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It is hard for me to review this book because I asked for the ARC so that I could understand my sister better. She had an accident a few years ago and suffered a traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage that resulted in my triathlete sister having little motor control over her body. When I read this book she was still on the mend, now I can say that she has improved greatly, but I wanted to thank Cairns for giving a window as to what she may be feeling--when I requested this book my sister still couldn't talk. Thank you for giving a voice for those who may not have one. Thank you also, for helping us caregivers understand your needs better. I am forever grateful. 

I am still not ready to write my official review on Goodreads, because I cannot separate your story and what it has meant to me from what's going on with my sister. I promise you that I will. Thank you for sharing your story, though. (I know someone in the publishing house will be the one reading this, but I hope the author at least receives my heartfelt thanks.)
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First, I want to thank Victoria Carins, Matador Books and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review. 

Victoria Carins is an incredibly brave woman for sharing her story with the world in Dealing with Disability Moving towards acceptance transformation and renewal. This is the story of her life before her injury, after the operation, coping, and eventually acceptance learning she was disabled. 

For me personally this book hit home big time. One reason I wanted to read it is I am considered disabled (even though I hate that label). I have debilitating migraines 10-30 a month after fracturing my neck in 2016. Many of the topics like avoiding negative thoughts, letting go of anger, blame and regret, and getting back to normal life are all things I too am having to deal with. It is not easy. 

I really liked the section of the book where she named specific well-respected members of society that have physical disabilities. Very educational as well. 

I highly recommend this book for anyone that either just became disabled or has a loved one who is disabled.
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I chose this book as an early release because of the title and summary. I am a neurologist who works specifically with individuals with special needs, such as paralysis and brain injury. I was quite interested to read the “view from the other side”. I was not disappointed. I love the descriptions the author gives of her medical experience from the onset throughout her ongoing and prolonged rehabilitation. As a medical person, I found myself thinking through the anatomy and physiology of the injury that happened but was more intrigued by her resilience and ongoing ability to continue to work towards improving her outcome. In particular, I loved the attention she paid to pointing out the difference between empathy and compassion, where empathy is a draining experience and compassion is not. Brilliant observation that is so often overlooked and a source of burnout for those dealing with long term healthcare issues. 
I know that even one of the events, cardiac arrest, spinal cord injury or brain injury due to hypoxia can be devastating independently of the others and yet she has been able to use all the knowledge she had and has gained to move forward on this journey. Well done to her. She is an inspiration for her candid look at the difficulties of facing a sudden, severe change in health has on someone’s life and mental well-being. 
This should be required reading for medical and nursing students as well as people who are themselves dealing with this sort of medical situation. This book offers terrific insight, gives the medical staff insight into how to be compassionate (which sadly sometimes needs teaching) and also helps the families and individuals find resources moving forward. 
If I were marketing this book, I would be contacting hospitals and doctors and other ancillary healthcare services to make them aware so they can steer the population that will need this resource to it easily when they need it most. 
Best of luck to the author with this and future endeavors!

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A compelling story about one woman’s experience with multiple diseases that led to a complicated surgery with life altering effects! 

The author isn’t looking for sympathy but a way forward, to show that life does and should exist after disability, 

I was very inspired by her story!
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PUB DATE 21 MAR 2019



I am reviewing a copy of Dealing With Disability through Matador and Netgalley:


Victoria Cairns worked for over thirty years as a medical statician for a variety of organizations until she caught Lyme disease which likely led to the operation that changed her life forever.


In this book Victoria Cairns talks openly about learning she would likely be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life,  she talks about how sick she had been so for much of the time she had spent in the hospital she didn’t really process what she was being told.


This Little Book is a powerful testament to strength and acceptance in the midst of a life altering situation, raw in places, it is definitely one I would recommend to those dealing with a disability!



I give Dealing With Disability five out of five stars!



Happy Reading!
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I volunteered to give my honest review in exchange for a free copy of the book.  The author is in a wheelchair, and doesn't have the use of her legs.  She talks about Cognitive Behavioral therapy, physical exercise, vitamins, and other lesser known therapies.  The book has excellent references.  I got the book because I have fibromyalgia, but a lot of the things she goes through doesn't apply to me.  However, the Cognitive Behavioral therapy, exercise, and vitamins do apply,  I think this book us very helpful for people who have recently become disabled.
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Brilliant read, very helpful to someone having ability issues, even if nowhere near as bad as those of this inspiring lady.
She's included an excellent index and links of organisations and equipment which can help, which will save somebody newly injured s lot of trial and error. 
A very thoughtful little book. 
Devoured in one sitting - 5 stars.

I was grateful to receive this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion
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A very real , heartfelt story. 
Victoria’s story is truly inspirational story of hope.- Victoria suffered spinal damage due to complications of surgery and as a result she is now in a wheelchair . She is so honest in the book about her emotions, what she went through . How this changed her life and her families. 
I throughly enjoyed reading this. A beautiful piece of writing 
Thank you to both NetGalley and Troubadour Publishing for my eARC in exchange for my honest unbiased review
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Ashort and inspiring book by an Englishwoman who became wheelchair-bound as a result of complications from an operation. What's most valuable here is the positive not and sympathetic tone to the book. Cairns has been there and lives with the struggles, her voice helps.
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