Handle with Care

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I've been anxious to read Evan Griffith's story since the moment he was introduced in the series. He's a cousin to Reid and Cash Griffith who have already had their books. If you read Cash's book, then you would find out that there was finally a secret that came out about a particular character. In Evan's book, it goes further with that specific character. Readers will also get to find out more about the sexy accountant, Evan and who wins over his heart. 
Evan is a sweetheart because of many reasons, but let's say that he won me over for taking care of his mother and also being there for his fiancee that passed away due to cancer. He has a kind heart for everyone, so he deserved a HEA.  He ends up meeting Kenzie, who has her heartbreak in this book. She recently was left by her fiance who couldn't take taking care of her and her little brother. Kenzie comes with her little brother Daniel who she has been taking care of for a while, but she would do anything for him. She's hesitant to let anyone into her life because of what happened to her in the previous relationship. Evan wants to prove how much he cares about her and her brother, but it will take some time. 
I loved these characters together, but Kenzie did drive me crazy about how she handled certain things in the book. I loved Evan, though, in this story, you already know my reasons. He also wins me over how he dealt with another character. That character will most likely be getting his book, which I've been waiting for, and I'm also anxious to find out about other secondary characters.
I'm enjoying this series now by Marie Harte. I may not have enjoyed the first book, but the last two have won me over, and I can't wait to read the next book in the series. I love how Marie Harte incorporates Military Veterans getting their HEA. I also love how she writes each character and who they fall for in their books. If you are looking for a contemporary romance story that involves military veterans getting their own love stories, then this series is for you. 

Story Rating: 4 stars
Steaminess Rating: 3 stars
Standalone or part of series: Part of Veteran Movers Series, but each book can be read as a standalone.
Do I recommend this book? Yes.
Will I read other books from the author? Yes.
Tropes/Elements: Strangers-to-Lovers; Slow Burn
Hero: Accountant; Business Partner with is Cousins (Moving Company); U.S. Marine Veteran; Lost his Fiancée to cancer
Heroine: Graphic Designer; Guardian to her Brother; Hurt from previous relationship
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Great characters and a really cute romance..  Even though this is a series Veteran Movers Series, the books can be read as a stand alone with some common characters.
Thanks Source Books, Casablanca and NetGalley for the ARC of Handle With Care.
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My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Evan Griffith is helping out his cousins moving business while one of them heals. He is trying to get through a job when he runs into a teen who snatches his cell phone, and then the boy's sister. Evan is struck speechless by this woman.

Kenzie Sykes has her hands full. Her little brother Daniel is continually getting into trouble. Having raised him since she was eighteen years old has been difficult, but she couldn't be happier with him. Meanwhile, her ex has left her and Kenzie is sure that as long as she puts Daniel first, romance will forever be on the back burner.

As it turns out, Kenzie needs Evan's help. He is an accountant and she is having trouble with her taxes. Determined to fight their attraction, they make a deal. Not only do they both fail miserably at avoiding their growing feelings, Evan touches Daniel's life.

I am in love with the Griffiths. their women and their extended family. Having read the first two books in this series, The Whole Package and Smooth Moves, I was eager for Evan's story. As much as I loved the first two books, this one hit me more. I was so rooting for the vulnerable Daniel. Of course, I knew Evan and Kenzie would end up together, and I loved their journey. 

Not only do we have the romance and family ties, but the camaraderie of all the movers was terrific! Even more so, Kenzie's best friends Lila and Rachel were a hoot as well. Kudos to Marie Harte for penning a fun, sexy series with bigger-than-life heroes and the perfect women to match them up with. I really hope Smith gets a book of his own. He definitely deserves one.

Many thanks to Zebra, NetGalley and Inkslinger PR for this ARC to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Working with his cousins’ at their moving business brings Evan into contact with all kinds of interesting people.

