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Unsolved Mysteries of World War II

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I thought this book was an interesting read, especially for being about WWII. I am not a huge military fan but I liked that it was about unsolved mysteries. I had heard of some of them, but not a lot. I think he did a good job overall and it was an interesting read.
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Author Michael FitzGerald published the book “Unsolved Mysteries of World War II: From the Nazi Ghost Train and ‘Tokyo Rose’ to the Day Los Angeles was Attacked by Phantom Fighters” in 2019. Mr. FitzGerald has published nearly a dozen books.

I received an ARC of this novel through in return for a fair and honest review. I categorize this book as ‘G’. This book is a collection of short topics from WWII most of which have a degree of mystery about them.

I enjoyed the 6+ hours I spent reading this 242-page WWII history. I did find this book interesting and learned a few new things. It is the second book by FitzGerald (the other was Hitler’s Secret Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Nazi Plan for Final Victory) that I have read. They are similar in how they approach the history of WWII. The book does lack citations to substantiate the stories. Some of the stories included are neither ‘Mysteries’ nor ‘Unsolved’. Many conspiracy theories are mentioned for these ‘mysteries’. I like the selected cover art. I give this book a 3.5 (rounded up to a 4) out of 5.

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There were a few "mysteries" spoken about in this book that I hadn't heard about before that were fairly intriguing but for the most part I was pretty uninterested.

Obviously, the frustration with any mystery is exactly that, it will likely remain unsolved. However that isn't where I got frustrated with this book. My frustration lay in the fact that most of the mysteries presented read more like conpiracy theories rather than genuine unexplained occurences. For every interesting mystery raised, there's a good handful of others that just don't pique any interest at all.

Given that this period in time is one of the most significant periods in all of history and therefore one where mysterious events are likely to have occured and arisen in the aftermath, I expected a little more than what I got.

Overall, this is somewhat interesting but there's not a single mystery mentioned that would prompt me to look further into it in my own time, which kind of says all it needs to say.

Thanks to Arcturus Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with a copy for review.
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Enjoyable, enlightening, such a good read that told me so much more than the unsolved mysteries. Great for those with an interest in history and/or WWII.
Plenty I didn’t know about and felt there was a lot detail and research put into it.
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  I am always fond of anthologies or books you can dip into and out without trying to keep a complex plot top of mind.  It is a relaxing way to read.  While I might not call the subject matter relaxing, this book filled the niche very nicely.
It is packed with chapters on various mysteries and myths from WWII.  Some of these stories were rife long before the internet.  Now, however, with social media, fiction is taken for fact and repeated and repeated.  The author spends great time looking at the various interpretations of an event or person and then tries to select the answer that is most logical.  There are times when there is conclusive proof.  More often, there will be one version that is most likely.  In either case, it is interesting and well researched.
If you are interested in this period, you will enjoy the read.  Four purrs and two paws up.
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I learned about a lot of things from WWII that didn't make it into the "mainstream" WWII history books.  A few I'd heard about previously (like Admiral Canaris) but others were brand new to me (my favorite was how a corpse contributed to the war effort).  This book is full of intriguing tidbits about WWII, and many of the "mysteries" are plausibly solved, so it is more historical than the "Unsolved" part of the title sounds.
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Unsolved Mysteries of World War II include missing treasures, murders, and bombs.

What group was responsible for the bombing at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York? How did Glenn Miller die? What happened to all the missing treasure of those victimized during World War II? Was the aircraft of Leslie Howard, “Ashley, oh Ashley” from Gone with the Wind, shot out of the sky because of his agent’s resemblance to Winston Churchill? 

This book has many intriguing questions, some conspiracy theories, some contemporary responses but no definitive answers. This absence of answers is frustrating. I believe with some more research in fewer topics, the author could have suggested his own solution to these mysteries rather than letting them hang there in the air. Because of the lack of conclusions, I have to give Unsolved Mysteries of World War II only 3 stars. It is effective only if you are willing to spend additional time researching so you can draw your own conclusions.

Thanks to Arcturus Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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The author's painstaking research and attention to detail is obvious in the writing of this book.  There were many facts that I only discovered after reading this!
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Enjoyed this book. Kept me interested all the way through. Would recommend to a fellow reader.  Love the cover.
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I love learning about history, be it through reading or watching documentaries. Some of the mysteries in this book i had already knew about, but some were new to me. The author did a wonderful job bringing these to life and left me wanting to know more. If you consider yourself a history buff, I would strongly recommend picking up this book, you will not be disappointed.
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You know those people who go around with hats on their heads made of tin foil? If you are one of those people - THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR YOU!

Fitzgerald has presented facts, proof and evidence of his conclusions, he does take conspiracy theories into account but as with most conspiracies, fictional, invented stories can always be disavowed by facts.

Although, most of the mysteries aren't so mysterious anymore, with many documents and other evidence that has been classified for so long, now becoming available in multiple countries (documents that gave rise to conspiracy theories) clearing up assumptions and replacing them with proof or at least a more accurate presumptive finding.

There were some really interesting stories that I had never heard before, like Operation Mincemeat, which was just yuck, start to finish.

