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I really enjoyed Love at First Like, by Hannah Orenstein. I had been reading a few mystery/thrillers and appreciated this change of pace. 

Centered around Brooklyn, Eliza, who co-owns a jewelry store with her sister  Sophie, accidentally posts a photo of herself with an engagement ring on to social media.

I breezed through the chapters and enjoyed this fun story as Eliza struggles with what to do over her embarrassing mistake. It gave me the warm and fuzzy vibes I’d been looking forward to, and enjoyed it.

Thanks to Netgalley and Atria for the free copy. All opinions are my own
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This book was one that I had hope of a cute and light romance. Unfortunately the writing style and slow speed of the plot did not hold my interest.
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Such a fun and timely book!  It was a book where I wanted to just read the next chapter to see what would happen next....don’t start reading if it’s bedtime because you won’t want to put it down!
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This book was good. I liked the premise but ultimately feel bad for he boyfriend. She’s not very kind too people around her and ultimately still has a happy ending. But I liked the writing and character building.
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This one was just okay for me. I liked it enough to finish it but like others, found the MC’s choices frustrating and would have liked the last third of the book to happen sooner. Recommended for those looking for a light read.
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Eliza and older sister Sophie co-own a little jewelry store in Brooklyn. One night after having one too many and seeing a post about her most recent ex, who just got engaged; Eliza takes out one of the large, beautiful engagement rings that her sister, Sophie created. Put it on just to take a picture to save but instead posts it to her social media account and set the wheels into motion. She can't bring herself to take it down since it's posted to her personal/business social media account, so what's a girl to do so she doesn't look like she's got egg on her face...Why, find a fake fiance of course! But things snowball out of control when she's able to get media attention on her "recent engagement" because people are now calling her about free wedding gowns, venues, etc. She just can't seem to say, "No" to. 
Eliza thinks she's found the right guy and on paper he's perfect but there just aren't any sparks. How far will she go, will she get her guy down the aisle?
This was a fun book to read and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys this genre of books.
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This book came recommended to me by a friend, and it did not disappoint! A very cute romance book, highly recommend.
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Oh yikes, this book had so many plot holes. The main character was pretty annoying and she lied so much! It was so frustrating. This just wasn't my cup of tea.
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This book was a fun read! While I thought the relationships in the book were not 100% realistic, the book was still cute and something that I would recommend to customers! Sometimes the main character seemed to manipulate others into getting her way, but regardless, a solid read!
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Orenstein has a way of really getting into her characters’ careers and lives. I loved the inside look at insta-famous jewelers & of course, the romance was as cute as ever!
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I tried to read this and just could not get into it. Thank you for the opportunity. I still will remain open to reading the author's future works.
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It is amazing how social media has become such a large part of our lives. To be honest, it is a bit frightful, but also thrilling. People can promote their brands and small businesses so much easier, and there are people out there earning money for their hobbies. It is insane. So I really liked how this book dived into how important social media is in our lives; while also pointing out how radical it is.

Love at First Like follows business entrepreneur Eliza Roth in her endeavor to correct, but not fix, a misinterpretation about an Instagram post she had posted with a ring on her finger. It is an interesting concept, and shows how quickly people are swept into social media, and how they go to extremes to save their reputation and spotlight. In order for Eliza to save her image and the business she runs with her sister, she must find a guy to marry her in a very short time frame.

I really liked the concept, but I wasn’t a big fan on the presentation.

I had a few problems with some of the plot holes, and because of that, I did feel like I was let down. I loved the idea of Eliza finding someone and seeing them slowly fall in love- at least, I was hopeful for that. However, I saw how everything was going to pan out early on in the book. Of course, I won’t spoil anything- that belongs in the spoiler section of course, so moving on.

I really did like Eliza in the beginning; she was feisty, independent, brave, etc. Yet, while the story went on, I felt like she was just putting up a facade and everyone I once thought she was was actually wrong. She kept digging a hole for herself every chapter, and while I get that was important to the book, it surpassed realism. There really isn’t much I can say without spoiling things, but I really started to dislike her character and her motives. I also wasn’t a big fan on Eliza’s sister, Sophie. I felt like she was a bit selfish when it came to the business and how to handle it with her personal life. I felt like Sophie didn’t realize like that a businesses finances weren’t personal ones and she had me screaming at my kindle due to this.