None as interesting as Kenzie, her brother and her two crazy best friends. Highly attracted to each other at first meeting, they are unable to stay away from each other. Evan is pretty put together and knows what he wants. He has recovered from the death of his fiancé. Kenzie is a bit of a mess. She as raised her brother since he was a toddler and runs her own business to support them. Having had both her and her brother’s heart broken when her fiancé just up and leaves them has her gun shy to bring Evan into her brother’s life.

Evan is persistent though and helps her realize that he loves them both and will be there for them.

Evan isn’t as rough around the edges as his cousins and doesn’t carry the emotional family baggage they do. Kenzie is as crazy as her two best friends and they make an interesting trio
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Handle with Care is the third book in the Veterans Movers series (Vets on the Go!) and I loved re-connecting with this large group of characters, as well as meeting some new ones that brought additional love and laughs to this very enjoyable series.  I was looking forward to Evan's story and it was a heartwarming one -- if anyone has ever "looked after" or become a caregiver for a parent, you'll find that you'll love Evan even more after reading this book.  At times, though, I wanted to shake some sense into both Evan and Kenzie, but then again, that's what made me keep reading so that's a good thing!   Rachel, Lila, Will, Daniel -- all the supporting characters in all these books make the plot more interesting and intriguing.  It makes me wonder whose book is next?!  Another thoroughly enjoyable read from this author.  I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC for NetGalley.
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Handle With Care is the third book in the Veteran Movers series Marie Harte and is currently scheduled for release on August 27 2019. While each of her books can be enjoyed as a stand alone, some of the character connections and personalities shine more for returning readers- so I highly recommend reading as a series.

Evan Griffith has done a lot in his life: a stint in the Marine Corps, life as an overworked CPA, investing in his family-owned moving company. But none of that holds a candle to helping people move. On an unforgettable job, he’s involved in a female-on-female brawl, taken by a teenage conman, and falls in love at first sight with a woman holding a knife. Yeah, his life has gone down the rabbit hole for sure. Kenzie Sykes is doing her best to raise her brother, keep him out of jail, and deal with a broken heart that still hasn’t healed. So of course the sexiest man she’s ever seen has to catch her on an off day. She doesn’t have time for romance. He’s not asking. Until he is, and she finds herself saying yes. Both of them have loved and lost before, but if there’s one thing Evan knows, it’s that Semper Fidelis is more than a motto, and that real men love hard, and honest men love true.

Handle With Care is a contemporary romance that, as I expect from Harte, touches on real problems and heartbreak that our main characters need to work through. Evan has been through a lot, and he is still working towards finding balance in his life. Kenzie is still dealing with trust issue, money issues, and trying to keep her brother in check. I like that neither were looking for love- but despite their fears and fighting against it they both fell hard. I do think that at times I had to agree with Kenzie in that Evan was just too perfect- even his fears and missteps were endearing. I did empathize with Kenzie's fears and doubts- and might have reacted the same to her situation, maybe. The panic when things are just going too well, waiting for things to suddenly go wrong again, is something very relatable. I really enjoyed hearing about and seeing characters from the previous books, and seeing the continuing story of Smith finding his place. I really cannot wait to see where this all goes from here.

Handle With Care is another winner from Harte. While not my favorite of her books, I still loved it and look forward to reading more!
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A very lovely and interesting story from Marie. I love Evan's character. Love the way how the story goes. what a great writer!
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Handle with Care is the third in Marie Harte's Veteran Movers series and focuses on Cash and Reid's cousin Evan. Who has finally quit his full time job as an accountant to join Vets on the Go! And on one of his jobs he encounters a slightly surreal situation.  That involves the stunningly beautiful knife-wielding Kenzie, her brother Daniel and two best friends Lila and Rachel. And this is when Evan's pursuit of Kenzie begins, and I very much enjoyed it. As the pair were perfect for each other they just wouldn't admit it. And with plenty of chemistry a bit of push/pull and some well meaning family interference.  I was easily entertained throughout. And with a fabulous cast of supporting characters, who at times admittedly did keep this story moving forward HANDLE WITH CARE has easily become my favourite of the series so far; and I would happily recommend it to others.
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Another great addition to the Veteran Movers series.  I love getting to revisit these characters and see everyone get their own HEA.  Evan was a great hero and watching him fall for Kenzie hard and fast made for great reading.  Can’t wait for the next one!
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3 1/2 Star Review.....

