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Hey guys if you are looking for a good fantasy that is not that complicated. that you love books, libraries, romance, daemon, grimoire. i was so sad to finished this stand alone. 
1- because i am so connected to these characters. 
2- the romance was such a good slow burn.
3- i just want Elizabeth to rule the world, and be the greatest woman in this story.

Nathaniel was a strong but broken character that i really loved also.

I just wish it would be like a long ass series. 
Go read it guy! you will not be disappointed!
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This is my first Margaret Rogerson book, and her world building and storytelling skills completely blew me away. This world of talking books and sorcery has become a new favourite, and I loved learning more and more about it as the book went on. Margaret Rogerson has a very straightforward way of writing, there's no flowery writing that distracts you from the story itself, if that's something you look for in a book.

The characters were my favourites. I loved Elizabeth as a protagonist with all my heart. She loves books, and has been surrounded by them her entire life, so she feels a special kinship towards them. Plus, she's not afraid to pick up her sword and hack through her enemies, which is always a nice added bonus. Nathaniel is the biggest cinnamon roll. He's our tortured male love interest, but he's so much more than just that. I loved his sarcastic demeanour and he's just so sassy, I'm obsessed. It took me by surprise how much I ended up liking Silas. Because he was a demon, he provided a completely different outlook to every situation that the trio went through. I loved his relationship with Nathaniel, and later with Elizabeth, and how he would do anything to protect them while also having a perpetual no-shits given attitude. 

I love reading about new magic systems and this one was really interesting because sorcery in this world comes with a price that was so intriguing to me, and it really enhanced the relationships the characters had. Speaking of relationships, the romance was very subtle and nice, and while it was definitely not a main focus of this book, it was really pleasant to see how this relationship developed from when the two characters met, to the end.

My only issue with this book is that it dragged on a little, and it took quite a long while for the plot to really pick up. Maybe it was because I was reading it on my tiny phone screen, or because I was on vacation, but I never wanted to just sit down and read. I'm definitely going to purchase this book and give it a reread some time in the future.
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I finished this book with a sense that it was pretty good. I did not think it was the book of the year, I felt the story to be somewhat a bit incomplete… some parts of it were a bit confusing… and I did not get why the author kept them in the book… but overall, it was okay
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It's official: Margaret Rogerson is a magical story-telling wizard. I fell hard for her debut novel, and the result was no different on her second book. While not as beautifully written as An Enchantment of Ravens, Sorcery of Thorns more than makes up for it by being so. much. fun.

From the get-go, this book about magical libraries and sorcerers and demons pulled me in deep. It honestly felt like coming home, and it took until I had nearly finished the book to figure out why. It reminds me of Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunter series The Infernal Devices. Guys, that series is my absolute favourite of hers, and everything I loved from it was here! Sorcerers instead of Shadowhunters, magical libraries instead of the Institute; a wonderful, kick-ass heroine, a cheeky love interest, and a sullen but loveable companion. I felt the same sense of wonder and comfort reading those books as I did SoT, and despite all the similarities this story stood impossibly well on its own. There is literally no higher praise I can give it than that. 

I really enjoyed the world Rogerson created here. Demons and sorcerers work hand-in-hand, serving each other in life, and death, and each with their own forte. Libraries are focal aspects of the kingdom, with apprentices training how to handle the books they house. I cannot tell you how much I loved the grimoires and how Elisabeth saw them. There is such a Beauty and the Beast vibe, with the grimoires having their own personalities and fighting back. This one needs to be paid a compliment at least once a day or else it will never open. That one wants your face so it can sew it in as a new page. They scuttle along the floor or flap their pages to fly, they sing and snore and sneeze and whisper in your ear. Small descriptions made in passing that breathe such life into this story. And the inevitable message behind a love for those books and what it means to read and absorb their knowledge is sweet and oh so true. 

Elisabeth is another main character from Rogerson that I relate to with all my heart. Her love of the grimoires and the Great Libraries, her literal home, was what made her shine. The respect she shows the books and how their influence made her who she is today was spot-on and heartfelt. Elisabeth is a tall, sword-wielding girl who can't keep herself out of trouble, whether she tries or not. She is a menace through and through, and I melted each time Nathaniel called her that. Yes you knew I'd be getting to the love interest at some point. I have to say I really like the romances Rogerson writes. Unlike AEoR, this is not insta-love, but it is no less adorable and worth rooting for. I have a sweet spot for snarky boys with ghosts in their past, and Nathaniel was no exception. 

