Almost Midnight

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The Native American Seneca tribes believe that a wolf sung the moon into existence. And is its long-noted howling just a reminder that it will always be there even on moonless nights?

Almost Midnight rejoins us with Mike Bowditch, an investigator for the Maine Warden Service. Bowditch is a character that we've eagerly followed through this outstanding series centered on Mike's painstaking transformation from entry level Maine warden into quite the investigator with a sixth sense.

Bowditch is enjoying his last few days of vacation with fly rod in hand along the river. I guess it's kind of like the amusement park operator who relishes riding on the rollercoasters on his day off. Bowditch has just been informed that a hybrid wolf named Shadow had been seriously wounded by an arrow from a crossbow. Bowditch had a connection with Shadow after rescuing him from a drug den three years ago. He visits Shadow who has undergone surgery. The outlook is pretty bleak, but Bowditch is determined to investigate on his own time and in his own manner.

Paul Doiron adds another layer to Almost Midnight. Bowditch gets a call from his longtime buddy, Billy Cronk, who is serving time in the Maine Penitentiary. Billy, a family man and a veteran who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, urgently asks Bowditch to visit him. It seems like a certain female guard who was recently transferred from the Downeast Correctional Facility may have a story that follows her. As Bowditch starts to look into Dawn Richie's background, Billy unexpectantly saves her life during an attack in the laundry area. Was there a target on Richie's back or was this payback from the other facility? Doiron will dig deep once again when Bowditch gets involved.

Almost Midnight reads as a standalone as Paul Doiron craftily fills in the backstories. Ideally, grab a few of the earlier books to give you a feel for the constantly evolving character of Bowditch. This is a series that remains solid over the years in the highly talented hands of Doiron. Doiron knows the ins and outs of his beautifully wooded state. He has an uncanny ability to register the pulse of its people, both the honorable and the pond bottom feeders as well.

You'll find yourself reading the last words on the last page.......yearning for the next encounter with the likes of Mike Bowditch once again.

I received a copy of Almost Midnight through NetGalley for an honest review. My thanks to St. Martin's Press and to Paul Doiron for the opportunity.
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I love this series and mike bowditch. I love that Maine and it’s landscapes feature so heavily. 
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for letting me review this book
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Thank you NetGalley and Minotaur Books for the eARC.
This was my first book in the Mike Bowditch series; it appealed to me because of the hybrid wolf...I'm a sucker for books about wolves and dogs.
Unfortunately, there wasn't enough about the hybrid wolf, Shadow, (who got shot and is fighting for his life) and his female wolf companion, now on her own, howling for him.  On the whole I mildly enjoyed the book, the rural Maine setting was quite interesting, but the characters didn't really engage me, therefore my rating is 3.5 stars.
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I am a massive fan of this series. I was so excited to get an advance copy from Netgalley and am happy that like all the others in the series, this one is very good. I think Almost Midnight is the most unique in the series thus far. Paul Doiron is smart to mix things up a little bit to keep Mike’s story interesting and to show that he isn’t always working for the state- he has a personal life as well. This story was a tad slower paced than some of the previous books, but that wasn’t a bad thing. I like the way he is moving the well-known characters into the sidelines and I like the development of Mike a lot. This series seems to be pretty well thought out and once in a while I find it to be quite literary. I cannot believe I now have to wait so long for the next in this wonderful series! UGH haha :)
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Mike Bowditch has returned.   Nature as always is in the background both natural and human. Another solid entry to the series.
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I love the cover ,and blurb ,just wasn't my cup of tea.I dnf at chapter 2 .Someone wasn't enjoy this one more.
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Paul Doiron doesn't disappoint in the latest installment of his Mike Bowditch series. With each new book you see Mr. Doiron grow as a writer and Mike Bowditch grow as a human being. The story as always, is fast paced and rooted in today's headline. An all around great read.
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Another home run by Paul Doiron.  Exciting and fast-paced.  I love his books.
This one highly recommended.
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I made the mistake of skipping the last couple of Bowditch adventures. It was a mistake as Almost Midnight reminded me quickly why I have enjoyed Doiron’s past work. Now it’s time to back read. Thank you for this fine effort. Great read. Highly recommended!
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Almost Midnight by author Paul Doiron is a heart pounding, twisty thriller that does not disappoint! What a great read! 
Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for an arc copy of Almost Midnight in exchange for an honest review.
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Another amazing novel by Maine author Paul Doiron.  Having read all of the series, I'm convinced this is the best yet.  I enjoy seeing the recurring characters from previous books, and as a Mainer, can relate to the places mentioned in the book!
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I came late to the Mike Bowditch series, and initially thought him just another callow youth, bumbling his way through, and not very likable or interesting. Fortunately, unless a book is overwhelmingly bad, I tend to give a character another chance. I caught up on the series gradually, and, over time, the character developed and I came to appreciate him. I enjoy the rural Maine setting, and the characters, good and otherwise, who populate Mike's world. I was particularly interested in reading Almost Midnight because of the Billy Cronk and Shadow (the wolf dog) story lines. One of the things Mr. Doiron is so good at showing us is that things are never simple when dealing with interactions between the wild and modern society. I recommend Almost Midnight  and the entire series to readers who enjoyed William Tapply's Stony Calhoun series or Keith McCafferty's Sean Stranahan series.

I received a digital ARC from NetGalley and Minotaur Books in return for an honest review.
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It is not hard at all to give 5 stars to this marvelous series that I love so much.  Mike Bowditch is the kind of man I would want on my side and as a friend.  In this thriller he finds himself multitasking as he responds to an old friend's concerns of malfeasance while serving time behind bars, and the malicious attack on Shadow, the hybrid wolf Mike had taken under his wing for a one time.

Wonderful writing, a beautiful setting and a heck of a ending will keep me coming back for more. Please keep this series going Mr. Doiron!  

This book will be published in July, 2019.
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Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for the arc of “Almost Midnight” by Paul Doiron.

Doiron’s ongoing series about Mike Bowditch, an investigator with the Maine Warden Service has been a favorite of mine. I enjoy the setting, in the vast forests, mountains and coast of Maine, and the variety of small villages, depressed former paper mill towns and law-enforcement centers of the state. This volume brings us face-to-face with old friends, human and wolf/dog, as well as new characters populating a multi-layer mystery with a satisfying conclusion.

Independent and resisting change, Mike is still trying to forge a fulfilling permanent relationship with a human partner. Readers will cheer his efforts to be more open and vulnerable, even as he acts as a magnet for trouble and danger. As he matures, Mike can see the influence of his family, both good and bad, on his choices in life and how he interprets law and order, good vs. evil.

4.5 of five stars
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