Handle with Care is the third book in Marie Harte’s Veteran Movers series and follows the rocky road to romance of Evan and Kenzie. Both are damaged souls and carry the pain and scars of previous relationships or life events. Fun, sweet and with just enough angst to make it real, this story is not exhilarating or edge of your seat exciting, but it holds its own and keeps the reader engaged throughout. I enjoyed the character portrayals (plenty of friends and family are present) and the storyline was believable. Overall this is a somewhat laid-back story, and while it can be read as a standalone, I would definitely recommend reading the series in order to ensure an understanding of the myriad of characters roles and the series timeline. I’m looking forward to the next instalment.
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Handled with Care by Marie Harte, I had a lot of trouble getting into this book. Loved the characters but I kept falling asleep through the book. It just didn't have enough going on.
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Handle with Care is the third book in Harte’s Veteran Movers series, this time featuring Evan cousin to Reid and Cash (books 1 and 2, respectively). This felt like a very different book versus theirs, notably the lack of intense angst on Evan’s part. 

Evan’s just not the moody, broody type like his cousins. On the other hand, Kenzie angsts more than enough for both of them. Kenzie’s been badly burned before, and the experience hurt her younger brother as well. As a package deal, Kenzie and Daniel can be a bit overwhelming for someone who isn’t strong enough. Evan is more than strong enough, if only Kenzie could see it. 

With Kenzie’s posse and Daniel, there were plenty of secondary characters to get invested in and for new books. Rachel (and Will) and Lilah (and Hector?) better be getting their own books. Funny, sassy, sweet, and tough by turns, they helped keep Kenzie’s angsting from turning the book maudlin.

The only time I had issues with characterization or pacing was the time of the “big misunderstand” portion of the book. Evan acts completely out of character. That said, it got better fairly quickly.

Alongside Evan’s struggles with Kenzie are his family’s struggles with how to handle Smith and the difficulty of what it means to be family. This is a struggle explored heavily in Cash’s book and likely to be explored further in Smith’s book (assuming he gets one). I certainly hope he does get a book. He’s transformed from a straight up jerk into a vulnerable and hurting man. 

The potential in this book is huge and I can’t wait to see how Harte uses it all in future books.
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Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get into this. Even though the characters were interesting and funny, it just didn’t hold my attention. Maybe I’ll revisit it in the future but for now it’s a pass.
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Handle with Care is the third book in the Veteran Movers series. Each book can be read as a stand alone but I recommend reading them in order since the main characters are featured in each book.

Handle with Care features Evan Griffith, an accountant who co-owns a moving company with his cousins, and Kenzie, a graphic designer currently raising her teenage brother. The two meet when Evan is moving one of Kenzie's friends and her brother steals his phone.

I absolutely loved Evan. He is the perfect book boyfriend. I found Kenzie really relatable - even when I didn't agree with her decisions. Kenzie's friends were hilarious and I was happy that the cast from the first two books was featured in this third book. I definitely recommend this book and this series. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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This is a relatively laid back romance with plenty of heart and lots of friends and family.  It’s the type of story to read when you want something fun, something real, and something with just a tiny bit of angst.  

Kenzie’s heart was broken by the perfect man.  He was everything she wanted and loved.  But when he just packed up and left, he not only broke her, he broke her brother as well.  Now she’s afraid to trust all the goodness that is Evan.  How can she trust that he won’t one day do the same thing?

Evan was an interesting hero.  He cried, he laughed, he stumbled when trying to say the right thing, he often made the wrong decision but when he fell in love with Kenzie, he fell all the way.  Although he wasn’t an alpha hero, he was so very real.  