A final note: Rogerson gets the best titles and covers. An Enchantment of Ravens. Sorcery of Thorns. What's next!? Tell me, tell me! And she also gets Charlie Bowater art, and that in itself is a point of jealousy for me. I can't get enough of her artwork.
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I don't think I've ever read a high-fantasy book through in my life... and let me say I am very glad this is the first one  did. 
The characters were real; they had faults and virtues, made mistakes but worked to correct them. Margaret Rogerson was not afraid to really get into the nitty-gritty aspects of her character's lives.
Great imagery, by the way. Descriptions weren't dragged out to the point of not making any sense.
Scary monsters, demons and people...
I'm having a hard time putting my feelings about this book into words at the moment, but it is definitely a new favourite of mine!
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Just like Enchantment of Ravens, Margaret has done it again and created yet another beautiful, vibrant and interesting world with lovable and understandable characters. Her prose and story-telling skills are amazing and I look forward to every one of her books. She describes things and places just enough so that I can easily imagine every scene with some creative freedom, really allowing for this reading experience to be unique. Everyone will read this book a little different creating their own memories with it just as I did. 

The story revolves around Elisabeth Scrivener, who for once in my YA reading career, is taller than basically everyone, (tall girls represent!) including the ever so charming Nathaniel Thorn. 
Elisabeth’s duty to her heart and unrelenting will to fight for what she loves is honestly a breath of fresh air. I could always count on her doing what was right which was actually really nice (even though I found the beginning of her journey with Nathaniel was a little too over-the-top “must save the world and cannot trust anyone” but she grows out of it eventually). 
Though her relationship with Nathaniel at the beginning is rocky (with some really hilarious misunderstandings and miscommunication - because why would you trust a beautiful man with magic that could kill you right?), I am a sucker for hate-to-love relationships and this did not disappoint. 

Basically Elisabeth is an apprentice librarian, but this library is special because the grimoires are alive with magic, each with different personalities. And Elisabeth grew up alongside these books which is kinda like her superpower — ... meaning the more books I surround myself with the stronger I’ll be right? 

The book in general was fast-paced which I’m always thankful for, but it really picked up for me about 1/3 through and from then on I was hooked. 

Also that ending was so wholesome, and cute, and gratifying so I thank you Margaret Roberson for another job well done. I can’t wait to pick up a finished copy when it comes out in a month.
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I’d like to thank NetGalley and Simon & Schuster for this ARC! 

Sorcery of Thorns is a whimsical story about finding yourself and fighting for the truth. 

Elisabeth is an apprentice of the Great Libraries. She was taken in as a young baby when she was abandoned on the steps of the Great Library. Elisabeth is kind of an outcast; people find her weird and different. She has one good friend, Katrien, who is also her partner in crime. They get into mischief together and they’re a fun duo. Elisabeth has one goal: to become a warden to protect the Libraries and the innocent people from the dangerous grimoires.

The Great Libraries hold magical books called grimoires. They are rated by how dangerous they are from Class 1 – 10. All apprentices and people of the Great Libraries frown upon sorcery, it is evil and should not be used for any reason. Sorcerer’s are evil, no good comes from them. Grimoires were made by sorcerers to preform magic, and magic hasn't helped anyone. It’s evil, it’s bad, and that’s a fact. At least according to the Libraries. And who is Elisabeth to question the establishment that has raised her, protected her, and fed her? But when a grimoire gets out and turns into a Malefict, Elisabeth has only one thing to do: Kill it before it kills innocents, like a warden would do. Instead of being praised, she becomes the prime suspect for the devastation that the Malefict caused. 

In comes Magister Nathaniel Thorn. Dashing and eligible, but cold, dismissive, and a sorcerer. The definition of evil. And Elisabeth is stuck with him and his demonic servant while he transports her to her trial. But when they get attacked, Elisabeth and Nathaniel must work together to get to the bottom of it. How do you work with someone who you've spent your entire life hating and fearing? But Nathaniel isn't as he seems, there is more to him than the disturbing history of his family.

