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Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to read this ARC prior to the book's publication, but we did end up buying it for our library collection.
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4.5 stars.  I have really enjoyed this world created in the Remnant Series.  I'm sad if this is the end of that world though.  Hopefully there will be more adventures for some of these characters.  This wraps up the duology nicely, but I wish there was more!!  This one is continues the story of Jase and Kazi as they return to his land.  What they find waiting for them is the opposite of what they expected.  Now they have to overcome treachery and distrust at every turn, while wondering if the other is even still alive.  They have been strong together, now they have to be strong apart.  This was really a great book full of intrigue, suspense, romance and family.  I wish it wouldn't end.  I can't wait to see what Mary E. Pearson will write next.
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I loved this book!!! Such Ana amazing ending to an awesome series. I’ve loved Mary’s writing and storytelling and this novel was no different! It took you on an amazing journey with really well written characters! Loved loved loved this book! Highly recommend checking her work out! You won’t be disappointed!
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I loved this book and enjoyed seeing this world again.  I liked the slight romance and the fighting. Overall I enjoyed this book and grateful to read just a bit. Thanks
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Vow of Thieves is the sequel to Dance of Thieves and is best read in order. Both of these books come after the events in The Remnant Chronicles.

Kazi and Jase have just secured the promise of the King and Queen to make Tor’s Watch an official kingdom, and they couldn’t be happier. However, there are still many displeased people who are trying to gain control of Tor’s Watch, and they have taken advantage of Kazi and Jase’s absence to take over by force, killing many people in the process. Kazi has been taken prisoner, and Jase is fighting for his life while hidden in the settlement. When they are finally able to, Kazi and Jase continue to fight and find ways to take back their kingdom, though they are separated. Will they prevail and save the Ballengers’ legacy and home, or will all be lost to the usurpers?

I loved and enjoyed this book very much (just like Dance of Thieves). The kind of fantasy that includes political intrigue, fighting for kingdoms, and fantastic character development is my favorite kind, and I believe this series qualifies. The rich detail and realistic characters were captivating, and the emotional impact on me was great as well. I felt stirred to battle myself, and I couldn’t put the book down. I am sad because the series has ended, but also excited to read what the author has next. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys well written fantasy.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley, and I also purchased a copy from Amazon. A positive review was not required, and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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Vow of Thieves is the final book in the Dance of Thieves duology, which follows two main POV characters, Kazi and Jase. Kazi is a soldier in the Rahtan force, and has been sent to Hell’s Mouth to find a traitor to the throne. Jase is a Ballenger – a family who has been unofficially in charge of Hell’s Mouth for centuries in a heavily disputed kingdom. When Kazi and Jase’s paths collide, they find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other, despite their conflicting interests. What follows is a story bursting with political intrigue and complicated romance.

I think Mary E. Pearson is underrated, to which you might ask, “Isn’t she a New York Times bestselling author?” Yes, she is, but she deserves more than that – that’s how good her books are. This duology in particular is so intricately crafted with so much political conflict that plays out in large-scale moments as well as small yet significant moments (such as trade, commerce, etc). I love books where you need to pay attention to what’s going on or you’ll miss something important, because it just goes to show how much time and effort the author has spent to create an expansive, richly detailed world.

Kazi and Jase are two wonderful protagonists that you grow to love immensely. Kazi with her fierce loyalty to the people she loves, her resourcefulness and her resilience and her shrewd ability to survive. Jase with his protectiveness and the depth of his love. Both characters you love on their own, but love even more when they’re together. Even the side characters in this series are fantastic, and I love that we got to see more of them in this sequel.

My only real complaint with the second book is one that most people wouldn’t even find a complaint: there was too much action, and not enough personal moments for the characters in between. We got to know a lot about Kazi and Jase in the first book, but the secondary characters play a much larger role in the sequel, and I would have loved to see some slow-burn relationships developing with them in between the action. I almost wish this book was 100 pages longer, and those 100 pages were spent on quiet moments, as I love to call them.
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This book might even be more gut wrenching than the previous Remnant Chronicles books. You see the return of some characters, obviously, but there's some stuff that goes down like a surprise gut punch. If you enjoyed RC, then you MUST give these books a read!
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This.was.awe-some! Wonderful conclusion to the duology. Pearson did it again: action-packed story, romance, villains, setting - ah, everything! I cannot express well enough how great this story was - I will  miss this world, and I hope Pearson will write more soon!
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Buckle-up and get ready for this action packed sequel. Mary E. Pearson did not disappoint. My only complaint is that it is now over and I will miss Jace and Kazi and the Remnant Chronicles world and that just doesn’t seem fair.
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Vow of Thieves, the second and final book in the Dance of Thieves duology by Mary E. Pearson, was my most anticipated read for 2019, and I absolutely could not wait to devour it. This book was everything I didn’t know that I needed, and was an excellent way to wrap up this wonderful series. It is also my first 5 star read for this year! And while I’m thrilled to tell you how much I loved the book, I’m also going to tell you how much I will miss it. I hate to say goodbye!

