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I am not an elite athlete, but I liked looking at these recipes for ideas.  It probably wouldn't be the ideal nutrient balance for me if I ate exclusively from this cookbook, but once a while in a varied diet would be good.
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Admittedly, I am not interested in MMA or UFC however I love to browse a new cookbook! This book is full of delicious recipes with bright photographs. The recipes use whole food ingredients and are balanced in protein (generally animal-based) and plant ingredients. Any athlete would appreciate this book!

Thank you, DK and NetGalley for a digital ARC!
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2 out of 5

**OMG!  I cannot believe that these reviews haven't been done!  I am so sorry they are so late!!!**
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I am very impressed with this cookbook it delivers. I love that it includes very detailed meal plans. Many times recipes are included but not enough information on how to incorporate the information in a daily routine. Not so with this one. Everything is played out easy to follow with wonderful and appealing pictures. They make every recipe look delicious even when it was ingredients I wasn't sure about. I have made several and been pleasantly surprised they are as good as they look. I also love that it breaks down the usable protein and nutrients. I feel this is exceptionally well played out information. Do keep in mind the cookbook is designed for weight lifters or athletes that need high protein and proper fat ratios to build muscle. It is not designed for weight loss alone and excercise is key to successful results. 

Another great plus this cookbook has easy to follow recipes with short prep times which is perfect for a busy lifestyle. Absolutely perfect for busy athleteneeding to maximize nutrition and working out. I would absolutely recommend this cookbook.   

I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review and as a mother of four sons all interested in top athletic performance it will no doubt be a favorite book for years to come.
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Some pretty tasty things to try in this book. Had some interesting info as far as nutrients and science behind why you eat certain foods or pairings. It was beautifully put together and a nice cookbook.
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I’m quite impressed with The Fighter’s kitchen. It’s one I’d probably want a physical copy of. It’s format isn’t as user friendly electronically but as a table book I can really see where this would be a must have. 

I personally do a lot of recipe creation normally when I’m looking through a book I usually have tweak or change the recipe to suit my tastes/current food goals.  I found a ton of recipes in this book I plan on trying. Some ironically are very close to my own recipes with additions I hadn’t considered. 

The recipes in this book aren’t over complicated. They focus on simple and fresh ingredients. Absolutely love the way the macronutrients are displayed so if you’re needing to be a little more carb conscious on non training days you can easily find a good food choice. 

I honestly didn’t expect to like this book as much as I did because of the title and description. Usually I find the author pompous and writes with an overinflated ego. I usually find recipes that just seem to lack personality and flavor. This book surprised me. I plan on keeping an eye out for a physical copy. Which is not something I do often because shelf real estate is far to valuable for books that won’t get used.
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The Fighter's Kitchen is a fantastic cookbook for anyone looking to gain some muscle, strength, or to become more lean and cut. The food plans are excellent and planned out perfectly. The recipes are all beautifully written and easy to follow. The ingredients are easy to find in the grocery store, and the meals themselves will keep you full until your next snack or meal. Overall I think Algieri hit the jackpot with this book.
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The Fighter's Kitchen is a collection of recipes that are meant to fuel your body. It's for the person who has already reached their goals, and for people who are starting out and maybe don't know how to use food to reach their goals as well as fuel their bodies. I'm in the latter category. 
Before we even get to the recipes, it has a comprehensive introduction chapter that provides all the info you need for how our bodies use fats, carbs, and proteins. It also provides 7 day samples of 4 different types of meal plans and which one is right for your goals. Along with that, it has a guide for macros at a glance so you can skim and see which recipe might fit your goals for that day. 
The recipes are easy to follow, the nutritional facts are easy to see, and they contain both the amount of servings per recipe and serving size. I feel like as I learn more about how to fuel my body and what types of foods I need for different goals and different times of day that this cookbook will become more and more useful. 

*I received a copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for my review.
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Each recipe shows the carbs, protein, fat in it.
There are meal plans for different purposes - maintenance, strength training, endrurance and so on.
Coffee as the counselor. Like that the list of ingredients is not overwhelming. pictures that inspire healthy cooking.
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I'm going to go ahead and give this one a 4 star even though I'm not really seeing anything new here. What is in the book is all good information and recipes, along with a solid meal plan even if it is a repeat of stuff Jillian Michael's has been preaching since the early 2000's. If him saying it will get one more person to be healthier, I'm all for it.
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This is the most enticing fuel your body cookbook I have ever read.  Pictures are visually appealing, recipes are exquisite, nutritional information is organized well and meal plans (one for every workout agenda (Maintenance, Strength, Muscular Endurance, Power & Explosion) are in easy to read charts.

I received a ARC from Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.
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A great cookbook that is as delicious as it is healthy. Great tips on building that body that you really want!
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This book is more than just a cookbook, it's an introduction to a healthier lifestyle. Although I'm not planning on adhering to the meal plans offered in this book, it will help me stick to a healthier diet. The recipes are easy to follow and I love the page set up and especially how each recipe is shown on the page with the calorie and nutrition information. The photos are so yummy looking and I can't wait to work my way through these recipes.
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Alpha and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of The Fighter's Kitchen: 100 Muscle-Building, Fat Burning Recipes, with Meal Plans to Sculpt Your Warrior.  I was under no obligation to review this book and my opinion is freely given.

