A Perfect Lie

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Amazing story that will blow you away.  It's a departure from what I'm use to from this author but it's a book you don't want to miss.  When warped family dynamics and politics are mixed together it makes navigating life challenging.  That's the life Hailey Anne Monroe faces everyday.  Her story will break your heart and keep you guessing as the past unfolds and collides with the present.  I couldn't and didn't want to put this down.  I just had to know what happened.  The author did an amazing job of weaving a tale full of suspense that will grab your attention and keep you on the edge as you put the pieces together.  Put this one on the top of the TBR pile.
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This was a good book, full of surprises, don't get me wrong, but it was cloaked in so much smoke and mirrors that I felt a bit deadened to it. The lead up oversold the actual story and I was a bit disappointed. I don't know that we ever got to know Hailey and I felt the telling of her story was a bit disjointed, perhaps due to the bouncing back and forth in time. And while the current situation around her seemed very plausible, her reaction to it did not. When it comes down to it, this book felt like the redacted version of the story. Some parts were just never followed up on and pieces that might have made the story flow better for me where left out.
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Wow!  I was a bit frustrated with the pace of the story, mostly monologues, but then it picked up fast.  Hailey is from a political family which means she trusts no one.  She has episodes of blacking out conveniently around a life changing event, was she drugged or something else?  She has men in her life that have you questioning their trustworthiness.  It's a terrible and lonely world to be in politics, this story proves just that.  My copy was given through Netgalley.
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I live and breathe books, but TV and movies are the images I can work with best. A little bit House of Cards and a little bit 24. It even feels like a frightening bit of Dollhouse mixed in to deeply terrorize the reader. I don’t even know how to write about my experience with this book without getting into spoiler territory. It’s a twisty political thriller that probably cuts too close to the truth for any of us to be truly comfortable with.
I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book through NetGalley.
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Hailey Monroe has the seemingly perfect life with money, social status, a handsome boyfriend. Her father is destined to be the next President of the United States. She, to be the next first daughter, but things are not always as they seem, especially in the world of politics where lies are a dime a dozen and you don't know who you can trust. A mind boggling story of lies, deception, cheating and treachery. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book with all the deception and who-done-its. I highly recommend this book.
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A Perfect Lie is a political thriller with lots of intrigue, twists and turns. I enjoyed the first persona narration and getting inside protagonist Hailey's head. I found the constant time shifts a bit confusing and took away from the plot development and I found some of the relationship transitions and the ending to be very abrupt. Ultimately, there is plenty of suspense, drama, secrets, lies and betraysals to keep you reading until the end.
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***4 Stars***

I don’t typically read straight mystery/suspense novels, normally they fall under the romantic suspense umbrella, but the cover (the one on NG) and the blurb ~ the way it fucked with my mind (which was kind of cool considering it was just the blurb) peaked my interest and I have to say that this read totally did my mind in (in the best of ways, of course) and left me in that weird and wonderful realm of being satisfied and yet still questioning what was truth and what was the lie.

Hailey absolutely fascinated me. She was the lie and yet she was the truth as well of everything that was going on around her and happening to her. I enjoyed the fact that we got to be in her mind and see how she saw things without actually knowing her. Yes, things unravel, but there were still questions, the doubt, the concerns about her that had me wondering right up to the very end just how involved she truly was in all that went down.

This is my first read by the author, and what a read it was. It’s not a short read by any means, but it was a fascinating one with all the twists and turns and how the story was laid out with flashbacks and present day flip flopping going on. It’s filled with characters that are all suspect in one way or another (well, maybe with one or two exceptions), Hailey included, but they definitely brought depth to a story built on deception, manipulation, power and greed. So, if you’re looking for a good mystery/suspense then give this one a go!
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Buckle in for a twisty and suspenseful political thriller! This book was incredibly engaging and impossible to stop reading. Wow!
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When is a lie, really a lie if it's coated in half truths?  Haley has been groomed her whole life to be picture perfect first daughter material. Her father will not lose and will do anything to ensure he has the presidential nomination and the win, but is he capable of murder?  At what point do you say enough is enough and you start to take matters into your own hands?  

Lisa Renee Jones is my quick fix perfect read author.  If I'm in a slump she can get me out of it hands down every time.  If I would have had the time, I could have seen myself finishing this in one sitting.
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Good lord, this author knows how to write a mystery!  This story is filled with twists and turns that keeps the reader fully engaged until the very last word, I absolute loved it!  Hailey is the future Presidents daughter, but her life is nothing short of tragedy everywhere she turns.  You get lost in this story of betrayal, friendships full of mystery, and not knowing who to trust and who’s the enemy.  I found myself actually talking to myself during some pretty intense scenes, it’s just that good. If you loved The Secret Life of Amy Bentsen and Lilah Love in the Murder Notes series, then you’re going to love this book.  Definitely adding this one to my bookshelf!