If you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of Mary’s The Remnant Chronicles series, and since the Dance of Thieves series is a spin-off of that, of course it is a favorite as well. I have loved everything about this whole series, from the wonderful characters, to the amazing world-building. I didn’t know what to expect from this finally book in the series, but was definitely on board for the adventure it provided.

I have to tell you, (not for the first time), that one of my most favorite things about this spin-off series are the characters. The book is filled with SO many characters that you will absolutely love, (and more than a few you will down-right hate), and there’s even a few that you thought you hated, but end up loving instead, and they are all so great. I am so going to miss these characters, especially Kazi, (and her fantastically close little family), who I love just as much as I did Lia from the original series, as well as Jace, (and his wonderful, huge family). Together they are awesome, and I love them both. But seriously, so many great characters in this series.

I also love the world-building for this book, it is so beautifully described that I can picture everything perfectly in my mind. The storyline for this spin-off series is highly addictive and completely fascinating. I wanted to fly through the pages of this book as quickly as I could, but unfortunately life got in the way and I had to read it slowly, but that actually worked out ok because instead of devouring the book, I had the chance to savor it, which is awesome as well. I totally did not want the book to end, and I’m so sad that I have to say goodbye to these characters and stories. Thank goodness I have each book in multiple formats, as I definitely think I will be starting a new tradition of re-reading the books from start to finish every year from now on, just so I can hang with these characters again!

Overall; Vow of Thieves was a wonderful conclusion to the Dance of Thieves series! And while I loved how everything wrapped up in the end, I absolutely hate saying goodbye to these wonderful characters and their fantastic world. If you’ve not yet picked up any of the books in this series, I highly recommend that you check out The Kiss of Deception, which is the first book in the main series. I hope that if you do check out the books, you love them as much as I do! As for me, I am very much looking forward to reading these again soon, and I am super excited to be starting Mary’s Jenna Fox Chronicles soon as well!
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This was one of my most anticipated released of the year and I wasn’t disappointed, thank you netgally and publisher for the opportunity
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This book had a unique premise, it was a tad bit slow at the beginning but swept me up soon enough and kept me in it's grip well until the end. I would recommend it to other fellow fantasy fans in a heartbeat. Thank you for allowing me to read and hand sell this title.
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I really enjoyed the Remnant Chronicles, so I was excited to step back in that world with Kazi and Jase. I was expecting to like this series, but I wasn’t expecting it to become a favorite. Kazi and Jase’s love for each other is very inspiring and the book was full of action and friendship. There was never a dull moment and it ended with a wonderful Remnant reunion. Mary E Pearson has an amazing writing style and I truly hope she keeps bringing us back into this world again.
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I really loved this continuation! Sometimes with sequels to spinoffs it can feel like the world and story are just being dragged on unnecessarily, but this was definitely not the case with this book. I found it to be a great edition the overall story arc and so much fun. I hope there are more books to come within this universe.
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VOW OF THIEVES is a thrilling end to a wonderful spin-off YA fantasy. Although a spin-off series from the Remnant Chronicles, this duology has a different feel and certainly stands on its own rights. We are also introduced to different parts of this world that give their own flavor to the book. In the first book, we were introduced to Kazimyrah (Kazi), a very talented thief who is also called Ten because she has never been caught and so has all ten fingers. She now works for the Vendan Queen and was sent on an assignment that forever changed her life in the first book.

Now, she is on her way back to Tor’s Watch in this sequel. Jase is the other main character, and we get his and Kazi’s points-of-view in alternating chapter. Jase is the Patrei of Tor’s watch, beloved by the people, he oversees the town and the popular trading market there. In the first book, we watched Kazi and Jase fall in love, while also surviving being captured in human trafficking. As they return to Tor’s Watch together, Kazi’s biggest fear is that Jase’s family who are very important to him, the Ballengers, will not accept her as his significant other.

Everything is about to head into further chaos and danger when they are attacked upon arrival. Separated, they must face separate battles for survival, not sure if the other has even survived but hoping against hope to be reunited.

