The Vanishing Season

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Unfortunately, this was a series and i had yet to read the first 2 books. I felt like I was missing something, a connection to the relationship with the characters, a history
The first two thirds of the book were tediously boring. The reader is teased with the disappearance of a child but instead of plot development we get endless pages of interactions between the FBI teams working the case. Could the actual FBI really Emily and retain so many disfunctional agents? This story read more like a romance novel than crime fiction for me, nothing like The Butterfly Garden that pulled me in from the first chapter. I had to force myself to finish it and thankfully it appears the author has decided to be finished with these worn out characters. If you haven’t read the first three books in the series, don’t bother with this one. Way too many characters with back stories to keep track of.
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I loved the first two in the series, but I feel about this how I did with the third, I just think the author should've stopped writing these books while they were great. This one is fine, really, but not as amazing as the first two.
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It’s hard to make a trilogy work but Hutchison hits the mark with The Butterfly Garden series! Dark and gruesome, the entire series kept me on the edge of my seat and rapidly turning pages.
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Obviously I have some thoughts on this book and the series in general. The first book Butterfly Garden was an amazing book. I highly recommend it. It was sick and twisted. The books after fell really short for me. I really thought it should be a stand-alone. It didn’t need a series. I think this should have been a separate series. Saying that, I do have to say that this book was better then the in between books. Which is good but I still think it should have been a separate series. Butterfly Garden, yes. The rest eh, no.
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It's truly baffling to see a series decline so much. The Butterfly Garden remains one of my most beloved books, it was fast paced, it was shocking, it was unique and unpredictable. The two next books each was a let down but this one truly astounded me, boring with soap opera-ish plot fillers, a far cry from the first one.
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I absolutely loved this collection of books and i was eagerly waiting for the finale and it did not dissapoint !!
It brought the whole collection together and really finished of the series well, although I will miss them all ! 
The first book is about a serial killer who "collects" woman and keeps them in his Butterfly Garden.
They are called Butterfly girls because he puts big colourful ink wings on their backs and when he kills them he displays them in glass cases.
I loved the relationship between the Butterfly Girls and the detectives. They save them from the Butterfly Garden and become very close.
The set of books is based on the Detectives and cases they solve and the continuation of the relationship with the Butterfly Girls.
I thought The Vanishing Season really brought everything together it solved some of the mysteries of book one,  solved some old crimes and allowed some families to finally say goodbye to loved ones after many years of not knowing what had happened to them.
I will definitely look out for books by this author.
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I loved the idea of this book so much. It has Twin Peaks vibes, and I love how eye catching the synopsis was. A thrilling read that would be good for a spooky fall afternoon. It's also got a very interesting cover as well.
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As much as I have loved this series, this last book just... Didn't do it for me. It felt too slowly paced, not enough about the investigation. I know why that is, but it didn't work for me. The best part about the book was the blurb in the end about their lives once they move past the hurt and pain.

But I'm glad everything came to a conclusion, and their was peace to be had.
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It's sad to say that the last book in this series, being The Vanishing Season, was my least favourite in this whole series, and if i could I would give this one a 2.5.
The first book in this series, The Butterfly Garden was one of the best books I read, it was creepy, twisted and nail biting.
The next two books being Roses of May and The Summer Children weren't as good but they weren't terrible.
And as much as the vanishing season wasn't terrible it wasn't great either.

The problems I had with this book were,
- the kidnapping of 8yo Brooklyn just seemed to be overshadowed by one of the agents having similar features to the child (having blonde hair and blue eyes) and another agents traumatic issue with his sister's disappearance when he was younger.

- this book mainly focused on the personal lives of the agents on the team, and their love lives and the book didn't seem to centre around the crime. And the book just seemed way to juvenile, i would forget the agents were in their late twenties/early thirties and 16.

-The book was way longer than it needed to be, the killer/kidnapper is revealed around 70% and the last 30% of the book is just the aftermath of finally catching the killer.

What i did like about this book was the killers backstory, it wasn't all that shocking who it was, but you couldn't help feel bad for their character because of his own traumatic life experiences.

Thank you net galley for giving me access a copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
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I've grown to love these characters over the 4 books and I really enjoyed this final one.  I will though because I loved the characters so much, the case itself was not as interesting to me.  Even though it was tied back to everything.  I felt that way about the third book as well.  