Elisabeth starts to question what she’s been taught. She’s starting to realise she’s different, with a strong power inside of her. She starts making her own decisions and coming up with her own opinions on the world. But to do so, she must go against everything she’s believed in.

This story is full of fun, magic, suspense, murder, ancient conspiracies, friendship, and love. It’s good for all ages, but there is some violence and kissing. It’s not over the top, and I enjoyed it. It was fast paced and exciting once Nathaniel and Elisabeth teamed up. I wish there was more. It took me a little to ground myself in the world, it was a bit slow. But when I got into it, I craved more. I can’t believe it’s really over. Not with that ending. I hope there’s more to this world, because it was beautiful and magical. The growth of all three characters unfolded beautifully, and I NEED MORE. 

I hope you like this book as much as I did. It’s heartwarming and romantic. Exhilarating and intense. It’s everything you’d want in a story of magic and books. Read it and tell me otherwise.
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I love this book so much that I don’t even want to write a review about it. All I want to do is tell everyone to read it.

Elisabeth is an apprentice at one of the Great Libraries. These libraries are home to grimoires that are created by sorcerers to perform evil magic. At least that’s what Elisabeth has always believed. When a grimoire is corrupted into a terrible beast that wreaks havoc on the library, Elisabeth is the prime suspect. Escorted by the powerful and charming sorcerer, Nathaniel Thorn, she must testify before the Magisterium to prove her innocence. But the attack on the library is just the beginning of a more sinister plot and Elisabeth is going to need help from unlikely sources if she wants to stop it. Even if it means betraying everything she stands for.

I’m devastated that this is a standalone. I would read a full book about the cast going grocery shopping if it meant I could spend more time with these characters. You know when there’s a character that’s just so painfully your type? Well, Nathaniel Thorn is my weakness. He’s charming and snarky, but never a jerk (which happens so often when authors try to write these types of characters). I actually swooned when I was reading his dialogue. Elisabeth is refreshingly optimistic and kind-hearted, but she’s also ready to throw it down at any moment. Silas is a funky little demon dude that makes a mean cup of tea and is not opposed to a good shopping spree. And there are LGBTQIA characters! 

The cover is one of my favourites that I’ve seen this year and I’m not usually a fan of character art covers.

My nitpicky complaints are that the action scenes can be messy and confusing, and that the last quarter of the plot was predictable. But none of that compares to how much I enjoyed reading this story!

In summary, it’s going right into the favourites shelf and I just pre-ordered the hardcover copy.
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Rogerson’s prose is once again lush and descriptive.

I can’t even say that this was a straight up “fantasy” book. It was so much more than that.

It was a mystery/thriller/heist/epic plot story set in a fantasy world. And it was so exciting.

More than anything it was a story about watching the character Elisabeth grow. One of the best character development stories I’ve ever read.

It was a very different story than An Enchantment of Ravens was. In both tone and plot. Not in a bad way at all of course. It was thrilling to see Rogerson write two entirely different books.
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Somebody better make a summoning circle, because I am deceased. 


SORCERY is a novel written for book lovers, where Great Libraries are home to an incredible variety of sentient grimoires. Librarians in Austermeer have swords, and apprentices are accosted by ink-spitting, opera-belting, face-stealing books with the ability to shift into monsters. It's also a world populated by sorcerers, demons, stone armies, and enough glamour to fill the most magical of fairylands. Rogerson has SUCH a way with words; I haven't read ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS, but after this gem, I might have to. The pace never falters, each setting more vivid than the last, and the relationships between the characters are p e r f e c t. Silas/Nathaniel is now one of my all-time favourite YA relationships, and a real highlight of the novel. I think because platonic relationships often are portrayed as less intense/important, but these guys....*clutches heart*. 

I can't do it justice in a review, but trust me, you won't be disappointed by this. In case you didn't hear me the first time, SENTIENT BOOKS. Need I say more? 5/5
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5/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

e-ARC provided by Netgalley and Simon & Schuster Canada in exchange for an honest review! 