What I loved: This book leaves off a lot of the world building from the first and so moves very quickly. With plotting, adventures/action, and intense battle sequences, this book will keep the reader turning pages until the satisfying ending. I still absolutely adore the romance in this duology, and while it takes a backseat in this sequel, it is strongly present. With fascinating riddles (Kazi is quite clever at creating these) and historical texts also appearing throughout, this book is fully developed and unbelievably engaging. Kazi is everything you could want in a heroine and then some, and Jase compliments her character perfectly. Even for readers who did not love the Remnant Chronicles, I would highly recommend trying this spin-off series- it has a different flavor, satisfying for people who loved the original series and different enough for fans of other types of fantasies.

Final verdict: Intense, thrilling, and clever, VOW OF THIEVES is a can’t miss book for fans of YA fantasy. I highly recommend reading this duology if you love slow-building romances, action/adventure, and clever plotting. Pearson does not disappoint with these incredible characters and fascinating world!
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If you have not delved into the world of the Remnant Chronicles, you are so missing out! I truly love getting swept away into Mary E. Pearson’s world and highly recommend that you do too. This latest installment, Vow of Thieves, is one of the best of the saga. 
Kazi and Jase’s story began in Dance of Thieves, and Pearson left us all desperate to know what would happen next. Kazi is an awesome heroine: a skilled fighter, with a heart of gold, who puts everyone else first; and Jase is her perfect complement. Which, of course, means that they end up making things more complicated by trying to solve the kingdom’s problems by themselves, creating a wonderfully complicated plot, full of ups and downs. The story sank its talons into me immediately and carried me on a grueling, twisting, action-packed ride, one in which I didn’t want to land. It was definitely the type of book that I wanted to read more and more, but never wanted to finish! 🙂
I love how the world of the Remnant Chronicles grows more detailed as the series evolves, how Pearson has taken us into an entirely new area of this world, along with an alternate history, opening up unlimited possibilities for tales of the Remnant. So much promise for the future of the Chronicles!
Trust me, however, you want to read the other books (at the very least, start with Dance of Thieves) so you can truly understand what is happening. Though she does refer to activity from the first trilogy (The Beauty of Darkness, The Heart of Betrayal, and The Kiss of Deception), you could still definitely get lost in this book without knowing all of the details. But they are so good, you’ll want to read them anyway. 🙂
So many thanks to Macmillan Children’s Publishing/Henry Holt and Co. and NetGalley for the digital ARC of this novel for review purposes. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my very own!
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You might remember that time I was like YOU NEED TO READ DANCE OF THIEVES and had all of the excitement over Mary E. Pearson’s companion book to The Remnant Chronicles series. After reading Dance Of Thieves, I felt like the story seemed wrapped up but was well aware that Vow Of Thieves was coming and would actually wrap the series.

As my favorite president, Jed Bartlett says “What’s Next?” Friends, this book delivers entirely on what’s next. We get to see even more of the ultimate fates of characters from the Remnant Chronicles. We also finally see how all plays out for Kazi and Jase and get a solid conclusion.
In which Kazi lives up to her nickname Ten. Okay, so we know that Kazi has the nickname Ten because she essentially stole a tiger from under someone’s nose in basically broad daylight. What she steals in Vow of Thieves is much, much more precious.
The stakes are so high. I was actually worried for Kazi and Jase. They go through some horrific things and through some serious pain. At one point I genuinely thought at least one would die. This book is actually a nail biter if you are actually a person who bites your nails.
No matter the pace at which you read this, you’re consuming excellence. I had expected to get through this book in like 2 days, but it actually took me 11. Life happens, but no matter. I always found myself looking forward to more time in Pearson’s world.
The struggle is worth it. I’ll keep saying this but the ending is so perfect. All the persistence on behalf of the characters really plays out for the best. I liked that we actually got some payoff instead of being subjected to difficult situations for naught.
Oh, and the beginning few chapters are right out of left field. I had no idea to expect THAT. You’re dropped right in to a situation and are like really, THAT GUY? That freakin’ guy. Okay then, I guess it’s going to be that way.
You just can’t go wrong with Mary E. Pearson. I am a pretty big fantasy consumer. And so, the market is big and it can be hard to pick a book. Straight up though, all the books by Mary E. Pearson deliver. Always. I have yet to read one of her fantasy books and be let down. If you run in taste that is similar to me, I guarantee you’ll enjoy this book as well as all the Remnant Chronicles and Dance Of Thieves.
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Thank you Netgalley for providing an e-galley for review. 