I feel like Orenstein had a really good plot going on, and it is probably just me who wasn’t a big fan on particular characters. To me, a bad character can really mess up a great plot, and I feel like this is what happened in this instance.
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SUch a cute story! Really fun to read and really enjoyed all of the characters! I would absolutely read this again and tell friends aboutit!
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No, no, no, no.
Ugh this book.
I thought this book was going to be a cute rom-com about this girl who accidentally posted a photo of a ring on her engagement finger on Instagram, and then spent the whole book trying tell her followers that she wasn't getting married.
The protagonist in this book was the biggest liar I've ever seen within a story before, and I couldn't believe that everyone went along with her string of lies! This book is ENTIRELY unrealistic, and I kept listening and reading because I thought FOR SURE the author would turn this story around. Nope.
No one in their right minds would accidentally post a photo, and then try and recruit a guy to marry them within 6 months all for a free wedding, and some publicity for their jewelry store. And then A BIG EYE roll for who she does end up with.
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First of all, please congratulate me for reading a book on my Netgalley backlist! Go me! Second, congratulate me again for reading a book based on a premise I despise: sitting on a throne of lies! :)

When Eliza discovers via Instagram that her last serious ex-boyfriend, Holden is engaged, she flips out. Despite the fact that she runs a successful business, Brooklyn Jewelers, with her sister, Sophie, Eliza feels as if she's lost the breakup--and life--when Holden gets engaged first. After all, she's still single. To console herself, she takes out some of the jewelry store pieces and snaps some insta-worthy shots of them on her left (ring) finger. This process is accompanied with a little alcohol to soothe the loss. Everything seems fine until she wakes up in the morning and realizes she's posted a shot to the store's page--and it's basically gone viral. From there, Eliza makes the perfectly rational (??!!) decision to pretend she's engaged and line up a free wedding and honeymoon to drum up business for Brooklyn Jewelers. All she needs now is a groom.

"My wedding is exactly six months from tomorrow. All I have to do now is find the groom."

I have no idea why I picked this book, I'm guessing it was a Netgalley widget, because I really really hate books based on lies like this. It truly makes me nervous and on edge. I almost didn't keep reading, but I decided to give it a shot. And I will grudgingly admit that Eliza grew on me, okay? If you aren't as bothered by me by the "throne of lies" concept, you might enjoy this book. And if you are into Instagram and jewelry, you could even love it.

Some pluses... Eliza has a lesbian sister. Sure, it's token lesbian representation, but at least it's there. Eliza pines for a man, but she's also a strong businesswoman and her business is very important to her (so much that she'd go along with this harebrained scheme to keep it). She and her sister are running a fairly successful storefront in New York. They admit part of that is because they received an inheritance, but Eliza also puts a lot of work into it. That's cool.

Some negatives... a lot of the dilemmas and plot points come across as very flat and one dimensional. Oh no, suddenly the rent is being raised, heightening the stakes in Eliza's fake wedding scheme?! Her sister's health insurance no longer covers IVF, so she needs more money to have a baby with her wife? You don't say, etc. At times, the plot feels like a trainwreck, where you know something horrible is going to happen, but you just can't look away. Eliza is determined that she's getting married--no matter the cost to anyone. The book stressed me out a lot. (Just tell people the truth!)

Still, much like a Hallmark movie, I found myself invested. I knew how it would probably all wind up, but I was weirdly captivated by it all. The Instagram heavy scenes, Eliza's dramatics, the looming wedding date. Somehow it worked in the end. It was crazy and ridiculous, but oh well. 3 stars.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Atria Books in return for an honest review.
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This was just not good. The one thing that has to happen in a contemporary/romance book is you have to like the main character. And I did not like the main character. She was bratty and entitled and every character in this book made stupid decisions. It just wasn't for me. I really wanted to like this. The concept was great and the cover is so adorable! But that's about all I liked about it.
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Okay, at first I loved the idea of the book but then I just couldn't buy the fact that the lie the entire story was based on was just perpetuated and perpetuated - it all seemed SO highly improbably that I couldn't suspend disbelief to sink into the story fully.
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I really liked Playing with Matches, so I was excited to check out another novel by Hannah Orenstein. Love at First Like impressed me just as much as it's predecessor, if not more.

Eliza felt relatable right away and I liked that she was an entrepreneur and owned a business. Her situation become complex quickly and I kept wondering where the story would go, but I also could figure out what might happen. Even with that level of predictability (which comes from me reading way too many books), I enjoyed where the story eventually went. I understood why Eliza made the decisions that she did and how she felt as a result. I felt like more conflict could have been added in though. The supporting cast was a lot of fun and I like that Hannah brought back characters from Playing with Matches as friends of Eliza's.

Overall, this was an enjoyable novel and I hope Hannah publishes more in the near future!

Movie casting ideas:
Eliza: Daniella Monet
Sophie: Olivia Thirlby
Blake: James Wolk
Carmen: Juno Temple
Raj: Nikesh Patel
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I could not finish this book because i found the protagonist and her sister unbelievable at best and very annoying. I closed the book when the sister was whining about needing to spend thousands of dollars for IVF (cuz it's her DREAM to have a biological child and so no one can argue) even though their business is in debt and her sister is planning an over-the-top pretend wedding because she accidentally posted something on instagram and then was too much of a 12 year old to simply explain that it was marketing, not real. I hated these girls (and I do mean girls--between them they had the emotional maturity of a high schooler).
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I started reading this book, but did not finish it. I read a few chapters but did not connect with the characters, so I wasn't interested in continuing.
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