Cover Image: Original Chevrolet Camaro 1967-1969

Original Chevrolet Camaro 1967-1969

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If you have first generation Camaro that you want to restore, then this is an essential resource to have. It describes all aspects of the original Camaro, showing in good pictures and in detailed text how these cars were configured.
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I don't have this car and I have no intention of getting one or restoring one, but I was interested in the car itself and about the restoration of one, hence my reason for reading this. 

I can't comment much about whether the information is accurate or even written well for a mechanic (I am definitely not a mechanic), but I hope my opinion can be accepted anyway. 

I think the main thing to look for in a book like this is how it is laid out. If a book is poorly executed then you're not going to pick this one over any other one. For me, this was well laid out and very easy to read and understand. 

The images along with the text are brilliant and the author clearly knows what they are talking about. If they don't, then they fooled me!

Obviously, if you're planning on restoring this car then I recommend this book to you. But if you're still just interested in the car and even deeper into detail then you will enjoy reading this. 

Someone who buys this is either going to be going back to it time and time again during their restoration or it'll be someone that buys it and reads it once for it to become a "coffee table book" which will be skimmed over a couple of times and then never looked at again. Thankfully, I got an eBook version of this book so I have enjoyed it once and I am happy about that. 

I "wished" for this book on NetGalley and the publisher granted my wish. I have left a review because I wanted to do so.
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