Hot Lap

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A hunted past but big dreams.
Is there a future for Hadley Morgan with the shattered past and Aiden Casey the singel father?
nice lovestory
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Wow this took a while to get here, I had read the first one in series a while ago, so I had to reread to know who was who, and yes you do need to read the first one, not only due to characters but also the story line. In this one we get reacquainted with Hadley and we knew that she had a crush on Aiden but could do nothing about since he was married to the horrid Wendy. He is finally divorced but she has a secret she does not want anyone knowing about and she is living a double life, which my friends she really shouldn't it was not her fault and she should not have felt that way. Aiden is divorced but he has a lot of responsibilities but can not help himself with Hadley and just when he feels everything is going as smooth as can get, he gets a bombshell dropped on him and makes some wrong decisions. Wil Hadley forgive and forget?
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3 stars
This is my first book by Leslie Scott. 
I liked this book. Leslie Scott's writing was good. I look forward to move of her books in the future.
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A second chance and a feeling of finally belonging brought some sort of peace to Hadley. Falling in love with her boss was a line she was tempted not to cross. Each day in Aidan’s presence was a battle she was slowly losing. The hot world of street racing and winning the next race maybe what drives them closer together. Great first story I’ve read by this author.
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This was my first book by this author and one I'll be looking out for in the future. I enjoyed Hadley and Chase as a couple. Although on paper you'd never put them together they are perfect for each other. There were some parts that seemed to be repeated a few times but for the most part the story flowed ok. Good secondary characters and an enjoyable read.
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ARC provided by NetGalley. This was my first book by this author. I have to say I enjoyed it for the most part. A few things seemed to be repeated over and over again but the story was great. I couldn’t stop once I started. And by the end I had a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. My only main issue was the cover. The male on the cover looks like a teenager and he was suppose to be 25.
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I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.    

Thank you NetGalley!!

Hadley Morgan works for a well-known drag racer by the name of Aiden Casey.      She finds herself falling the single father, but questions whether she should since he is her boss. 
Will her secrets come back and ruin things?   Or will his past come back to destroy them?

Such a fun romance.      Worth the read!
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I adored this book! Anything to do with cars or racing is a win in my ratings. I had never read this author, but from just this book I will be getting more of her titles.

I loved the characters, and felt like I could relate to them. The story was super sexy, and kept me wanting to read more.
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This book reminded me a lot of Fast and the Furious but with a few slight twists. The only thing I didn't like was I wanted to know more about the horrific accident that Hadley was in including why she's unable to have children. Why didn't Aiden or any of his friends question Hadley's ability to have children? They accepted it and moved on even though every year there are medical advances that could help...maybe? I still found this aspect slightly unbelievable. 

Hadley Morgan isn't used to having friends or really anyone be there for her when she needs it especially not having a best friend like Raelynn. She certainly never expected Aiden Casey, racing golden boy of Casey Racing team to be interested in her. Besides there are numerous complications to their relationship such as the fact that she works for him and his family, his ex-wife, and he's a single father. Oh, and Hadley has a huge secret she's hiding from all her new friends. 

Aiden shows Hadley how special she is. She loves his children as her own, but what happens if her secret is revealed? Will her dream of a life with Aiden come shattering to a halt?
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Both people have emotional baggage but found away to get past it. A lot of side characters and family drama made this a interesting read.
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This is Hadley and Aiden book, Hadley has a few skeletons in her closet and she’s notorious for her father being the town drunk. Aiden is a well known drag racer and also Hadley boss!! These two have a hot connection but with Hadley’s secrets will their connection be enough?! Or will their chance at love be enough to not have their past destroy this chance! This book was definitely worth reading by it’s not my all time favorite, thank you netgalley and the publishers for sharing this book with me!
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Hot Lap ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
By Leslie Scott 

A huge THANK YOU to the publisher The Wild Rose Press, Inc and NetGalley for giving me the privilege to read this wonderful book. I have found another great author to follow and continue reading. 

Hadley Morgan has had a rough life that began when she was a young child with the loss of her mother & brother, She’s also constantly being drawn back to her past by her alcoholic father. After settling in to a new town and job she adores at Casey’s speed shop she’s found the meaning of what true family love is. Her best friends are the Casey sisters and the entire family has given Hadley the pseudo family she always dreamed of. 
After devorcing his wife, gaining custody of his 2 children, and losing a close friend in a racing accident Aiden Casey is slowly getting his life back together. 
When Hadley makes an innocent comment to Aiden, sparks begin between the two and are quickly ignited into a forest fire. Fighting herself against falling in love with the sexy machanic    is becoming increasingly hard as Aiden is not only a awesome guy, he’s also the perfect father to the cutest and best two kids she knows. And to top it all off he’s also an amazing lover, and worryingly her boss. But Aiden refuses to let Hadley give up on the possibility of a relationship between the two of them, and will do anything to prove to her that with her by his side they can be the perfect family. This story has it all, it’s fun, cute, hot, incredibly romantic and just a little bit sexy. 
As the title states there is a strong racing theme to this book, if you’re not interested in cars or racing you may not enjoy it, However, if you’re lover of sweet, kind, gentle, caring and sexy men who don’t give up on insecure women who doubt there own worth then Hot Lap might become a new favourite.
I really enjoyed the story of Hadley & Aiden and the way Scott built the relationship between Hadley, Aiden and his children. It was sweet & sexy at the same time. I will happily pick up and read more of Scotts books. 
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I liked Hadley and I liked Aidan. The supporting characters were all good. I liked Hadley and Aidan together. I enjoyed the book - not sure why Hadley put so much in what happened to her when she was younger - it was her dad not her. Aiden's ex - no words.

I would read another book in this series
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Amazing and interesting story from Leslie. I love the way the story goes and how it was written. Feel the fast and excitement.
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This is the 1st book I've read written by Leslie Scott; she has done a great job at writing a good book; I will definitely be reading more of her books.
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