This is a lengthier book, and a bit slow in parts due to a lack of drama driving the story, but the secondary characters filled the holes and brought a smile to my face repeatedly.  The angst is due to the push and pull from first both Kenzie and Evan and then eventually all Kenzie as she struggles with allowing another man into her life and her heart.  

While the chemistry was definitely present during their first meeting, there were times that it didn’t feel intense enough for me.  However, the smexy scenes themselves were hot.  The power exchange between this couple fluctuated from one to the other and allowed me to see different sides to each of these characters.  

Overall, this was an enjoyable read, written with characters that are realistic and fun.
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Evan is helping in Vets on the Go (moving company), while his cousin gets better. During one job he meets Kenzie, who is guardian to her teenager brother, Daniel. 
The story was great. Loved Evan and  Daniel, Kenzie too her friends are awesome.
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I was already loving the cast of characters that we've gotten to know in books 1 and 2, and then the author gave us another fun group through the heroine. I love the camaraderie and the way they all band together as family, even if they aren't all by blood. 

Evan could have been a boring character if this book was just focused on him and Kenzie. It was the side characters that really brought out the other side of him. His best characteristics was how much he took care of everyone around him. He was loyal, honorable and really sweet. I especially enjoyed how he bonded with Kenzie's little brother.

Kenzie was a bit neurotic. She had a lot of fear after what the last guy did to her and her brother, and that got in the way. Despite that, I liked her. Her friends were awesome! I love crazy, quirky characters like her friends, Lila and Rachel. Even Rachel's boyfriend was a great addition to cast.

The more I read about Smith, the more I love that guy. I can't wait for his book. At least, I'm assuming he will get one. I hope we also get more of Hector and Lila. Actually, I would be pretty darn happy if we got a book on all the side characters.
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This is book 3 in the Veteran Movers series and while it can be read as a stand alone, I recommend reading the other books as well so you understand some of the things that are talked about. This one is about Evan Griffith and Kenzie Sykes. Evan is helping his cousin's out with the moving side of the business after one of them was hurt, and gets sent out to Kenzie's neighbor's to help her move into her boyfriends house. And there he meet's Kenzie and is instantly drawn to her. Even with both of their issues and hang ups, they both decide to try to have something together.

I really liked this book! Kenzie made me laugh from the start. From her interactions with her brother to how she is with her best friends. I loved her attitude and just how she approaches life in general. Evan is this sweet man who went through something horrific but is slowly moving back into real life. And I love how he is with not only Kenzie but her brother. And then you throw in how he is with his family and the things he will do for the people he cares about? He is this perfect man! The only reason I gave this one 4 stars instead of 5 was because it does start off slow, but once you get over that "hump"? I loved it! I am looking forward to the next one in this series! And I definitely need to know more Smith!
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Firstly I want to thank NetGalley and the publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca for the given opportunity to review this book.
Secondly I  can say I ltruly loved this witty, interesting story. Altough I must admit in the beginning I was quite irritated with all the names and relation statuses. I honestly got into the story at about 25 percent but then I was smitten. I couldn´t stop to read and I was honestly glad I stuck to reading. Both main characters carried the loads of their pasts but fortunately could jump over their own shadows and started to see things in a different light again. And in the end even a great surprise awaits the reader, which totally spiced the story.
Anyway I can only recommend this amazing read :)
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3 1/2 stars. I really like this series but with this book, unfortunately I had a hard time with Kenzie, the heroine.  I do like this storyline though and I love our hero Evan, but found Kenzie to be a little too unwilling and stuck in her past relationship issues to see what she had right in front of her. I feel it just took her way too long to get there.  But I do like them as a couple when she is on board and when they do finally get all the way there. That being said there are some awesome scenes in this book and some great witty conversation going on with this crazy friend group that had me laughing out loud. Kenzie's brother Daniel is great and I love the way despite what is happening between him and Kenzie, Evan takes special care of Daniel. I really like Smith and look forward to more about him in a future book!
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