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.
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A thrilling page turner that had you just as confused and paranoid as Hailey, the main character, as her world is turned into a tumultuous rollercoaster of What? Who? Why? Secrets and more secrets set the stage for her narrative of past and present that will leave you feeling confused, on the edge of your seat, nail biting and desperately trying to finish as quickly as possible to truly see what it is this troubled young woman is trying to tell us with her cryptic poses and subtle nudges about what is really going on in her life. Definitely a must read suspense story that will leave you guessing until the end.
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I have just finished reading this book - the third I have read by LRJ - an author who was new to me until very recently. This book did not disappoint! I find her writing style engaging and unusual and as with the the previous two books, I was unable to put it down.

The protagonist is the daughter of an ambitious politician with his eye on the presidency. Her whole life has been shaped by his ambition and her need for his approval. However things start to unravel when she loses her best friend and starts to question the very basis of her life. 

While there are some inconsistencies in the plot and occasionally I felt it was just a little too unrealistic, overall I loved the book, the hero and her journey.

Well worth reading!
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3.5 Stars
Hailey Anne Monroe has been trained to present a facade to the world. As such, hardly anyone knows her. She thinks her best friend, Danielle, knows her, but even she has a few secrets. Her boyfriend, Tobey, hardly knows the real Hailey, and she’s good with that. Problems seem to occur each time Hailey has even a little bit of alcohol. She has trouble remembering things she says and does on the rare occasions that she drinks. This leads to some complications. 

The tension in this book is intensely palpable. It is present from the start, and rarely lets up. One mark of a good writer is the way they pull you into the heart of the story and keep you there. That is what happens here, as the pacing and tension are top-notch.  However, the story seems disjointed in places, and doesn’t flow as smoothly as usual for this author. The timeline jumps around quite a bit, even within chapters. Nevertheless, the reader gets pulled into the story and has to figure out what really happens. The ending is mostly satisfying, with one question remaining unanswered: why the final blackout??? 

This is a new foray for this author, and this first effort into the suspense genre is slightly below expectations in a couple of areas, yet in several other areas, Lisa Renee Jones is at the top of her game. 

I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a twisty thriller that I really enjoyed! The reader is exposed to the secret thoughts like a personal diary, but in order to piece together the pieces. The timeline alternates between the present and the past. Its interesting because the novel is so well written that when your reading the passages from the past you feel like your in the present time, but not in a confusing way, just in a brilliantly written way. 

The main character has a bit of memory loss and you are literally piecing together the pieces along with the protagonist.

This book is brilliant and you will be flipping pages till its shocking end.
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It is no secret that Lisa Renee Jones is one of all time favorite authors. So when she said she was writing a thriller, I knew I HAD to read this book. When the opportunity came I jumped on it. Please keep in mind by nature I am NOT a thriller reader. The last thriller I read was The Girl on the Train and I loved it. So I knew this was probably a winner for me. 

This book is a little mind bender. It was like a puzzle you have to piece together. LRJ gave us hints throughout the story, it was crafted to slowly drag you into the book so much that you don't want to put it down. While it read somewhat like a journal only better. The book begins in the present, and makes you want to know the past. Just when you're used to the present you're thrown to the past. 

Politics are the name of the game in this book. I love the way Lisa held controversy surrounding those that are in the public eye constantly. And the way the public treats you because you are the cause of many issues.

While it does have a romance element, it is more about finding out what happened to the main character, Hailey, and on the nights she can't remember. It is then that you HAVE to know more. It leaves you wondering why she doesn't remember. Who or what happened to make her that way. That's how LRJ leaves the story open to go in any direction. 

This left the book open to your own interpretation. There is no cliffhanger but it did leave me wondering about a few things. All I am saying is that you love Thrillers then definitely pick this book up and buy it!

ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest, voluntary review.
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4 1/2 "Twisty" Stars

Hailey has been groomed since birth to be not only the perfect daughter, but the future First Daughter.  Her father has always had political aspirations and began planning her legal and political path from day one.  Her destiny was predetermined.  But her father couldn't forsee everything and had no idea the tragedy that would befall them both.  When it did, instead of pulling his daughter close, he distanced her, unless it was a photo-op of course.  Hailey tells this story from the present day and reflects back on the past and the chapters are each somewhat like entries in a journal.  Through this method, she brings the reader up to the present and resolves the mystery in the story.