The Amber Room, what a loss, how unfortunate that people can be so greedy while fighting a war, and we haven't changed, we still plunder and loot wherever we fight. Aleppo.

In all stories Fitzgerald presents an objective account, especially concerning military strategy to include the military descions of the Axis powers as far as possible.

The scientific mysteries were especially enlightening. Turns out the US and the USSR were working on the same set of plans when it came to nuclear missiles and the space race. They were spying on each other - for sure, but the blueprints were given to them by the same country in the same year. That's why it was such a neck-on-neck race, because, let's face it, without those blueprints the Soviets would have remained two decades behind - like they did with everything else.

I was also happy to see Admiral Canaris (dodgy as he was) thoughtfully portrayed. He did not betray Germany, only Hitler and Adolf was never the sum of the German people. Although the little voice in my head keeps singing double-agent.

I rate this a firm 4 stars, you do need to know a little bit about events leading to WWII and a tiny bit about WWI, because to explain how we got into a certain situation sometimes, he does have to go back to the bigger picture. But he doesn't make you think too hard and he does cover all his bases. Very enjoyable and enlightening.
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This is an excellent book sorting out the fact from fiction in mysteries of WWII - from top-secret Nazi technology to super-spies, aliens invasions to fake deaths this book covers all aspects of the war. 

With the recent speculation that the Amber Room may be found soon, it will be fun to re-read this book in time to see if any other mysteries get solved.
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If you enjoy a good mystery, then you are going to LOVE this book! Completely unforgettable, and full of amazing details and stories.

In "Unsolved Mysteries of World War II" the author takes us on a fantastic journey back to the war and the many puzzling cases and events that still leave people scratching their heads. While some of these are full of conspiracy theories, the fact remains that something happened. However, we might never know the full truth behind these unsolved cases. 

As someone who has a background in history, this book called to me, and I was not disappointed! I was enthralled from the start, and this is one book that I cannot wait to be released so that I can add to my bookcase! The many stories that are encompassed within this volume, are bound to pique your interest and remind the reader that there are many aspects of the war, as photographed and covered as it was, that might never have a satisfactory answer. 
Put this book on your pre-order list now, I promise that you will not be disappointed! Michael FitzGerald had done an amazing job, and carefully compiled the many pieces of evidence that are available, and leaving the reader to draw what conclusions you will - my research list just got a whole lot longer!
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Thanks NetGalley for providing my copy! 
The subject matter is quite interesting. The events that were included in the book were all new to me and I found some of them to be fascinating. Lovers of conspiracy fiction causal history might really enjoy it. Unfortunately that was not enough for me. I was aware of the conspiracy theory leanings its introduction, but the utter lack of real substance bored me. I almost didn't finish it. This entire book felt like it was mostly filler. The writing is good. The author is quite serious about the topics, but the format was "topic- explanation of topic- possible "other" explainations- thrown together (or non existent) conclusion". I was never engrossed, and the lack of a decent bibliography was a death knell for me.
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This book is listed quite confusingly on GR under two different authors. I’ve added the Kindle version with cover art to lessen the confusion. Now then…World War II is a subject that holds a sort of morbid fascination for me both in fiction and nonfiction. It was a time of such dramatic extremes and insane upheavals that it produced (nonfictionally) and inspired (fictionally) some of the most fascinating mysteries of recent past. This book covers many of them. It’s separated into descriptive sections following specific locations or themes and those are separated into brief chapters explaining the premise and pondering the solutions. Some of these were familiar to me from previous reading and documentaries, a few were new. All were interesting. In fact, the least interesting mystery here is the one author chose to close the book on (and that is a mystery in itself), the rest really do boggle the mind from covert spy missions to strange vanishings and looted treasures. From devastating reality of concentration camps to bizarre speculations about Nazi bases in Antarctica, there’s so much here to disturb, excite and challenge the mind. There are even photos. It’s a relatively slim volume and can be technically read relatively quickly, although due to the heavy nature of the materials, it might be best to dip in and out of. I’ve never read the author prior to this, he seems erudite in his presentation, very serious and quite opinionated. The latter is especially pronounced since a lot of these mysteries have no resolutions and speculations are left to the discretion and imagination of others. But then again it’s always interesting to learn what expects think, even though it almost inevitably tends to inform your own opinions. So yes, very informative book. Anyone with an interest in that tragic historical era (and/or mysteries and/or conspiracies) would most likely enjoy reading this book. Thanks Netgalley.
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Very interesting read. Lots to think about and such a thrilling subject. Easy to read and well written.
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This book of mysteries in world war 2 will delight people interested in history mysteries! I was surprised because I've read many world war two related books, and I had never heard about most of these. Well researched and looked at with different angles, this is well worth your time.
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This was a very good book.  Anyone who enjoys war stories, especially those about World War II, or unsolved mysteries, is sure to enjoy it.
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An interesting book but a little hard to read i felt it could have been organized better but I would recommend to any history mystery lover
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Fascinating stories about WW 2! A must read for history buffs! Truly eerie if true. I learned a few things I had not heard about.
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