller that is so fast paced and never seems to let up in the action, in this, the latest of the series featuring Detective Maddie Ives and in which DI Harry Blaker returns to work after injuries sustained in the fallout from the last case.  There is an out of control car bomber on the loose, leaving death, casualties and mayhem in their wake.  There is a strong strand on Domestic Violence and abused women, a special interest of Maddie's.  Grace Hughes lives with husband, Craig, who cuts a menacing figure as a man who terrorises and abuses her dreadfully, making her feel as if she is a prisoner in her own home.  Living in constant danger, Grace is not good at standing up for herself and knows that Craig will kill her if she tries to escape.  Maddie tries to get her to keep a diary, documenting everything that happens to her with the aim of it becoming evidence to get him convicted of his crimes eventually.  In this intense story of blackmail and more, the disparate storylines do come to connect.  There is suspense and twists in this entertaining crime story.
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