Sorcery Of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson is the tale of a library apprentice who inevitably finds herself going head to head in a battle with the saboteur that threatens to destroy her entire kingdom! 

I was hesitant to pick this one up because I didn't love An Enchantment Of Ravens, but talk of magical grimoires that could transform into monsters of ink and leather when provoked-and demon servants ended up convincing me that I NEEDED to give this book a fair chance! (I MIGHT have pre-ordered this at the halfway point!) 

The expected publication for this book is the 4th of June, 2019! Do yourselves a favour and add this to your TBR if it sounds like something you might enjoy! I think this is now my favourite book that I've requested from NetGalley to date!
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I loved this. I loved this so much. I had previously read An Enchantment of Ravens and enjoyed that greatly, but this book was so much more. A book about sorcery, libraries and magical books. Did I mention magical books? This book is a fantasy and book-lover’s dream. It at once had mystery, fantasy, a lovely romance and just the right amount of suspense. Also Silas. He was amazing. Such a well done character. All the characters were well done, but he truly stood out and was extremely well written I enjoyed this book so much. I am definitely going to buy myself a copy when it is released. I would also buy this for friends as a gift ’cause I feel like anyone that loves books and magic would adore this book as much as I did.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end! The world itself was captivating, and the characters draw you in from the beginning. Pacing was phenomenal throughout, the perfect mix of calmer scenes to allow relationships to grow and the plot points to come together and intense scenes that leave you on the edge of your seat. I am now a huge fan of Margaret Rogerson and can't wait to read her other novel, and will definitely be eagerly awaiting any future novels set in this world, or any other she creates. Would definitely recommend this book for fans of Cassandra Clare, Libba Bray, and Laini Taylor.
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Most things I have to say about this book are incomprehensible by normal language standards as I can't find words to describe how much I have loved it.

World building was interesting and well-done without being too wordy. The prose style was descriptive without being too much. Characters were dynamic and well-rounded and the relationship was built on trust and naturally progressed versus instant-love. 

Overall, this is a phenomenon book about demon-slaying librarians, magical grimoires and morally-questionable demons. 

Thank you to Simon & Schuster and Netgalley for a copy!
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This was absolutely incredible! Just like Rogerson's first book, this book was magical, whimsical, romantic and perfectly paced. Everything from the library, to the protagonist, to the conflicts, was well done and had me hooked. The cover is also beyond perfect. I will be recommending this to all of my friends, as I know so many of them loved An Enchantment of Ravens, and for me, this one was even better. You can tell the author's writing improved, and her style is the same but more sophisticated. Overall, I loved it and can't wait to buy the physical copy!
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Thank you to the publisher, via NetGalley, for providing me with an e-arc for review. This has in no way influenced my opinion.

Elisabeth was abandoned as a baby and raised at one of the country's Great Libraries. She meets Sorcerer Nathaniel Thorn when he comes to the library to meet with the Director of the Library. Following the escape of a grimoire and Elisabeth's role in the destruction of the grimoire, she is sent to meet with the Chancellor and the story unfolds from there.

This is a difficult book to rate, because I'm forced to damn it with faint praise. I read this book in a single day and the writing style is enjoyable; however, it was rife with tropes, clunky foreshadowing, and poorly fleshed out characters (Elisabeth's friend Katrien would be the most glaring example). I think Sorcery of Thorns is a perfectly adequate Teen book, but I found the story to be lacking in enough substance to transcend the YA genre.
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I found that I had about the same reactions to this one as I did with Margaret Rogerson's first book. I loved the world, the characters, the action and the plot. Any other time the combination of elements that were in this story would have made me love it so much, but unfortunately, there was just something in the way of making me enjoy it so much more and I can't really put my finger on it besides thinking maybe its the writing style? I do however recommend it to others if you like action packed standalone fantasies!
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Sorcery of Thorns is wholly unexpected and masterful: it's brimming with thrilling non-stop action, whimsical worldbuilding, and characters that are practically impossible to not fall in love with. It's a standalone that makes you feel as if you've read three books before it, for how easily it grips your emotions and for how far it pushes its world and characters. A total exciting, often-hilarious, and engaging fantasy!
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