I went into this series expecting not love it because I really didn’t love the Remnant chronicles. But as soon as I picked this up I was in love. The characters were amazing, I fell in loved with the side characters such as much. Jace and Kazi’s love was so mushy but yet so cute. I wasn’t even annoyed that a lot of the book was about their love and relationship. I love the plot and the action and I love that there’s a magic system but it’s not really the main focus.

You need to read this if you read the remanant chronicles and didn’t really enjoy it.
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First off, I didn't realize when I started reading this that the series is a duology. So I was expecting perhaps a bit of middle-book syndrome and was surprised when the book didn't feel sluggish in the least. In fact, I found myself eager to read this book every chance I got. The book starts out with Kazi very hurt and in captivity and then moves back a couple of weeks to show us how she got there. So, of course, I was eagerly reading to find out what happened and how she was separated from Jase. Surprisingly, it wasn't one of those cases where it took us half the book to get back to where we'd started, though. No, the pacing in this book moved along swiftly and we were back to that beginning moment relatively quickly. And then we got to see how Kazi was going to get herself out of a horrible situation. The stakes were sky-high throughout the story, which also kept me invested. There were some major revelations when it came to the villains, and I was never quite sure who would make it out of the situation alive. I also appreciated that Jase and Kazi never lost faith in each other; their trust, devotion, and dedication was unfaltering. While certain others might have doubted Kazi's motives, Jase never did, and I appreciated that. 

And then, I started getting toward the end of the book and realizing that this was an actual wrap-up---I wasn't going to be left with a million loose ends or a cliffhanger ending---wait, was this ... a duology? That made the ending both glorious and painful; glorious because I loved every minute of what was happening and painful because I was incredibly sad to let Kazi and Jase go. This is the sign of a fantastic series, in my opinion. 

Oh, and I did think that Pearson left us with just a tiny hint of possible future books at the end. We can only hope!

***Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given and all opinions are my own.***
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I was not emotionally prepared for this book at all. I cried, I laughed and like Kazi I was devastated when her and Jase were separated. I devoured Dance of Thieves a week before the release of Vow of Thieves. It was everything I needed after The Remnant Chronicles. I'm always a bit weary of companion novels, but I honestly might think this duology topped the original series for me. Don't get me wrong, Kiss of Deception will always have a special place in my heart, but the writing, plot and character development were just amazing in this book.

At the beginning of the book something happens that separates Kazi and Jase from each other. Kazi is held captive by a new enemy while for the longest time we're unsure if Jase is even alive for a while. I mean from the synopsis and interviews with Pearson we know he is but the writing was so well and I was so into the book that I was right there with Kazi, devastated by his loss. They were separated probably about 70%-80% of this book, which you think would create problems with character development and the romance, but we we actually saw them mature into leaders and fall more in love with each other. With the use of cut scenes and them being so in sync as a couple, we see how deeply they care for each other while also protecting their family and the town they care deeply for.

The plot was more of a slow-burn, but I never found myself not engaged. There was constant progression of character development along with the plot. There was always something going on, to the point where I was always tense and worried what twist Kazi or Jase would have to face next. I was constantly trying to figure out who was friend and who was enemy. Like our characters I didn't know who I could trust. The new enemy was also a formidable one. He was always one step ahead of our hero and heroine, smart as a whip with a well thought out plan to boot. Everything weird that was going on with the town in the first book was finally answered and brought full circle.

Family was such an important part of this series. The Ballenger family were formidable opponents, a strong team that seemed like they could face any challenge and overcome it but even they were taken by surprise. For a lot of the book they are hiding in the vault we were introduced to in the first book. The same vault where the founder Greyson Ballenger hid his friends and family in when they were under attack and trying to start over. The juxtaposition between then and now was one of my favorite things to read besides the romance of course. The vault is an important part of Ballenger roots that we get to see in present day action. The vault itself fascinated me. Pearson said she'd done a lot of research on secret bunkers to base it off of. It was interesting to see it in action, how it was a little town of its own that could sustain so many people. 

While significantly different from The Remnant Chronicles, Dance of Thieves has become one of my favorite series. The characters and their interactions with each other along with their own development captivated me and still has yet to let me go. I loved exploring more of this world but in a new and completely different way. Pearson's writing gets even better, if that's possible. Never trust her though because there is always an unexpected twist, especially at the end. I never even considered what this world could have been based of or where the inspiration of the map came from. During a meet and greet I got to see her at she admitted her map was based off of something, but refused to tell what exactly and instead said that there are Easter eggs throughout both stories to aid us in discovering the truth. It was just one more thing that enraptured me about this series in world. This series ending was an epic one and wrapped up thing nicely. I'm never disappointed to pick up a book by the spectacular Pearson.
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