While I enjoyed this series, I am happy this was the last book, as I don't know I would have continued reading.
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If i were to describe my feelings in colors it would be RED !! i like it but as the ending it getting closer, youre starting to have this feeling of edginess and doubt whether or not it will finish on a good note. I was soo angry and frustrated !!
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Dot Hutchison's Collector Series is one I have absolutely loved and couldn't put down since the very first book (The Butterfly Garden). They are dark, twisted, but empowering and uplifting. 
The Vanishing Season wasn't any different in that way. It was everything I have come to expect from this series. The Family that has been created through this series comes back again in this book. The Vanishing Season felt like the end so many things are tied up and resolved. So many answered tied into the dark story we have come to love from Dot Hutchison. This like the rest of the series is a must read that I couldn't stop reading until the last page. 
I'm sad to see a this series this great end but The Vanishing Season was a great way to say goodbye. I'm so glad I own this series, it will be one I will read again and again.
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********Review for Netgalley********

This series I absolutely loved has come to an end.  I loved first two books, book one and I was hooked.  The last two books just felt that they tried too hard.

This book tied everything up and answered questions about our favorite agent.  We get to find out what happened to Agent Eddison's little sister Faith all those years ago.  I loved the actual story behind everything. I loved that we got to see another side of Eddison that is usually closed off to us.  We get to see the team come together and help him through through his most difficult case.

The end to the series was satisfying, all my favorite characters came together, but the book itself was frustrating.  Too much over explaining of procedures and then all of a sudden the different languages that just felt too forced.  It felt like things were thrown in to feel relevant.  There were a lot of characters to keep up with, first half of the book is just explaining who everyone is and why they are there.  It felt like fluff just to have for lack of continuity.

Over all, very happy with the ending as a whole and how everything turned out for my favorite FBI team.
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This was my first Dot Hutchison.  I guess I started backwards.   I love my crime thriller novels, I done know why I haven't read any of these novels yet.  This one fairly average for me,  it started just a little slow, but I felt the character development was there and I was still compelled to continue.   I do personally feel like I would have been better off reading from the beginning of the series, but overall I give it a 3 1/2 stars.  I will definitely read the rest of the books, starting from the first one.  I do like these characters and I would like to know more about how they got here, because apparently this was some type of wrap up for them in the series.  I would have liked the book to have  centered a more on the actual missing girl, because, well, it is a crime fiction book right?  
Thank you to NetGalley, Thomas & Mercer and Dot Hutchison for this ARC for an honest and unbiased review.
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We were first introduced to this series with The Butterfly Garden, a book that horrified and traumatized many readers several years ago. It continued with The Roses of May and last years bestseller, The Summer Children. (You can read my review of that book HERE) Each book has built on the development of the team members who originally found girls in the Butterfly Garden and their work within a special unit of the FBI. Now a child has been abducted, their specialty, but the case is eerily similar to kidnapping of Eddison’s sister years earlier. As the team members deal with their own haunting demons from past cases, they also must search through clues to see how and why this case may be linked to the cold cases from old before it is too late to save the missing child.

Let me state up front that absolutely is not a “stand alone” book. I read The Summer Children last year and only slightly fell through the cracks a few times. After that, I promptly went back and read the first two books in the series. All of these books are top notch, horrifyingly marvelous thrillers. This one, however, is the end of the story. For those of us invested in these characters it is a book that ties up all of the loose ends, answers questions from the past and allows us and the author to move on to new topics. It is a must -read for followers of Hutchison’s work, but I don’t recommend starting here. I do, however, recommend reading every single one of the books in the series. They are absolutely fantastic! Hutchison is a masterful storyteller whose tales you will not want to miss.
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I am a huge fan on The Collector series. I devoured each one and couldn’t wait for the next one to come out. I wish Dot stuck to the idea of it being only a trilogy.  At first I really struggled to get into the story and when I did it was more about Eliza and Eddison and not so much on the victims and the crime etc.  It warms up towards the middle and the end.  Overall I am glad that this is the final book in the series.  I will however be looking forward to reading Dot’s next book.
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I enjoyed "The Vanishing Season," but I have such mixed feelings about it. It was a solid story. It was an easy read that I devoured in less than a day. And I’m satisfied with the way things ended…but I’m only satisfied, not blown away.  Don't get me wrong - This is a great series; the only problem is that the first book was so amazing, it was almost impossible to get the same reaction from all four.