Early in the story, "something" happens and you aren't sure who did it or how.  It's an absolute mystery.  To complicate things, Hailey suffers a blackout which means she can only remember snippets from the night in question.  To complicate things, the media pops up with footage making it look as if Hailey was extremely intoxicated.  Enter her father and "his staff" who send Hailey into hiding until things quiet down so that she doesn't harm his campaign.  Again, when things are difficult for her, instead of being a compassionate parent, he sends her away.  Her relationship with her father is pretty much non-existent.  On top of this, Hailey finds out that people she has trusted in her life may not have been who she thought.  She learns that almost everyone she's been involved with has wanted something and/or has lied to her at some point.  They usually want a connection to her that gets them closer to her father and potentially the White House.  So, she now has a difficult time trusting anyone and suspects that every person who enters her life may potentially be on his payroll.  The sad thing is she needs to be able to trust now more than ever and almost chases away those that she can rely on because she's been so damaged by others she was once close to.

A Perfect Lie kept me guessing pretty much the entire way through which is a trick because my goal is always to try to figure a mystery out as quickly as I can.  I, personally, felt like things were a bit rushed towards the end.  There had been so much buildup during the story and it seemed like it was resolved  in a matter of pages.  That said, this was still a really enjoyable read full of fun twists.  I highly recommend it.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A Perfect Lie was a physiological thriller that kept me questioning everything from beginning to end. 

Lisa Renee Jones has mastered mystery. This I have learned from reading her previous novels. I’m always at the edge of my seat and this book was no different. Her delivery of the story was so precise. The font style and in telling Hailey’s story with past and present tense...it chilled my bones at times. 

As soon as I began the story I was immediately thrust into Hailey’s life. Her requirement to be perfectly molded to suit her father’s political career. The people around her were all players of the political game and there was no one she could truly trust. She had to determine the agenda of every person she met. Were they using her as a pawn to gain her father’s favor or were they working for her father and spying on her every move. This was a question we both asked as she told her story. 

While it kept me questioning everything to the bitter end, I found myself a bit unsettled with how it ended. For all the build up, the conclusion felt a little to clean for me. This was the only reason I withheld that final star. Overall, this was a thriller I really enjoyed.
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I loved this book.  It has a well crafted mystery that kept me guessing until the end and even then I was left with questions.  From the start of the book,it is apparent that our narrator, Hailey Anne Monroe (a presidential candidate's daughter) might not be the most reliable narrator.  She has had a few blackouts where she in unable to account for her time.  Hailey thinks that she is possibly being drugged but can't be sure if this is true and if it is true, could it possibly be her best friend Danielle who has drugged her?  Most of the novel focuses in on Danielle's disappearance.  Did Hailey have a part in her friend's mysterious disappearance/possible murder or is Danielle a victim of a political machine that her father controls.  Who can Hailey trust?  Everyone she comes into contact with might be a minion of her father.  How can she tell the good guys from the bad?  Which of her relationships were ever truly based on honesty?  Again, this is a twisty mystery novel with a bit of romance thrown in.  I highly recommend this novel!.  .
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Hailey Anne Monroe tells us the story of how she had to fight for her life away from politics and Washington.  Her father is running for president and fully expects her to be the epitome of a responsible first daughter.  She is not allowed to have much of a life, or a say in her life.  It seems everyone close to her has an agenda and trust is not something that comes easily to her.  Her father is a scheming dictator who uses any weapon he can against her.  It seems that when Hailey drinks, bad things happen.  Her story was interesting and told in a narrative that kept you guessing what was coming.  In true Lisa Renee Jones fashion, you have to wait until the end to get the final piece of the puzzle.  It was well done and one of her better books for me.
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Hailey, is the daughter of Presidential candidate, Thomas Frank Monroe and they have a tumultuous relationship as a result of a tragic accident in  their past . Thomas portrays the perfect  father  with a perfect family and has groomed Hailey to be the perfect daughter in the public eye  while cleaning up the mess that Hailey lands up in private but will the secrets and lies surrounding them finally prove to be their undoing ?
A Perfect Lie is a well written story of greed and power with lots secrets, lies , twists and turns along the way. Hailey narrates the story in the present much like  a journal  with past flashbacks. A gripping story-line which kept me hooked to the end.
 I would like to thank Julie Patra Publishing, Lisa Renee Jones  & NetGalley for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest and fair review
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