Author Chris Algieri has studied nutrition and, particularly, the way it applies to health and fitness. The beginning of this cookbook is all about education, giving readers the basics of nutrition, including essential nutrients and his philosophy on health.  There are different meal plans in the book, which vary depending on what goal is the ultimate accomplishment.  Sample charts with weekly meals from breakfast through dinner help to take the guess work out of starting this new approach to healthy eating.  Each recipe lists essential nutritional facts, such as calories, total fat, total carbohydrates, and protein.  I wish that the other standard facts were listed, like sodium and sugar, for those who have limits they need to keep in mind.

The Breakfast section has the usual fare, from scrambles, to steel cut oats, to yogurt parfaits, and waffles.  The section is quite varied, with a good balance between the quick and easy breakfast to the more time consuming.  The Knockout Keto Egg Cups would be good to make for a weekend brunch or for a healthy breakfast for kids and adults alike.

My favorite in the Entree section is the trendy, but very nutritious, Buddha Bowl.  The red pepper dressing is the perfect blend of seasoning and matches well with ingredients such as quinoa, toasted chickpeas, edamame, and avocado.  With entree recipes that range from Miso-glazed Cod, to Bison Bolognese with Rigatoni, and Argentinean-style Flank Steak, readers will be able to find many flavorful dishes using their protein of choice.

Salads and Sides include delicious offerings like Garlic & Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, Ancient Grains Salad with Sweet Mustard Dressing, and Yucca Fries.  I am most excited to try the Spicy Zoodles, which is comprised of zucchini noodles embellished with tomato, Parmesan, and spicy sauce.

The section entitled Sandwiches and Snacks is the most varied, as the dishes range from California Fish Tacos, to Perfect Penne, to Nutty Banana and Oat Bars, and Peanut Butter and Apple Crisp.

Smoothies, Shakes, and Desserts boasts several eye-catching recipes, which will appeal to many readers.  My favorite is the Counselor, as it is a beverage with a unique blend of ingredients such as coffee, banana, almond milk, oats, and honey.

The Fighter's Kitchen is a good cookbook overall, especially for readers who are looking for a good meal plan that makes sense and is full of nutritious, delicious tasting food.
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First I will admit, I'm not the healthiest person nor am I planning on sculpting a warrior body... But I do collect cookbooks, and I do try to eat healthy for the most part. When I saw this cookbook, the first thing that caught my eye was the delicious cover! Once you open the book you have a great Table of Contents with all the recipes listed in Categories, such as Breakfasts, Entree's, Salads & Sides, Sandwiches & Snacks, Smoothies, Shakes & Desserts. There is also a Category on The Science of Nutrition and About the Author.

Now to the most important and my favorite part, the recipes! Each recipe is clear and concise without overcomplicated ingredients. Many of the recipes have beautiful clear photos to show the finished product. Recipes have the serving size, prep time, cook time and nutritional facts broken down per serving. You also have a great Index at the back with each recipe in Alphabetical order. I liked the recipe selection; there was a great variety and I've already comprised a list of recipes I would like to try in the near future. I would definitely recommend! Way to go, Chris! Maybe I should consider sculpting a warrior body if I get to eat like this… 💪🏻 ;-)
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3.5 Stars

Thank you Netgalley for an early copy of Chris Algieri's new cookbook The Fighter's Kitchen.

MMA fighter Chris Algieri has released a new cookbook detailing his ultimate diet plan to becoming an elite warrior.  Algieri's detailed plan helps everyone looking to release their inner warrior whether you are looking to maintain your current weight, build strength, power or muscle.  Each meal plan has a caloric guide that include fats, carbs and proteins.  He has included detailed recipes for every meal of the day, including dessert.  Each recipes comes equipped with an ingredient list, easy to understand instructions and nutritional facts.  I highly recommend this for anyone looking to supplement their workouts with healthy meal options to bring out the inner warrior.
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Really enjoying the recipes in this book and the macro breakdown for everything.  This makes it very easy to incorporate into my own diet, which was in desperate need of some variety.
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I love the calorie and nutrition breakdown of the recipes. They all seem very simple and easy to make with a few ingredients. I would like to see a weekly meal plan for a woman as well. Thanks for the preview!!
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I'm not the world's most health-conscious person in the world (Ok, so I've had three donuts today....don't judge me!) but I'm always on the lookout for recipes that are both healthy and delicious-sounding. The best thing about all of these recipes is that you get all the nutrition facts alongside each, plus a lot of great info about how to maintain a balanced diet based on your current fitness goals (i.e. if you want to put on muscle or burn calories or whatever, just give me another donut). Plus, all of the recipes sound like they don't skimp on the deliciousness. No flavorless salads of nothing but a kale and a ice burg lettuce leaf here! Mmm, mushroom & onion slathered skirt steak, eggs benedict with hollandaise, peanut butter and apple crisp....So if you're a health-conscious person, or if you're someone trying to bulk up or just focus more on your diet, then this is definitely a good cookbook for you.
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4/5 rating for this book is easily given for these reasons:
Good recipes.
Awesome tips.
Fast reading.
You will learn new things here and you will want to try some recipes too.
I tried two recipes from this book - and yes my family loved it!
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