I absolutely loved the first novel in this series, "The Butterfly Garden."  It was a masterpiece and I was absolutely blown away by it.  None of the other books elicited anywhere near the visceral reaction of the first.  The rest of the series was just an entirely different kind of writing, in my opinion.  I liked all of the novels, but the first and the last were by far my favorites.  Now, the last wasn't anywhere close to a masterpiece, but as conclusions go, this one is really good. It ties up all the loose ends; it respects the characters arcs and their individual journey and answers all the questions that’s been there along the way while giving us a picture of who the characters are and how far they have come. 

Kudos to Dot Hutchison for bringing the series to a satisfying end instead of trying to prolong the story past it's obvious conclusion.

**Received from NetGalley for my honest review.**
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2.5 Stars rounded to 3... This series was a roller-coaster.  The series began with a bang, the second installment was just OK and then we had another winner with the Summer Children, and just when you are wanting to go out on a high note, The Vanishing Season just didn't do it for me. There were SO many unnecessary details that detracted from the story and cause the reader to go into skim mode. If you take out all of the fluff and expand on the plot, focus less on the back and forth banter of the characters that just felt forced I think this would have been a 5 star read.  Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read The Vanishing Season in the exchange for my honest opinion.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read an E-arc of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

After reading The Butterfly Garden I had to know if there were more books in this series or if it was a stand alone book. The Butterfly Garden was definitely my favorite. The 2 books before The Vanishing Season were so-so. I felt like this was an alright ending to the series, but I didnt6like that Brooklyn's kidnapping felt overshadowed by Eddison's issues. After reading all the books I wish The Butterfly Garden had been a stand alone book. 

Would I recommend this book? If you've read all the other books in this series, read it at some point. I wouldn't rush it.
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Book 4 in The Collector series is The Vanishing Season written by Dot Hutchison. Sadly this is the last book in the series. It does a great job of wrapping up a big mystery for the team of the Crimes Against Children division. The anniversary of Eddison's sister is here, it's been 25 years since Faith Eddison disappeared while walking home from school. She has never been seen again and his family still fights to find her. Now, 8 year old Brooklyn Mercer has gone missing. She is also a blonde hair, blue eyed girl just like his sister, AND just like his team member Eliza Sterling. Eliza and Bran Eddison are in a relationship in addition to working on the same task force.

The Vanishing Season brings the whole series together

If you have been reading the whole series of The Collector, you will be glad to know that there are a lot of flashbacks that answer a lot of questions that we all had about Faith. One scene in particular is about Faith's last Halloween before her abduction. You see the sweet caring connection that Brandon has with his sister. You realize how close Faith was with 3 other girlfriends. Those girlfriends play a part in this book as well as they are all now adults.

There is also a return of Ian Matson, a retired Tampa Police Department Detective who was the lead detective on Faith's disappearance. Ian took a special place in Bran's life when he helped him channel his anger as he grew up. They have always remained in touch. So when Ian arrives to meet with Bran in person after he hears about the Brooklyn Mercer case, the team is shocked to hear his theories. When his theory starts making valid connections, the case starts moving at lightening speed.

Eliza has to take the lead, because Bran is removed from the case due to conflict of interest. She knows how hard it is for him to be on the outside, so she pushes with everything she has got to solve this complex mystery. Other characters come in to the story due to other strange connections and soon the team is coordinating with many states to get everything done before the news story breaks.

The only issue I had with this book, and it's hard for me to stay because I love this story and the whole series so much, is the continuous description of the behavior between Bran and Eliza. At first you read about the subtle intertwining of fingers that they do when they wait for news. At first this is touching, you can tell how much they are in love and how much they draw strength from each other. It tells you that they are conscious of keeping their relationship professional at work. Great. The second time this same description comes up you know that it's a thing for them. Ok. By the tenth time of describing their fingers finding each other I was getting to the point that I was glossing over those paragraphs. Keep reading despite this repetition of their interactions, The Vanishing Season is excellent and the amount of characters coming together to make everything happen is well worth the read.
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